This Prophecy spans the eons of time. Current events, people places and things are commented on throughout the Prophecy in real time. However, such comments are provided within the broader scope of the Prophecy which, spans the eons of time and space. Yes, time and space. Much of the Prophecy regarding Barack Obama has been removed in order to conserve space. What was revealed about Obama and his Presidency remains true and relevant. However, America has a new President now. Comments must be updated to reflect the future of America (modern day promiscuous, lascivious, gluttonous Babylon) and how it will be affected by the new President Donald J. Trump. You should read the entire Prophecy, and you will realize the Prophecy taking place all around you. The Universe is attempting to rebalance itself. Your (mankind's) evil doing has caused a portion of the universe to tilt. This Prophecy is handed down through the Ancient Oracle of KMT. (Ancient Egypt).

Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, will be discussed in sequential order of events taking place in his admininstration and their impact on the world, within the boader context of this Ancient Oracle Prophecy. This part of the Prophecy starts with his first 100 days in office and subsequent events thereafter. Constantly being updated. Scroll down and read the updates on the mysterious illness of First Lady, Melania Trump.

Donald J. Trump giving a speech using his hands to make a point. Notice the unique Trump mouth that identifies him and several of his adult children.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press


Donald J Trump, President, who has been in office for less than 100 days at the time of this first update, has taken it upon himself to order the bombing of Syria, without the consent and approval of the U.S. Congress. Trump, ordered the bombing of Syria while surrounded by his top advisors, e.g., his daughter and son in law, and while entertaining the Chinese President Xi and his wife at Trump's Florida Mar a Lago estate. It was an evil thing on Trump's part to invite the Chinese President to his Florida estate, and under pretense of entertaining them, start the bombing of Syria.  Undoubtedly, had the Chinese President and his delegation known that Trump and his family members would start bombing Syria while dinner was being served, they would have declined Trump's invitation to come to Florida.  Trump's reckless action placed the Chinese President, his wife and the Chinese delegation in almost a hostage like position. The Chinese almost appeared to have been ambushed by Trump's actions, supported by his top advisors, e.g., his daughter and his son in law. Trump and his family members did not care about the implications and impact of the bombing of Syria, on Russia, and Iran, or on China's relations with Russia and Iran. The only country that seemed to be overjoyed by Trump's actions, was Israel, which maintains close contact with Trump's trusted Jewish son in law, Jared Kushner.

Donald J. Trump has since filled his presidency with hawkish military generals and people from the deep state, swamp of Washington D.C., such as former head of the Intelligence Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, Mike Pompeo, and General H. R. McMaster.  If this list could not grow more ominous to world peace, Trump has added the extremist neocon from the former Bush administration, John Bolton. Trump's rhetoric grows more militaristic daily, supported by war hawks, Lindsay Graham, and John McCain. It will not take much urging from his military generals, CIA henchman, Mike Pompeo, and war monger, John Bolton, for Trump to act impetuously and to provoke a nuclear confrontation with Russia, and thus the end of human life on this planet. Trump is illiterate, unread, and does not even appreciate the recent history of his predecessors. President and former General Dwight David Eisenhower, warned his successor, President John Kennedy of how the military would try and force then President Kennedy to engage in wars that would not be in America's best interest. President Kennedy, himself a decorated war hero, experienced immense presssure from his military generals to send American troops to Viet Nam, where America was ultimately defeated. At the same time, the CIA persuaded President Kennedy to approve an invasion of Cuba, which led to the Bay of Pigs fiasco.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

This same CIA, whom Trump is now dependant on for advice in conducting America's foreign policy and wars, also lied America into the war in Iraq, by falsely indicating Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Trump as ignorant and as impetuous as he is, relies on this same cast of characters to get America involved in wars that it cannot win, including the ultimate war with Russia. All sign are pointed in that direction.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Trump, May and Macron could not wait for a team of International Chemical Inspectors, who were within 5 hours of arriving in Syria to examine the evidence of alleged chemical weapons used in Douma, Syria. If the trio of international criminals known as Donald J. Trump, Theresa May, and Emmanuel Macron had waited for the results of the International team of inspectors to start and conclude their investigation, the need for military action would have been thrawted. Instead, the criminal trio initiated the bombing campaign inside of Douma, Syria, and other parts of Syria, which would destroy all of the evidence of their alleged allegations of chemical weapons used by the government of President Assad of Syria. The modus operandi of the international trio of criminals is to bomb away the evidence, or lack of supporting evidence. By those means, there will be no way that the charges made by the international trio of criminals, can be denied. Russians officials and the Syrian regime have produced a video that shows that the scenes of children being hosed down by water, was staged and contrived by a group of terrorists thugs. These terrorist Rebels are fighting to hold on to the Eastern province of Douma, Syria. President Assad, with the support of Russia, has almost completely defeated the remnants of ISIS and the Rebels, supportd by the U.S.  One has to believe that the CIA had a hand in helping to stage the scenes in the video of the alleged chemical attack against innocent men women and children inside Douma, Syria. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The question must be asked why the rush of the trio of international criminals, known as Trump, May and Macron, could not wait for the international team of inspectors to arrive and examine the evidence, and to issue a report of their findings. Could it be that the trio of criminals feared that such a report would defeat their plans to bomb Syria, remove Assad from power, and cause a military conflict, leading to a nuclear war with Russia?  Donald J. Trump is a mad man. His mental state is highly agitated because of the political troubles he is immersed in back in Washington, D.C.  As far as Emmanuel Macron, there appears to be something wrong inside  his head.  As a young man, he marries and sleeps with a grandmother. What is wrong with that picture? If you can figure that out, than you can figure out why he would entangle France in an unwinnable war with Russsia over Syria. This irresponsible, international, criminal trio are bringing the world to the verge of nuclear extinction. Yes, an event of mass extinction, that has not been witnessed on this Planet, since the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Returning to Trump's first military action in Syria, more comments are warranted.  No amount of charm and cuteness put on display by Ivanka and Jared Kushner's children, to impress the Chinese delegation, should have ever detered from the grave consequences provoked by Ivanka Trump and her father, Donald J. Trump, as they illegally and aggressively, and unauthorized, bombed Syria, while entertaining the Chinese delegation at Trump's Florida estate. The whole affair was rather disgusting, reminding one of a scene from the movie, "The Godfather".  In that movie, the christening of a baby is taking place inside the Catholic Church, while the Godfather's mafia are out rounding up people for slaughter. It creates that type of imagery, of violence and rituals occurring simultaneously. And the Chinese delegation, unknownst to them, were caught up in the web of it all. What kind of diplomacy is that? Back stabbing diplomacy, where the Chinese are concerned. It should teach the Chinese a great lesson going forward. You cannot trust Trump!  He changes positions on a whim, impulse, and emotion, especially, when it involves the advice and emotions of his family members. The American people should be very worried. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Trump's motive for the abrupt and unprovoked bombing of Syria, claims that he was moved emotionally by the killing of the small children and the "little babies".  Trump could not wait for an independent investigaion of the facts before taking the drastic action of bombing Syria, which could have unforeseen consequences.  As a grandfather, and with his daughter urging him to defend the "little babies", this unpredictable pouty mouth man child, decided to punish Syria without having all the facts.  He and his top family member advisors, who are really "experienced" (lol) in foreign policy and matters of war and peace, made the decision that the only alternative was to bomb Syria for the kiling of the "little babies". So sees the Ancient Oracle.


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Ivanka tweeted the day before Trump authorized the bombing of Syria that her "heart was broken" and she "was enraged" by the killing of the babies in Syria. Ivanka's "broken heartedness" and "outrage" were enough to spur her father, Donald Trump to order the bombing of Syria. The father-daughter, "daughter-wife" relationship between Trump and his daughter is strange, and almost verges on incest. Trump has publicly expressed sexual lust for his daughter. He has touched his daughter, in public, it seems, in a way in which no father should touch his daughter. That being said, there is no question that Ivanka, Trump's daughter, his close Senior Advisor in the White House, has an enormous influence on her father, one that affects and impacts the domestic policy, national security, foreign policy, and military decisions of the United States. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

George W. Bush went to war in Iraq, after his Representative at the United Nations, Colin Powell, said there were "weapons of mass destruction" inside of Iraq. As the world now knows, there were no weapons of mass destruction. Nikki Haley, America's Ambassador to the United Nations, has accused President Assad of Syria of using chemical weapons on the civilian population of Syria, including men, women, small children, and babies. The Assad Regime has denied the charge and offered its own version of the causes of the chemical attack, including that the Rebel terrorists, who hold that territory, were responsible. Unwilling to wait for an objective, independent investigation, Donald Trump, took it upon himself, and rushed to judgment, at the urgings of his Senior Advisor, daughter, Ivanka, to bomb Syria. Donald J. Trump criticized George W. Bush for going to war with Iraq, with the unfounded and uproven charges against then President Sadaam Hussein of Iraq, of harboring weapons of mass destruction. Again, George W. Bush went to war in Iraq because of his personal hatred for Sadaam Hussein after Saadam Hussein had supposedly "put out a contract" on the life of his father, the elder, George H. W. Bush. Donald J. Trump is following in the same footsteps of his predecessor, George W. Bush, and that is taking the nation to war, and using its military assets to assuage and placate the personal, emotional feelings of his daughter, Ivanka Trump, about Syria and its President Assad. The nation should be outraged that Trump cannot govern the United States without his incompetent, conflicted, and inexperienced family members, specifically and especially his daughter, Ivanka, and his son in law, Jared Kushner. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Trump's bombing of Syria plays into the hands of the Syrian Rebels terrorists, and the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists.  Russia and President Putin should not fall into Trump's trap of military provocation. Do not react to Trump and his madness.  At a time of Russia's choosing, and in consultation with allies and friends, Russia should pursue its own military goals and strategy, consistent with the long term interests of the Russian Federation. Russia and the Russian people have a great future ahead. Russia will succeed because it is not burdened by the heavy, bad karma of America and Western Europe, due to their shared histories rooted in slavery, colonialism, apartheid, and imperialism.  Trump is ignorant, unread, transactional, and does not understand the significance of history and its impact on current events. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Donald J. Trump and his key senior White House advisors, daughter, Ivanka Trump, son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

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Donald J. Trump fondly greeting and touching his daughter, confidante and advisor, Ivanka Trump-Kushner

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President Trump's recent trip to Saudi Arabia, where he met with the heads of Arab and Muslim countries to form an alliance against Iran, ISIS, HAMAS, Hezbolah, Al-Qaeda, and all other radical Islamic terrorists, showed the depth of his ignorance about the conflict in the Middle East.  There is no way that the Arab and Muslim nations present at the gathering in Saudi Arabia can "drive them out". In the first place, the terrorists were not hatched in outer space. They are the children and offspring of the nations gathered in that assembly in Saudi Arabia. From, that standpoint, they are not going to be able to "drive them out", because they are rooted in those countries. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Trump failed to understand that the origin of Arab/Muslim terrorism, is rooted in the Palestinian Israeli conflict. The Palestinians were the original suicide bombers, using their bodies as bombs to kill the Israelis and drive them out of what they consider to be their land. The hard line Palestinians to this day refuse to accept the state of Israel and Israel's claim to land which was previously theirs. Iran has supported the Palestinians in their refusal to recognize the state of Israel, which deprived the Palestinians of their homeland. For Trump to put his young Jewish son in law, and Jewish daughter, and their Jewish Wall Street friends, in charge of setting up a Middle East Peace Plan, it demonstrates how out of touch with history and the underlying facts of the conflict. The Palestinians will be forever doubtful and distrustful of any plan or negotiations coming from such a White House. They will question that any negotiations and deals proposed by Trump and his Jewish family members, and friends, could be in the best interests of the Palestinians. Nothing is going to come from any Middle East Peace Plan coming from Trump and his White House, the way it is staffed. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

As an Orthodox Jew, Jared Kushner and his wife are bound by contractual blood ties to the Jewish nation dating back to Abraham. Kushner's loyalty must be at all times to the Jewish nation, religion and culture. As Trump's top advisor, this blood tie with his Jewish faith, poses problems for Trump and his foreign policy in the Middle East. The United States has always maintained in negotiations with the Palestinians and the Israelis that it is an honest, objective, third party broker. With his son in law, Jared Kushner, and his wife, Trump's Jewish daughter, setting Middle East policy and negotiations, the United States will not be seen as an honest broker by the Palestinians for obvious reasons. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Trump left Saudi Arabia and the Middle East without any signs of a Middle East Peace Plan. Besides Trump's daughter, Ivanka, beguiling the Saudis and Arab Gulf States out of more than 100 million dollars for her "women's" project, to increase to one billion dollars, Donald Trump did not achieve the peace deal with Israel that he sought. Ivanka, her father's political suductress, proved that on her father's trip to the Middle East, not only can she charm and work her magic on her father, she can beguile the Arab/Sunni monarchs. To the tune of 100 million dollars and counting to one billion dollars by July. Such deal making and access to power, based on her father's stature as President, is obscene. Ivanka Trump should be dismised from her duties, and any activities within the White House. The same should be true for her husband as well. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Ivanka Trump-Kushner, has been referred to as "the most powerful Jewish woman in America", and by extension in the world. She is a tall, at least 6 foot, imposing figure, towering over most men. Some say she is a modern day political, Jewish Jezebel. She, along with her Jewish husband, Jared Kushner, wield enormous power in the Trump White House.  It is a mistake to send Jared Kushner back to the Middle East, and Israel to negotiate a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. It will make matters worse. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Photographs courtesy of Associated Press

One of the reasons that most Americans object strongly to Trump bringing his family members into the Oval Office to help him run the government, is that it opens up Trump and his family to compromise and corruption. This type of transfer of power along blood lines is alien to America's democracy. Already, Ivanka, Trump's daughter is monetizing her corporate brand, and the Trump brand via deal making in China, Asia, and the Middle East. This situation will only get worse and more corrupt the longer Trump's daughter and son in law stay in the White House. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

What Trump achieved on his Middle East trip was to get America deeply involved in the Sunni/Shia Muslim ancient conflict, by taking sides with the Sunni Muslims. Trump promised to form an alliance with the Middle East Arab/Sunni Muslims, against Iran, which has supported the Palestinians and their struggle against Israel, for decades. The irony of Trump's policy that opposes Shiite Iran, while supporting the Sunni Gulf Arab States, is that Iran has been the most ardent supporter of the Palestinians, who are Sunni Muslims, and their struggle for a homeland. The Palestinians, have found more in common with Shia Iran, which has supported their cause through the years, than with the corrupt Arab Sunni Gulf monarchies. Trump has pledged to supply Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other Muslim countries with hundreds of billions of dollars in military equipment, and military support. Such proliferation of weapons, tanks and missiles, could eventually get into the hands of the terrorists. Most of the Arab countries gathered in Saudi Arabia for Trump's meeting, were not democratically elected by their people. That sets the stage for insurrection and continued terrorism. It seems that Trump's peace plan drawn up by his ill prepared daughter and son in law, and other Jewish advisors, was not well thought out. So sees the Ancient Oracle

While Trump was in Saudi Arabia urging the Arabs and Muslims to "drive them out", the terrorists were busy planning the suicide bombing of the Manchester concert center in England. That was ISIS's response to Trump's call to "drive them out". They were saying they are not going anywhere. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

Most Christians believe that the AntiChrist described in Revelations must be Jewish. Jared Kushner has assumed the reigns of power in the White House, through his Jewish wife Ivanka Trump. Together, those two are the most powerful Jews in the world. Neither Jews or Christians will accept any one other than a Jewish person to be the AntiChrist. Is Jared Kushner the long awaited Jew, who will fulfill that mission, now that he has gained world power through the White House? The Oracle of KMT previously predicted that Barack Hussein Obama was the AntiChrist. It seems that many Christians and Jews cannot accept Barack Hussein Obama as the AntiChrist, since he is not Jewish and no longer in the White House. The Oracle of KMT stands by that Prophecy. Events will unfold in time to bear this out. The Ancient Oracle sees that Jared Kushner and his wife are tied to the turmoil taking place in Saudi Arabia. Jared Kushner and his wife, Ivanka, have developed a close relationship with the Saudi, young Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Strange, political bedfellows indeed! So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Ivanka Trump Kushner accompanied her father, President Trump to the July 7th 2017 G-20 meeting of heads of State, and their wives/partners, in Germany this past July 2017. Ivanka and her father, the President, made certain that Ivanka, had a seat at the table with other elected heads of State of their respective governments. Ivanka, who has never been elected to as much as a local city council seat in New York, much less holding a seat as a national elected leader, and much less head of state, sat at the table with other heads of State, including the President of China, President Xi, the President of Turkey, President Erdogan, and the Prime Minister of India, Prime Minister Modi, thereby substituting for Trump. Ivanka's presence at the table with the other Presidents and Prime Ministers, including the leaders of China, India, and Turkey, was an arrogrant and disrespectful gesture on her part and her father's part. Frankly, the Oracle of KMT believes that the other heads of State such as President Xi, felt intimidated by Ivanka's presence among them. President Xi had first hand experience, from his stay at Mar a Lago in Florida back in April, 2017, at just how manipulative and deceitful, Ivanka is when it comes to getting her way. At Ivanka's urging, Trump bombed Syria with missiles, while the Chinese delegation were being served dinner at Mar a Lago. Frankly, the other G-20 heads of State, gathered at the table, prior to Ivanka's intrusion, probably felt intimidated and afraid of her. They likely realized the slithering, "snake like" power of Ivanka, the seductress, and the beguiler. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Photographs courtesy of Associated Press

Since the G-20 summit, Ivanka, the manipulator, the seductress, the beguiler, continues to use her manipultive, slithering ways to position herself into other spheres of power, such as representing the United States in India, at the Global Entrepreneur Conference in November 2017, at the invitation of the Indian prime minister. The Prime Minister of India, Bothi, extended the invitation to Ivanka, during his visit in July to the White House with President Trump, and First Lady, Melania Trump. As ususal, Ivanka found a way to manipulate the Indian's prime minister visit to get herself invited to represent the United States at the Entrepreneurial Conference in India in November. Prime Minister Bodi apparently fell under the spell of Ivanka, as so many other foreign leaders, including the leaders of the Saudi monarchy, and other Arab nations, as well as the Chinese delegation and Germany's Chancellor. Ivanka Trump Kushner, does not appear to be about political world dominace, as the diabolical Barack Hussein Obama. Ivanka is about promoting herself and her brand at the expense of every thing and every one else, including her father, President Trump. Trump, does not realize it yet, but he has a daughter that is like a real snake, and she will sacrifice family members, including himself, when it comes to attaining her own selfish ends. She has even sacrificed the privacy of her three little Jewish children, peddling their photographs on social media 24 hours a day. Ivanka assumes the world is interested in her children on such an exploitative level. Trump's election to the presidency has revealed how "snake like" she is, and the lengths that she will go to accomplish her own selfish ends. Trump read a poem called "The Snake" during his campaign for President. Trump did not realize that he had a cunning and beguiling "snake like' creature, created from his loin, developing within his own midst. So sees the Ancient Oracle. Trump's presidency has caused an apparent fissure in his family, provoked by his manipulative, spoiled rotten daughter, Ivanka. In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, Ivanka has some of the manifest evil qualities of the anti-Christ, Barack Hussein Obama, but on a smaller scale. Still, however, just as menacing to the country and the world, as she continues to carve her evil influence on the world via the White House. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


President Trump and his wife, First Lady Melania Trump welcome India's Prime Minister Modi to the White House.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press.


Photograph courtesy of Associated Press.

In advance of President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump's 12 day trip to Asia, including Japan, China, and South Korea, the manipulative, cunning, Ivanka Trump-Kushner, wrangled an invitation from Japan's Prime Minister Abe to visit Tokyo for a "World Women's Conference. Ivanka wrangled the invitation from the Prime Minister during his April 2017 visit to the White House, while visiting the President and First Lady, with his wife. Ivanka travelled to Tokyo, alone at taxpayers' expense, to attend a November 3rd, 2017 conference, where she gave a speech that was poorly attended. Ivanka expected to be received by Prime minister Abe and to dine with the Prime Minister, which she accomplished, because she represented herself as Trump's daughter. This slithering creature, known as Trump's daughter, knows no boundaries when it comes to achieving her end of self promotion and competitive business advantages, all while positioning herself inside the White House. Ivanka Trump has no respect for protocol, and is a misfit in, and a disgrace to the White House and its long and hallowed traditions. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Photograph courtesy of Associated Press.


Although Ivanka Kushner was not on the trip to China, she sent her husband, Jared, and a professional made video of their daughter singing in Mandarin Chinese, to impress and win favor with President XI and his wife Madame Peng. It seemed to have worked because the President and his wife took the bait, and were impressed with the deceitful offering to the Chinese people on the official State visit. They graciously allowed the video to be played as a part of the entertainment during the State dinner. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The offensive way in which Ivanka used the State visit, to promote the talent of her daughter singing in Chinese, was a setup. It was a setup because it allowed Ivanka and the Trump family brand to be perceived positively by the President of China and the people of China. Again, when Ivanka's father, President Trump, presented the video of his grand daughter to President XI, it was not a gift from the American people. It was a personal gift from Ivanka, the Trump family and the Trump brand, as it inches closer to winning multi billion dollar deals in China and other parts of Asia, when Trump and Ivanka leave office. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In the view of the Ancient Oracle, Ivanka is like a two bit crack cocaine whore, looking for the next fix, when it comes to peddling her children on social media, and the internet, to achieve fame and recognition. She puts her kids out there on social media and the internet, shamelessly violating their privacy, for the sake of fame and publicity. Most parents do everything possible to shield and protect their young children from exposure on social media and the internet. Such is apparently not the case with Ivanka Trump Kushner. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

There are many public schools in America, who have added Chinese language to the curricula. If Trump wanted to represent America, and not his grand daughter and Ivanka Kushner, he would have invited a choir, of these American students, to sing in Chinese, and to give a presentation of recorded video to President XI, during his state visit. The video presentation by Trump's grand daughter was self serving and not representative of the American people. It may have been "cute" to Trump and his family, but to any objective third party, the child, appeared weird looking, and coached throughout the presentation. Her voice was too weak to sing in solo, and would have been better served if she had been part of a group, or choir of children singing. There are some 6 year olds, who are naturally gifted, and have strong voices at such young ages, but not Ivanka's Arabella. That video of Arabella did not represent the American people. The American people can do better. Arabella's video was a self serving gift from Ivanka Trump Kushner, and the Trump family and its brand. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Arabella Kushner sings on video for the President XI of China and his wife Madam Peng at a State dinner in China on 11/09/2017

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press.


Although Trump has nominated CIA chief, Mike Pompeo as the next Secretary of State, it will be the motley and nefarious pair of Ivanka Trump and Trump's son in law, Jared Kushner, who will be dictating America's foreign policy from inside the White House.  Neither Ivanka or Kushner have the necessary security clearances to negotiate foreign policy on behalf of the U.S.  Ivanka has taken charge of arranging the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-Un, sometime before May. This woman, Ivanka, has no foreign policy experience. Her dabble in foreign affairs consists of real estate transactions around the world on behalf of the Trump Organization, and selling clothes and shoes. Ivanka has honed her skills at manipulaion, conniving, grinning, smiling, and deceit in order to do a deal with whomever can be tricked. To put this treacherous woman, with all the attributes of a snake, in charge of America's foreign policy is a tragedy for America. Kim Jong-Un, with his experienced diplomats, will certainly have the upper hand. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

On the other hand, CIA director, Mike Pompeo is part of the deep state of Washington D.C. As a member of the deep state, like his predecessors, Madeleine Albright, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton, he will continue to carry out a foreign policy steeped in lies, manipulation, and subversion. However, he is a career politician, a Washington insider, and well versed in those kinds of things. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Russia and China are in for a bumpy ride with Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner directing America's foreign policy from the White House. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Snake, Ivanka, is back. Ivanka Trump, replacing outsted Secretary of State Tillerson, at a meeting with South Korea foreign minister on 03/15/2018.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press.

To amplify Trump's inappropriate, intimate relationship with his daughter, Ivanka, - both a Porn Star, and a former adultress, Playboy Playmate, recently indicated that Donald J. Trump, evoked the name of his daughter, in comparing her to those two women, prior to engaging in sex. If this is not strange, sleazy and bizarre, to say the least, it certainly raises the question surrounding the apparent, perverted relationship between Trump and his daughter, Ivanka. He seems to insist on having Ivanka around him at all times, even to the exclusion of his wife, First Lady Melania. In the view of the Ancient Oracle, this strange, perverted, and sleazy relationship between Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, makes him unfit for the Presidency. Forget tax cuts and all the rest, modern day Babylon (America) is crumbling, and all the tax cuts in the world cannot save it. Trump and his family exemplify the degradation of American society. Cheaters, liers, manipulators, vulgarians, all in the name of Making America Great Again! So sees the Ancient Oracle.


First Lady Melania Trump's recent illness and hospitalization have rendered her unable to perform most of her First Lady duties. Melania was well and vibrant one day, and the next, she is hospitalized for an unusual or uknown illness. Ivanka has gladly reached in to substitute for Melania in appearing at events, by the side of her father, the President. First Lady Melania's sudden illness and surgery are causing many raised eyebrows and speculation as to what are the causative factors for her sudden illness. Meanwhile, Ivanka remains healthy and ready at a moment's notice to step in for the First Lady.

Evil Ivanka conjuring up her next bag of tricks.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press.

Ivanka and her husband, Jared, up to no good in Israel.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press.

As the Ancient Oracle previously prophesied, nothing evil is beyond the scope of Ivanka Trump when it comes to getting her way. Recall how she had Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson fired so that she and her husband, Jared Kuchner, could run foreign policy from inside the White House. Tillerson's replacement and all the others appointed by Trump, know that they must let Ivanka have the final word. Ivanka manipulates Secretary of the Treasurer, Steven Mnuchin, and the new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo to allow her to use their government provided planes to fly all over the world, like a Senate confirmed cabinet member. Case in point, Ivanka used the Secretary of State's airplane to fly to Israel, at taxpayer's expense, when the U.S. embassy was opened in Jerusalem. Ivanka refuses to fly commercial, as any other government employee, which she pretends to be. Working behind the scene, she flies as a cabinet member, because she can manipulate Trump's appointees, to comply with her dictates. She weilds undue influence and power over her father, President Trump, and his cabinet appointees, and all White House staff. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In the view of the Ancient Oracle of KMT, Ivanka, and her mother, Ivana, have wanted for a long time, to remove First Lady Melania from the picture. Ivana, Ivanka's old, gold digger, "get everything" mother, still refers to herself as the real "Trump first lady". In other words, either through divorce, or illnes, sickness, or something even worse, Ivanka and Ivana want Ivanka to take over the duties of First Lady. In the view of the Ancient Oracle, Trump, himself, is not beyond the notion of wanting his wife, the First Lady, Melania Trump to disappear from the White House. Melania is more popular than President Trump and has higher approval ratings. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Beautiful First Lady Melania in an official photo.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press.

Elegant and poised First Lady Melania Trump in an official White House photograph.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press.

To a narcissist like Trump, he does not tolerate anyone who takes the spotlight away from himself, much less Melania, whom he disrespects in any way possible. First Lady Melania posed for a photograph with other former First Ladies, and Presidents at the recent funeral of former First Lady Barbara Bush. President Trump was specifically asked not to attend. Trump was upset that his wife was invited to attend and posed for a historic picture, without him included. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

First Lady Melania Trump, along with other former First Ladies and Presidents, attends funeral of former First Lady Barbara Bush.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press.

Trump has publicly humiliated First Lady Melania by engaging in sex with at least one porn star, and another playboy bunny, while Melania was at home nursing her enfant son, Trump's youngest child. To any mother who has ever nursed a child, and recalls the special bonding that takes place at that time, it is beyond hurtful to learn that your husband has been out whoreing around on you. Not to mention the sexually transmitted diseases that Trump might have brought home to his wife, after such acts of infidelity. Is it any wonder that First Lady Melania may be suffering illness from her intimate encounters with Trump subsequent to his sexual betrayal? Viruses can remain in the body for years before they are detected. Taking the speculation one step further, is it beyond Trump, and his wicked daughter, to remove Melania from the White House so that he does not have to answer for his maritial sins, and the discomfort that Melania feels from being around him and his daughter, Ivanka? What will happen to Melania's young son if that happens? Barron, desperately needs his mother as he moves into his pre adolescent years. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In the view of the Ancient Oracle, Trump has been inattentive to wife, First Lady Melania during her illness, and recovery in the White House. He left Melania and their young son, inside the White House, while he left for a frolicking weekend vacation with Ivanka and his other adult children. Just the day before, in a macabre way, Trump referred to Melania's health by pointing to a White House glass window saying that she was looking through the glass at him and everyone in the room. Recall that when he went for an earlier weekend retreat to Camp David with his wife, Melania and their son, he barely spent twenty four hours with them before he returned to the White House. He apparently was bored with the First Lady and his young son, Barron, and rushed back to Washington, D.C., the next day, barely 24 hours later. Of course, Melania and Barron had to return with him. On the weekend trip to Camp David with Ivanka, and his other adult children, he will spend the entire weekend at Camp David. Meantime, Melania is back at the White House recovering from her mysterious illness. No doubt at Camp David, Ivanka can whisper her "expert advice" in Trump's ear, regarding his upcoming meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong-Un. (lol) Folks, this tragedy occurring in the White House with First Lady Melania and her young son, Barron, and the rest of the Trump klan is stranger than a macabre movie. Unfortunately, this is not fiction. It is a sad chapter in American history, and reflects the hollowness of America, in every aspect as it continues to wane. Might the Ancient Oracle add that Melania and her son, Barron, are the only ones with a Trump in their names, worthy of living in the White House and representing the United States, in a dignified and respectable manner. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

There are many conspiracy theories about what or who is behind First Lady's Melania's sudden illness. But one thing for certain it appears, Ivanka, who is a snake wrapped up in wealth and power, cannot be ruled out as playing a part in the unfortunate illness of First Lady Melania. If FLOTUS Melania survives her illness, she may never be the same as she was before. In the meantime, Melania must rely heavily on her own parents to stay with her in the White House, and to help look after her health, and to help protect her young son. Since Donald Trump is an infidel, disguising himself as a Christian, he does not believe that he is a sinful man. Thus, according to him, he would never confess his sins, and ask God for forgiveness. Yet, the Christian Evangelicals support and helped elect this man to lead their country. It seems like the Evangelicals should be on their knees asking their God for forgiveness. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The way in which the high rise London Apartment building went up in flames on 06/14, so that the entire building was engulfed in fire and flames after thirty minutes, conjures up images of America's 9/11. The New York twin towers burned with such intensity of heat and flame, that people were jumping out of windows, as they did in the London high rise. The black smoke willowed through all floors of the London apartment tower as it did in the New York World Trade Center on 9/11. There have been reports that the smell of gasoline was detected as residents of the London Apartment tower tried to escape the furor of the smoke, fire and flames. The scenes of the suffering and terror were nothing short of terrifying. Was it a terrorist attack? Use your common sense. By the time the authorities collect and gather all of the evidence, the lone wolf or wolves will have escaped London and gone on to plan their next terrorist attack. Many residents of the UK and Europe were expecting the next attack to be with a car of some type or other motor vehicle. According to that expectation, some wild eyed terrorist would get out of a moving vehicle and start wildly brandishing a knife and stabbing people. Never under estimate the mind of the terrorists. You do not know how or when they will strike next. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

From video footage of those who managed to escape the building, many were Muslim women wearing head scarves or the Muslim hijab. Ponder for a moment if the concotion and accelerant which started the fire, could have been made inside one of the apartments occupied by a Muslim tennant(s). It could be that the occupant or renter of the apartment was a willing or unwilling participant. In such a scenario, there would be a place for the opportunity and motive to take place, and to incubate in such an environment. ISIS has not taken credit for the event yet. When and if it does claim credit, it will have moved on to the next event, continuing to activate its terror cells thoughout the UK and Europe. Think outside the box. The next terrorist attack may be a high rise tower, or poisoning of produce in the supermarket, or an attack in a large shopping mall, or an attack on a subway or bus, or an attack in any large public gatherings. Europeans and Americans must be awakened from their slumber, and begin to out-think and protect themselves from the terrorists.   America is not immune to another horrific attack either. So sees the ancient Oracle.

The people of London may be waiting a long time for the investigation to conclude. The truth may never be revealed by the authorities, for fear of reaction by the citizens of London and the UK. Unless ISIS claims credit, the true nature of the terrorism behind the event may never be disclosed. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Image of Burning London Apartment Tower 06/14/2017

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press


On August 21, 2017, the Great American Eclipse passed over a wide section of the United States, crossing 14 states. This event captivated America, with thousands rushing to witness the event first hand. The poor, unfortunate, misled souls, who were led to celebrate and watch the solar elipse, did not know that they would be adversely affected in their personal lives, and the life of the nation, by such curiosity.

It did not take long after the eclipse had passed over America, for the calamities to start. Starting the next weekend of August 25th, Hurricane Harvey, with the strength of a hurricane 5, landed along the Gulf Coast of Texas, resulting in 50 inches of rain falling in less than 24 hours, flooding greater Houston, Port Arthur and Beaumont. It was called the 500 year flood, dumping more rain and water in those areas, in recorded history. The hurricane brought untold misery and devastation to the Gulf Coast region of Texas, and to parts of Louisiana. A few days later, subsequent hurricanes starting forming in the Gulf of Mexico, bringing storms and flooding to Florida, and parts of Georgia and Mississippi. Hurricanes continued to form in the Atlantic Ocean bringing more death and destruction to the U. S. territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Other Carribean islands were also affected by the hurricanes. To add calamity to disasters, wild fires in the State of California destroyed thousands of acres of land and claimed dozens of lives.

If the natural disasters were not enough, strange and irrational behavior by Americans against their fellow citizens, have resulted in the largest mass murder, by a single individual of 58 innocent citizens, and injuries to more than 500, many of which are critical. How can the unexplainable be explained? It cannot. In the face of radical Islamic terrorism, which plagues the world, these are unexplainable acts, which strike as much fear as radical Islamic terrorism.

The previous solar elipse, like the one which occurred on 8/21/2017, occurred almost one hundred years ago, in 1918. After the American solar eclipse of 1918, the world saw wars upon wars - World War II, the Korean War, Viet Nam War, the Arab Gulf War, the Invasion of Iraq and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the conflict in and destruction of Syria, the nuclearization of the world, with dictator states like Iran and North Korea getting nuclear technology and weaponry, the militarization of sanctions as a way of starving and punishing the people of another foreign country, such as Russia. The antichrist became President of the United States for eight years, and has been followed by a female, deceitful counterpart, who sits in a senior advisory role inside the White House. Folks, all of the events in this Prophecy are related. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

God only knows what the next 100 years will bring forth from time and space. However, the omen, and warning have been sent and it does not look good for America, and therefore, the world. The Ancient Oracle of KMT will not place an image of the solar eclipse on the pages of this Prophecy. The ominous forbidance that the solar eclipse embodies precludes exposure to such an event, and will certainly not be presented to the readers of this Prophecy. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Image of the temptress and deceiver, Ivanka Trump, at NASA Museum in Washington. D.C., participating in solar eclipse on 08/21/2017

Image of the beguiler, Ivanka Trump viewing solar eclipse on 08/21/2017 in Washington. D.C.

Photographs courtesy of Associated Press.

In the meanwhile, the Trump clan keeps multiplying, adding another Jewish grandchild, "little Luke", born to Trump's son Eric, and his reported Jewish wife, Lara.

Each addition to the Trump clan costs the American taxpayers to pay for Secret Service protection. Never has a sitting President required such a huge expenditure, by U.S. taxpayers, to protect him and his children and grandchildren. They keep multiplying.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press.



The question that every American should be asking is why are American soldiers dying in defense of French speaking, Muslim, former French colonies? In the recent murder of 4 U.S. soldiers in the African country of Niger, why were American soldiers serving, in combat, in Niger, while French troops were safely ensconced in airplanes flying overhead? Why were and are American troops in combat roles defending former French colonies of France? Why are American soldiers, facing combat in former English speaking African, and British colonies? Niger is a hot bed of radical Islamic terrorism, fostered by Boko Haram, which has spread from Nigeria into the neighboring French speaking, African countries of Niger, Cameroon, and Chad. The American soldiers were walking targets for ISIS inspired Boko Haram, as the Americans were outgunned, outequipped, tricked and ambushed in hostile territory. Shouldn't the active combat role of these former French and former British colonies, be assumed by the French and British governments? After all, it was the French and British that created the conditions for their former African colonies to fester their hate into ISIS strongholds. Why should American troops be called in to defend and protect French and British interests in their former African colonies, many of whom are Muslims? In the view of the Ancient Oracle, France and Britain should be assuming the heavy role of combat on the ground, while America supplies technological and tactical assistance from remote locations, far removed from the scenes of conflict and combat. A word to the wise is sufficient. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Since the election of Donald J. Trump as President in the November 2016 Presidential Election, America and its leaders have been obsessed with blaming Russia's "meddling" as the reason for Hillary Clinton's loss and President Trump's win. To date, there has been no solid evidence that Russia or the Kremlin interfered in America's elections. Trump's victory was a victory for the issues and ideas that he ran on, and that propelled him to victory. He was a better candidate than his Democrat opponent, Hillary Clinton. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

To understand this delusional phenomena, one must understand that the leaders within the U.S. Federal government, its agencies. and the U.S. Congress and Senate are corrupt. They are all part of the "deep state", which controls Washington and its policies. America's "deep state" is a threat to America's democracy. Those who participate in the "deep state", including members of Congress, feed off of its corruption. It is a never ending pot of lies, misinformation, deceit, and corruption to maintian the status quo, and their seats of power. America's democracy has been compromised by the "deep state", including their intellectual "think tanks" inside of Washington D.C.  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were and are a part of the "deep state". It is the "deep state" which is the driving force behind the notion that Russia and the Kremlin interfered in U.S. elections to interfere in America's democracy. The question must be asked, "Pray tell, why would Russia care enough to want to interfere in America's democracy"? So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America's "melting pot democracy" has tilted so far to the extreme that it is crumbling under its own devices. It does not need Russia's help. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The United States and western democracies in Europe have imposed harsh and crushing economic sanctions on Russia. Those sanctions have hurt the Russian economy and above all, the Russian people. The standard of living among the Russian people has declined significantly as a result of the sanctions. Russia is using its resources to try and improve the living and economic conditions of its citizenry. Why would Russia waste precious economic resources engaging in a high tech cyber technology to interfere in America's elections? It would seem that Russia and President Putin have much more important things to do with their rubles, like ensuring adequate food, shelter, and health care for its population. President Putin is a great leader, who loves his people. He would not squander precious resources in that way. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The U.S. and its leaders should be pointing the finger at themselves when it comes to interfering in other countries' election. America has sent overt and covert representatives to influence political elections in parts of Europe, including Ukraine and in Israel. America is the number one culprit when it comes to undermining and influencing election results in other countries, including the ones just named. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


It is more than interesting that Britain concocted the alleged charges of use of chemical weapons against Russia, a few days before the Presidential Election in Russia. Russia was not provided with the evidence that sustained the outrageous charges by Britain. It is more than suspect. These accusations were made to somehow taint the election results, and to cast dispersion on President Putin, and his ultimate victory as the next President of Russia. The Russian people love their President and there is nothing that Britain and her wretched European allies can do to change President Putin's popularity. He has earned it. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Russia would like to solve the Ukranian crisis diplomatically and it should be resolved diplomatically. Do not let the Neo-Cons in Washington, which are part of the Jewish lobby, cause America and NATO to start another war in another part of the world. The people of Crimea and the Port of Sevastopol have already expressed their deep desire to reunite with Russia. There is no aggression on Russia's part. There is only threatened aggression on the part of America and NATO.

Theresa May and her criminal government have condemned and convicted Russia of chemical poisioning, without providing any concrete evidence to Russia. May and Britain maintain that Russia is guilty in all "likelihood". "Likelihood" is not good enough as a standard of proof, when you are accusing and convicting someone of a crime. Produce evidence to Russia, that proves Russian is guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt". Apparently, lying Britain and Teressa May are not able to provide this type of evidence to Russia and President Putin. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

 In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, Britain and NATO are composed of Neanderthal warmongers, who need to crawl back into the cold dark caves of Europe from whence they came.  They can take their Neanderthal cousins in the EU with them. The world would be better off without NATO, the European Union, and all other evil doers, who are polluting planet Earth with their evil doing. Boris Johnson, Theresa May's Foreign Affairs Secretary, is like a hostile, lying Neaderthal. He reminds one of a very pink, smelly fat pig, filled with his own deceiving feces. Lipstick on a Neanderthal is still a Neanderthal. No matter how you try to dress it up and refine it. That includes the British monarchy, the British aristocracy, and all European monarchies and their aristocracies. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

This "chemical poisioning" fiasco demonstrates that Russia can never trust Britain, the U.S. and the E.U. regarding its security. RUSSIA MUST REMAIN A NUCLEAR SUPER POWER! STRONG ENOUGH TO DEFEND HER PEOPLE AGAINST THE FORCES OF EVIL, SURROUNDING RUSSIA. Russia must continue building its nuclear weapons, and developing the latest, secret technology that her enemies cannot match. The only thing that the enemies of Russia respect is military and nuclear superiority. Ridding Russia of all of the diplomats from the enemy states of Britian, the U.S., and the E.U. is an unforeseen blessing to Russia and the people of Russia. Russia will be rid of the spies inside Russia, who can steal her secrets. "NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST RUSSIA SHALL PROSPER"! So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In another suspicious, unforeseen act of depravity on the Russian people, the enemies of Russia and the Russian people are, in all likelihood, responsible for a deadly fire in a shopping mall in Siberia. The fire killed dozens of innocent children. Unlike Britain, America and Europe, President Putin is waiting for the evidence against the perpetrators, before he seeks justice for such a cowardly act. At this point, President Putin and Russia should not be surprised by the perpetrators. There are enemies of Russia working inside of Russia. Condolences to President Putin and the people of Russia for their grievous loss. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Ancient Oracle sees that the Cosmos is accelerating, and the enemies of Maat are on a path to total oblivion.


Theresa May has convinced all of her partners in crime, including the U.S., and the E.U., to expel most Russian diplomats from their countries. By isolating Russia in this way, it only increases the "ante" for Russia to withdraw and to turn within. All of these hostile actions toward Russia are coming after President Putin won an overwheming election of 84 percent of the vote. President Putin is more popular than ever. The people of Russia love him. None of these hostile actions will change that. None of the European leaders, who took this action against President Putin, can say that about their own citizens. In the U.S., which is badly divided, Trump's popularity is at 39 percent, and most voters would hold their noses, if they had to vote for him again. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Theresa May and her partners in crime, in Europe and in the European Union, tried to achieve from the outside. what they could not achieve inside of Russia. That was to turn the people of Russia against their great leader, President Putin and defeat him at the Russian polls. When they realized that was not going to happen and that President Putin would win with an overwhelming 84 percent of the popular vote, then Theresa May and her "deep state" of demons within the British government hatched the absurd chemical poisioning plot against Russia. The chemical poisioning allegations were made against Russia without providing Russia with the evidence to defend against such fabricated charges. Britain and her partners in crime in the EU, and the Security Council of the United nations, refused to provide Russia with supporting evidence of the alleged crime. They also refused Russia's efforts to participate in the investigation. The bottom line is that the wretched Theresa May and the British government attempted to overturn the results of the Russian election of President Putin for another 6 year term, by attempting to isolate Russia from the rest of the world. Fortunately, justice, and the blind lady of justice, and the scales of balance will not allow Theresa May and her British demonic government to acheive their wretched goal. History bears out the observation that Britain and the British monarchy have been at the forefront of all the evil and demonic behavior of man during last the 1000 years. Britain is a real, old motherf_ _ker, especially where the people of Africa and people of African descent are concerned. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Europe is like an old lady's vagina. Everyone knows she has one, but who wants it? Europe has passed her days of stolen wealth and glory. She is like the sexual parts of an old lady, whose breasts are sagging, crepey and wrinkled, like an old dried up prune. The old lady, Europe's vagina, is shriveled and dried up like dying fruit on a vine or tree. Europe is in a rotten, decaying, dying mode. Nothing can save her. Hence her hostile action of aggresions toward Russia, the one part of Europe that is not contaminated with the sins of European colonialism, slavery, and imperialism. Russia is emerging from the ashes of abuse and isolationism by the old Lady of Europe. Russia, in spite of the isolationism, and sanctions, will arise and be stronger than ever. So sess the Ancient Oracle.

On the other hand, the rest of the world, with the exception of India, is like juicy, firm fruit, unripe, and breaming with juciness, and sweetness. This includes the young, brimming countries of Africa, who are awakening to their identity, and removing the European shackles of slavery, and colonialism. They want no part of so called European values, which have oppressed them. The fruit of African countries is like a young, firm, shapely lady, whose breasts are round and firm, and her other parts are delicious and juicy. Her body is full of life and filled with expectations. On the subject of India, India has become like her former colonizer. India has adapted the greed and covetousness of her former colonizer, Britain. In many ways, the Indian people have become just as arrogrant and obnoxious as their former British exploiters. Ask the people on the continent of Africa, where they have taken root and brought their arrogrance and sense of superiority with them. Hidden news stories in the newspapers of India bury the discrimination and brutality that Africans, visiting and working in India, experience at the hands of Indian racists inside the country of India. More comments about India and its hidden hand of racism towards Africans and people of African descent, in other sections of this Prophecy. So sees the Ancient Oracle.



Former U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, worked in concert with ISIS and the Saudi Monarchy, financed smugglers to smuggle out hundreds of thousands of Syrian, Libyan and Afghanistan refugees into Europe via Greece, Italy, and Hungary. In a diabolical move to bring in an overwhelming number of Arab and Muslim refugees inside of countries boarding Russia. Obama, NATO, the Saudi monarchy, and ISIS are attempting to set up a terrorist threat on Russia's borders, and ultimately China's borders. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

If you look at the map of Europe and you see where the hundreds of thousands of Arab and Sunni Muslims are headed, they are headed into Hungary, Austria, Germany, Slovania, the Baltic States, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Each one of these countries is a former member of the Soviet Union, or have borders with Russia. How in the hell were these Arab Sunni Muslims able to overtake and penetrate the borders of Hungary, commandering trains, without the explicit cooperation of ISIS, Barack Hussein Obama, the E.U. and NATO? Who paid for all of those boats and loaded them up with hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees from Syria, Libya and Afghanistan? Who arranged the logistics? The boats and rafts could not have left Syria without the complicity and backing of ISIS, which controls large swaths of Syria and Libya. So sees the Ancient Oracle

In the case of Afghanistan, ISIS now has merged with the Taliban, and controls much of Afghanistan.   ISIS, in complicity with Barack Hussein Obama and the Saudia Arabia Monarchy, are working in concert to infiltrate all of Europe, but specifically former Soviet Union border States, with Arab, Muslim terrorists. If you look at the men, women and children who arrived in the coastline countries of Greece and Italy, and penetrated the borders of Hungary and Austria, you will see the men are young, able bodied, strong, and able to wage jihad. Even the adolescents among them know how to make bombs, and "cut off heads". So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Folks, what Barack Hussein Obama, ISIS and the Saudi Sunni Monarchy have done is to infiltrate Europe penetrating deep into the interior of Europe. Hungary has literally been invaded and commandered by the Arab Muslim insurgency. The police were overtaken by the Muslim crowds. There is no way that countries like Hungary, Austria, the Baltic States, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, or Finland can cope with this barrage of so-called refugees. ISIS has a target out for Norway and Sweden because of publication of their prophet, Mohammed, in cartoons. As members of the E.U. and NATO, they can expect no relief or assistance from either the E.U. or NATO, since the E.U. and NATO appear to be in complicity with Barack Hussein Obama and ISIS.  Oh What A Tangled Web! So see the Ancient Oracle.

The U.S. and NATO are backing the Islamic terrorists in their efforts to overtake all of Syria, get rid of the elected President of Syria, al-Assad, and turn Syria into an Islamic Caliphate. Truth be told, Barack Hussein Obama, America and NATO are afraid of ISIS abd the Islamic thugs comprising all of the so called opposition groups. America, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, and NATO are providing the weapons, amunitions and cash that their opposition terrorists are using to fight the al-Assad regime. America and NATO wish to create the anarchy that they created in Libya, inside of Syria, by allowing ISIS, and all of the other thugs of terrorists organizations to gain control of Syria and establish an Islamic Caliphate. You ask, why would America and NATO do that? Because the U.S. and NATO are afraid of ISIS and all of the forms of ISIS, known by any other name, operating inside of Syria. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

President Putin speaking at a Press Conference in Moscow.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press


The U.S. and NATO have created Russia as the enemy, when, in fact the enemy of the American people, Europe, and the rest of the world is ISIS and its many off shoots, including Daesh, ISIL, and Islamic State. Russia is doing everything militarily to fight off and exterminate ISIS, and all of its vicious demonic tentacles. President Putin and Russia are trying to protect the world from this killer plague. This evil plague, known as Islamic terrorism, will kill the entire world unless Russia, with support from others, kills them and fumigate the world of this lethal, evil plague. The nations of Europe, Australia, Africa, China, America, Central and South America, should be cheering Russia on. Russia should receive everyone's prayers as she takes on this mammoth undertaking to keep the world safe from terrorism. Plan on sending your donations and money to Russia, who is using her military might and financial resources to do battle against the great Satanic evil of this time, Islamic extremists terrorism. If you can set up a "Go Fund Me" page for Russia and President Putin, it would be appreciated over there to help with the battle, that Russia is taking, on behalf of the entire world. Send some love to President Putin and Russia. Show them how much you appreciate what they are doing in defending the whole wide world against radical Islamic terrorism. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

NATO and America are busy creating a "bogeyman" called President Putin and Russia. America, the EU and NATO created a provocation with Russia by overthrowing the elected government in Ukraine, and replacing it with a puppet regime controlled by America, the EU and NATO. Russia became the enemy, in order to deflect attention from America's and NATO's miserable failure, in battling the Islamic terrorists inside of Syria, Iraq and Libya. So sees the Ancient Oracle

NATO does not deserve an ounce of support from the nations of Europe. NATO has proven incapable and unwilling to protect the nations of Europe against Islamic terrorists attacks, and against Islamic invasion of so called refugees, who have flooded into Europe by the hundreds of thousands. The only thing that NATO wants to do is put NATO troops inside each country of Europe? What for? There is no enemy inside the individual countries of NATO. The enemy is on the outside of Europe, and it is not Russia. The enemy is the Islamic terrorists insurgency that has bred and spread thoughout the Middle East. That is where NATO should be sending ground troops to fight the terrorists inside of Syria, Libya, and Iraq. But NATO, and her supreme military commanders won't do that. Because they are scared to mount a military offensive against the Islamists terrorists. No, instead, NATO is putting ground troops inside of the former Soviet Union countries, to make sure that those former member countries of the Soviet UNion, never leave the E.U. or NATO, under force of death. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The former member states of the Soviet Union will realize what a charade the E.U. and NATO were, when it comes to their overall security and well being. By then it will be too late to withdraw from either because NATO will have implanted NATO troops in each former Soviet Union country, making withdrawal impossible , under threat of military force. The ground troops that NATO send will not be for the purpose of protecting member countries from the Islamic hoards that have invaded the countries, but to ensure that those countries never withdraw from membership in NATO or the E.U. At that point, there will be a fascist and Nazi NATO operating in concert within a European Muslim Caliphate. NATO nor the Islamic Caliphate dare not come near the borders of Russia and China, because they will quake in their livers, at the mere mention of the names of the mighty Russia and China, which will blow them to smitherings.

In response, since ISIS, Barack Hussein Obama and NATO are supporting this infiltration of Muslims into Europe, along Russia's borders, Russia must fortify and secure all of her borders with the above named targeted countries. ISIS, Barack Hussein Obama, and NATO have set their target on Russia to bring jihad and multiple terrorist attacks to Russia. Barack Hussein Obama is a terrorist, supporting the terrorists' objectives of ISIS and NATO when it comes to Russia and the takeover of Russia by Sunni Muslim extremists. However, in the process, Europe is committing suicide. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

All of the satelite countries of the former Soviet Union, will pay a severe price for leaving the Soviet Union and its protective umbrella. That protective shield is no longer available for members of the former Soviet Union. Those countries are now members of the E.U. and NATO, which will not sheild and protect them from the beheadings, and the bombings, coming to their countries, at the hands of the hoards of Arab and Muslim "refugees". The influx of millions of Muslim and Arab refugees has penetrated the borders of most countries in Europe. The Opera Houses of beautiful Austria will never be the same. European culture will be destroyed and Sharia law will be the law of the land, throughout Europe. Millions of more Muslim refugees are yet to arrive in Europe. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Barack Hussein Obama was not satisfied to leave office until he brought millions of Arab Muslim "refugees" to America by planes and boat loads. In a recent photo taken during the Saudi Arabian King's visit to the Oval Office in September, Obama and the Saudi King, appear to be planning the financing of the infiltration of millions of Sunni Muslim Arab refugees throughout Europe and into America. The refugees include able bodied men and adolescents, who have been trained in bomb making, "cutting off heads" and Sharia Law. Those will be the supervised and approved invasion of Sunni Arab Muslim refugees. What about the illegal penetration of America's borders, by land and by sea? America's seaports are largely unsecured. The vast container shipments that arrive at America's ports are not effectively inspected. They are targets of opportunity for smuggling terrorists, their bomb making materials and their implements of war. Barack Hussein Obama did not want to leave office until the the prediction of Al Qaeda and ISIS would be fulfilled i.e., that minarets will be installed on top of the White House and U.S. Capitol. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Folks, under the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama, ISIS, the Arab Monarchs, lobbyists, special interests, the Bilderburgs Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Clinton Foundation, the Rothschilds Families, the DeBeers, the Oppenheimers, Mark Zuckerberg, Google founders, the Federal Reserve, the IMF, and the multinational banks, - the New World Order has arrived!  It is a New World Order based on a World Caliphate supported by Barack Hussein Obama, the oil rich Arab Monarchies, and members of the global cartel and crime syndicates described above. In other words, these workers of iniquity have turned God's world upside down. What is up is down. What is down is up. So let them all go to hell, along with the AntiChrist, Barack Hussein Obama, and all their other world leaders. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


As the radical Islamists terrorists have destroyed the ancient monuments of Babylon, Iraq, the ancient Roman ruins of Syria and the ancient city of Palmyra, their next planned stop is inside of Egypt, my Ancient KMT. The barbarians plan to destroy the great pyramid of Giza, and to destroy the ancient temples of Upper Egypt. The Ancient Oracle believes that there is still just enough of the DNA of the Ancient Egyptians in the present day Egyptians, who will not allow the destruction of the remnants of more than 7000 years of ancient Egyptian civilization. The present day Egyptians must start preparing for these types of inevitable attacks on Ancient Egypt history. The Ancient Oracle declares that if the Islamists terrorists attempt to bomb the great pyramid or the Sphinx, it will cause the earth to spin off its axis. It will be the end of the planet. The President and the people of Egypt must not let this happen. They will also attack the Jordanian city of Petra, which was built by the Ancient Egyptian traders, who followed that ancient trading route. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

Instead of allowing the Islamic terrorists to destroy humanity's great world civilizations, the world must unite and destoy every last terrorist, and any terrorist in the making. Stand with President Putin and Russia because Russia is the only country courageous enough and with the capacity to obliterate the radical Islamic terrorists from the face of the earth. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.


The Imam resident terrorist-in-chief in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama and his mouthpiece, John Kerry, stirred the pot of terrorism by saying that the Sunni terrorists would seek revenge against Russia for bombing the terrorists operating inside Syria. Actually, Kerry and Obama were trying to deflect the terrorists from taking action against America, for its bombing and its recent deployment of Special Forces inside of Syria. It does not take much persuasion to plant a demonic idea in the head of deranged terrorists. True to the evil mind of the terrorists, Barack Hussein Obama and his fellow Sunni Muslim terrorists, brought down the Russian Airline on a return flight to St. Petersburg from Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

The Ancient Oracle sees that the terrorists gained access to the luggage compartment of the plane prior to take off.  ISIS, and the Muslim Brotherhood have penetrated the Egyptian military. Those in charge of servicing the plane, prior to take off, played a role in the overall plan, and placing the bomb aboard the plane. This could only be accomplished through cooperation within part of the Egyptian military. The Egyptian military has an active clandestine insurgency working inside of it.  Certain members of the Egyptian military have joined the Jihadist insurgency. The Ancient Oracle sees an active clandestine insurgency within the Egyptian military, which is supported by ISIS, Al-Qaeda's Nusra Front and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Islamists terrorists are also inside the police force. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

The Egyptian Al-Qaeda terrorist, al-Zawahri, called on Muslim supporters to band together to confront "the aggression we face from America, Europe and Russia".  Al-Zawahri knows Egypt and he has many contacts inside Egypt, loyal to the Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

The terrorists, who have claimed responsibility for bringing down the Russian airline, said that they brought down the plane "in response to Russian air strikes that killed hundreds of Muslims on Syrian land". THAT'S CRAP, THAT'S CAMEL DUNG! They are trying to justify their murderous and hellish deeds in the name of the Syrian people, whom they have raped, tortured, and killed.  It is these same Muslim terrorists, who have stolen the Syrian people's land and their oil, to finance their terrorists deeds against the Syrians, in the name of their god, Allah.  How many hands and heads will your Allah demand of the Islamic State terrorists for their treacherous deeds against humanity? You wicked bags of pig dung! So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

Take off those dirty face rags that cover your faces, and which leave peep holes for your seedy, beady, black, canine eyes. You hide your evil, ugly, hairy faces, because you are cowards. You don't want the world to come after you.  Well, hidden, ugly terrorists faces or not, the world is coming after you and your kind.  In the name of your allah and your mohammed, there will not be a one of you left on the face of the earth. You and your kind are going to be exterminated from this earth. Mohammed can't save you and your allah can't save you. You are going straight into the depths of hell, where you and your shadows will burn forever. Your screams will add to the heat of hell's fire. There are no virgins waiting for your over sexed genitalia. The only sex you will have is with the fires of hell, which will consume you. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

You Islamic terrorists - get the hell out of Syria, while you have a chance. Otherwise, you will be bombed, and burned alive, and the missiles will have suppositories, which will be fired up your stinky asses with pig's blood. You will go to hell bleeding out of your ass in pig's blood. The pigs and hogs can't wait to "oink" and kick you into the pit of hell. This is the way the Ancient Egyptians used to kill your kind. You have not changed since Ancient times.  In Ancient times, you were called Hittites, and my people despied you then as well. You are still the same dirty, rotten scum of the world.  This will be the final battle, and my people, the Ancient Egyptians, the warriors of Ancient KMT, are going to finish you off once and for ever. The Ancient Egyptians have lain dormant in secret chambers and tunnels of the great pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, and other secret places in the waters of the Nile. They are coming for you nasty, stinking, cowards, who squeal like pigs when you face the wrath of doom. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

It will not be the Russians who will kill and annihiliate you Islamists terrorists. It will be a blinding force that comes at you from the sands of Antiquity. Russia and no nation is strong enough to do what invisible and unseen forces are about to unleash upon you terrorists and those that created you and your kind. Those that created you reside in Saudi Arabia and America. Your creators will face the same doom as you Islamists terrorists. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

The clock is ticking.  Islamist terrorists, get out of Syria while you yet have a chance to escape what is coming at you. Go into Saudi Arabia, which helped to create you. Return to the rancid egg of Saudi Arabia, which hatched you. Reclaim the oil fields and your birthplace from Saudi Arabia and from America.  Saudi Arabia is the home and birthplace of you - Islamists terrorists.  Reclaim your oil, and your land from the corrupt House of Saudi monarchy and America. The Muslim clerics in Saudi Arabia are waiting for you. Reclaiming the land and the oil fields from Saudi Arabia and America will keep you very busy until the day of your reckoning. Nothing can save you from your reckoning, and the wrath of the forces that you have unleashed on this Earth.  So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT

To the people of Russia, know that you have a great leader, President Putin, who has been called at this time to lead, not only Russia, but the whole wide world. Love your President. Support President Putin. You suffered a great loss of your loved ones, at the hands of the savage, Islamist terrorists. Rest assured that your loved ones, on the return flight to St. Petersberg, have been remembered and reunited in Heaven with their Heavenly Father. There is a cleansing of the Earth taking place, which you have been informed throughout this Prophecy. When the dust settles, and the light reappears, the future of the planet will bask in a brighter light. Time as you know it will cease to exist. But first, the Ancients of KMT have to take care of business. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

One other thing that the Russian people must know is that the workers of iniquity in America and Europe played a role in what happened to the Russian aircraft. They are co-conspirators with ISIS, and all of the other terrorists groups inside of Syria, Libya and Egypt.  America supplies the missiles, weapons, and technology to Saudi Arabia, which gives it to the terrorists to perpetrate Islamic terror across the world. The Wahabi schools, and clerics in Saudi Arabia teach Sharia law and the establishment of a Muslim Caliphate in the entire Middle East and around the world. America's goal in all of this is to cause the people of Russia to turn against their brave and beloved leader, President Putin. America continues to seek a regime change in Russia by any means necessary. John McCain, Bob Corker, Barack Hussein Obama, Susan Rice, the NSA, the State Department, John Kerry, the CIA and every other surreptitious alphabet of the American government are involved in bringing a regime change to Russia. People of Russia, you must not let the forces of darkness succeed. Support and love your great leader, President Putin.  So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

Saudi Arabia and its monarchy, the House of Saud, have begun to realize, like Frankenstein, they have created a monster. Now, in acts of desperation, they cry out to the world to help them destroy their monster, Radical Islamic Terrorism, which they created. It may be too late. The cancer of Radical Islamic Terrorism has metastasized and spread worldwide. Thousands of those deadly terrorists, along with their family members, were allegedly given safe passage out of Raqqa, Iraq and parts of Syria to spread out to unknown places. It is presuumed that most returned to Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and other points unknown. Supposedly, this was done with the complicity of the U. S.  Expect an upsurge in terrorism worldwide. Witness the largest terrorist attack in recent Egyptian history on 11/25/2017 at a mosque. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


ISIS announced that it placed a bomb aboard the Russian Airliner because of Russia's bombing ISIS (IS), inside of Syria. Russia has not bombed ISIS targets, inside of Syria, but rather the so called "rebels", supported by Saudia Arabia and America. The fact that ISIS claims that their terrorist act against Russia is, for Russia's bombing of ISIS, means that ISIS considers the "rebels" fighting the Assad regime, in Northern Syria, to be a part of ISIS. So, America, Saudi Arabia are supporting ISIS when they supply weapons, tanks, ammunition, and missiles to the so called Syrian "rebels" (another name for ISIS). So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

The bombing of the Russian plane, the terrorist suicide bombing in Lebanon and the multiple terrorists attacks inside France, are a result of America's and Saudi Arabia's policy of supporting ISIS through the so called Syrians "rebels".  It's just one big pot of terrorism, whether it is ISIS, or the so called Syrian "rebels", that is spreading throughout Europe, soon to reach America, and the rest of the world. Obama, who is a Sunni Muslim, is working in concert with his Sunni Muslim terrorists in ISIS, to bring JIHAD to America, the rest of Europe, and the entire world. The terror that ISIS has created is that you cannot feel safe in restaurants, shopping malls, churches, synagogues, or any place of gatherings. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

Unless ISIS is stopped by any means necessary, there will be an ebb and flow to the terrorists' madness. There will be periods of high alert, after a terrorist attack, and then a calm and a forgetfulness. Then when least expected, there will be more terrorists attacks, followed by periods of calm. This ebb and flow will continue until the populations become so freightened, they become unable to defend themselves. That is when the final JIHAD will set in. Unless the world comes together to defeat ISIS and its supporters, then Europe and America will cease to exist as you know it. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

It is no coincidence that an American satellite was in the area of the explosion of the Russian aircraft at the time of the downing of the plane. It is strange that America and European intelligence have issued their conclusions about a bomb being on board the plane, before the Egyptian and Russian authorities can complete their investigation.  Did they have inside knowledge?  So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

The Ancient Oracle quotes from the Scripture as a reminder to all Chritians, who are being persecuted by Islamists terrorists in the Middle East, and around the world:

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places".


There can be no negotiation with terrorists. Negotiation is not in the vocabulary of radical Muslim terrorists, who want to conquer the world, and establish a world wide Caliphate under Sharia law. To China, which advocates negotiation as a means of resolving the problem of radical Islamic terrorism, the world has changed and negotiation, in the traditional Chinese way, is not an option. All of the grandiose projects envisioned for the future, including reconstructing the Old Silk Road, will be disrupted by the radical Islamists terrorists, especially the ones operating inside of Pakistan. The first step that must be taken is to join Russia in destroying ISIS in all of its forms. Anything else short of that will undermine any future plans and projects, no matter how lofty the goals.  To all countries who have citizens, who have left to fight in ISIS or any of its offshoots, revoke the passports of those people. Do not allow them to return to their country of origin.  Without a passport they will be forever stuck on the battlefied with Isis. They will be bombed away with ISIS.  ISIS and all of its affiliates are evil anarchists, whose goal is to destroy all of civilization and return the world to a 7th century Islamic caliphate. Nothing outside of that will be tolerated unless this evil force is contained and wiped off the face of the Earth. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America's leaders are more interested in not offending ISIS, and the fear of attracting more supporters to ISIS if they adopt a hard line toward Islamic terrorism. These so called leaders and pundits maintain that by monitoring Muslim activity in America, it plays into the hand of ISIS. This perverted way of thinking is more pro-ISIS than it is pro-American. America's leaders assume that it is less risky to risk the safety of American citizens than, in their minds, to possibly increase support for ISIS and Islamic terrorism. In the minds of America's leaders they are unwilling to recognize the "ties that bind" all Muslims, including Islamic terrorists, and that is the Koran. All Muslims read the Koran daily and get their daily dip of prayers and verses from the Koran. If ISIS is reading from the Koran and all other Muslims are reading from the same Koran, the "ties that bind" them, through the Koran, will eventually unite them in establishing the Caliphate that their Prophet Mohammed, called for in the verses of the Koran. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

To all Muslims, America is considered a land of infidels. Nothing will change that. The question is at what point, in the "ties that bind" in their Koran, do they join in one accord to commit Jihad in America? There are approximately 5 million Muslims in America. If only 1 percent, or 50 thousand, unite in the "ties that bind", with their fellow Muslims in ISIS, Jihad will come to America. Although many American Muslims have become fat and too comfortable in America, they still hold to the fundamental beliefs of Islam and the Moslem religion. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

All Muslims are united in the "ties that bind", wherever they may be, through the Koran.   ISIS and all other Muslims, pray five times a day toward Mecca, They read verses from the Koran daily. All are just one Jihad away from carrying out the words of their prophet, Mohammed. America's leaders are more interested in appeasing ISIS, so as to avoid the ability of ISIS to attract more Muslim Americans to ISIS and Jihad, than they are for the safety of the American people they profess to lead.  Islam is incompatible with democracy and a permissive society like America. The Moslem religion and Islam stand opposed to everything that America stands for, including pre-maritial sex, birth control pills, mini skirts, lesbianism, and homosexuality, women's rights, and the list goes on and on. Most American Muslims "shelter in place" in order to avoid the culture and fabric of American sociey. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

To all immigrants who want to come to America, you do not have a God-given right to migrate to America. As far as all of the criticism of Donald Trump's comments about Muslims immigrating to America, this is an internal matter to be decided during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.  European leaders and other leaders should refrain from interfering in America's internal politics, and elections.  Mr. Trump is very popular among many Americans, and comments from foreigners will not affect the outcome of their votes.  So stop interfering, and tend to your own affairs in your own countries. A word to the wise is sufficient. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Scroll down for continuing updates and clarification to an ongoing Ancient Prophecy. You see but you do not interpret.  You hear but you do do not understand.


President Putin at the Kremlin.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press

As mentioned previously in this prophecy, President Putin is the most magnificent world leader on this planet, called Earth. His star shines so brilliantly that it snuffs out the candle light of other mortal men, who would dare to be called leaders. President Putin was called from the heavens to lead a blind and decaying mankind from the evil mountain of rot, from which it has descended. Say a prayer for President Putin and thank the heavens above that President Putin is on your side. President Putin is the annnointed one who was chosen to lead for a time like this. His annointing has nothing to do with man made religions. President Putin's calling is celestial. And those who interfere with the great calling of President Putin will suffer a hellish ending. Presidnt Putin belongs not only to the Russian people, who have suffered so much, but he belongs to the world. Be strong, President Putin! So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Russia"s Victory Day Parade on May 9, 2015 in Red Square commemorating the defeat of Nazi Germany and Japan in World II was a grand and somber military parade. Like the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Russia's great history, culture and people were on display for the entire world to see. And what a commemoration it was. It was filled with pomp and circumstance and the solemnity that such an occassion deserves and demands. The parade paid homage and respect to the 26,000,000 Russian lives lost in the Second World War (1941-1945). Other nations which participated in the parade and commemorated their war dead included China, which also lost million of its citizens during the Second World War. Together, Russia and China lost more of their citizens fighting Hitler's Nazi Germany and Hirohito's Japan that any of the Western powers, who refused to attend. Russia displayed her awesome military power through thousands of her soldiers, special forces and military equipment, tanks, missiles, and fighter jets. China also had a military presence in the 70th Victory Day Parade. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Small minded Western nations who fought in World War II to defeat Nazi Germany and Japan, and who lost many of their soldiers and civilians, refused to attend the Victory Parade in Moscow. The parade commemorated those who perished in defending all of Europe, not just Russia and China. The pettiness of those leaders shows how the leaders of those countries put their own pettiness ahead of the recognition of the millions of Russian and Chinese citizens who perished, fighting for the liberties that they enjoy today. After the parade, the leaders of the 34 countries in attendance went to the tomb of the unknown soldier to lay flowers at the tomb. Another poignant part of the ceremonies. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

President Putin and the Russian peoples' Victory Day commemoration extended into the night, where the poignancy of the event was commemorated through song, music, dance, ballet and dramatic reenactments. The opera/ballet performance depicted the horrors of the war. as young men left girl friends, fiances, and wives to go off and fight the Germans. It was a breath taking and profound reenactment of such tragic and horrible events. Even so, the music, song and dance pierced through the sorrow and trauma to touch the nerves and hearts of those fortunate enough to watch such performances. The Opera/Ballet was followed by spectacular fireworks lighting the night sky. The end of a long and commemorative 70th Victory Day came to a close with etched memories to last for a lifetime. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

A nation is known through its rituals and pagentry. Russia is rich in rituals and pagentry in all aspects of its society, including cultural achievements, military might, religious rituals, enertainment, dance, ballet, figure skating, acrobatics, and gymnastics. Russia is returning to her splendour and glory. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Ultimately, such magnificence is a tribute to the Heavens and the Creator. Through Russia and her great civilization, the magnificence of God and the Universe are manifest.  Russia, What a Nation, What a nation!  President Putin, What A Leader, What a Leader!  Russia reminds the Ancient Oracle of KMT of the splendour and glory of Ancient Egypt (KMT). Ancient KMT was a land of ritual and pagentry, which enriched the lives of the people of Ancient Egypt (KMT). So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Ancient Oracle of KMT makes one suggestion to Russia and President Putin, and that is to add a large silver star in the blue center of the Russian flag, with silver stars, grouped in formation, surrounding the sides of the bright, large center, silver star. The red and white colors of the flag may have to be sized down, so that the large blue center color dominates the colors on the flag. The star and the celestial connection to Russia and her people is what is missing on the Russian flag. Great Russian designers and artists will be able to refine and expand upon this concept. Make this a priority. Create the redesign of the flag as quickly as possible. The current Russian flag is too plain and does not display the mighty eternal symbol of Russia. This advice is priceless. The Ancient Oracle will expand on this and other clarifications, if the need arises. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Symbols are important. The symbol of the sickle and hammer used in the former Soviet Union's flag was a symbol that contributed to the break up of the Soviet Union. What do you expect when a sickle is used as part of the symbol of anything? Regardless of the justification, the sickle being used as a symbol is problematic. The blade of the sickle is used to cut down and that is what happened to the Soviet Union. It fell apart. It was almost as if the symbol used in the flag of the former Soviet Union was predetermining the cutting down and break up of the Soviet Union. The evil doers of the West, along with former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev, facilitated the breakup. With a new flag symbolizing the greatness of Russia, the Russian people of the former Soviet Republics will be reunited with Mother Russia. Russia will grow in greatness and population as Mother Russia is reunited with her Russian diaspora, scattered throughout the former Soviet Union, and around the world.  What the enemies of Russia meant for evil, will turn out to make Russia, which was the flagship of the former Soviet Union, even greater. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

On the subject of symbols, the evil, colonial dominated, European Union use stars in their flag. The former African slave trading United States has stars in its flag. These evil empires are misusing the celestial stars in the heavens. Just because you utilize the symbols of the stars does not mean that your destiny is in any way tied to the stars. Quite the contrary, the stars in the heavens look down with disdain on these evil empires. They know that it is just a matter of time before justice reins down on them double times. First, for their evil wrongdoing. Second, for misusing the celestial symbol as a shield for their wrong doing and evil acts. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

President Putin and President Xi attend China conference.

Photograph courtesy of Associated Press


China celebrated the 70th anniversary of the end of the War Against Fascism and Japanese Aggression in China on September 3, 2015, in a glorious military ceremony in Bejing. Attended by representatives of 45 nations, including Russia , South Korea, Egypt, Pakistan, South Africa and surrounding Asian countries, it was indeed an impressive display of military power and cultural greatness. China opened up its magnificent beauty to the world so that all nations could share in China's celebration of this momentous event in the history of China and its people.

The day long ceremonies began with the inspection of the troops by China's President Xi Jinping. This ceremonial act was followed by marching of Chinese soldiers, and soldiers from guest countries, through Tiananmen Square, and in front of the Great Hall of the People. Impressive indeed! The procession of soldiers, in formation, was followed by the awesome display of China's advanced tanks, weapons, missiles, and attack helicopters. Ready for warfare, in defense of the nation of China and its people, but at the same time strong enough to seek peace and negotiation. Long live China and its greatness!

The evening ceremonies concluded with a theatrical spectacle of the reenactment of the suffering of the Chinese people at the hands of the Japanese invaders, beginning in 1938. That was before the rest of the World declared war on Japan, Germany and their Fascists partners. The Chinese people, including soldiers and civilians, were tortured, raped, burned, starved and murdered at the hands of the Japanese invaders. It is estimated that more than 30 million Chinese, both soldiers and civilians, were killed during the Japanese War of Agression against the Chinese people during World War II. The evening festivities celebrated the triumph of the Chinese people through, beautiful music, song, and dance. It was an entertaining, yet, a somber conclusion to the day's memorial events.


This is the age of the return of the diaspora. The sacattered diasporas of people the world over will return to their root counrties. This is particularly true for the African diaspora scattered in America, the Carribean countries, South America, Central America, Latin America, and Europe. It is also true for the Russian diaspora in the Baltic countries, the rest of Europe and America. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America is a dying tree. The branches are dead because they are attached to a tree from which they did not originate. The branches from other countries were tacked on to the tree in an artificial and unnatural way. Therefore, the tree branches are all dying. The branches started dying when they were taken from their root tree, for whatever reason, and reattached to a foreign tree, which could not nourish them like their root tree. As the diasporas in America begin to return and reconnect with their true roots, they will be revived and can thrive. Read a full discussion of the fallacy of America's melting pot in another section of this Prophecy. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Many of America's social ills, and dysfunctional society are caused by the displacement of peoples from other countries and cultures, who remain detached from their root trees, and attached to a tree, not of their natural roots. Jesus and Christianity are supposed to hold the tree together and keep the branches from falling off. Jesus does not seem to be holding it together.  How's that Jesus thing working for you?  Does it fill the hole inside of you?  Jesus will not and cannot fill the hole caused by something that violates the laws of nature. America and the whole concept of America is diametrically opposed to nature and the laws of nature. You can't use Jesus to support something that counters the laws of nature and the Universe, such as a country being a melting pot. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

To Russia's diaspora separated from your Mother Russia, return to Russia; repopulate Russia. Become a part of the amazing future growth and development of Russia.  Ogligarchs return to Russia with the billions of dollars that you took from the country. You will never be respected for your intrinsic worth as being a Russian, until you return to your Mother root. Return and join in the rebuilding of your homeland. No other passport can change who you are intrinsically. Return home. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The earth is tilted. The earth's axis is slightly tilted. It needs to be realigned. The earth's axis will only be realigned and brought into balance, when there is a counterweight to the bullying power of America and her stooge, NATO.  See a discussion of America's fracking in another section below.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America is a rogue nation with military bases and a military presence in more than 150 mations. America bullies and controls the world through her military. America is now infringing, militarily, on the borders of Russia, in order to provoke a military confrontation with Russia. America is a monster, that needs to provoke wars, in order to buttress her economy. America's military is supported by America's Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, and her economic policies, of trade, aid and sanctions of every kind. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The only world powers that can help bring the world's axis back in alignment are Russia and China. These two world powers must draw up an agreement that says that "an attack against one or the other, is an attack against both".  Such an attack by America and her puppet NATO would cause a swift and immediate counter attack by both Russia and China. This Russia/China Agreement will immediately reestablish balance in the Universe and bring earth's axis back in balance and realignment. The Russia-China Agreement(RCA) will be an effective deterrent against America and NATO. As things stand now, America and NATO rule land, sea and air. An immediate rebalancing and realignmnet is needed now for the sake of earth's axis and to save the earth. This can only be achieved by an immediate alignment and alliance of the Russia-China Agreement (RCA). So sees the Ancient Oracle.

China is like a dragon which slept for a hundred years. When it awakened, it awakened to a world that was out of control, a world under the control of a mighty beast. China's psyche and mind were no match for the evil and wrongdoing of the beast called America, and her puppet European satellites. China will never be able to catch up with the evil doing and evil conjuring of America and her European satellites. The Ancient Oracle sees that the aim of America is to contain China by inviting China to participate in military drills, all the while preparing to surround China. This is the strategy that has been used against Russia, containment, and later attempting to surround Russia with missiles, aircraft and naval vessels. China is at the part in her history where she is being fattened for the slaughter. Every American gesture is meant to lure China into military and economic complacency, while preparing for the hit. A word to the wise is sufficient. China should immediatedly form the Russia-China Agreement (RCA) as a countervening weight to NATO, and for the protection of both Russia and China. The universe cries out for such an allignment to bring the earth's axis back in balance. A Russia-China Alliance (RCA) is necessary for the future of the world and mankind.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Words of caution to the Chinese President who visits the White House.  Watch what you eat or drink at the White House and any official State visit. Remember what happened to President Mikhail Gorbachev, after his visit to the White House.  He returned to Russia and dissolved the Soviet Union. What was put in his drinks or food raises the question if he were given some hallucinogenic drug.  Only a fool or someone on an narcotic or hallucinogenic drug would dissolve a powerful empire, with the stroke of a pen.  Did something happen to Gorbachev during the course of his vist to the White House and his return to the Soviet Union? This is opened to conjecture.  The Ancient Oracle would advise Chinese officials who visit the White House for food and drink, be careful.  Only eat and drink what has been prepared by your Chinese chefs and bar tenders.  Have everything sampled before you taste or eat it. A word to the wise is sufficient.  China is doing all the right things.  Don't be thrown off course.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Greece has demanded that Germany, the financially strongest member of the EU, repay the $12.8 billion owed to Greece, dating back to World War II. Greece has made a claim against Germany for the loans that Greek bankers were forced to make to Nazi Germany. Greece has also made a claim against Germany for the equivalent of $250 million for pure gold stolen from private Greek houeholds. Greece is demanding that Germany, through the EU, repay this debt before any discussion of austerity against Greece and the Greek people. Short of honoring this past debt that is still due, Greece threatens to withdraw from EU membership. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Greece is in a similar position as Russia, when it comes to confronting the EU. Greece is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. Greece should call the EU's bluff. Greece has the upper hand.   If Germany and the EU do not honor the debt that is owed to Greece, Greece should exit from the EU. Greece does not have to beg the Eurozone for debt forgiveness, when Germany, will not honor the debt that is owed to Greece. Greece should enter into bilateral and strategic partnership with Russia. Greece has more of a future with Russia than the EU. The EU will soon unravel at the seams. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Germany is the strongest member of the European Union. However, if you look closely at Germany and Germany's banking system, you will find that Germany's financial system is built on deriviates, financial swaps (both interest rate and currency), Note Issuance Facilities, and other artificial financial instruments. These financial instruments were supporting the strength of the Euro, at the time of the global financial crisis of 2007-2008. When the Duetsche Mark became a part of the eurozone, and the Duetsche Mark was replaced by the Euro, all of the vulnerabilities of the Duetsche mark were transferred into the Euro. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

There was a lot of fluff in the Duetsche Mark, and now in the Euro, as Germany is the strongest country in the EU. The bond and securities markets in Europe are supported by this derivatives market. All of those hundreds of trillions of dollars (equivalent) in derivatives and other artificial financial instruments didn't disappear. They are still on the books of Germany's banks, other European banks, and the European Central Bank, which supports the Euro. All of those off-balance risks and artificial financial instruments are going to start tumbling like a house of cards.  It's just a matter of time. Greece is the start of the fall of the dominoes. The same is true for America's Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, which has absorbed the risk of the hundreds of trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilities, from America's large, commercial banks, in the form of deriviaties and other artificial financial instruments. The "books are cooked" when it comes to the Euro and the U.S. dollar. The British Pound is not far behind. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The global stock markets will follow the collapse of the Euro and the U.S. dollar. The major stock exchanges are denominated in these currencies. The stock markets will follow the collapse of the foreign exchange markets. The exchange markets are wrapped up in the deriviaties markets. As the Ancient Oracle has indicated before, the stock market and the deriviates markets are isolated forms of artificial activity. In other words the stock market and the financial markets do not contribute to economic activity. Both markets are gambling markets; one is betting , while the other is trying to cover, or hedge the bets. When one falls the other will fall. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

That is why the Ancient Oracle has advised China and Russia that as you form a wholesome, healthy, and prosperous world, do not build it around isolated activity, such as the stock market and deriviatives markets. Stay with nature. Build the new world that you are creating on what God made, and not what man made. Build your new prosperous world on real economic activity like the labour of man, manufacturing things that work for man, and not things that man works for. Build your new world on nature's natural resources that come from Mother earth. Building the infrastructure, railways, highways, transportation facilities, which are good and productive uses of man's labour. Wealth that comes from the stock market, gambling, and financial deriviatives is fleeting. Value the people and their labour; value the earth and its resources. Financial activity should support economic activity; not the other way around. A word to the wise is sufficient.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Prior to the collapse of the U.S. dollar, the banks will start charging depositors to "park" their money in their banks. In other words, instead of paying depositors to save money in their banks, the banks will assess a negative interet rate on your accounts. So that instead of the banks paying interest on bank savings or certificates of deposit, the banks will assess a negative interest rate against your deposit. The negative interest rates means that depositors' principal balances will decrease each month by the amount of the negative interest rate. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

When this happens it will be the first signal that the dollar has lost its value and is unable to attract bondholders for U.S. debt. Banks and the Federal Reserve will look to banks depositors to fund U.S. debt from the principal amounts in their deposits. Not the interest. There will be no interest paid. As indicated above, depositors will be assessed a negative interest rate which dwindles the deposit amount, and funds the U.S. worthless debt. This will be legislated by law. Depositors will become creditors of the banks and the U.S. government by default, with no repayment clause in sight. There will be exhorbitant fees for early withdrawals. All withdrawals will be made by a debit card. The government will stop printing money and the banks will only transact business through a debit or credit card. So sees the Ancient Oracle,

Get ready. You can start withdrawing your cash money now . Or you can wait until the banks and the government announce negtive interet rates, and the beginning of the deciphering of all of your deposits to fund bank and government debt. You have been forewarned. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The detente that Barack Obama seeks with Cuba is a ploy to create a legacy for himself by opening up relations with Cuba, and by attempting to undermine the long and enduring relation, Cuba has enjoyed with Russia and the former Soviet Union. Barack Hussein Obama, in all of his deviousness, uses a forum like the Summit of the Americas, to grandstand a change in America's relations with Cuba. After all of these years, 50 years, why does Obama choose this place and time to announce reestablishment of diplomatic relation with Cuba, and lifting of harsh, economic sanctions? Barack Obama choses this time because he wants to counter the long established relations that Cuba has enjoyed with Russia and the Russian people. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Although Cuban President Raul Castro indicated that he trusted Barack Obama because he was not born when America severed relations with Cuba and enacted devastating sanctions, President Raul's comments failed to recognize that Obama represents America, and is an agent of America's policies, past and present. Obama as a person, cannnot be divorced from the America, which he serves as agent and President. Regardless of Raul Castro's personal feelings about the person of Barack Obama, he, at the Summit of the Americas acts on behalf of the Presidency of the United States. The two are inseparable in that regard. President Raul used Barack Hussein Obama's biography as the basis of declaring his trust of Obama. Wrong measurement. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Barack Hussein Obama is devious, opportunistic, deceptive, narcisstic, and ego-centric. Obama will do any and everything to hurt Russia and President Putin, and the Russian peoples' close relationship, developed over many decades, with former President Fidel Castro and the Cuban people. It was the Russian people who brought their world renowned classical ballet to the Cuban people. Russia has trained many of Cuba's doctors, providing medical treatments and medical training, when America isolated Cuba and the Cuban people. The decades of damage to the Cuban people by America cannot be undone by a handshake and a read of Barack Hussein Obama's biography. A leopard never changes his spots. In the case of America, there is an ulterior motive for this reaching out to Cuba at this time. That ulterior motive is Russia. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

If you have read this prophecy in its entirety, you will see the below segment, where the Ancient Oracle warned of Obama opening the portal to Cuba. The reason, at that time, pertained to the vulnerability of terrorism, and to terrorists, that such an opening would create. Now add the most recent reason for Barack Hussein Obama's rapprochehment with Cuba, namely, to counteract Russia's ties with Cuba, you have one hell of a convolution. The Ancient Oracle's advice to President Raul Castro and the Cuban people, is to tread carefully, and to seek the wisdom of former President Fidel Castro, while he yet lives. America will continue to destabalize and seek to replace any government it does not agree with in Latin America. To say that America is turning a new leaf in its foreign policy is more of Obama Obama speaking with fork tongue. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Barack Hussein Obama has opened up another portal for terrorists to enter America and that is through Cuba. By lifting travel and other embargo restrictions with Cuba, Barack Hussein Obama has made it possibe for Arab Muslim countries like Qatar to build a luxury hotel in Cuba. The Arab and Muslim presence that will come along with the multimillion dollar investments will allow Arab and Muslim terrorists to enter Cuba and penetrate the border of America throught Cuba. With these two easy portals of entry through America, i.e. Mexico and Cuba, Barack Hussein Obama accomplishes the mission of his Muslim counterparts. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State is another wicked witch of the West. Hillary Clinton, along with her "always in heat for money" husband, former President Bill Clinton, were among the attendees at a conference in Crimea Ukraine in September, 2013, leading up to the overthrow of then President Victor Yanukovych. The conference, known as the Yalta European Strategy (YES) conference was an annual gala event hosted by Ukraine's richest ogligarch, Vincent Pinchuk. Vincent Pinchuk is a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation. Pinchuk's friend, billionaire George Soros and his International Renaissance Foundation, based in Kiev Ukraine, was also one of the sponsors. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In addition, to the Clintons, the event in 2013 was attended by leaders from Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries, and other Ukranian ogligarchs, including chocolate candy billionaire, Petro Poroshenko, now the "Russian hating President" of Ukraine. Other attendees included Victor Pyatt, the recently appointed U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, and the "infamous fu_ck the E.U." Victoria Nuland and her husband. Given the contempt with which Nuland held the E.U., it is remarkable that the E.U. supported her and John McCain's coup in Kiev, and the subsequent destablization and upheaval.  How stupid can you be! So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The apparent purpose of the September 2013, Crimea conference was to sugar coat and applaud the Ukranian President and the Ukranian legislature into signing the "EU Association Agreement".  When then President Viktor Yanukovych, who was in attendance at the conference, refused to sign the agreement, despite all out pressure from the E.U., Ambassador Pyatt, U.S. State Department's Victoria Nuland, and U. S. Senator John McCain, all hell broke lose in Maidan Square. All of those U.S. officials and the CIA participated in the Maidan and the overthrow of the then elected Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych. Read a more in depth discussion of the events surrounding and leading up to the Maidan overthrow of President Yanukovych below. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's involvement in the Maidan and the overthrow of then President Viktor Yanukovych is not clear until you see the connection between the sponsor of the event, Ukranian ogligarch, Vincent Pinchuk, and his contributions to the Clinton Foundation. Pinchuk is a large donor to the Clinton Foundation, along with other ukraine ogligarchs, having contributed more than 10 million dollars to the Clintons and their foundation through 2014. As Ukranian billionaire ogligarchs, whose wealth comes from the resources of Ukraine and its people, Pinchuk and the others wanted Ukraine to become an E.U. member and a NATO member in doing the bidding of the West. The purpose of Ukraine's joining the E.U. and eventually NATO, is to isolate and "surround Russia". So sees the Ancient Oracle.

That policy of isolating and "surrounding Russia" is a policy started under then President Bill Clinton after the end of the cold war in 1991. The policy continued through the bombing of Kosov in 1999, in order to bring Serbia and kosov under the umbrella of a united Bosnia, in a United Europe. Bill Clinton's partner in crime during that period was Britain's Tony Blair.  Bill Clinton created the vision of death and destruction in Kosov, Serbia, and now Ukraine, all for the purpose of uniting Europe and isolating and "surrounding Russia". Hillary Clinton, took up where her husband left off, as Secretary of State, in navigating U.S. foreign policy to create an unwinnable conflict with Russia over Ukraine. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Hillary Clinton in the Ancient Oracle's view should not and will not be elected President of the United States. As her husband's closest advisor during his Presidency, her hands and her husband's hands drip with the blood of the people of Serbia, Kosov, and now Ukraine in the Clintons' foreign policy initiatives, to unite Europe and isolate and "surround Russia." The Ancient Oracle asks at what cost?  Is it so that the Clintons can empower and obscenely enrich themselves, even at the cost of the ultimate war- a nuclear war with Russia? Bill and Hillary Clinton, is your ill gotten wealth, worth the costs to the American people and to the world? So sees the Ancient Oracle.

To sum up, in the prophetic view of the Ancient Oracle, Bill and Hillary Clinton and their foundation, are nothing more than bribes masked as donations to gain access to privilege and power within the U.S. government, the State Department and NGOs, the White House, Congress and the U.S. military. The Clinton Foundation is the Clintons little slush fund/cess pool, to control and influence world events, the New World Order and a One World Government. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Furthermore, Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation have taken over where Cecil Rhodes and the other European colonialists left off in Africa, in the view of the Ancient Oracle.  Through his foundation and associated NGOs, the Clintons are weilding undue power and influence on the continent of Africa.  Bill Clinton used African Americans and their Civil Rights movement to be elected into the White House. As a disgraced President, Bill Clintom used the struggle of African Americans to wrap himself in, and to defend himself in his impeachment hearing before the U. S. Senate.

By the way, the Clintons decided to bomb Kosov and Serbia, while his impeachment hearing was taking place, in order to detract from those proceedings. This same Bill Clinton and his daughter, some twenty years later, arrive in Africa, bringing a plane full of American capitalists, like vultures, to prey on the people of Africa, their land and natural resources.  Africa, beware of the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation!  They will use your struggle for development and economic independence, just as they used African Americans struggle for their civil and human rights. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton remains in the States, peddling her recycled ideas about what she would do if elected President. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, Barack Obama and his foundation will seek to hook up with the Clintons and their foundation, when he leaves office, if he lives that long.  What a pot of slush that will be!  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The Ancient Oracle issues a warning to the other wicked witches of the west. America, in recent times, has a way of sending brazen, undiplomatic, sharp tongue women to the United Nations to represent the United States. The latest one is Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina. Nikki Haley is of East Indian heritage, being just one generation removed from being born in India. Since her recent appointment by Donald J. Trump as America's U.N. ambassador, Haley has demonstrated nothing but belligerent, patronizing, and threatening language toward some members of the Security Council, including Russia, Syria, and China. These American women diplomats, including Nikki Haley, are referred to in this Prophecy as wicked witches. They include Victoria Nuland, a former high ranking State Department offficial, Susan Rice and Samantha Powers. Those wicked women used their prowess to devise every wicked scheme imaginable to overthrow Russian President Putin. They seemed to delight in not only trying to stab the Russian People with sanctions. But they also delighted in twisting the knife of sanctions in the wound of the Russian people, to see how much more misery and suffering they could withstand. Then, in a sadistic ritual, Victoria Nuland, went to the U.S. Congress and described all of the dirty tactics that had been conjured up inside the White House and the State Department, against President Putin and the Russian people. She told Congress that they are waiting to see what the effects of all of their wickedness would be on President Putin and the Russian people. In other words, they were waiting for the sanctions to bring a regime change in Russia, to overthrow President Putin. That wicked woman, who helped engineer the overthrow of the former elected Ukrainain President in 2014, wandered how President Putin could have a poll rating of 86 percent, in spite of EU and American sanctions. That is wickedness and evil personified. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Sanctions are a violent act because sanctions adversely affect the daily lives of the people inside the country, to which the sanctions are targeted. It is the people who suffer. The countries and organizations such as the E.U., America, and the United Nations indicate that the purpose of the sanctions is directed at the economy of the targeted country. The economy is the people! Behind every economic statistic is ultimately a human being in that county whose living standard, and access to adequate health care, food products, and other necessities are threatened. Sanctions represent the worst part of the human character, by those imposing the sanctions. Instead of promoting a financial system where each nation and peoples can be the best they can be, the current evil World Powers, in charge, aim to stifle and impede progress, and development of mankind. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Sanctions are evil. Just as evil as war. By the way, the Russian Federation does not want to take over Europe or any other country. Russia has more than enough land to meet all of its needs for the present and into the eternal future. Russia is celestial. The notion of targeting sanctions against Russia in order to prevent a military threat to Europe is hocus pocus. Sanctions and NATO military build-up on Russia's borders are nothing more than a reason for America and NATO to justify continued military spending, and U.S. military presence in Europe. Such NATO expansion comes at a time when the taxpayers of Europe nor America can ill afford it. The flow of trade and and technology, in nonmilitary goods and services, should move freely among all nations. Let each nation and peoples be the best they can be. America and Europe take your feet off the back of the necks of developing countries. Allow them to be all that they can be without your choking off their lifeblood through sanctions and other violent tactics. Remove barriers to trade and investment in Russia. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The U.S. and NATO are world aggressors, and are encroaching upon the borders of the Russian Federation, destabilizing the entire world. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The U.S State Department is filled with Nazi and Fascists sympathizers. The State Department funds many of the NGOs in Ukraine, Russia and countries all around the world. They include, but not limited to, USAID, including Voice of America and PACT, a private contractor, NED (National Endownment for Democracy), USIP (United States Institute for Peace), the Internews Network, funded by the State Department, Center UA. and many more funded direcly through the U S State Department. The private foundations are also suspect and receive secret money including the Clinton Global Initiative, and George Soros' IRF (international Renaissance Foundation). These are just some of the American alphabet organizations, and do not include other countries' clandestine organizations, such as the the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA),the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and the Embassy of the Netherlands. The Embassy of the Netherlands played a key role in funding the online television outlet which brought the violent demonstrators to the Maidan in Kiev, and the overthrow of then President Viktor Yanukovych. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America is ruled by the infrastructure of a "non-military empire", operated through the U.S. State Department, which controls foreign governments, the U S military and local police departments through the Department of Homeland Security. The truth will never come out about Benghazi because the "non military empire" operated by the State Department controls the White House, the NSA and the military. The outlandish power of the State Department started under Madeline Albright, with Bill Clinton's "encircling of Russia" and "strategic containment of Russia", and continued through the wife of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton. Under Hillary Clinton, with the blessings of Barack Hussein Obama, the State Department's power has grown and the influence of NeoNazis-Neocons, Fascists. The "non-military empire" at the State Department uses all of its private contractors, allied NGOs and foundations, to overthrow governments that do not conform to the EU, NATO, and the New World Order. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

By the same token, the "non-military empire" at the State Department, uses its influence and power to control and destroy any domestic group or persons who wants freedom from an abusive and overpowering Federal government in Washington D.C. The State Department, through its NGOs, lobby for militarization of local police departments to squash any discontent and prevent the exercise of the Bill of Rights, which no other country has. The New World Order, which Barack Hussein Obama promised when he took office, is occuring under the auspices of the State Department, which is an empire unto itself, and which has expanded power to implement the New World Order, both internationally and domestically. You were warned in this Prophecy that America has become a Fascist state, with the erosion of personal and civil liberties. The administrration of this Fascism is controlled by the State Department and extends from NATO to the militarization of the local police Departments. A vivid example of the militarization of the local police force was the display of tanks and military hardware by the police in Ferguson Missouri, after the shooting of the Black teenager. This is all part of the New World Order, operating through the State Department, the EU and NATO. Connect the dots. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

President Putin must expel all of the NGOs and every alphabet organization operating inside Russia. Russia is far better off going it alone. The EU, America and NATO want to isolate Russia. Give them their wish. Close the American Embassy, the British Embassy, the Dutch Embassy and the Spanish Embassy inside of Russia, immediately. They are filled with three and four letter alphabet spies. In addition to closing the American Embassy, Russia should expel all of the NGOs and and internet tv and all other communication that the Russian Federation does not monitor and control. Russia does not need this kind of mischief taking place within its borders. They will only try to undermine and overthrow the government of President Putin, invade and subjugate the Russian people.  NATO and the EU will not be satisfied until they conquer and control Russia and its people. That will be NATO ultimate land grab when they confiscate the Russian Federation. Don't let that happen. Start by kicking the barrel of NGO snakes and State Department Snakes and George Soros snakes into the sea and the deepest part of the ocean. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

A word of caution to President Putin and Russia, do not allow "the enemies of Maat" to draw or goad you into a war on their terms, over Ukraine. Pick the time and place of your choosing to engage and conquer the forces of darkness as they attempt to bring chaos and annihilation to the created Universe. May the Force be with Russia and President Putin as you fight the Antichrist and all of his demons on planet Earth. No weapon, financial, military or otherwise, formed against you (Russsia) shall prosper. The U S dollar, the British Pound, and the Euro will crumble, and Russia and the Ruble will rise and remain strong. America's "fracking" to recover oil from rocks will be the literal break up of the country. In their bid to become a leading oil producing country and undermine Russia, to drive down the price of oil, the "fracking" is apparently causing earthquakes, which will literally break the country apart. So much for karmic justice. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Victoria Nuland of the U.S. State Department during the 2014 overthrow of the then elected President of Ukraine, and Richard Miles, the former American Ambassador to Azerbaijan and Georgia, appear to be busy stirring up trouble in Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. These two American denizens of formenting upheaval against Russia, are busy trying to undermine any regional cooperation between Russia and Russia's neighbors. Richard Miles' appointment to Kyrgyzstan may be the ominous warning for staging another "Color Revolution", around the time of parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan. It is that time of the year for geo-political considerations. Exploitation of ethnic differences in order to ferment dissension and to interfere with Uzbek-Russsian relations is also on the agenda of the U.S. State Department and their associated NGOs, in neighboring countries of Russia. Even though Uzbekistan is thousands of miles away from America, the U.S. will do everything in its power, to interfere in the relations between Uzbekistan and Russia. The EU and America's goal is to separate Uzbekistan from Russia, just as the U.S. brokered "Kiev Maidan" divided Ukraine from Russia. Such devious shenanigans do not stop with undermining and trying to destabilize Russia, but also extends to Belarus, the Eurasian Union, Uzbekistan and China. Beware Russia and China, as the U.S., NATO, and E.U. plot thickens to destabilize and undermine your governments, through existing regional and international partnerships. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

To add insult to injury, the workers of iniquity have brought out of retirement, former NATO Allied Commander, General Wesley Clark, to advocate for large shipments of lethal arms and military equipment to Kiev, Ukraine. These weapons are to be used to fuel the war against the people and fighters of Donbass and Eastern Ukraine. This is the same Wesley Clark who headed up NATO during Bill and Hillary Clinton's adminstration, in 1999, and bombed Serbia almost to smithereens. This was all part of the one world government initiative, started under Bill Clinton, with his British partner in crime, Tony Blair. Clark, is being aided in his clandestine initiatives against Russia by U.S. Army General Robert Scales. Scales has used bellicose, war-like language against the Russian Federation. These two appear to be stirring up a military confrontation with Russia. Beware! So sees the Ancient Oracle.


If you have read the contents of this prophecy from start to finish, you will understand why The Ancient Oracle cautions President Putin and the Russian Federation to refrain from attending any further meetings, negotiating any documents, agreements or treaties wih the Gang of the EU, America, and any organization from the West. The treaty and accords which Russia signed with America and the European gangs of the EU and NATO, were violated by those parties. Initially, they did not abide by what had been agreed to, upon the breakup of the Soviet Union. In return for the dissolution of the Soviet Union, NATO and Western powers agreed that NATO would not position or encroach upon the boundaries of Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltic States of the former Soviet Union. NATO and America have violated the agreement signed in 1991 by moving machinery, lethal euqipment, and soldiers, to the borders of Russia and Ukraine. Agreements and Treaties, signed with America, the EU, NATO and their surrogates, are and will be used as financial and military weapons against Russia, and her friends and partners. Russia must refrain from entering into such agreements. A word to the wise is sufficient. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Then like the scoundrels they are, NATO and EU countries complain, when Russia takes a defensive posture to protect her vital interests along her borders with Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. In the present situation that Russia finds herself in, with the criminal western gangs of NATO, America and the EU, Russia is damned if she does, and damned if she doesn't. Nothing Russia or President Putin does to satisfy the provocateurs in the EU, America, or NATO will satisfy their demands. Therefore, President Putin, and the Russian Federation should just abstain from further negotiations, and meetings with such evil entities. In other words, "fuck 'em", the universal expression like no other!. The only phrase that is more powerful and potent is to put a "Mother in front of the f--ck, as America's slaves used to do, when speaking about their white slave masters behind their backs. The slaves watched, helplessly, as their slave masters raped their mothers. America's history is filled with mother f--kers. If you are offended at these words, you should be more offended by America's vile and inhumane history. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The time for Europe's and America's dominating the world is running out. The sanctions that they have used to hurt Russia, will turn around and strangle their economies. EU and American sanctions are based on printed paper currency that has no value, except what the EU and America can bluff the world to accept as valuable. There is no gold backing the trillions of dollars and Euros supporting the EU and American economies, and, therefore, their sanctions against Russia, and other countries. What a scam! So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Regarding the $15 billion loan that Ukraine owes the Russian Federation, Russia should accelerate immediate repayment of all of Ukraine's bond debt, including the $3.5 billion dollars due in December. The reason is that the IMF has somehow required a write-down of Russian Ukraine debt, as a pre condition of a $40 billion loan to Ukraine.   In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, such terms constitute a hostile act, and an event of default, which are grounds for Russia to accelerate the maturity of its bond debt with Ukraine. If Ukraine does not immediately pay off its debt to Russia, then Russia has the right to seize Ukrainian assets for repayment. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America tries to play so big and bad, but her negotiations with Iran have shown how low she is willing to go, by literally begging Iran to accept the terms of a nuclear deal. In return for lifting all sanctions, Barack Hussein Obama and his emissaries, are literally kissing the feet of their former enemy; in order to get a nuclear agreement signed with Iran. America's economy is dependant on having her military bases, in one form or other, occupying 150 countries, around the world. In order to keep those militaty bases, and other representations, in those countries, America bends over to kisss the hinder parts of the leaders of those countries. This is how America manages her employment rate by funding the military with soldiers stationed all over the world. America's soldiers and military bases police the world, providing military cover for American corporations doing business in those foreign countries. America's military industrial complex comprises a large percentage of America's economy. Again, it is taxpayers' money, which finances the military bases, soldiers, and equipment on those bases. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Both the EU and America are like running dog lackeys, running to beg, borrow and steal whatever they can from China and its leaders. What China must realize is that China is just one treaty away and one negotiation away from the same fate as Russia, in dealing with the criminal gangs from the West. It will be a serious mistake to allow the countries of Britain, Germany, France and Italy to join the China led Asian Bank (the AIIB). These EU countries will sit among the other member nations of the AIIB as spies and as obstructionists. These European Union countries will be a detriment to the AIIB, instead of an asset. Beware China! So sees the Ancient Oracle.

President Putin and Russia, keep building your nuclear defense capability. The only thing that your enemies in the West respect is military and nuclear power. Keep that power until MAAT deals with your enemies, and smite them back in space to the evil rocks from which they came. Everything that the Ancient Oracle has predicted and explained in this Prophecy has come to pass or is coming to pass. President Putin, and the Russian Federation, fret not yourself because of evil doers, they will get their just due in time. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Angela Merkel should go back to being a scientist, working in a science lab. She has no sense of what the real issues are in dealing with the Russian Federation and President Putin. Her sense of history goes no further that the Iron curtain, when Germany was divided into East and West. She is blind to the Ancient history of Russia, and the fact that Russia and the Russian Federation are ancient people. Their history predates the breakup of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany. The boundaries that were drawn up in 1991 by Europe and America's leaders at the time, can be redrawn just as quick as they were devised with the breakup of the Soviet Union. Angela Merkel could have been a real force for positive change, in preventing the destructive course that the EU is now on. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Just a few comments about Poland, the main agitator in the EU against President Putin and the Russian Federation. Poland, you worship a Black Madonna in your Catholic churches. Yet, in the view of the Ancient Oracle, you are one of the most prejudiced countries on earth. Ask the Blacks who live in Chicago, about the historical racism and prejudice of the Polish people, who migrated to Chicago. You come to my Ancient KMT (modern day Egypt), and you dig and excavate the remains of my great Ancient civilization. The painted stoneware and porcelain, that Poland is famous for, in no way makes for a great civilization. Poland's Lech Walesa and Pope John Paul II both played a significant role in the breakup of the Soviet Union. Lech Walesa, to this day, is still creating discord, and fermenting war against Russia. Like the Catholic Church, Poland is filled with the antiquities and knowledge from my Ancient KMT. There will come a date and time when Poland, the EU countries, America and the Catholic Church will pay for their theivery from my Ancient KMT. Read the entire prophecy so you can understand of which the Ancient Oracle speaks. Maat is about to bring the scales of balance and harmony back in order in the material realm. The scales have been out of balance in that realm for the last 2000 years. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are the other three countries of the Economic Union, the E.U., who are bullish on imposing stiff economic sanctions against Russia. As members of NATO, these former members of the Soviet Union, are urging a NATO military buildup on their borders with Russia. The Baltic states, especially Latvia and Lithuania have active Neo-Nazi parties which are closely assoicated with the Nazist and Fascist Right Sector. The Right Sector, described in another sction of this Prophecy, facilitated the February 2014 overthrow of then Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych.

To understand these Baltic countries, and their lust and appeal for Europe and the West, one must understand the ancient history of the Baltic peoples. In the view of the Ancient Oracle, the people of the Baltic States, excluding the Russian populations, are descendants of people who emerged from the ice age some ten thousand to twelve thousand years ago. Their ancestors were child-like, attracted to things that glittered and shined, like the sun. Because they were deprived of sunlight, in the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, they yearned for anything which shined and reminded them of the sun. This lust for glitter, and all things material, is apparently still in their DNA to this day. Consequently, the yearning and temptations for the glitter and glamour of Europe and America. The Ancient Oracle is being kind and in describing this aspect of the people of the Baltic States. There are more descriptions that could be used. However, they will remain unsaid for purposes of this Prophecy. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

This obsession and craving for the material trappings and illusionary glitter of Europe and America will be hard to overcome. It seems that the lust and yearning for the trinkets and glitter of the EU countries appeals to their child-like, deprived nature. However, one day, they will come running back to the folds of the Russia Federation after the EU crumbles, and America crumbles with it. So sees the Ancient Oracle.



Indeed, time as you know it is about to change, sooner than you realize. The Ancient Oracle of KMT warns you that the world will be destroyed by Nuclear War, caused by America, and NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) as they send preemptive nuclear missile warheads on Russia. Through the diabolical overthrow of an elected Ukranian government back in February 2014, the United States and Europe through NATO, set the stage for an unwinnable confrontation with Russia. The January Coup d'etat was planned by the U S State Department, the CIA, the EU, and NATO in order to draw Ukraine closer to the US and Europe, and to allow NATO and America to place missiles and weapons of mass destruction on Russia's border with the Ukraine. This is a provocation so provocative by the evil powers of America, Europe, and NATO, that Russia cannot allow her borders and territorial sovereignty to be threatened in this way. Ukraine has become America's and NATO's proxy to start a war with Russia. Short of starting a nuclear war with Russia, the goal of the EU and NATO is to cause a regime change - to overthrow the beloved Russian peoples' President, President Putin. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

The evil empires of America and the EU have achieved their goal to push Russia into a nuclear confrontation with them. The Ukraine Kiev goverment is now, no more than just a puppet of the EU and America. The Ukrainian military has been infiltrated by the CIA, the American military and NATO. NATO and America are busy sending missiles and weapons of mass destruction inside Ukraine (Kiev). If NATO and America can free Russian speaking, Eastern Ukraine from the freedom fighters of Eastern Ukraine, the stage will be set to move the nuclear missiles and other Weapons of Mass Destruction right up to the borders of Russia. Russia must prevent this by immediately annexing Eastern and Southern Ukraine, and honoring the plebiscite of the people of Eastern Ukraine in their election in May, 2014, to become a part of Russia. This is the only way to prevent a nuclear catastrophe caused by America's, EU's and NATO's provocation. It is the will of the majority of the people of Eastern and Southern Ukraine to be annexed by Russia. The people have spoken. The Kiev Ukraine government should stop killing the people of Eastern Ukraine because they simply want to leave the Kiev corrupt government, and be annexed into Russia. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Russsia must ignore America's and the EU's threat of economic sanctions. The nuclear threat coming to Russia's borders with Ukraine is far more ominous. Whatever, America and the EU tells Russia to do, President Putin and Russia should do the opposite. Economic sanctions are a ploy and a diversion for Russia to become so distracted with the problems posed by economic sanctions, that Russia will ignore when it comes to the plans for a nuclear strike against Russia and the people of Russia. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

With this kind of buildup and strike on Russia, it would prevent Russia from effectively retaliating in a manner commensurate with the nuclear missiles directed at Russia. The Ancient Oracle sees that Russia must do just the opposite of what America, the EU and NATO tell Russia to do. It is not in Russia's interests. Russia has far greater concerns at hand, now that the evil empires of America and the EU have provoked Russia into a nuclear confrontation, of America, the EU and NATO's making. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Barack Hussein Obama issued an ominous threat to Russia from the White House lawn on July 29, 2014, when he stated the following: "If Russia continues on its current path, the cost to Russia will continue to grow". That statement can mean only one thing. America and the EU have issued all the economic sanctions that they can issue against Russia. The only thing left is full scale nuclear war. "The costs (nuclear war) will continue to grow." Wow! President Putin, take the AntiChrist U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama at his word. Prepare for the confrontation. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

So what does this mean for you, who are reading this prophecy, and the rest of the World. MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION!. Yes, it's here now. You will not have time to act or react. The mushroom clouds will take over the atmosphere. The heat of the explosions, will cause your skin to peel off of your bodies. There will be no place to run, no place to hide. Glass will melt, streets will melt, crops and livestock will die from the intense heat. The earth will look like the planet Venus, a living hell. You will pray that you are dead before you die. Little babies, and little children will die as their skin peel off in their mothers' peeling burning laps. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Ancient Oracle sees far greater horrors than these. But you will experience them soon enough.The time has come when time is not about to change. Time has changed and the planet with it. The AntiChrist, Barack Hussein Obama, ushered in the end of the world as you know it! Read this and weep. You fools, who voted in Barack Hussein Obama, voted in your annihilation and the end of the world. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

All Americans should be on the phones to their whoremonger, warmonger Congresspersons and Senators to stop Barack Hussein Obama from involving America in a nuclear war over Ukraine. Ukraine does not mean a rat's ass to Americans, when it come to the destruction of America, her people and future generations. But Americans are too busy working and making a living to get involved in saving themselves and the country from a nuclear catastrophe. Americans should be marching to Washington in the millions to stop the coming nuclear catastrophe, which is imminent. Call Senator Corker of Tennessee and tell him not to pursue his dangerous and provocative legislation, S-2277, called the "Russian Aggression Prevention Act", which will provoke a Nuclear War against Russia. Call the insane McCain, Graham, McConnell, Menendez, every Senator and every Representative in Congress. Tell them you do not want a Nuclear War with Russia over Ukraine or any other nation. As the Oracle sees it, it is too late to prevent what has already been set in motion. But you can try. You were previously warned throughout this Prophecy. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The EU and NATO criminals and crooks recently met in the castles of Britain and Wales to conjure up more criminal, wicked and devilish plots against Russia and the Russian people. It was a meeting and seance of some of the most Satanic minds on planet Earth. The entire gathering was based on hate, "mean spiritedness", and evil doing towards Russia. America's AntiChrist Barack Hussein Obama, and his satanic workers of iniquity, including Britain's David Cameron, France's Francois Hollande, Germany's Angela Merkel, Spain's Mariano Rajoy, Italy's Matteo Ronzi, Belgium's Elio Di Rupo, Portugal's Anibal Cavaco Silva, the Netherland's Mark Rutte, and Lithuania's Dalia Grybauskaite, among others, were like buzzards at a blood thirsty feast, trying to destroy Russia, so that they can enjoy the spoils. Bastards all of them! May the justice of Maat send them all to the hottest depths of the eternal lake of fire, where they will roast in eternal damnation. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Western Ukraine must be separated from Eastern Ukraine immediately. That includes Mariupol in Donetsk, and Luhansk. The Ukranian Nationalists of Western Ukraine are of European, Nazi/Fascist, Catholic origin; whereas the people of Eastern Ukranian are primarily Russian and practice Orthodox Christianity. The Western Ukranians and their military, which includes the Right Sector Nazi militia, have indiscriminately murdered thousands of Eastern Ukranians as they seek their independence and self determination from Kiev and Western Ukraine. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

A government must earn the consent of the governed. In the case of Eastern Ukraine, the people have voted to become independent of the Kiev and Western Ukraine. With the murder of thousands of Eastern Ukrainans by the Kiev Western government, the people of Eastern Ukraine will never give their consent to be governed by Kiev and Western Ukraine. They did not trust the Kiev government before all of the bloodshed, and they certainly do not trust them now. In fact, there is enmity and hatred of the Western Kiev government and the people of Western Ukraine by the people of Eastern Ukraine. Let my people go, is the cry of the people of Eastern Ukraine. Redraw the boundaries immediately between Western and Eastern Ukraine. The people of Western Ukraine want to be governed by the government in Kiev. They voted that way. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The people of Eastern Ukraine do not want to be governed or have anything to do with the Western government of Kiev. The people of Eastern Ukraine are now a new Republic separate and apart from the murderous and oppressive Kiev government. Keep the Fascist and Nazi Swatiska wearing militia out of the former Eastern Ukraine. Eastern Ukraine is now a separate and independent Republic with its own leaders, creating a new destiny, and a Republic of and by the people of the Eastern part. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The actions of the Ukranian Kiev government, and their president, Petro Poroshenko, in the indiscrminate murder of thousands of Eastern civilians, are war crimes. Poroshenko, and his murderous Right Sector Nazi and Fascist, Third Reich militia, and military thugs, should be arrested and brought before the International Court of Justice. NATO has weaponized the Right Sector and the Nazi Kiev military to prolong the killing of the civilians of Eastern Ukraine. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

However, the War Crimes indictment should not stop with Poroshenko, but include the instigators of the overthrow of the legitimate President of Ukraine back in January of 2014. Those involved in this crime and the bloodshed that followed in the Maidan were the Americans John McCain, who is supported by Fascist money from the State Department, through his foundation, the International Republican Institute, and Hillary Clinton, through her connections at the State Department and the New World Order cesspool called the Clinton Foundation, the State Department's Victoria Nuland, and her famous "F_ck"the EU comments, and Geoffrey Pyatt the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine. All had a hand, directly or indirectly, in the events surrounding the Maidan and the Rights Sector, and the coordination of the overthrow of the elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


In remarks made by EU President, Jean Claude Juncter, Juncter stated that a European Army was needed to defend "European values". What an oxymoronic statement to make. Europe has no values. It is their lack of values that has led to the present miserable condtiion of the world. European values are associated with slavery, colonialism, militarism, imperialism, covetousness, exploitation, inhumanity, racism, white supremacy, apartheid, genocide, death, destruction, molestation, rape, kidnapping, thievery, deception, manipulation, scornfulness, religious manipulation, murder, and crimes against humanity. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The European powers, of Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Portugal exported their criminal values around the world. The continent which bore the brunt of the European exploitation was, and still is, Africa. The British monarchy is saturated in crime and exploitation of African people. Even the tiny countries of Belgium and Portugal had African colonies that were more than twenty times the size of these little nugets of land, called Portugal and Belgium. The Belgium KIng Leopold I actually staked out the ownership of the Kingdom of the Congo for his personal property. Imagine if you can, one white, dowdy, swarthy, Belgian man, going to Africa and claiming all of the land, people, and resources of, what had been, an African kingdom, called the Congo. The Congo was about 100 times the size of Belgium. Yet this racist, European monarch set claim to these people and their land and resources, as his personal property. The exploitation and destruction that this European, racist Belgian monarch caused to the Congo cannot be imagined. Millions of Congolese died during the reign of the Leopolds of Belgium. The attrocities were so bad, that even his fellow European partners in crime, had to demand that the Leopold monarchs cede the Congo over to the country of Belgium. The turnover of the Congo to Belgium did not change things, so far as conditions for Blacks. It just made it possible that more Belgium people were able to participate in the rape and exploitation of the Congo. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The same is true for the tiny country of Portugal, which colonized the rich countries of Angola and Mozambique. Portugal was only a fraction of the size of these two countries. To add insult to injury, Portugal exported African slaves from Angola to Brazil, her Portugese colony in South America. So sees the Ancient Oracle

At the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885, the European powers, carved up Africa for themselves, like cutting a pie. Britain, France, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, and Italy, each took large chunks of the continent of Africa, carving it out as their possessions. Actually, European invasion and settlement of Africa started several hundred years earlier, with the arrival of the Dutch, the Boars, to the Cape of South Africa, in 1648. The Netherlands, the Dutch, are a small country. Yet they were able to invade the Cape of South Africa, and start the exploitation of the land and its people for nearly 400 years. During the intervening years, the British arrived in South Africa and fought the Boars, the Dutch settlers, for control of the gold and diamonds. At the conclusion of the wars between the British and the Boars, the European powers met in Berlin to officially carve up Africa among themselves. Britain, by far, took the largest slice, followed by France, Belgium, Portugal, Germany and Italy. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

These same countries are the leading countries of the European Union. The headquarters, the citadel of these nefarious, criminal European nations is Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Brussels, Belgium is the capital of the most brutal crimes against humanity in the "Belgian Congo". These are the countries whose values Juncker wishes to defend by forming a European Army. To this, the Universe cries out NEVER AGAIN! Never again will Europe and the European powers that brought so much mayhem and misery to untold millions of people be allowed to perpetrate such madness on the world. Europe, your time is up! You can go quietly into the night. Or you will be catapulted into the depths of oblivion, never to be be heard or seen again. Every thing you fought for, throughout your wretched history, will be taken away in the blink of an eye. You will be no more. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The sanctions coming to the EU, America and NATO will be sanctions imposed by the Universe. The very air you breath will be sanctioned and sniffed from your wretched nostrils. Yes, there will be no air for you and your wretched noses to breathe, because of your wrongdoing. Even the air will be sanctioned from your nostrils. You won't have to hold your breath waIting for the sanctions from the Universe. There will be no breath to breathe. You wretched and evil doers in the EU, America, and NATO. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


More than 10,000 innocent civilians in Eastern Ukraine have been unmercifully slaughtered, and 15,000 injured by the Kiev regime. Petro Poroshenko and his Kiev regime have purposely committed genocide against the people of Eastern Ukraine. The freedom fighters of Eastern Ukraine, who are trying to liberate their land from Kiev, Ukraine, would not kill their fellow Eastern Ukrainians. It is the regime of Petro Poroshenko that is dropping bombs and missiles on innocent men, women and childen of Eastern Ukraine. The slaughter of innocent, Eastern Ukraine civilians is done with tanks, missiles, and bombs, supplied by America and NATO. The lethal weapons used against the thousands of innocent East Ukraine civilians, and supplied by America and NATO have prolonged the conflict. Poroshenko and his friends in NATO and America, including John McCain, Joe Biden, and Barack Hussein Obama, should all be tried for war crimes. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Russia should not fear America and NATO. America's military has been ravished by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With many soldiers killed or maimed and disabled for life, America has to try and rebulid her military. Those who remain in the military are mainly either gay, bisexaul or transgender. America's military is representative of the effeminate nation that America has become. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America is an effeminate nation which has been compromised by the values of radical feminism, homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism, bisexuality, and every other deviant behavior known to man. In the interest of being tolerant and nonjudmental, America is a culture of tolerance, where every lifestyle and way of living is tolerated. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Too many men in America, and Europe for that matter, want to be women. And too many women in America want to be men. Then, there are the cross dressers, and transgender people who are in a state of becoming. With this kind of mixed up and confused mindset, how can America send these type of people to fight her wars? This sickness affects America's military from the infantry soldier up to her military generals. A case in point, one of the main war hawks in the U.S. Senate is Lindsay Graham. He and his Senate buddy, John McCain, are the first to urge America's military involvment in every conflict around the world, including Ukraine. Now, Lindsay Graham is a military reservist, and a homosexual. He has never denied it because he can't deny it. His buddy John McCain is always by his side, in all things political and military. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

If you shake the hand of the average man in America, his hands are softer than a woman's. You won't find any callouses or rough hands on the inside of the average American male's hand. They don't know what hard work is. They would never withstand marital arts or any other discipline that requires self determination and and self discipline. They are satisfied to work behind a computer all day, and leave the hard work to others. They are part of effeminate America. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

From Barack Husein Obama, down to the Wall Street crowd which he represents, they can only hide behind drones, and military technology to defend their position. Forget hand to hand combat, they are totally incapable of doing combat in war. NATO and America have taught and trained the Kiev Ukraine soldiers and military to fight the same way. They hide in tanks, and missiles, to avoid face to face combat with the freedom fighters of East Ukraine. They send their missiles and bombs to kill the innocent civilians of East Ukraine. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

That is why America will lose her wars in the Middle East. The terrorists in Iraq, Syria, and points beyond, are not afraid to engage in hand to hand combat with America's military. Drones and missiles will only go so far in dealing with the terrorists. America's weakend and effeminate military is no match for the terrorists and all of their multiplying recruits. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

It was a mistake for the Jordanian King to suit up and fight against other Sunni Muslims. Even if they are terrorists. The little King will lose his kingdom over this one defiant, emotional reaction. Isis and all of the other multiplying terrorists will take his kingdom as well as the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The terrorists are on the move and conventional western warfare will not stop them. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

You were warned in other sections of this Prophecy, that the Arab Sunni Muslim terrorists, are serious about creating a worldwide Muslim caliphate. America's leaders have been appeasing and compromising with the Muslim world in order to gain favor with Arab monarchies, who control vast amounts of oil. Such appeasement and compromise of the truth, where Islam and the Muslim religion are concerned, has bought time for the Muslim terrorists to regroup and organize into menacing and killer, terrorist brigades. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Arab monarchies are corrupt and have become cowardly just as their American patron. The Arab kingdoms have become corrupted by the wealth that comes from their petroleum reserves. As with any nation or group of people, comfort makes for cowardice. The Arab monarchies and extended Royal families live in luxury, enjoying all of the comforts of life, while enclosed in luxurious air conditioned compounds and shopping malls. The terrorists, who are establishing the Arab Muslim caliphate, have lived their lives in the street, for the most part, unaccustomed to the trappings of luxury and comfort. The terrorists are calloused, hardened individuals, ready and willing to die for their interpretation of the Koran. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Arab monarchies of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Jordan are like their American patrons, softened cowards, unprepared to fight a land war with the terrorists. The air strikes that Saudi Arabia and the other Arab monarchies have launched inside Yemen will only harden the Yemenis, whom they fight against. The Yemenis are hardened, street people, who are accustomed to fighting for survival. Saudi Arabia's sophisticated weaponry, all purchased and supplied by the United States, is no match for the terrain of Yemen. Saudi Arabia 's oil fields will blow up before this military conflict is finished. The Ancient Oracle sees this as the final battle between the Arab Muslim terrorists and the U. S. supported Arab Monarchies. America, as usual, will wind up with her head stuck down a barrel of oil, while her hinderparts, painted in red and white stripes, are being lashed by Wahabi, Islamic, Muslim terrorists. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America and her Allies have cleverly separated Islam into "Radical Islam" and "Non-Radical Islam". According to them, the terrorists represent so-called "Radical Islam". However, there is no such thing as Radical Islam. The terrorists read from the same Koran as other Muslims, be they Sunni or Shia. There is only one Koran. The Islamic verses, which the terrorists use to support their actions, are found in the Suras of the Koran. These verses or Suras are availabe to every Muslim. Every Muslim has the potential to use the same Suras, which the terrorists use, to become violent and terrorists. The Ancient Oracle believes there is a tacit and silent approval among all Muslims of what their fellow Islamic terrorists brothers and sisters are doing. In other words, there is a potential terrorist in all Muslims because they all read from the same Koran. America and Europe are playing with fire. In the interest of being politically correct, American politicians and European politicians have set their people up for this venomous enemy. This deadly enemy of Islamic terrorists, will spread beheadings and terror into the American and European populations. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

When the beheadings and killings start in America, might it be suggested that the leaders of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, for the last 25 years, be the first to offer their heads up to the terrorists? These leaders substituted political correctness for the truth, deceiving the American people into complacency. Their policies allowed this cancer to grow until it has metastasized to the homeland. Innocent Christian, American people should not have to pay with their heads and lives. The heads of the Muslims living in America will be spared by their Islamic terrorists brothers and sisters. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The current occupant of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, apparently wants to extend the conflict taking place by Islamic terrorists, such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda, for another generation. The American people are not prepared to tolerate another generation of this terrorism against them as Americans, and as Christians. No, no, Imam Hussein Obama, this conflict between Islamic terrorists and America and Europe will be brought to a head, and to its conclusion within the next five years. Not a day longer. President Imam Barrack Hussein Obama may be afraid to call out Islamists terrorists, who kill and behead Christians and Americans and Europeans, becuse of who they are. However, most Americans are not, and will awaken from their complacency and meet them head on. And it will not take another generation. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

While all of this is taking place, American citizens must demand that all Arab Muslims be deported back to their Arab Muslim homelands. They are too much of a threat to remain in America. Europe should do the same. That includes those Arab Muslims who are born within the United States as well as those who have immigrated, and not obtained American citizenship. Europe should do the same. The politically correct Supreme Court will not go along with this demand of the people. But this is one time when the people may have to override the Supreme Court. The people must save their country! As far as Freedom of Speech is concerned, this challenge to the U.S. Constitution will no longer be an issue once the Muslim population is sorted out and deported back to their homelands. Americans can continue to exercise their freedom of speech and expression, without fear of offending anyone, without fear of not being politically correct. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

When the Arab Muslims return to their countries of origin, they should work to convince the Arab Muslim terrorists to change their ways, and not use the Koran to commit acts of terrorism and violence. This can only be done, Arab to Arab, and Muslim to Muslim. The terrorists will never listen to American Christians, or European Christians. This must be done immediately. Fuck political correctness, where Islamic terrorism is concerned. Excuse the profanity. But it needs to be said. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


In America's thrust to hurt the Russian economy by drviving down the price of oil on the world market, America is using a process called "fracking" that will destroy and break apart America. Any other country that follows America in "fracking" and drilling into rock to recover oil, will experience the same fate as America. Numerous earthquakes, in diverse places, will literally break apart the continent of North America. It serves America right since America and the EU tried to dig an economic pit for Russia. However, the pit that America, tried to dig for Russia, is the pit that America and her EU supporters will fall into. Through its "fracking", America will break apart at the seams through the numerous earthquakes, caused by "fracking". That's a hell of a price to pay but America and her people will pay it because of America's evil doing. America's "fracking" will never replace Russia's natural resources of petroleum, which flow abundantly from Russia's oil wells and natural gas. So go ahead America and Barack Hussein Obama with your evil plans to hurt the Russian economy, and in the process destroy America by "fracking". So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Russia must turn inward, become self reliant and self sufficient in every aspect of life. The Russian people are a great people, with skills and technology, second to none. Unlike America, which must import skills and know-how from other countries, Russia's schools and Universities produce brilliant scientists, engineers, doctors, and Internet professionals who can use science and technology for the greater good. Russia's great sense of nationalism and love of country and President Putin will propel the Russian people to their great destiny in history. Don't share your beautiful ballet, opera, figure skating, snow skiing, gymnastics, and so much more, with America and the EU. President Putin has an approval rating of almost 90 percent. Compare that to Obama's approval rating of 38 percent and Congressional approval rating of 15 percent. This is because the people of Russia trust and love their President, President Putin. Most people of America loathe and hate their leaders, including the apparent Nazi and fascist sympathizer, John McCain. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


If there is one reason that the world will be spared a nuclear catastrophe, it will be because God has shined his grace on President Putin and the Russian people. The Creator of the Universe sees how the nation of Russia and its President have been placed in a trap by the evil forces that currently rule the world. The AntiChrist and his evildoers will be destroyed by the trap they have set. They have tried to set up President Putin and Russia into the trap that they themselves and their people will fall into. The Great Lake of Fire awaits all of the evil doers of the EU, America and NATO. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Barack Hussein Obama, the antichrist, has presented himself clothed in the skin of a half-caste, mixed race mongrel. Neither Black nor White. He is married to and sleeps with a Black American woman from the South side of Chicago. The antiChrist has adopted the ways and mannerisms of the Chicago thugs, which is so common place in that city. In his thuggery, Obama is brash, uncouth, unrefined, condescending and obnoxious in his dealings with foreign leaders. In that regard he is right at home with the likes of David Cameron and Catherine Ashton of Britain, Anders Rasmussen of Denmark, Mark Rutte of the Netherlands, Di Rupo of Belgium, Cavaco Silva of Portugal, and Tony Abbott of Australia. They represent the worst of humanity. Barack Hussein Obama is not fit to even sit at the same table with President Putin of Russia. In the first place, President Putin is not a half breed mongrel. President Putin is a bonafide Caucasian leader, and his ancestry hails from the region of the Caucasus Mountains, from which the White, Caucasian race takes its name. You can't get any whiter and of pure stock than President Putin and the people of Russia. Furthermore, President Putin is a refined statesman, a gentle soul who wants peace for all mankind. President Putin has nothing to prove. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

When Barack Hussein Obama has the audacity to say that Russia "does not manufacture anything" and is not a world power, Barack Hussein Obama should look at the woman he sleeps with and ask himself, how much does her race manufacture in America? The answer would be that Blacks in America do not manufacture anything. They are foolish consumers, serving as a captive market for American capitalism. Before Barack Hussein Obama tries to dismiss the great nation of Russia and the Russian people, he should look at the plight of his wife's people in America, and their sordid and miserable history in America. President Putin and Russia have a flag. Barack Hussein Obama got elected to the White House on the backs of his wife's people (the Blacks) in America. The musical, "Porgy and Bess", sums up the misery of the Black experience in America. The depressing state of the characters in that drama is still being played out today in various ways. Back off Barack Hussein Obama, you make yourself look like a fool, when you try and belittle President Putin and the great nation and people of Russia. Sixty years ago many homes in America had oudoor toilets, and people used Sears Roebuck catalogue pages for toilet paper. The progress that America has made in terms of material convenience and comforts of life has been within the last sixty years, AntiChrist Obama! So stop trying to be superior to President Putin and the Russian people. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

If you look at a world map today, you will see that the European Union and NATO are the "land grabbers" of the 21ST CENTURY. The European Union and NATO have confiscated the countries of the former Soviet Union and brought them under the dominion and control of the EU and NATO. The EU and NATO would be nothing but old, colonial, relic, racist countries, without the "land grab" of the former Soviet Union countries. "African countries should never forget the role that Russia played in the liberation of African countries from their European, colonial masters. It was Russia that funded and provided the equipment and training that the liberation, freedom fighters of South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique, and Guinea Bisau, needed during their struggles against Britain, Portugal, the Netherlands, France and Belgium. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America was at the forefront of labeling those liberation movements "communists" because they were supported by Russia and the former Soviet Union. America did everthing in her power to support and keep the European colonial powers in control of their African colonies. It was only Russia that the liberation movements of Africa could depend on for support in their struggles. China was no where to be seen or found, when it came to supporting Africa's liberation movements in the 1960's 1970's and 1980's. "African countries should always remember the vital role that Russia played in their liberation. America was an obstructionist to the liberation of Africa. Russia was on the right side of history then and is on the right side now. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


America's airstrikes, within the soverign nation of Syria, against the ISIS Sunni Muslim terrorists, and which is supported by the four Sunni Arab nations of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is an unwinnable guerilla war in the Sunni Muslim homeland. America has made a deal with the devil when she reached for and obtained the support of the four Arab Sunni monarchies of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, and the UAE to combat Isis in Syria. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United States created ISIS, for the express purpose of overthrowing the elected government of President Bashar al-Assad. Just as years ago, America created and funded Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan as an act of aggression, against the Russian Afghanistan war during the 1980s. So the hand, that fed and created theses insurgencies, saw them rise up to bite off the hand that created and fed them, so to speak. America and Saudi Arabia are up to their necks in creating the very organization that they want to bomb and defeat now in Syria. The monarchies of Saudi Arabia and all of the Arab monarcies feel threatened by ISIS because they know it is just a matter of time before ISIS overthrows each one of them. ISIS has the "Sunni Muslim street" behind them. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America and the Arab monarchies will not be able to stop ISIS. For everyone that they kill, ten more will rise up to replace them. As discussed below, the Sunni Muslims are in every country in the world. They await the call for Jihad in every country, especially America and Europe. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

ISIS and Al-Qaeda and other Sunni Islamic insurgency movements were fermented by America's foreign policy. YES! AMERICA'S FOREIGN POLICY CREATED ISIS AND Al-Qaeda AND EVERY OTHER ISLAMIC INSURGENCY. These Islamic insurgency groups want America's military and her corporations to withdraw from the Arab Middle East. When that happens there will be no war against America. America's blood and taxpayer dollars will cease to be waisted on wars that cannot be won in the Middle East. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The blood letting that will occur when America pulls out of the Middle East is a family matter within the Sunni Muslim societies. That is part of the necessary reformation that must take place between Muslims. No one else can do it for them. It is an internal matter and scores will be settled and a new Sunni Muslim kingdom will arise, representative of the majority of a Sunni Muslim caliphate. America get out of the way and let it happen, or you will be defeated trying to save Arab monarchies which their people no longer support. Witness the rise of the Arab Sunni Muslim insurgencies. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In all of the attacks by the Muslim insurgencies of 09/11/2001, and the insurgencies occurring since, the fundamental outcry has been against America's foreign policy, and her military presence in the Middle East. America's wars and military occupation of Arab Sunni Muslim lands is about America's military, America's support for Arab monarchies and dicators, American corporations in Muslim lands, Petrodollars, and the subsequent domination of the U S dollar as the Reserve currency of the world. That's it in a nutshell. Take it, or leave it at your peril. If America wants terrorism to stop in the Middle East, remove America's military and military equipment from all Muslim countries; close all American corporations doing business in the Middle East; and and stop all support for corrupt Arab monarchies. With America's air strikes, inside of Syria, and the subsequent guerilla warfare, which will follow, America will be bogged down in a protracted and unwinnable war in the Middle East for the foreseeable future. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

A two headed snake with five tails is slithering in the skies over the earth. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


America (modern day Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah) is placed at the top of the Prophecy. There is too much promiscuity, both heterosexual and homosexual, in America. Pornography is rampant.  America is a socially permissive society, where everything goes. There are no boundaries of what is and what is not acceptable. For fear of offending another's social behavior and being politically incorrect, America tolerates behavior which exceeds the boundaries of moral authority. A way of life characterized by promiscuity, pornography, abortions, and homosexuality is what America has become. America is exporting that way of life to other countries. What nation in their right minds would want such a democracy which has resulted in moral decay and decline? Homosexuals are given permission to adopt and raise children of the same gender as the homosexual couples. The opportunity for for abuse is obvious. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Americans turn a blind eye to such situations because there is no moral fortitude. Obama carried America's brand of democracy to Africa on his recent trip, urging African leaders and their people to accept and legalize homosexuality in their societies. African socities are ancient and have ancient traditions that will not allow for acceptance of that western lifestyle. The democracy practiced by the democratic republic of America is something to be rejected, if it will wind up where the United States of America stands today. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The world is entering a period when major religions will compromise eternal values and truths for the sake of political expediency.  In order to win favor with the sinners of the world, who do not wish to repent of their sinful ways, said religions will compromise their teachings and beliefs. A case in point is the Catholic Church, which through its leader, the Pope, has publicly declared acceptance of the practices of abortion and homosexuality. One can only surmise that the Catholic Church, in its waning days, has been contaminated by the Illuminati and the New World Order. This new stance by the Catholic Church, which was the first church, has enormous and resounding implications for the Christian Church and Western civilization. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

There are some important updates for you to read in various sections below. Updates are made within various sections of the prophecy. You will have to scroll through and see the changes and updates.  The Prophecy, as it was originally presented, will follow the comments in the various sections below. You may read the entire Prophecy as presented until further notice. Beware, that this is a prophecy and the vision of an Ancient Oracle. It is nothing more, nothing less. You are privileged to be here.

The Ancient Oracle is about to leave you. The Ancient Oracle has hovered over you and provided you with enough information that you should be able to place everything in context and go on from here. Remember the Prophecy is being fulfilled. The Prophecy will help you watch events and know what is happening and why. The Ancient Oracle weeps for you with dialated heart.


There is no rudder for America.  America is a failed State.  America has been failing for some time. However, you were too blind to see. The notion that America could never fail because it was too big to fail, is just that, a notion.  The Ancient Oracle repeats again, America is a failed State. America is also a Fascist State.  If you read the section of the Prophecy dealing with the suspension of the Constitution and "THE COMING MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL DICTATORSHIP", you will see that the U. S. Constitution has been suspended on a de facto basis, for some time, through the loss of civil and personal liberties.

One of the founding fathers of America, Benjamin Franklin, said in 1787, "We leave you a Republic if you can keep it".  Well, the Constitutional Republic that was willed to those who followed, has been ravaged through the lying, manipulative, secretive shadow government, which rules and controls America, and which is beyond the reach of the American voters. Barack Hussein Obama and every American President, since Herbert Hoover, have been and are a part of that shadow government.

The suspension of the Constitution is taking place on a defacto basis through the Department of Homeland Security, and the Patriot Act, which have encroached on all manner of individual rights defined in the Constitution. The widespread abuse of Americans' constitutional rights begs the question as to whether 9/11 was diabolically planned by powerful elements within the Federal government, in order to take away the basic constitutional rights of the American people. Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers, said that "he who would sacrifice freedom for security deserves neither".

This relinquishing of constitutional rights, coupled with the recent so called "terrorist threat" leading to the closing of many American embassies, at a time of rising criticism of the National Security Agency (NSA) raises many questions. The timing of the "terrorist threat warning", at the height of the controversy surrounding the spying on American citizens by the NSA, suggests a conspiracy to justify the activities of the NSA. Did Hillary Clinton help Barack Hussein Obama plan that strategy during their private White House lunch, a few days prior to the announcement? Hillary Clinton, and her husband Bill Clinton, both had a hand in the bombing of Serbia, on the eve of his impeachment, by the U. S. Congress. Although Bill Clinton bombed Serbia and Kosov under the cover of NATO's umbrella, the damage to both people and property took a heavy total on the people of Serbia. The unseemly timeing of the bombing campaign was intertwined with Clinton's impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives. Hillary Clinton, was Bill Clinton's closest advisor in the White House. It all goes back to lies and manipulation of the American people by the NSA, and whoever is in charge in the White House. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

All thinking Americans should be asking themselves why does the Federal government, through NSA, need to collect and store volumes of personal data on its citizens? Why is the Federal government building a secret facility in the state of Utah, whose data capacity is the equivalent of going to the moon and back, to store everything you say, everything you do and everywhere you go? The NSA is a a part of the Department of Defense. Will you wake up one morning and the military Generals, who have all of your information, be in charge? Where is this all leading? There are too many unanswered questions, starting with 9/11, which precipitated the loss of civil and personal liberties granted under the Constitution. Where is the resistance movement and the opposition to what is taking place in America? Sadly, there is none and the Prophecy is being fulfilled as your read.  Founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, warned that power corrupts, and that a concentration of power leads to tyranny. To quote Thomas Jefferson, "When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

Barack Hussein Obama's regime is surrounded by scandal. In order to divert attention from the NSA scandal and other scandals at home in America, Obama has turned his attention to Syria. Obama is now joining with the rogue, colonial European powers of France and Britain to to bomb Syria, on trumped up allegations of "use of chemical weapons" by the Assad government. Read the section below "THE UPHEAVAL IN SYRIA AND THE MIDDLE EAST PROMOTED BY BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA AND HIS REGIME" on the twisted, sordid players who are involved in this entangled web of deceit and plotting against the Syrian government, led by young Dr. Bashar al-Assad. Another military excursion by America into the Middle East only adds to America's economic woes, not to mention the generational karma that it passes on to untold future generations of Americans.

To the warmongers, including Barack Hussein Obama, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and others, who pretend to be so disturbed over the use of chemical gas on children in Syria, where is their outrage over the genocide of millions of unborn babies in their mothers' wombs, up to and including the 6th month of gestation, in the U.S.? Each of these warmongers, who pretend to be so against the horrors of "staged chemical gassing" of innocent children in Syria, stand silent and unrepentant on the abortion of unborn babies inside their mothers' wombs in America. What is worst than the murder, through vacuuming and suctioning of millions of babies out of their mothers' wombs, in the U.S., and placing their remains in jars of formaldehyde?  Liars and hypocrites all of the above!  Unborn babies are the most innocent and defenseless of human life. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The Ancient Oracle sees that the Malaysia Jetliner, which vanished in midair, was caused by an encounter with an Unidentified Flying Intelligence (UFI). The authorities will never acknowledge what happened because they cannot explain the disappearance of the Malaysia Aircraft. It will be another UFO cover-up. However, in this case it was an Unidentified Flying Intelligence (UFI). The unidentified extraterrestrial intelligence took control of the aircraft and instruments, while testing and experimenting with its technology. After the Malaysia aircraft expended all of its fuel, the unidentified flying intelligence sped off with the Malaysia airplane and its contents. All sped into another dimension. The quetion is not who but what took control of the aircraft. The aircraft will never be recovered because it has entered a domain of inaccessibility to earthlings. Any made up evidence to the contrary is a shameful lie to deceive the people of Earth. Next time you board a plane you must wonder if your flight will disappear too like the Malaysia aircraft. These invisible intelligences are far smarter than you in meaningful ways. You have been warned that time as you know it, is about to change. Expect more encounters from intelligences from interstellar space.  The most recent encounters started with the "hot meteor" that fell to earth in Russia on February 15th. Read more comments below on that event and its significance. The western media have used the story of the missing Malaysia airline as a diversion from the real story of how America, the EU and NATO are conspiring to start a nuclear World War with Russia. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The second Malaysia Jeltiner disaster wherein the Malaysia Jetliner was shot down by a missile, fired within the Ukrainian border, was a terrorist act committed by the Ukraine Kiev government, and America's CIA, influenced by John McCain and, perhaps, Joe Biden's son, who works for an arm of the Ukrainian government. It was a complicated, diabolical plot that only the CIA and Neo-Cons, like John McCain, could haved devised. The violent "Right Sector" from Kiev played a role in the downing of the Malaysian Jet. America is angry with President Putin and Russia for annexing Crimea, after the people of Crimea overwhelmingly voted to leave Ukraine and unite with Russia. America is angry with Russia and President Putin for banning the adoption of Russian children by Americans. America aborts her babies, and then goes to Russia asking to adopt Russia's. America is angry with President Putin and Russia for criticizing America's pro abortion laws. America is angry with Russia over Russia's providing shelter for Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower. America is angry with President Putin and Russia for reestablishing ties with Cuba. America is angry with Russia for promoting the BRICS organization, which is challenging the U. S. dollar as the reserve currency of the world. President Putin's recent visit to Brazil, wherein he participated in the member countries of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) angered America. So opines and so sees the Ancient Oracle.

In a sinister move to conjure up the wrath of the world against Russia, the CIA, the American Kiev puppet government, and others, conjured up the plot to bring down the Malaysian jetliner, to appear that the "so-called Pro-Russian Separatists" had caused the crash. The plot, working along with America's and Europe's puppet government in Ukraine, is to turn the Asian countries against Russia, especially China. The goal of the CIA and certain member states of the EU (Britain, the Netherlands and Spain) is to also persuade all of the EU to turn against President Putin and Russia by bringing crippling sanctions against Russia. Only America, the CIA, the burly, pudgy, stocky man known as John McCain, and, perhaps, Joe Biden's son, implanted within the Ukranian government, could devise such a Satanic plot. The violent "Right Sector" from Kiev also played a role in the downing of the Malaysian Jet. Never mind those 298 innocent lives that were lost by the downing of the plane. The goal of America, the CIA, John McCain, and other Wolfowitz Neocons, is to destroy President Putin and the Russian economy. All of this dirt and horror is being commited in the name of the American people, who have no idea what is taking place in their names and with their tax dollars. There is no way America can survive this type of wrongdoing. So opines and so sees the Ancient Oracle.

A question that should be asked is why did the Ukranian Kiev Government allow the Malaysia jetliner to fly over a conflict zone? The air space should have been closed and off limit to any air traffic. The answer to this question points directly to the Ukranian government's involvement in the downing of the Malaysian aircraft. The plot allows the Ukranian government and their supporters to deflect the narrative to the "so called Russian supported Separatists". And so, the U.S., the Ukraine Kiev government, John McCain, Joe Biden, and John Kerry's narrative is that Russia is responsible for the tragedy, before an investigation has even been conducted. Ukraine did not close the air space in the conflict zone until after the diabolical plan had been accomplished. So opines and so sees the Ancient Oracle.

America and the EU can retrieve the downed Malaysian Airlines and its contents, inside the rebel held territory of Ukraine, by simply telling the Kiev Ukraine government to stop the fighting and call a cease fire. The cease fire would last long enough to allow the Malaysian Authorities to recover the aircraft and its remains. The problem with retrieval of the airline is with the Ukrainian government and not the rebels, who are reacting to the missiles and warring coming from Kiev Ukraine. Oh wicked ones that you are, blaming Russia and the Eastern Ukraine freedom fighters for everything. The blame lies clearly with America, the EU, and the Ukraine Kiev government. That is why America will not release satellite photos of the Malaysian aircraft at the moment of impact. America, the EU, NATO and Ukraine were behind the downing and destruction of the second Malaysian jetliner. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

President Putin and the Russian people should remain strong. Because you follow Christian principles, "no weapon formed against you shall prosper." America is a nation of materialistic heatherns and pagans, ruled by demonic forces. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

A section has been added on the upheaval and anarchy in the Ukraine. Read the comments below "LOL! THE UKRANIANS OF THE FORMER SOVIET UNION ARE ACTING LIKE MUSLIM TERRORISTS" on what this will mean for that region of the world. Martial law should have been declared weeks earlier to avoid the anarchy, ruthlessness, lawlessness, violence and terrorism caused by the rioters and burners in the streets of Kiev. Mob rule and takeover are what happened in Kiev Ukraine. The unruly, violent, terrorist mob forced the police to use firepower in order to restore order. The leaders of the mob protestors are responsible for the death of their rioting compatriots, and not the police. Crimes were committed by the street mobs in their lawlessness and violence. Such lose, lawless people are not capable of running a government. The protesting squatters in the Maidan of Kiev are lawless. The regime, which took control from the elected leader, will be incapable of disbanding them. These lawless "Right Sector" squatters will not adhere to any rule of law. Squatters are people who take over control, and squat in, or on, property they do not own. They are the real problem in Kiev, and they helped overthrow the elected leader. The people in control of the Kiev government fear the lawless squatters in the Maidan of Kiev. They know they are just a stone 's throw from being toppled by the unruly squatters and protestors in the Maidan square in Kiev. The squatters have no plans to leave the Maidan, and they will never be satisfied, no matter how many concessions are made to them. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Although the above caption reads LOL, there is nothing to LOL about in the take over the Ukraine government by a violent, molotov cocktail, throwing mob. There is a Fascist and Nazi component to the "Right Sector". There is also a Muslim terrorist component to the violent mob action in the streets of Ukraine.  The Muslim Tartars of Ukraine were hand in hand with the "Right Sector" fascists, which led the violent mob. Given the threat posed by Muslim terrorists in Chechnya, Russia cannot afford to have an Islamist terrorist threat coming at her from within the borders of Ukraine. Russia must nip that threat in the bud, within the Ukraine, before it can metastasize, working in concert with Ukraine's violent "Right Sector". The West, including the EU. and the U.S. are wrong in supporting mob rule, hoisted by Right Wing Sector thugs, and Fascists and Nazi thugs, who control the Maidan and the government in Kiev. But then again, the West helped create the mess in the Maidan in Kiev, snipers and all. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Russia must protect her interests in such a violent and volatile situation on her borders. Susan Rice, descendant of American slaves, is in no position to warn the great and ancient power of Russia to not get involved in defending its territorial rights in the Black Sea and in its borders with the Ukraine. You, Susan Rice, obnoxious former slave, your ancestors were in the bonds of slavery, when Russia was a great, flourishing cultural empire, not dependant on African slavery for its greatness. Former American slaves are too eager to take up the banner of "their Massa's" by isssuing "a great mistake" warning to Russia, if it defends its territorial integrity with Ukraine and the Black Sea. John McCain was one of the first cold war agitators to defend the protesting terrorists and their violent behavior. McCain is insanely obsessed with President Putin and Russia's KGB. John McCain is a relic of the cold war and should be put on a dusty shelf somewhere in an old, dark, dank archive. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

A word of omnious caution to America, Britain, France, The EU and NATO, do not interfere in the affairs of the Ukraine and Russia. You don't belong there. Do not mistake Russia and the Ukraine for Serbia. Russia will defend her ships in the Black Sea and her long historical ties with the people of Ukraine until the death. You crazed warmongers inside of NATO, as expressed by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, John Kerry, Susan Rice, Victoria Nuland and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, do not plummet the world into a World War III over an area where you have no vital interests. The Ukraine, Crimea, and the port of Sevastopol are part of Russia. There are deep historical, lingusitc and cultural ties between Russia and Ukraine. Don't try and come between Russia and the Ukraine. It will not end up like Serbia.

Russia would like to solve the crisis diplomatically and it should be resolved diplomatically. Do not let the Neo-Cons in Washington, which are part of the Jewish lobby, cause America and NATO to start another war in another part of the world. The people of Crimea and the Port of Sevastopol have already expressed a deep desire to reunite with Russia. There is no aggression on Russia's part. There is threatened aggression on the part of America and NATO.  In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, NATO is composed of Neanderthal warmongers who need to crawl back into the cold dark caves of Europe from whence they came.  They can take their Neanderthal cousins in the EU with them. The world would be better off without NATO, the European Union, and all other evil doers, who are polluting planet Earth with their evil doing. Barack Hussein Obama is their Antichrist and the personification of evil.  He is right at home in that group of Neanderthals. Lipstick on a Neaderthal is still a Neanderthal. No matter how you try to dress it up and refine it. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

John Kerry, and the rest of the leaders of the EU sound like mafia kingpin thugs in the way in which they issue threats against Russia, the economy of Russia and the people of Russia. Such saber rattling economic threats do not move the situation to a positive conclusion for anyone. Russia is a proud nation and should not be handled in that way. John Kerry has done so much damage with his caustic words, that he can no longer be an effective negotiator. This fiasco, involving the seizure of the assets of Russia and the personal assets of its leaders, is a warning to other nations and peoples of the world. America and her EU partners can and will capriciously confiscate bank accounts, and other assets on any trumped up whim. If you are a foreign national or a foreign nation, why would you put your assets at risk in Europe or America? So sees the Ancient Oracle. America and EU nations are not safe places to invest your money or other assets as they can be seized at the capricious whim of the warped and demented minds of the leaders in those countries. Centuries of criminal wrong doing in colonialism and slavery by America and EU nations have affected the sick minds of their leaders. It trickles down in the DNA through the generations. America's hands and her currency drip with the blood and terror of over one hundred million kidnapped African slaves, who lost their lives in the Atlantic Ocean during the Middle Passage.

America, Britain, Portugal, Belgium, and France were the terrorists of the 15th 16th 17th, 18th and 19th centuries in the brutal, bloody, and terrifying slave trade from Africa to Europe and America.   America and Europe are in no position to administer justice. Europe and America are the enemies of justice and the scales of balance. They have yet to pay for their brutal slave trade and the hundred million Africans who died in the Atlantic Ocean during the Middle Passage. Words cannot describe the justice coming their way. You enemies of Maat and the natural order! Those are the countries, along with colonialist Spain, who sit in judgement against Russia, which never engaged in the African slave trade nor colonized peoples in distant lands. Maat's Scale of Balance cannot overlook the terror and torture levied against the Blacks of South Africa for over 300 years by the Netherlands, and the Dutch, the British and the Germans. The nation of China would have to be out of her mind to join in with that group of Europeans, who are mired in sin and wrong doing up to their eyeballs. The Ancient Oracle would advise China to steer clear of affiliating with those exploitative, manipulative European and American organizations. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America, and her wretched Wall Street Stock Market, traded slaves as commodities during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. African slaves were treated as nothing more than black meat to be bought for the highest bloody dollar. The Credit Rating Agencies which are a part of dirty Wall street, participate in modern day terrorism by continuing the mental and economic torture of individuals and countries, whom Wall Street and America do not like. Thus, Russia is being terrorized by the two American Credit Rating Agencies, of Standard & Poor's, and Moody's, as they continue the modern form of mental, moral and economic terrorism of people and countries that America and the EU wish to isolate, dominate and economically enslave. There are two types of terrorism taking place in the world today. One is the economic terrorism, in the form of economcic sanctions and boycotts, by America and the European Union (EU). The other form of terrorism is suicide bombings and hijackings by Islamic terrorists who are, primarily, Arabs. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In the Prophecy as originally presented, you read that the Ancient Oracle warned that the world (planet Earth) is undergoing a cleansing. The cleansing has started with the cleansing of Europe and America, and they will be no more. The signs are all around you. You were forewarned. Ukraine is trying to board the sinking ship of Europe and America. The people of Ukraine will live to regret it, because they will be thrown in "the lake of fire", along with the Europe and America which they seek to join. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Ancient Oracle must comment on the " 2014 Sochi Olympic Games in Russia." America and Europe went out of their way to undermine and demean the Russian efforts to make the games a success. They were too mean spirited to send their leaders to the Games to stand shoulder to shoulder with other world leaders. The European and American press were like mad dogs in the way they criticized and attacked the Russian Olympics from the preparation, to the terrorists attacks, to the facilities, to the weather, to the country itself. All the while, while Russia and the world were enjoying the Olympics, America and her corrupt European partners were busy planning the coup d'etat in the Ukraine. America does many good things in the world. But for every one good things that she does, she does nine evil things. The evil things far outweigh the good that America does, because the evil is insidious, pernicious and attacks The Soul. For that reason, The Soul has withdrawn from America. Where there is no Soul, there can be no life. Don't worry about "being on the wrong side of history". Maat will take care of that. America's days are numbered because of all of her evil doing. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

For all of the criticism by America, the Western media, and Europe, the Sochi Olympics were the best, fantastic Winter Olympics ever. Russia opened her doors of hospitality to the world during the Olympics. Indeed, the world got a glimpse into the natural and spectacular beauty of Russia. The world thanks Russia and the people of Russia for their hospitality. For a brief moment in time, the world felt that Russia was theirs too. Congratulations to Russia and President Putin. Unfortunately, Russia was not allowed to bask in the light of its glory, for even one week, before the enemies of Maat and the natural order stirred up upheaval in the Ukraine.  President Putin is the greatest and most visionary leader in the world today.   No one in the current era can match his ability as a leader, period.  The Ancient Oracle sees that Russia will become a mining empire, mining diamonds, gold, platinum and silver. The amount of mineral wealth about to be found in Russia will surpass that of South Africa. Climate change in Russia will open up land to explore for Russia's mineral wealth.  Russia is like a diamond in the rough, waiting to reveal its true wealth. This is a blessing from the Cosmos to Russia. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Ancient Oracle will make one other observation about Russia's right to reclaim Crimea and the Port of Sevastopol. When Nikita Khrushchev transferred Crimea to Ukraine SSR in 1954, Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union. Khrushchev would have never transferred Crimea to the Ukraine if it had not been a part of the Soviet Union. Fast forward to 1991, the worst leader, perhaps, in Russia's history, Mikhail Gorbachev, took it upon himself, as Chairman, to dissolve the Soviet Union. What Ronald Reagan put in the tea or Vodka of Gorbachev when he visited the White House, that caused him to return to Moscow and dissolve the Soviet Union, will never be known. But clearly, any leader of sound mind would not have dissolved his country in a single act. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Mikhail Gorbachev committed political Russian suicide of the former Soviet Union, and left it with just Russia, standing alone. Gorbachev then fled to America and was rewarded for his action to disband his own country. Drunkards and fools make catastrophic leaders. In defense of Khrushchev, although he may have been an alcoholic, he could not envision that a leader would come along such as Mikhail Gorbachev and dissolve an empire known as the former Soviet Union. President Putin now has to remedy the mistakes of the past, protect Russia's interests and reclaim Crimea and the Port of Sevastopol. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Crimea rightfully belongs to Russia because it was transferred to Ukraine only when it was a part of the Soviet Union. Now that Crimea has left the Soviet Union, the transfer that was made back in 1954, is no longer valid. Russia is the last remnant of the Soviet union and should reclaim what rightfully belongs to Russia, as the guardian of what remains of the former Soviet Union. Boris Yeltsin, who came into power after Gorbachev, was another Russian alcoholic leader. Yeltsin, in 1992, agreed to divide the Soviet Black Sea Fleet with the newly found Ukranium Navy. Another big mistake by an alcoholic Russian leader. In 1994, Yeltsin went one step further and entered into the "Budapest" Agreement with the U.S., the Ukraine, and the U.K., giving Ukraine certain assurances. In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, Russia and President Putin do not have to honor any of the detrimental agreements to Russia, entered into by these leaders. They did not represent the best interests of Russia, nor of the people of Russia, nor of the former Soviet Union. Shame on Mikhail Gorbachev. See what you have wrought. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

As the United States and The EU countries attempt to isolate Russia at the United Nations, Russia can continue to hold her head up high. All of the tenets of truth and principles are on her side.   Russia should be proud not to be a member of the EU and the so called G-8. As mentioned previously, the members of those European organizations represent the darker side of humanity. The people who represent those member nations will burn in the lake of fire, when they depart this earth, because of all of their evil, wrong doing. So sees the Ancient Oracle. They will join the antichrist in his true home of hell. The Ancient Oracle must comment on the America's Ambassador to the United Nations. In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, America's U N Ambassador, Samantha Power, is undignified and unsuitable for such a position. She dresses like an unkempt slut, hair, clothes and all. Totally inappropriate for such a high, public position. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Ancient Oracle sees what you do not see. And if you live long enough, you will come to see these things also. America is bankrupt. The passage and enactment of "Obamacare", America's national Health plan will further bankrupt America. To read the Ancient Oracle's assessment of Barack Hussein Obama's "Obamacare", read the section below entitled: "OBAMACARE-OBAMA'S MISGUIDED HEALTH CARE PLAN FOR AMERICA". One of the main problems with Obama's "Obamacare" is not just the way in which the legislation was rammed through Congress, without having read the bill, but the fallacy of the underlying principle. America is a nation of legal and illegal immigrants. With such a large portion of immigrants, the costs of the program to the citizens of America place an onerous burden on them to support it. National Health Care works only in countries that are homogenous and who do not have open borders. Immigration is highly restricted in those countries. The only way to provide healthcare to everyone within its budging borders, America will have to increae its deficts and add to its bankruptcty. America's political, economic, and financial institutions have failed and are failing, even without Obamacare. Obamacare just piles on.

If you want to understand what is taking place in the stock market, and how the Federal Reserve manipulates interest rates and monetary policy to benefit the stock portfolio and 401K plans of members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), read the section below entitled. "LIES LIES AND MORE LIES" and "THE ROLE OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE IN THE DEMISE OF AMERICA". There is an inherent conflict of interest in the way the members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve and members of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) determine monetary policy and interest rates, and the growth of their individual stock portfolios and 401K plans. The way in which the FOMC of the Federal Reserve is managing interest rates benefits the stock market, and therefore the stock portfolios of the members, who make up the Federal Reserve Board and the FOMC. They will never acknowledge this, and Wall Street will never acknowledge it, but it is true. So Sees the Ancient Oracle.


If you substitute the letter "F" for the letter "M" in the above title, that will summarize how the Ancient Oracle is feeling about what is happening to America now. The Ancient Oracle seldom, if ever, uses a profane word, but sometimes it is necessary. Jesus of Nazareth had to curse the money changers in the synagogue in his day. Sometimes it is necessary when the exigencies of the situation call for it.

You did not know that in addition to monitoring your electronic communication, including emails, text messages, telephone conversations, snail mail, and your medical records, the American government has gone where no one else has gone before. You should be asking yourself if you want to live in a world like that.

Edward Snowden, the young whistleblower and patriot, who had the courage and patriotism to risk all, came forward with a glimpse into how invasive the Federal government has become in peering into the private lives of American citizens. Young Snowden made the following comments about the American government's far reaching "Prism" program: ďI donít want to live in a world where everything that I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity, love or friendship is recorded,Ē said Snowden. ďThatís something Iím not willing to support, Iím not willing to build and itís not something Iím willing to live under.Ē Where are the other "Snowdens" working in secret to undermine the constitutional freedoms of their fellow American citizens?

There are thousands of bureaucrats and technocrats with "security clearances", who take pride and superiority over their fellow American citizens, in having such status and distinctions. That false sense of entitlement and status keeps their mouths and their hands tied forever, as they take security in feeling they are special and above their other fellow Americans. Snowden was able to step outside of the box and those constraints. Snowden realized that bringing such wrongdoiing and violation of Americans' constitutional rights, by the NSA and Federal government, was more important than his "security clearance" status. For all of his bravery, young Snowden has to hide in Russia, while those who are committing the wrongdoing and transgressions against the Constitution go unpunished and unchallenged.

The American government now has developed technology that looks inside your brain through your contact lens and eyeglasses. Yes, your contact lenses now have an undetectable water soluble thin membrane that reads the inside of your eyes and your brains. The same is true for your eyeglasses. When your prescription is filled, the lens have an undetectable film inside of the lens that read the inside of your eyes and your brain. Reading glasses have a magnification which magnifies the effect of looking inside your eyes, and, therefore your brain and soul. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

You have heard the expression that the eyes are the window to the soul. The American government, under Barack Hussein Obama, not only wants to monitor and survey your every movement, they also want to possess your soul. It is nothing short of pure evil. Ideas can be implanted in your mind, and your mind can be controlled through these lenses. There is also a sort of mind control by looking at your computer screen or monitor. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Through the misuse of technology, for diabolical purposes, under Barack Hussein Obama, you will be reduced, eventually, to nothing but a piece of proptoplasm, controlled like a robot through unrelentless spying on all of your activities by NSA, and by the control of your mind by Google, acting in concert, with the Federal government. You will be the equivalent of less than an organism, and nothing more than a piece of robotic protoplasm. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Ancient Oracle previously explained how the election of Barack Hussein Obama set the stage for the awful karmic future that lay ahead for America and the rest of the world. Read the section below on "DISASTER AFTER DISASTER" caused by Barack Hussein Obama and his persona. Yes, you read it right. The mid term elections in America on November, 2010 have not changed that.  If you read the section of the prophecy which dealt with "What lies ahead for America" and "THE COMING ECONOMIC DEPRESSION" discussed below, you will be able to understand what is to follow.

Because of the importance of America's Presidential Elections on November 4, 2008, and November 6, 2012, the Oracle of KMT has placed the comments regarding the Elections near the top of the Prophecy. This Prophecy was written back in 2000. Although many events have transpired, and continue to transpire, the overall Prophecy remains as it is.   It is what it is. Nothing can change that. There are updates on current events as they happen, sprinkled through out The Prophecy. You will have to scroll down to find them. The Prophecy, as it was originally presented, will follow thereafter.  You may read the Prophecy in the order presented until further notice. Remember, this is a Prophecy which the Oracle of KMT sees through the eons of time.


Barack Hussein Obama's trip to Africa, where he visited Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania was filled with chicanery, deceit, conniving, and covertness. Obama was up to no good. Barack Hussein Obama was in Africa to fulfill his personal agenda and to serve the interests of America, which benefited from the slave trade off the coast of Senegal, and from apartheid in South Africa. Obama spoke with forked tongue in Africa. He could never understand the brutality and terror that the African slaves endured until this day, because he is not part of the African slave history in America. He slid over to mainland America after having grown up in Hawaii, divorced from the struggles of African American society.

As far as invoking the name of Nelson Mandela, while he was on the continent, Barack Hussein Obama is not fit to call out the name of Nelson Mandela. Barack Hussein Obama has never sacrificed one second of time in the name of freedom, much less consider spending 27 years in prison for the sake of liberty. He has never taken a physical beating for freedom and liberation. Barack Hussein Obama lives off the sacrifices and hardships that others have endured. He is a long legged, yellow belly coward. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Pictures, speeches, and photo opportunities of him and his family did not cover up the fact that he is being used as a tool for the exploitation of the slave experience in America, and the apartheid's brutality in South Africa. Barack Hussein Obama "talked a good game" while he was on the continent of Africa, but he came to deceive and perpetuate the interests of the very people who oppressed Africa for more than 400 years. That fact cannot be denied. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

After Barack Hussein Obama traveled from West Africa to South Africa, finally reaching East Africa from where his roots lie, he visited the East African country of Tanzania. He chose not to stop in the East African country of Kenya, where his father was born and lived. That said, Obama could have clarified history by connecting his East African roots to the Arab slave trade, along the East Coast of Africa, including Kenya and Tanzania. Both countries experienced Arab slave trade, and the implanting of the Muslim religion on the African peoples of East Africa, as well as the Arabic language and culture. In fact, the first two words in Barack Hussein Obama's name are of Arabic and Muslim origin.  Barack is an Arabic name. Hussein is a Muslim and Arabic name. Barack Hussein Obama bears his Arabic Muslim slave name, dating back to the time of the Arabic invasion of the East coast of Africa. He should have used that opportunity to bear witness to the horrors of the Arab slave trade and the consequent Muslim invasion of his native country of Kenya, and of Tanzania. He pointed out the horrors of the Atlantic slave trade, while in West Africa, but failed to mention the Arab slave trade in East Africa, from which he came.

Most of the Arab slave trade along the East coast of Africa benefited Saudi Arabia, the home of the Arab prophet, Mohammed, where most of the captured East Africans were taken. The women were raped and made to bear Arab children, who became Muslims and spoke the Arab language of their mothers' captors. The Arab slave trade, up and down the coast of East Africa, and into Sudan, went on for over one thousand years. The brutality of the Arab slave trade in East Africa should make every Black African, and every member of the African Diaspora, renounce Islam, and the Arab invaders who decimated Africa. In America, and Europe, Blacks threw off one slave master's religion, (Christianity), for another slave master's religion (Islam). You can take no pride and comfort in being a follower of either. However, of the two, Christianity is the lesser of the two evils. One of the most reverent songs in the Christian hymnal is "Amazing Grace", written by a Slave Ship Master, as he hauled his African cargo, chained down on top of one another, across the Atlantic Ocean. It raises the question how Black people can sing that song when it is interwined with the torture and brutality of their Ancestors, riding in slave ships, across the Atlantic Ocean. Is that salvation? So asks the Ancient Oracle. So ses the Ancient Oracle.

The Arab/Muslim invaders also had a hand in the slave trade in West Africa, starting along the coast of west and northwest Africa in Mauritania, Morocco, Senegal, the Gold Coast, the Ivory Coast, Mali, and Central Africa, all the way up to Chad and over to the Sudan. Most of West Africa, Central Africa, Mali and Chad are Muslims as a result of Arab slave trade. Arab /Muslim slave trade continues today still in parts of West, Central and East Africa. Nigeria is messed up because of the Arab slave trade in the northern part of Nigeria, which is Muslim.

The more than 200 Nigerian girls, who were kidnapped from their school, by the terrorist Muslim Boko Haram, looked like sad Black slaves, being prepared for physical rape and abuse as they are sold into Arab Islamic servitude. The Black shrouds, that they wear in pictures taken by their captors, show the terror and abuse which lie ahead for them in a backward world of modern day Islamic servitude. Boko Haram leaders look like the Black, Bantu Negroes that they are. They look foolish proclaiming loyalty to "Allah" and Islam, which are both foreign to their African roots. To the stupid Black, Negro Bantu leaders, who are confused about their identity, the Ancient Oracle of KMT advises them to look in the mirror, the image you will see is a Black Bantu Negro of African origin. You are not an Arab Semite. The Arab Semites enslaved your ancestors, and imposed Islam on them. If you are a Black Bantu Negro, you could not possibly be an Arab Semite, whose religion is Islam. Stop spouting off the words and religion of the Arab Semites, who have invaded your lands, and deprived you of your true identity. Stop the nonsense. Northern Nigeria is populated by Black Negro Bantu Africans, who think that they are Arab Semites. and who act more Islamic and Arabic than as Black Bantu Negroes. The "underwear bomber" from Nigeria is a prime example of misplaced African identity. Until the people and leaders of Northern Nigeria perceive their true identity, Nigeria does not stand a chance of remaining a unified country. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The people of Southern Nigeria appear to understand their identity as Black Bantu Negroes. The Arab Semites and their Islam have not deprived them of the knowledge of self and who they are as a people. Wake up people of Norhern Nigeria, throw off the yoke of of Arab Semite Islam and reclaim your African roots as Black Bantu Negroes. The Arabs and Islam do not belong in Africa. They came to Africa as enslavers, or settler colonies in Norhern Africa, including Morroco, Mauritania, Algeria, Libya and Egypt. The Ancient Oracle sees that one day the Arab Semites, who occupy African lands, will be driven into the sea. The Arab/Muslim history in Africa has been detrimental to Africa and to the people of Africa. The Arab slave traders weakened Africa, to the point that when the European and American slave traders arrived on the West Coast of Africa, in the early 17th century, the Africans were prime targets for further kidnapping and brutality. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Black Africans of Southern Africa should close their borders to any penetration by Arabs or Islam. Look what has happened to Nigeria as a result of Arab and Islamic invasion of the culture and people of Black Bantu Negro Nigeria. A word to the wise is sufficient. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Arab countries of Morroco, Mauritania, Algeria, Tunisa, Libya, and Egypt, which occupy the Northern part part of the Continent of Africa, should be barred from membership in the Organization of African Unity, (OAU). They are not African. They have their own organizaion of the Organization of Arab States, of which they are all members. That is where they belong and not in the OAU with Black, Negro Bantu Nations of Africa. The Arabs are spies in the OAU. No Black Negro African State is a member of the Organization of Arab States, nor do they want to be. The OAU is for the Black Negro Bantu Nations of Africa. The Organization of Arab States for the Arabs. This should go into effect immediately. Ethiopia and Somalia will have to decide whether they want to be seen as Arab Semites or part of Black Negro Bantu Africa. This is a time of awakening for the Black man. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Whatever Barack Hussein Obama handed out to Africans, on his Africa trip, was not in the interests of Africa. He no longer draws the huge and adoring crowds in Europe. So now, Barack Hussein Obama comes to Africa to try his deceit and mesmerizing on the people of Africa. Africa, Beware!  Obama's trip to Africa was a $100 million (dollar) extravagant vacation for him and his family, at the American taxpayers' expense. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


In spite of the harm suffered by his East African ancestors at the hands of Arab slave traders, Barack Hussein Obama travels to Saudi Arabia to bow and meet with the lineage of Arab slave traders, the King of Saudi Arabia. Barack Hussein Obama is no different than his predecessors, the Bushes, and Bill Clinton, who bowed and begged for money from the Saudi Arabia King, to build their three presidential libraries. The difference between the Bushes and Clinton, is that Saudi Arabia did not enslave the European ancestors of the Bushes and Clinton. Au contraire, the ancestors of the Bushes and Clinton were slave traders (LOL). Barack Hussein Obama is a spineless man of African, Arab and Muslim descent, who owes allegiance to nothing. He denies his Muslim and his Arab ancestry. He denies his Black American ancestry, since his mother was a white woman and his father was a Muslim African. His identity has been an enigma before and after he took office. Nevertheless, Barack Hussein Obama and his friends, have set out to organize and fund his presidential library, before he leaves office. His March 2014 trip to Sudia Arabia, to bow and slop at the trough of the Arab KIng of Saudi Arabia, is primarily for the purpose of taking money from the king to build his library. History be dammed!. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The terrorism inflicted upon the nations of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, at the hands of Sunni Arab Muslim terrorists, will spread, eventually, to America. There are approximately 3,600,000 Muslims in America, of which 75 percent are Sunni Muslims. Read the section below entitled: "THE UPHEAVAL IN SYRIA AND THE MIDDLE EAST PROMOTED BY BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA AND HIS REGIME" to understand the source of terrorism in the Muslim religion. Terrorism, and suicide bombings sprang from the Sunni branch of Islam that is headquartered in Saudi Arabia, and that has metastasized and spread to Sunnis all across the globe. So see the Ancient Oracle.

The Sunni Muslim terrorists are the same terrorists who bombed the World Trade enter on 9/11, who are killing Christians in Syria, Egypt and Pakistan, and who killed many non muslims in a shopping mall in Nairobi Kenya. These are the Sunni Jihadist and rebels, whom Barack Hussein Obama is sending weapons and machinery, to overthrow the Government of President al-Assad of Syria. Barack Hussein Obama, a closet Sunni Muslim, himself, is taking the sides of the Sunni Muslim terrorists, who are killing Christians and non muslims all over the world. In return, Saudi Arabia, the headquarters of Sunni Muslims, has promised to build his presidential library when he leaves office. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

These two million, six hundred thousand Muslims read from the same Koran and drink from the same religious cup. This is true whether they be Pakistani Sunni Muslims, East Indian Sunni Muslims, Indonesian Sunni Muslims, Bangladesh Sunni Muslims, or Arab Middle East Muslims. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Muslims terrorists who continue to use suicide bombers to bomb inside Russia are all Sunni Muslims. They are trying to destroy Russia from within. The Sunni Muslim terrorists residing in Europe and America will escalate suicide bombings within those countires, as well. It's just a matter of time before America and Europe experience the same sorts of bombing that Russia is experiencing. The Sunni Muslim terrorists already dwell within. A word to the wise is sufficient. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America, and most European countries, with sizeable Muslim populations, are at a crossroad on how to deal with the threat stemming from this population segment. This threat can no longer be ignored. Try as they may, to make the problem more palatable by segmenting Muslims into categories, such as radical Islam and moderate Islam, the reality of the threat still exists. America, and Europe may be playing around with the Muslims, but they are not playing with you. Sunni Muslim terrorists mean business, the business of terrorism, and they have spread their contagion into your societies. The goal and mission of the Sunni Islamist, Jihadists and terrorists is to establish a Muslim caliphate, an Islamic state governed by Sharia law, across the Middle East, Europe, America, Africa and Asia. They have already established a caliphate in Saudi Arabia. Yes, Saudi Arabia is a caliphate and is hell bent on expanding its wahabi, Sunni Muslim caliphate all over the world.  How can the leaders of America and Europe cajole up to this Saudi caliphate which will overtake and destroy them through jihad and terrorism? Judas, Is Saudi Arabian oil money worth that much to you, to betray your own people?

While America has spent the last decade since 9/11, denying the threat from Sunni Muslim terrorism, the Sunni Muslims have been busy plotting and training to infiltrate and infect your societies with terrorism. America and Europe have given them a leg up. The Sunni terrorists are not going anywhere. When they do decide to go, they will take as many Christian Americans and Europeans with them as possible, before they establish their Muslim caliphate. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Barack Hussein Obama, the antichrist, is of Arabic, and Sunni Muslim origin. He was put in place at this period in history because he has the mark of both terrorists forces dominating the world. He pretends to be a Christian in order to closet his Arabic, Sunni Muslim roots. As President of a majority Christian nation, he has to hide his true roots. America is in grave danger as Barack Hussein Obama steers the country into the abyss of nuclear catastrophe, or opens the way for the destruction of America by the Sunni Muslims, who reside among other Americans. The contagion is already within. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The violent and defiant protestors in Kiev Ukraine, who are working so hard to overthrow their government and replace it with one, which will align with America and western Europe, are no better than Muslim terrorists. It has been revealed that America is playing a part in fostering the uprising that is taking place in the Ukraine. The Ukranian anarchists who seek to defy their ancestral ties with Russia, through violent means, are destroying what made and will make them a proud and great nation. If the Ukraine, through violent means, overthrows its elected government, for the sake of adopting a shaky and unstable relationship with the European Union, at best, future generatiosn of Ukranians will pay the price. The young people of Ukraine, who are out in the streets rioting and burning, are enticed by the so called glamour and glitz of western Europe and America. Looks can be deceiving. The schools in Ukraine need to better educate their young so that they will understand their history. This could have been avoided through education and proper orientation. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Germany is the strongest country in the EU. Britain, France, Portugal, Spain and the rest, are former slave traders and colonial powers who are laden with so much karma, that their history will never allow them to prosper for very long. The EU's time has come and gone. Stick with your history and your ancestral roots, which defy western, European and American upmanship. This is not a game. It is not about upmanship and who has the upper hand for the moment. The Ancient Oracle's message to the Ukranian rebel rousers who are out in the street destroying their country is to stop the madness, unite and align with Russia, where your historical, linguistic,and cultural ties lie. You will be a stronger nation for it. America will never break its ties with Britain. Britain is America's mother. So you, Ukraine, should never break your ties with Russia. Russia is your mother. Germany's Chancellor Merkel does not have to be concerned about the Berlin Wall ever being constructed again. Russia is not Germany's enemy. Germany is in a position to not go along with the insanity within the EU and to prevent a Third World War. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

It appears that martial law may have to be declared to bring order back to the streets of Kiev. A plebiscite should be held and Ukraine divided into East and West. The East Ukraine would become a part of Russia. Let the Western part of Ukraine form an alliance with decadent Poland and the EU. West Ukraine will live to regret their alliance with the EU. The rioters, burners and anarchists in the streets of Kiev are all terrorists in the opinion of the Ancient Oracle. They will never be satisfied, no matter how many concessions are made to them. Go to your destiny, Ukranian anarchists and terrorists! So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Approximately half of the American population are mentally ill, in the view of the Ancient Oracle. If they were not mentally ill, they would have not voted for Barack Hussein Obama as President in 2008 and 2012. That said, in most of the mass shootings in America, the lone gunman is a young deranged man, who has been in treatment for some type of mental illness. Truth be told, these types of people are prevalent in America. Many are in psychiatric treatment but many more are not. So America is a ticking time bomb of mentally ill people who are capable of going off the deep end at any time. If you live in America, you cannot be sure when the psychosis, which afflicts about half of the population, will wreck havoc.

Most of the people needing psychiatric help are not in treatment, because they cannot afford the treatment. America's elected leaders tolerate this situation, refusing to set up adequate mental health facilities for the deranged. As for the African Americans, who overwhelmingly voted for Barack Hussein Obama, their psychosis stems from the brutal enslavement, which they endured for more that 300 years in America. They bury their psychosis in love and nonviolence toward their fellow Americans. African Americans appear as impotent and docile, the legacy of their slave history in America. The election of Barrack Hussein Obama as President did not change that. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

As far as the large Hispanic population which voted for and supported Barack Hussein Obama, they are "crazy like a fox". Their vote for Obama and his immigration policies, sets the stage for their population to become the majority population in the states, that were once a part of Mexico. Read the comments in the section entitled "WHERE AMERICA STANDS NOW" for an explanation of just how the Hispanic population in America will become the dominant population.

This group of people will influence the body politics of America and Mexico. In the next fifty years, the four southwestern states of the United States, e.g. (Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California) will be reclaimed by Mexico and become a part of the United States of Mexico. The maps of Mexico and America will have to be redrawn entirely to reflect this annexation by Mexico. This will result from America's policies of open borders with Mexico, and the granting of amnesty and citizenship to nearly 30 million illegal aliens, who have crossed the borders without proper immigration documents. Time is on the Hispanic population side. All they have to do is wait out the clock.  It's just a matter of time. All of this has been designed by the powers that be, including the Trilateral Commsision, of which Mexico is a member. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The uprising in Egypt is a foretell of what is to come to America. There are parallels to be drawn between what is happening in the streets of Cairo and what will happen in the streets and crannies of America. The difference in America is that the citizens of America have the right to bear arms, and will not have to resort to throwing stones and sticks to protect themselves from an oppressive government, supported by a repressive military. The Egyptian military is totally dependant on the American military for its support. There would be no Egyptian military without the aid of military equipment and weaponry supplied by the U. S. military.  Any government will resort to violence against their own people in an effort to preserve itself. That includes America when the population rises up against the government, and its abusive and corrupt power. Just wait and see.

The excesses that are being used by the American military in the form of high tech military drones and weaponry are bound to be played at home against the American people. Technology which knows no bounds is just that - technology that knows no bounds. This out of control military technology, will eventually reverberate back on the people who created it, and, consequently, released on the American people.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The American people paid for the development of this military computer gaming technology which will eventually be used against the people who funded it, the American taxpayers. If you create a monster of "high tech military toys", where grown men can sit behind a desk in a hidden cave, and target and kill any target with a laser beam, then such technology will eventually turn and kill the people who allowed it to be created in the first place. The drone attacks today in Yemen, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, will be the drone attacks in America tomorrow, perpertrated by the same perpetrators. A word to the wise is sufficient. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


You were previously warned that the excesses of the Federal government in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq would eventually find themselves used against the American people. Case in point, Dictator Barack Hussein Obama, on the strength of his Presidential power, has signed an executive order approving the "targeted" assassination of any American citizen deemed to be a terrorist, or have connection with Al-Qaeda. Susposedly this Executive Order applies only to Americans living outside the United States. Any such American, targeted by Barack Hussein Obama and the Department of Homeland Security and all of its Agencies, under this broad and sweeping Order, loses his constitutional rights to due process.

Although the Executive Order is supposed to apply to only U. S. citizens living abroad, the Executive Order could be used as justification to target American citizens living inside of the United States. There is no judicial or congressional oversight.  It is now known that the Federal Government has used its power to read emails and tap phones of American citizens on a pervasive and wide scale basis.  The expectation of privacy in one's personal communication is breached on an on going basis in most Americns' lives. The extent of such violation of privacy and one's constitutional rights can only be surmised because of the secrecy surrounding the Patriot Act.

The recent identification of an American citizen, a former Los Angeles Police Officer, as a terrorist and orders to kill him and "burn him alive" shows the danger posed by the ominous above referenced Executive Order of Barack Hussein Obama.  Certainly, Obama's Executive Order sets the tone for the brutal and deady force used against the former police officer, without giving him a chance to surrender. The order to burn him alive could only take place by the tone which Obama had set for law enforcement operating overseas. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Law enforcement is law enforcemnt whether acting oversesas or within the shores of America. Beginning with George W. Bush and continuing under Barack Hussein Obama, local police departments have become militarized. The local police are still your friendly policeman or policewoman. However, they now have become a part of the U. S. military and arm themselves like the military. In this way, the "Posse Comitatus" Law can be circumvented by using local police departments as part of the U.S. Military. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In the case of the Los Angeles police officer who was burned to death by the use of hot gas thrown into the house, he was not allowed to surrender. Instead, just as any American citizen living abroad who is designated a terrorist, the fugitive police officer received justice from the hot gas bomb thrown into the house, and which burned him alive. There was no reading of Miranda rights, no trial by a jury of his peers, and no sentencing by the courts. No, he received his justice, like any American citizen liiving abroad designated a terrorist, at the hands of law enforcement authorities.

In the case of the former Los Angeles Policeman, who was designated as a "terrorist" with orders to set him on fire, he was a young black man. Barack Hussein Obama, who is not a part of the Black experience in America, does not understand how little, if any excuse, the police departments in many localities, need to justify killing, on sight, African American males. Black people have a 150 year, post slavery, history of being denied due process, hanged, tar and feathered, and murdered in the most violent ways possible, including setting on fire. It is interesting that the throwing of the "hot teargas" bomb, into that house where the ex-police officer was killed, occurred on Feb 14th. The next day, on Feb 15th, a hot meteor fell to the earth. You ought to think, before you act. Everything is interrelated. Everything has tended and unintended consequences, which your little minds do not understand. Now that you are trying to be God, you have entered a realm where nothing can save you. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

As far as 2nd Amendment advocates and those who want to protect their constitutional rights to bear arms, be forewarned, that the extremeties, of Obama's Executive Orders and the Patriot Act, can also be used by the same authorities to dole out this same kind of justice on your part. The drones are coming, and are already inside the United States. "Hot gas" could be used in a similar way to burn you out of your houses or places of refuge. The arsenal of weapons, known and unknown, which all law enforcemnt authorities, can use to deprive you of your consititutional rights cannot be under estimated. Who knew about "hot gas" that creates fires so hot that the fire department cannot put it out, and burns everything to a charcoal. Who knew? No guns or assault weapons can prevail against drones and "hot gas". It took the killing of the former fugitive Los Angeles police officer, designated a terrorist, to see how law enforcement will use "hot gas" against its own citizens. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Barack Hussein Obama's excursion into the Middle East, via Libya, is a continuation of the Bush policy of invading Arab and Muslim countires in order to perpetrate America's foreign policy, under the guise of democratization.  With his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, who is hell bent on proving that she can wear a jock strap, Barack Hussein Obama has positioned and entrapped America into a battle of jihad with the Muslim world. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Barack Hussein Obama, like George W. Bush, is a war criminal, responsible for the loss in lives of thousands of Iraqis, Afghans and Pakistanis, not to mention the treasure and blood of American soldiers. Libya becomes the third Muslim country that America, under the guise of NATO and the United Nations, has bombed and provided weapons, to a counterinsurgency. NATO is also composed of a group of rogue nations, holding on to their imperialist and colonial footprints. They will never learn the lessons of history, imposing more dreadful karma on their countries and their peoples. NATO has become the nomenclature for (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization). So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Barack Hussein Obama knows exactly what he is doing.  He has plotted this strategy to accelerate the downfall of a country, of which he is president, which is squandering its military and economic resources in prolonged, unwinnable wars. America, like other great civilizations, before it, is headed down the same path of destruction, as a postscript to history.

America, under Barack Hussein Obama, is putting out fires everywhere but in its own country. America is more divided than it ever been since the first civil war.  Like Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Barack Hussein Obama and the rest of America's leaders do not know how much disgust and contempt their citizens have for them. Immigration of the last sixty years, has destroyed America, as envisioned by the founding fathers. America cannot secure its borders, because the elected leaders refuse to obey the constitution. Most Americans are mad as hell at their government and do not feel like taking it any more.

Nothing works any more in the country. America's leaders take taxpayers' dollars and build the infrastructure of Afghanistan, and Iraq, while the infrastructure of America is decaying with pot holes, unsafe bridges and a dilapidated rail system.

The war in Afghanistan has cost the American taxpayers 443 billion dollars, with another 500 bllions dollars to be spent in future military operations, including Afghanistan nation building. The total spending by the American taxpayers in Afghanistan will tally more that 1 trillion dollars, if America continues this suicidal spending. America has more than 100 thousand troops in Afghanistan. Drawing down only 33, 000 over the next several years will still leave more than 70 thousand troops, whom the American taxpayers will have to fund. Most of those 70,000 troops will remain in Afghanistan to continue nation building, and to provide security to Afghanistan forces. Only the American taxpayers can put an end to such insane spending, when America is literally coming apart, economically, at the seams.

America's leaders, starting at the top, with Barack Hussein Obama, are tone deaf and visually blind to the feelings of American citizens. Elections do not matter any more. The country is run and controlled by General Electric, George Soros, Eric Schmidt and the Google information manipulators, lobbyists, foreign and domestic, the New World Order, and its offshoots. The continued erosion of the civil liberties, guaranteed under the constitution, is a fait accompli, thanks to a dysfuctional congress, and a corrupt, politically appointed judiciary. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


America, under Barack Hussein Obama has done everything in its power to undermine the regime of the young Syrian President, Dr. Bashar al-Assad. Just as Barack Hussein Obama assisted in the killing of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, thereby taking over his country, he and his regime have similar plans for Syria. The thing these "Obamaian", shortsighted leaders, so hell bent on securing more oil from the Middle East, forget, is that when you kill one of these Arab Muslim leaders, whom do you replace them with? Gaddafi is murdered and gone. Who will replace him?. One who will bring the full force of their Prophet, Muhammed, against the United States and her allies. Who will replace the young Dr. Assad of Syria, once America and her allies have deposed and killed the young al-Assad?

In the case of Syria and Dr. Assad, there is no oil, just the need to ferment dissent and turmoil as a way of compromising the influence of Iran in the region. How evil and how karmic.  If Obama and his followers get their wish, the turmoil and ferment for terrorism in the Middle East will be unstoppable. Because of America's continued interference in the disorders of the Middle East, America is bogged down and there can be no exit strategy. One fire is quelled only to start another. John McCain is a war monger leading the case to arm the rebels in Syra. John McCain is also a stupid man, who does not realize that these same rebels, that he supports, would just as soon behead him, rape his wife and daughter, as look at him. The Syrian rebels are anarchists, and are aligned with al Qaeda.  Israel has her hands in the mix. The rebels, armed by European powers, have decimated the country. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The rebels and al Qaeda are playing Barack Hussein Obama and America like a fiddle. America and Barack Hussein Obama are being weaved into a military conflict in Syria by al Qaeda, under the pretense of 'chemical warfare." The rebels and al Qaeda created the "chemical warfare" against innocent Syrian civilians. America, led by Barack Hussein Obama and John McCain, will be stupid enough to fall into the trap. McCain has ties to powerful Jewish lobbyists, which want to provoke a military conflict between Syria and the U. S. Such a conflict would play right into the hands of Israel, which wants to start a war with Iran.  Iran, and, by necessity, Russia would then be drawn into the conflict. America is being played like a fiddle and a loser in a game of chess. Stop being stupid America and played like a drum and a fiddle. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

John Kerry, Secretary of State, said that the only way chemical weapons could have been used inside Syria is by the Syrian government. Au contraire, Israel has chemical weapons and could have supplied chemical gas to the rebels, who in turn gassed innocent Syrian civilians. Israel would have much to gain by such a ploy and set-up. The number one benefit to Israel by supplying chemical gas to the rebels is that it draws international attention, and draws America into the mess. Israel has been engaged in Syria's civil war by bombing on a continuing basis inside Syria. Such bombing is destroying the infrastructure of Syria and benefiting the rebels and al Qaeda. Israel clearly has the means of delivering chemical weapons through the missiles that it is firing inside Syria. Moreover, Israel has the means and the ability to directly deliver chemical gas to the rebel leaders to accomplish its end. In addition, the rebels and al Qaeda could have obtained the chemical weapons, by taking the gas from the government owned facilities that it has conquered and control during the civil war. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Israel has longed to get America involved in order to bring the U. S. military into a showdown with Iran. Israel is supported by the Arab monarchies, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan. All of these corrupt Arab monarchies want to preserve their power and their standing in the Muslim world. The Arab Monarchs fear Iran, and are in conflict with Iran mainly because Iran represents the Shiite Muslims. The Arab monarchies are all Sunni.

For your information, it is the Sunni branch of Islam, that has produced the terrorists, and the suicide bombers. The Shiite branch of Islam is not violent in the sense of producing suicide bombing and terrorists. Suicide bombers do not come from the Shiite form of Islam. There is significance in that observation. Shiite Islam started in Iran, after the invasion of the Persian empire by the Muslim prophet and warrior Mohammed. Persia (Iran) was overrun and invaded by the Muslims, and the Persians subsequently replaced their ancient religion with that of the Muslims. However, unlike other countries invaded by the warrior and Prophet Mohammed, the Persians did not abandon their language. They did not replace their ancient Persian language of Farsi with Arabic, as every other countries, conquered by the Muslim invaders.

Since the invasion of Persia by the Muslims, there has been a deep divide and hatred by the Sunni followers of Mohammed, against the Shiite Persian followers of Mohammed. The Sunni tribe of Muslims are headquartered in the monarchies of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Jordan. The Sunni tribe of Islam has spread worldwide and is located all across the world. The Iranians and the Shiite form of Islam has not spread and conquered other parts of the world, as the Sunni form of Islam. The Persians and Shiite form of Islam have produced the scholars and appears to be a quieter, gentler form of Islam. Iran continues to be a tolerant nation where Jews, Christians, and Muslims coexist. The same cannot be said for the Sunni Muslim monarchies led by Saudi Arabia. This should mean something to the West.

If you are going to make friends with the Muslims and Islam, be friends with the less violent form of Islam. Islam emanating from Iran has not produced terrorists and suicide bombers. Not one of the 9/11 World Trade Center bombers was from the Shiite religion of Islam. Think about that if you can take your head out of the oil barrels of Saudi Arabia for a minute. You may find out you don't need them. You have more in common with Iran and the Shiites than the Arab Sunni monarchies. Don't let Israel be an impediment to this friendship. You can still mediate on behalf of Israel but through peaceful means. However, as a warning to Iran, do not trust the great deceiver, Barack Hussein Obama, who is of Sunni origin. Barack Hussein Obama will double-cross you the same way in which he double-crossed Russia in dealing with the Syrian conflict. Continue reading in this section to find out, how.  Barack Hussein Obama speaks with a split (forked) tongue. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Iran, should stop being a proxy for Saudi Arabia and the Sunni branch of Islam in their fight and hatred of Israel. Iran should not be openly hostile toward Israel. It gains Iran nothing. The Sunni Arab monarchies are quite content to let Iran receive the wrath of Israel and America, as Iran makes threatening comments about Israel. Iran is not an enemy of Israel, but Iran has taken upon itself the Arab Sunni Muslim conflict with Israel, as if it is of Iranian origin.  Iran should stop making problems for itself by expounding the bellicose language that the Arab Sunni Muslims delight in. The Arab Sunni Muslims, however, do not bear the penalty by the international community for such bellicose diatribe. Let Saudi Arabia and the other Arab monarchies, spew their own hateful words against Israel. Let them do their own dirty work and catch the kind of hell that Iran has experienced in taking up the "Israel hate speech" cause of the Arab Sunni Muslims. Iran can stop its isolation from the international world if it stops taking up the Arab Sunni Muslim cause against Israel. A word to the wise is sufficient. This is the outline for a historical presentation.

Along with the spread of Sunni Islam came the spread of the Arabic language, through violent conquest and subjugation. A violent case in point is the people of Sudan and their ancient religion and traditions. The ancient people of the Sudan were invaded by the Arabs and Sunni Islam, usurping their religion, language and culture and replacing it with Sunni Islam and the Arabic language and culture. The people of the Sudan continue to live in a state of Sunni Arab Islamic terror until this very day.   In another section of the Prophecy, the Ancient Oracle discussed how the Sunni Arab Muslims cut off the breasts of nursing mothers in the Sudan, if they did not accept Islam, speak Arabic, and adopt the Muslim way of life. The same atrocities happened to the Ancient Egyptians. Their culture, religion and ancient language were obliterated by the invading Arab Sunni Muslims. Today, Egypt is an Arab Sunni nation, bearing no resemblance to the Ancient Egyptians. The terrorism that the world is experiencing at the hands of the Sunni Muslims is a continuation of the terrorism and spread of Islam dating back to 649 A.D.  Al Qaeda terrorists are all Sunni Muslims. All of the suicide bombers in the Middle East are and have been Sunni Muslims. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Why should America get involved in this conflict between the Arabs, and the Sunni verses Shiite Muslims? America does not have a dog in that fight.  Iran appears to be a staunch enemy of Israel. However, appearances can be deceiving.   Iran controls the Strait of Hormuz, part of the Persian Gulf, where millions of barrels of oil are shipped. The strange bedfellows of Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan are all conspiring with the rebels and al Qaeda to overthrow the Assad government, and to draw America into an armed conflict with Iran. America is being played like a fiddle and beaten like a drum by Israel, the Sunni Arab monarchies, the rebels and al Qaeda, and the usual rogue colonial European nations of France and Britain.  All of these have formed an unholy alliance against Syria and Iran. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Truth be told, America is at the root of the civil war in Syria. CIA agents trained Sunni Muslims inside Syria to ferment dissent and protest in the streets of Damascus, against The Assad government. The CIA used Sunni Muslims to stir up the revolt against the President of Syria and his government.  What started as street protests escalated into all out civil war as the U. S. Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Israel provided weapons to the Sunni rebels. The Sunni rebels were joined by al Qaeda, al Nusra and other terrorists, who were sent from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Qatar to help overthrow President al-Assad and his government. America, over a period of many years, also provided the chemical weapons to Syria, which it now wants to ban. The chemical gas was provided to the elder al Assad when he was president. America could stop the civil war and bloodshed in Syria if it would stop arming and funding the Sunni rebels, al Qaeda, al Nusra, the other al Qaeda, and other terrorists. AMERICA, STOP THE CIVIL WAR INSIDE SYRIA, BY STOP SUPPLYING ARMS, AMMUNITION, AND MONEY TO THE SUNNI REBELS AND OTHER SUNNI AL QAEDA TERRORISTS INSIDE OF SYRIA! STOP WASTING THE AMERICAN'S' TAX DOLLARS IN THIS DEMONIC MILITARY MISCHIEF.

The goal and mission of the Sunni Islamist, Jihadists and terrorists is to establish a Muslim caliphate, an Islamic state governed by Sharia law, across the Middle East, Europe, America, Africa and Asia. While America and the European Allies played nice with these natural born killers and Muslim thugs, the Sunni Islamic terrorists thugs, from all across the world, have been busy planning and implementing their caliphate. Al Qaeda has rebranded itself as the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)", the acronynm that it is using to capture Syria and Iraq. If they conquer Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, they will have a base to expand their caliphate, funded by Saudi Arabia oil money, across Europe and inside America. Saudi Arabia is a caliphate, which is goverened by Sharia law. There is no religious freedom and tolerance of other religions in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabis is the prime example of how the Arab caliphate will operate throughout the world - an oppressive caliphate ruled by Sharia law, and devoid of all freedoms. The caliphate of Saudi Arabia and its branches, which are grasping for territory thoughout the Middle East, must be stopped. They must be stopped NOW. Not tomorrow, or in the future, but NOW. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The young President Assad and his military resisted the rebels and al Qaeda, as any government would do, if it faces armed insurrection.   If, in America, there is an armed revolt against the Federal government, the government will use its military might to put down the rebellion. In America, you would see millions of people killed in the streets, if such a comparable revolt ever occurred. Yes, the American government would turn on its own citizens if there were an armed rebellion which threatened the stability of the country. The American government, and Barack Hussein Obama speak with forked tongue in criticizing the Assad government in Syria. Truth be told, the U. S. Federal government would do the same thing in such a situation. They may not use chemical gas, but the effects would be just as deadly. That may sound cold blooded. But that is the way it is. If you are still living when such a disruption occurs in America, you will see these facts borne out. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America, at that point, would not allow any foreign country or government to interfere in its civil uprising. So, why is America interfering and taking sides with the Sunni radical terrorists thugs, against the Assad government? As usual, America seems to always side with the corrupt, the terror- driven parties in the conflict. America is always on the side of Saudi Arabia and the terrorists Sunni Muslims, who have killed raped, and beheaded Christians, and anyone else who does not accept Islam and speak the Arabic language. The two go hand in hand. America is playing with fire, when it aligns with the terrorists breeding nation of Saudi Arabia, in exchange for oil. The people who are benefiting from these neferious arrangements are the people who hold themselves up to be patriots, working and consulting for the Saudis. This includes retired, high ranking military personnel. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Barack Hussein Obama, who has Sunni Muslim, Arabic roots sways heavily on the side of Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Islamic terrorists. With his incompetent National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, who is hell bent on "strong arm" diplomacy, Obama and America are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

President Putin of Russia fell on the sword for Barack Hussein Obama and saved him from an embarrassing defeat in Congress on his plans to bomb Syria. Obama was in a trap of his own making. His so called "red line" on the use of so called chemical weapons by the Syrian government, gave him little choice, except to bomb Syria. The world was against him, and he could not win approval of his actions by the United Nations, or outside of the United Nations. It was President Putin, who stepped in and arranged for Syria to release all of its chemical weapons to an international body, where they would be destroyed. That gesture by President Putin saved Obama's satanic rear end, and prevented an escalation into perhaps a World War III.

When Barack Hussein Obama spoke at the United Nations on September 24, 2013, he was neither gracious nor appreciative in acknowledging the role that President Putin and Russia had played in saving him and the world from an apocalyptic catastrophe. In characteristic Satanic style, Barack Hussein Obama acted like he was the savior of the world, and lectured to the world on what his plans are for the rest of the world.

It is obvious that the antichrist Barack Hussein Obama and his staff read the contents of this prophecy, because Obama abruptly changed course on his policy toward Iran, after reading the comments regarding Iran's Muslim history. Even though Barack Hussein Obama is the antichrist, he was mis-educated, like most Americans, about history and America's place in history. It is true that the antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama, attended Harvard University, like his wife, but both are ignorant and uneducated. Education is defined as knowing the difference between what is and what is not important. Clearly, they, like most Ivy League educated people, miss the mark in that regard. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

President Dr Bashar al-Assad must defend his country and his people against the anarchy of the rebels and al Qaeda, supported by Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Arab monarchies, America, and the rogue, colonialist European powers of France and Britain. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Obama and Osama

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

In a world where political poll ratings appear to mean more to Barack Hussein Obama than what is best for his country, Barack Hussein Obama needed a boost to his sagging poll numbers. An opportune time presented itself to act on intelligence information that he and his team of national security advisors had known for some time. Having recently been forced to present his "long form" birth certificate, in response to a growing number of Americans who questioned whether he was a "natural born" citizen, Obama was in need of a reputation booster and a poll changer. Eureka! Barack Hussein Obama sends the U. S. special forces to a remote part of Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden.

The killing of Osama by Obama was an Old Testament kind of killing.  In the words of the Old Testament, or the Jewish Torah, it was "an eye for an eye", a "tooth for a tooth".  It was an Old Testament Rabbi Jesus of Nazareth killing, instead of Jesus, the Christian Christ. It was a violent killing, like the violence that Osama and his followers had visited upon the world.

The burial of Osama by Obama at sea was not a pretty sight.  Was Osama beheaded and his severed remains placed in a plastic bag and dumped into the ocean? There was a bounty for Osama's head on a platter at one time.  Was there a washing, or hoseing down of his bloody body, and was there a Muslim service? Vengeance is the only way to describe the way in which Osama was killed and dumped into the ocean by his captors, at the behest of Barack Hussein Obama. In the process, Obama made Osama into a martyr in the Muslim world. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

There will be no photographs shown of Osama and perhaps his beheaded body. The photographs are gruesome for sure. There will not be a video of the burial (dumping) of his body at sea, unless they can produce a contrived video of what really happened. Like the production of Barack Hussein Obama's "long form" birth certificate, a "doctored" photo and video will be produced when Obama needs another boost to his rating, and when his poll numbers sink to an all time low.

Obama's lies and account of how Osama was killed, and how he was buried at sea, have changed many times since Obama so boldly announced the murder of his Muslim brother, Osama bin Laden. Rumors abound because Obama's account of what happened to Osama has changed so many times. In the overall scheme of things, most Americans do not care. They are just glad Osama is gone. Osama sleeps with the fishes and his body will be eaten by the fishes in his watery grave. How is that for vengeance! "Pay back is a bitch", as the saying goes.

Obama wanted to be the President who killed Osama, in order to prove that he (Obama) is not a Muslim and to prove that he (Obama) is not a terrorist. Obama had something to prove to the American people. Hence, the cold blooded murder and sea burial of Osama bin Laden, at the direction of Obama. That is the problem with electing someone like Obama, who is so flawed and has so many things to prove about himself, in order to prove worthy for the office of President. The American people should have been mindful of this before electing Barack Hussein Obama to the Oval Office. However, the biased pro Obama liberal media never allowed the American people to have this type of analysis and accounting of Obama, prior to his election.

Now that Obama has placed America on the level of the terrorists, by invading a foreign country, (Pakistan), invading the house of Bin Laden, and killing him in cold bood, mafia style, Obama went one step further ordering the theft of Osama's personal property, including his computer, videos, and other equipment. It is not clear whether the terrorists ever stole the property of their victims. Perhaps, because under Islamic law, theft and thievery are punished by cutting off the right hand. In Obama's case, there was no such consideration.

It is no question that under Obama, America has sunk to new levels of barbarism, and uncilvilized behavior in conducting the war on terrorism. Obama has made America like the terrorists, whom they pursue. Or maybe even worse because in the case of Osama, America has engaged in theft, (confiscation of property), lies, and cover-up. The victor alway says the end justify the means. To the victor belong the spoils of war. In the final analysis, it seems that civilized man is no higher than the animals. Greed and fear are the basic instincts that both species survive on.

So sees the Ancient Oracle. The Ancient Oracle sees prophetic things that you can not see and to which you are oblivious.

Obama justified Osama's murder by saying that the killing of Osama has "unified our country and made us proud to be Americans". Au contraire, the killing of Osama did not unify America. The discord and dissension that prevail in the nation are still just as prevalent. The killing of Osama was to make Americans feel safer. Au contraire, most Americans feel just as apprehensive and unsafe as they did before Osama's murder and burial at sea. In the wake of the killing of Osama, America was placed on a heightened state of alertness. Why is that necessary if Osama's demise was to make Americans more secure and safe? The reverse seems to be true.

Folks, you are dealing with a slippery, slimy character named Barack Hussein Obama who will do anything to hold on to the reins of power. Look beneath the veneer of the Wall Street banker suits that he wears. Barack Hussein Obama is ruthless, vicious, cunning and conniving. Never underestimate the persona of Barack Hussein Obama, who occupies the Oval Office of the White House. So sees the Ancient Oracle. You have been forewarned.

The timing of Osama's murder by Obama was a ploy to divert attention away from a depressed American economy, a war weary electorate demanding an end to prolonged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a nation teethering on bankruptcy, an out-of-control Federal Reserve that has debased the currency, and a divided nation living in unsecured borders. A recipe for disaster. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Michelle Obama, Obama's wife and first lady, dances a jig shortly after Obama announces that he has killed Osama.

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press


The November 2010 mid term elections were an opportunity for Americans to attempt to take back their country. However, it was only an attempt. It was a way of creating a false illusion that Americans could change their country through elections. However, the reality is that America's special interests and vital interests are so entrenched that nothing short of a revolution will save the Republic of America. It was explained in the section "WHAT YOU CAN DO AS CONCERNED CITIZENS OF AMERICA" that America has become rotten at the core. That the individual states that make up the United States of America will have to come to a recognition that America, as it is presently structured, cannot be saved.

The United States of America is bankrupt. Many of the individual states, primarily the blue states, that comprise America are bankrupt as well. There will come a time that the states, which are not bankrupt and are fiscally sound, will decide to separate from the remaining states, and the United States of America. Many of those states and the Federal government are bankrupt.  The mid term elections were simply an exercise in the postponing of the inevitable.

For those Americans, who can not quite come to the mindset, where it is necessary to form a more perfect union, by separating from the American government in Washington, the election was an opportunity to buy time for that process. The mid term election was an opportunity to buy more time for the pshcye, to mentally deal with such a necessity. Most American are not there yet. But it is just a matter of time as more Americans realize that election after election gets them nowhere, but just postpones the inevitable. That inevitability is the necessity, for those states that can be salvaged and are not bankrupt, to separate from the remainder of the United states of America, and to form a united Republic of sovereign states, which can be salvaged. This is what has been prophesied.

The mid term elections showed just how much the system does not work. Read the section of the Prophecy dealing with the corruption and and the crooked dealmaking "DISARRAY AND DISORDER IN WASHINGTON", which takes place in the halls of Congress both House and Senate. Congress is a den of thieves that has pilfered the taxpayers' money on needless projects, a bloated bureaucracy, and grafts to the lobbyists, foreign and domestic. The midterm election of November 2010 went unheeded as Representatives and Senators, both Democrats and Republicans, returned to Washington and passed tax cuts and spending which will increase the federal deficit by over 1 trillion dollars. Read the section on the "RULE OF TWELVE (12)" and you will see that the "Rule of Twelve" is the only last ditch measure that may save America before disolvement of what was formerly known as the United States of America.

America's unemployment is a dismal 9.8 percent. That number does not include the permanently unemployed and those who have given up on finding work. If that number is added to the unemployed, America's unemployment rate is more than 17 percent. Congress included in the 1 trillion dollar spending and tax cut bill, an appropriation of 56 billion dollars for the permanently or long term unemployed. This extends benefits for almost 3 million people for 13 months.  In 13 months, Congress will approve another 56 billion dollars for this permanent class of unemployed.

There is no end in sight to high unemployment. Jobs are not being created in sufficient numbers for the number of new entrants into the job market, not to mention those who are permanently unemployed. The government will try and "fudge" the unemploymnet numbers, to present a distorted image of the real situation. Do not believe the regime's numbers. Believe only what you see and are living each day. Things are not getting better. Only a fool and his money are parted in these barren times.

America is in a jobless recovery. There can be no recovery without jobs. There is no economic recovery in sight. With uncontrolled unemployment, the loss of 6 milion manufacturing jobs, and the outsourcing of millions of white collar jobs, not to mention the depressed prices in foreclosed residential and commercial real estate, plus sluggish retail sales, there can be no recovery. The first stimulus of almost 1 trillion dollar created fewer jobs and higher deficits. QE1 followed by QE2 will likewise expand the deficit and continue a jobless recovery.


Obama and the Federal government lied when they said General Motors and the banks had paid all of the money which they borrowed from the Federal Reserve under the TARP in 2008. As a point of fact, the funds that were paid back to the Federal Reserve were funds that the Federal Reserve loaned to the banks to repay the Federal Reserve, in the form of asset purchases, such as Treasury obligations and securitized loans. The Federal Reserve has been allowing the banks and bank holding companies, including GMAC, GE (General Electric) and others to suck its udders since 2008. The Federal Reserve continues to nurse those institutions. The Federal Reserve has transferred many of the toxic assets from the banks' books to the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve has "mad cow disease" and has curled over on its side. But that has not stopped the banks and GMAC, Goldman Sacs and others, from falling on their knees and sucking the teats of the old diseased cow, knowm as the Federal Reserve. It is a sick scenario but as long as that old cow's udders can give out some milk, the banks will sink as low as they have to, to suck her dry. That day is rapidly approaching. The Federal Reserve cannot go on endlessy printing money with no value. It will be refused for acceptance due to its virtual worthlessness.

The members of the Federal Reserve Board and those who set monetary policy are self dealing by manipulating interest rates so that the stock market can reap obscene profits at the expense of growth in the broader economy. Every one of the members of the 'Federal Reserve Board, including the Chairman, Ben Bernanke, have a vested interest in keeping stock profits high so that their 401K investments can skyrocket. Their 401K investments have more that quadrupled since 2007, by QE2 stimulus, which keeps bond and CD interest rates low, while pushing investments into the stock market. When Bernanke steps down, he will have succeeded in protecting his 401K plan, and growing the stock market, during his tenure.  Congress should pass a law, preventing members of the Federal Reserve Board, and those who make monetary policy, from owning stocks in a 401K plan and outside of a 401K plan. If they want those positions bad enough they will relinquish their stock investments, and other investments influenced by monetary policy, during their tenures.

Members of the Federal Reserve Board should not be able to have any investments in the stock market, because they benefit exponentially from having such investments, by manipulating interest rates, monetary policy, and activity on the stock exchanges. Those Americans who do not have stock investments, or 401K investments, are penalized through their savings and other investments. This is particularly true for senior citizens who place their money in less risky instruments, such as savings accounts and other financial instruments. As mentioned above, Ben Bernanke, when he leaves the Federal Reserve, will leave with quite a sum of money through manipulation of monetary policy to benefit his 401K plan and the 401K plans of others members of the Federal Reserve. This is self dealing from a privileged position, which affects the entire economy. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

You have been forewarned that America is bankrupt. America has a current fiscal deficit of approximately 14 trillion dollars or more than 93 percent of GDP. Congress will add another 1 trillion dollars to the deficit through spending increases and continuing tax cuts for 2011.  By 2012 America's fiscal deficit will be 16 trillion dollars and more than 100 percent of GDP.  A large part of the growing U. S. defict is caused by tax cuts and funding the wars in Afghanistan, and in Iraq, including the work of the State Department. In addition, the Federal government is ultimately responsible for, and the guarantor of almost 200 trillion dollars in State, Federal and union unfunded pension benefits.


In addition to the soon to be 16 trillion dollar deficit, America has another 61 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities to the States for pension and health care benefits for State employees. The States will not be able to fund those liabilities. The Federal government as guarantor of last resort will not be able to fund those benefits, except by printing more money. America has also guaranteed the unfunded pension liabilities and health care benefits of the labor unions, which total another 30 trillion dollars.

Don't stop counting yet. The Federal government (American taxpayers) is responsible for the unfunded pension claims of all Federal government employees, including members of Congress, former Presidents and Vice Presidents, military personnel, Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges. The unfunded pension and health care benefits of this group of Federal employees total another 100 trillion dollars. Tax receipts will only be able to fund less than 40 percent of that amount. The remainder, approximately 120 trillion dollars, will come from the printing press of the Federal Reserve in future years.

This amount will be added to the growing fiscal deficit of 16 trillion dollars, which by the time the unfunded pension liabilites are funded, will total well over 100 trillion dollars. So you are looking at a printing press at the Fderal Reserve turning out about 220 trillion dollars over the next 25 -50 years to meet the growing deficit, and to fund unfunded pension liabilities, of State, Federal, and Union workers, including, the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Federal government. Unfunded liabilities are liabilites which are not on the books of the Federal government.

We must not forget the unfunded liabilities of the other nations of the world. The Federal Reserve is the lender of last resort for the whole world. The Federal Reserve has also committed to print money and bail out European countries, such as Ireland, Greece and Spain, should they need a bailout. There is no end to the printing of American dollars, by the Federal Reserve, at the taxpayers' expense of future generations.

Congress and Barack Hussein Obama are quick to talk about cutting Social Security benefits of Seniors who have worked all of their working lives and paid into the Social Security Trust fund, which Congress blatantly spent on other Federal projects.  Now that it is time to honor that fudiciary trust to Social Security recipients, Congress and the slick President are trying their best to weasel out of their fudiciary obligations. The American taxpayers' retort to Congress and the president is, while you are considering cutting Social Security benefits, cut your unfunded pension and health care benefits that American taxpayers are footing the bill.

While you are at it, cut the pension benefits of all public and Federal government employees, including civilian and military. Since you don't want to cut your own pension benefits, which the taxpayers are underwriting, then don't cut a dime of Social Security benefits. It is your fudiciary responsibility to protect Social Security. When a car dealer sells cars out of trust, they are prosecuted and locked up in jail. Members of Congress should receive the same justice if they tamper with Social Security benefits. Social Security recipients paid Social Security withholding, so that they could live with dignity in their old age, and not be dependent on handouts from family members and friends.


The Federal Reserve Bank has taken over the management of fiscal policy from Congress by creating money with abandon and funding the federal deficits. Friends, Americans, citizens, lend me your ears. Everything that you own is denominated in a debt obligation of the Federal Reserve or the Federal Government. The currency in your hand, your wallet and your bank account is a bill of exchange (a promissory note) a debt obligation of the Federal Reserve. Take a look at the dollar bill in you wallet and it clearly states that it is a Treasury note (IOU) of the Federal Reserve. So if the Treasury note is an IOU or promise to pay of the U. S. Treasury and Federal Reserve, then all of your assets are backed up by a Treasury note of the Federal govenmnemt, which is bankrupt.

The Treasury should pay you interest on every dollar that you hold in your wallet and in your checking account, because that dollar represents debt, an IOU of the Federal Reserve and the U S Treasury. That's right when you agree to accept the Treasury bill or dollar bill in your wallet and checking acoount, you have agreed to accept a debt insturment of the Federal government as legal tender. That Treasury note in your checking accout and in your wallet is an obligation or debt of the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve and the Treasury have set up the currency so that it is non interest bearing to you, the holder. Every holder of Treasury notes, in due course, becomes a lender to the Federal government.

As a holder, in due course, of Treasury obligations in the form of the paper currency that you hold in your wallet, and which you deposit in you checking account, you should ask what backs up that obligation. If the issuer is bankrupt, as the Federal government is, you should ask yourself, shoud you continue to accept the currency or Federal Reserve notes of the U S Treasury? Should you continue to be a holder in due course of currency that has no intrinsic value?

You say well what is the alternative. You could begin by asking your employer to pay your wages in gold or some other commodity. Your labor is worth more than a worthless courrency, issued by a bankrupt government, that only has its full faith and credit backing it up. About the only thing that the debt obligations (the Federal Reserve note, or dollar bill) have is negotiablity. The dollar obligations or Federal Reserve notes are highly negotiable and are traded easily in daily commerce. But negotiablilty is no substitute for the fact that the underlying currency has no value. How could it, when the Federal governmnet is bankrupt?

The Federal Reserve continues to create more money by printing up trillions of dollars and debt obligations of the Federal government.  Such spending will only dig a deeper ditch for America. Read the "chapterupdate".

These debt olbigations are in the form of the dollar notes or obligations in your checking account and in your wallet, as well as the Treasury bills and Treasury bonds that the Federal Reserve sells and buys through banks and the bond market. The Federal Reserve and Treasury will pay interest on the Treasury bills and Treasury bonds to the banks and bond traders. However, on your Federal Reserve note (debt) which you must accept as legal tender, the Federal Reserve will not pay you interest to hold the government's debt. Is something wrong with that picture?

You have been dumbed down. Your educators did not teach you this in school. You don't know how your governmnet works and how the financial system works. Therefore, you will continue to repeat the same behavior expecting a different result.

Nothing will change in Washington and with your government until you realize that you are a slave to the dollar bill, and the creator of the dollar bill and all forms of currency, which is the Federal Reserve. Congress has given the power of creation of money to the Federal Resevre and create it does.

Since Barack Hussein Obama took office the Federal Reserve has expanded its balance sheet by creating almost 3 trillion dollars in assets. These assets consist primarily of purchases of non-performing mortgages and Treasury obligations from banks and Wall Street investment houses.


Despite the growth of the Federal Reserve's balance sheet, the money supply has continued to shrink. The money supply consists of M1, e.g. currency (dollar bills) in circulation, and demand deposits (dollar bills) in banks, The Federal Reserve refuses to publish reports on all of the money stock (M3) because the money supply continues to dwindle. Why is that? Why are M1 and M2 decreasing, and no numbers are available for M3? It is because depositors are removing their cash out of banks. The Federal Reserve will not admit it but there is already a run on deposits at the banks. Money market accounts, a component of M2, and large CDs,and money market mutual funds, components of M3, have decreased in volume and velocity.

Americans and others are moving their cash out of banks and storing it in other places. Consumer demand deposits and savings accounts are being moved to assets that have value such as gold, commodities, and liquidating value real estate. Others are moving their money to other locations such as the stock market. The rise in the stock market is directly related to the shift of market money accounts and CDs into the stock market. The large banks are also making loans to wealthy individuals to invest in the stock market. Hence the maddening rise of the stock market. Don't put your money in the stock market. It will crash.

Those who are ignorant, and who cannot see the writing on the wall will be the last man or woman standing, when the FDIC will not be able to make good on its guarantee of your funds in a commercial bank. That is because the FDIC insurance is less than one cents or a penny on every dollar deposited. As the money supply continues to dwindle, in spite of the Federal Reserve's huge printing binge, the Federal Reserve and the FDIC will not be able to meet deposit withdrawals. Don't be the last man or woman standing when the game of musical chairs (moving of deposits) is finally over. Read the section of the prophecy below dealing with "WHAT YOU SHOULD DO WITH YOUR MONEY",

One of the reasons the Federal Reserve has announced another stimulus porgram of up to 900 billion dollars in new debt is to buy the treasury securities that no one else will buy. The Federal Reserve is having a hard time selling off securities to foreign investors, as investors, both foreign and domestic, realize, that the Treasury obligations of the Federal government have nothing to back them up. Therefore, the Federal Reserve has become the buyer of last resort of its own Treasury debt. This is a cruel form of self cannibalism at its most grotesque.

Quantative Easing 1 (QE1) has enabled the "Too Big To Fail" banks to continue transacting business, thus deceiving he public that they are solvent, while preventing a bank run. Through creative accounting, devised to prevent the banks, from marking their troubled assets to market value, the banks carry overvalued and toxic assets on their books. However, the Federal Reserve has incresed its assets by almost 3 trillion dollars, by purchasing many of those toxic assets and booking them as securitized mortgages.

When the Federal Reserve announced another Quantative Easing initiative (QE2), in the Spring of 2010, commodity prices began to surge and and will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. Not only precious metals and oil, but grains, sugar, coffee, are all rising. QE2 will not get the economy spending again. As consumer prices continue to rise, consumers will reduce spending. Reduction in consumer consumption can be directly tied to the rise in commodity prices driven by QE2.

The Federal Reserve's monetary policy is ineffective. The economy is so weak that lower interest rates and other monetary tools are not working. No matter how much money is thrown into the system, it has the reverse effect of creating confidence in the system. As a result, peope are holding on to their money, and being smart about their spending. .


Friends, Americans, citizens you have let the Federal Reserve get away too long with requiring you to accpet an IOU of the Federal Reserve as the measurement of your wealth. The Federal Reserve forces you to accept an IOU or obligation of the Federal Reserve to carry out your daily tranactions. Those transactions include the way in which you are paid at work, the way in which you buy and shop, the way in which you pay others. All of those tranactions are denominated in a debt obligation of a Federal government and a Federal Reserve that are bankrupt. As long as you agree to accept that greenbacks in your wallet, e.g. Federal Reserve IOUs from a bankrupt government, your financial plight will not improve.

The Oracle of KMT's suggestion to every American, who continues to accept Federal Reserve notes as a means of exchange, is to stop accepting Federal Reserve notes. There is nothing of substance backing up those Federal Reserve IOUs in your wallet, in your bank accounts. In fact, you could ask your employer to pay your wages in a commodity which has value in the future. Your labor is worth more than the IOUs, i.e. the Federal Reserve bills, that you are paid every week or every two weeks or every month.

If the Federal Reserve can print money out of thin air, why can't you? Why can't you decide how much money you are going to need to spend each day, and then go to your computer, design a bill of exchange, and print your own personal bill of exchange (money)? That is what the Federal Reserve does, and expects you to accept that money - those IOUs, as a thing of value to conduct all of your financial affairs.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the following: "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

That character named Barack Hussein Obama, along with his corrupt coharts Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd, led the charge to expand the powers of the Federal Reserve.  In October, 2010, Congress had an opportunity to clip the wings of the Federal Reserve and take away their power to print money with abandon. Instead, Barack Hussein Obama, who takes his marching orders from Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and its large member banks, waged a fierce battle to not only keep the powers of the Federal Reserve in tact, but to expand those powers. Shame on all of them.


The same cast of characters in the Congress, along with President Barack Hussein Obama, voted and agreed to raise America's debt ceiling from 14.5 trillion dollars to 17.5 trillion dollars. This obscene deal was made to satisfy Wall Street, "Moody's", and the other harbingers of fear and "default", who facilitated TARP and Obama's almost 1 trillion dollar stimulus deal. The same cast of characters, in the U. S. Congress and Senate, voted for TARP and the "Stimulus" package back in 2009, as those who voted to increase America's debt ceiling to 17.5 trillion dollars. The debt will never be repaid as it continues to grow, and as the interest on the debt consumes a larger share of revenue. The only way the American government can function is to borrow 42 cents out of every dollar spent. That number will grow larger as spending increases and revenue sources decline. There is a black hole of debt sucking America into its spiral grip.


At this point in America's history and in world history, the Oracle of KMT would advise you to put your trust in God, gold and guns, in that order. The full faith and trust of the Federal Government cannot be relied on for anything. You cannot rely or trust the Federal Government to protect your constitutional rights - to protect and secure the nation's borders, or to create a currency which can hold its value. A word to the wise is sufficient.


The Sandy Hook massacre of twenty elementary school children and their teachers, coupled with other mass shootings have provided "the perfect storm" for Obama and his cohorts in Congress to take away your guns, and to prohibit future purchases of many types of guns and ammunition. Whenever a country prepares to become a fascist dictatorship, devoid from its constitution, the first measure taken is to rid the people of their constitutional rights to arm themselves against a tyrannical government. As Barack Hussein Obama fundamentally changes America, beginning with making null and void the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, he and his Democrat cohorts must of necessity deprive the people of the right to bear arms, and the right to take back their country from those who have designs to "fundamentally change America". So sees the Ancient Oracle.


History repeated itself in the November 6, 2012 Presidential Election. The same electorate reelected Barack Hussein Obama for President despite the woes of the American economy, the high jobless rate, a growing population dependent on government benefits for their survival, a health care system that is being overrun by an obtrusive medical bureaucracy, a war that lingers in Afghanistan, an erosion of the Constitution and American liberties under the Constitution, and a staggering national debt. These matters were not considered by the portion of the electorate who voted Barack Hussein Obama back into Office, They are still imbued by his slick rhetoric and his racial makeup. The comments below pertaining to the November 2008 Presidential election ring true for the November 2012 election. The only things that changed for the 2012 Presidential Inauguration were the color of Michelle Obama's inauguration gown and the style of her shiny black wig. Obama's wicked policies remain the same.


With the election of Barack Hussein Obama, America and the world, which supported his victory, are headed for an awful karmic future.  The great divide, which encompasses America, just got deeper with the election of Barack Hussein Obama. Barack Hussein Obama is wrong.  There are Red States and Blue States in America.  If you look at the electoral map you will see that the Red States, which did not vote for Barack Hussein Obama, represent the heartland of America.  The people in these states will never scarifice American values for the "come from out of nowhere", false messiah, named Barack Hussein Obama. The majority of the people in the 24 states, which did not vote for Barack Hussein Obama, will never accept him as their President.  The great divide in America got deeper with the election of Barack Hussein Obama as the next president of America.

A word of caution is in order for the African Americans, who were so eager to elect Barack Hussein Obama as their President, come hell or high water.  In the first place, you need to reflect on your history in America. You were brought to America as slaves.  Although you helped to build the White House, the White House was never designed for your occupation. When the White House was built, you were still "field negroes", working in "Massa's" cotton fields and plantations.   As "field negroes", you could only dream of getting a glimpse inside of "Massa's" big house, his White House.   Your highest dream was to live insde of "Massa" house, his big house, his White House.   To experience how it would feel to be "Massa" , living inside of "Massa's" big house, his White House, was and still is your highest ambition.

The problem for African Americans is that the White House, "Massa's" big house, was never meant for you.  Now that you have made it into "Massa's" White House, you are not prepared, psychically, to occupy and run "Massa's" big White House.  There is a lot of negatve karma associated with what you have accomplished by pushing Barack Hussein Obama into the White House.  The original White House is not your House.  It never was and never will be.  Intent and purpose are ingrained in the White House.  African Americans will pay a heavy toll for violating the laws of karma, which are ingrained in the intent and purpose of the founding of America.  "Massa's" House, the White House was never meant for you and you should have left it at that. Instead, you have violated the laws of karma by pressing your way into the occupancy of the White House. African Americans have convoluted their karma by forging their way into the White House through the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

The liberal Whites who voted for Barack Hussein Obama were trying to assuage their conscience for the guilt of America's slavery.  However, the stain of America's slavery cannot be wiped out by electing a man like Barack Hussein Obama, who is not tied to America's slave experience.   For African Americans who fell for the charm of Barack Hussein Obama and his slick oratory, you have attempted to wipe out your slave history through Barack Hussein Obama's election as President.   His election does not make you "first class citizens". You are tied to the slave experience of your ancestors in America.   You should not have sold out that experience by voting for Barack Hussein Obama to occupy the White House.  Your legacy will remain as field Negroes, slaves who were never intended to occupy Massa's big White House.  You have done a disservice to those who came before you and endured the awful history of slavery. "Massa's big White House is not your house.  You are still second class citizens because of your slave legacy in America.

Everything about Barack Hussein Obama's inauguration centered around the slave experience of Blacks in America.  The emphasis is on the fact that slaves built the White House, which Barack Hussein Obama will occupy.   His inauguration is about the slave experience in America, and Barack Hussein Obama is not a part of that slave tradition.  His mother was an American Caucasian and his father was an East African Muslim from Kenya. He rides into the White House on the slave history of America.  Every commentator on television has prefaced any remarks with the fact that Barack Hussein Obama will be occupying the White House which slaves built.

One of the first things that Michelle Obama undertook after moving into the White House, was to plant a vegetable garden on the white house grounds.  She should have known better than to be shown down on her knees digging and planting the grounds of the White House.  The image conjures up her slave ancestors digging and planting the grounds of the White House.  Michelle Obama proves that you can take the slave out of the field, but you can't take the field out of the slave.  Leave the gardening and field work to the hired hands.

Barack Hussein Obama gets a free ride into the White House on the back of slaves, for which he is not a part. The difference between the 43 White Presidents who have occupied the White House and Barack Hussein Obama is that the White Presidents are a part of the original intent and purpose of the White House.  The White House was intended and purposed for those 43 White Presidents.  That original intent and purpose cannot be changed.  It is ingrained into the White House.  Therein lies the karma.

When Barack Hussein Obama refers to himself as "mutt", he truly is a "mutt", a half-breed. Barack Hussein Obama is confused about his racial, ethnic and religious identity.  He is conflicted at the most basic level of self identity.  These issues have not been resolved within himself.  He takes the office of President conflicted about the basic makeup of his self identity.  It is a terrible place to be.

Read the comments in the section near the end of the Prophecy entitled, "THE FOLLY OF MULTIPLYING THE EGO" for the psychosis (pertaining to the soul) of Michael Jackson and his racial self hate, compared to Barack Hussein Obama's racial identity conflicts, both stemming from the pathology of racism, and the mixing of races in America and the world.

Barack Hussein Obama owes his election to people like him, mixed race Americans who are part of America's "melting pot".   In addition to America's mixed race melting pot, Barack Hussein Obama owes his election to liberal White Americans and their young adult offspring. Of course, Black Americans wanted someone who looked like them, ( Michelle Obama), living in the white House.  The Blue States, which elected Barack Hussein Obama, are populated by large numbers of mixed race, liberal Whites, and immigrant populations, both legal and illegal.  These immigrant populations come from Mexico, Latin America, Central America, South America, from Asia and from East India.

California and New York, whose populations are highly populated by mixed races and immigrant populations, led the vote count for Barack Hussein Obama.  The states of California and New York exemplify the "melting pot" dilema which America faces.  As America's races become more diluted, America's loses her predominate racial identity. America was founded as a predominately Caucasian nation with roots in Europe.  America is no longer a predominately Caucasian nation.  The liberal Whites in America could care less that they (Caucasians) are no longer in the majority in America. They help elect politicians who share the same views.

If you have not already done so, read the section of this Prophecy entitled "THE MELTING POT HAS MELTED", "WHERE AMERICA STANDS NOW", and "THE GREAT SEAL OF AMERICA SEALED AMERICA'S FATE".  These sections of The Prophecy will help you place the above remarks in the proper context.  That is why it is important to read the entire Prophecy, if you want to understand what is happening to America and the world.  You can scroll down to these sections of The Prophecy but you have been warned to read the entire Prophecy.

The celebration of Barack Hussein Obama's victory by his millions of jubilant supporters, was a celebratiton of the future karmic destruction of America.  Barack Hussein Obama's supporters, in the 26 Blue States which voted for him, were revelling in the karmic destruction of America, which they helped fulfilled.  They were warned, but they were naieve fools. However, even the warning by the Oracle of KMT could not prevent the inevitable karmic destruction of America.  Barack Hussein Obama's election has sealed that outcome. The whole world is rejoicing and the emperor has on no clothes. They cannot see the obvious because they are caught up in the crazed euphoria of the moment.

America will not find redemption through the election of Barack Hussein Obama as President. The election of Barack Hussein Obama as President only multiplies America's karma.  The Wheel of karma understands motives and manipulation.  Barack Hussein Obama's election as President of America is a ploy and an act of sabotage against the Wheel of karma.  The Wheel of Karma and Maat understand that America is trying to clean her hands of 300 years of slavery through the election of one half-breed, biracial man named Barack Hussein Obama.  Not so quick.   You can't wipe out history and the consequences of slavery in this way. Barack Hussein Obama will play a terrible price for trying to thwart the wheel of karma as it pertains to the ongoing karmic events of slavery. Get out of the way skinny man.  Your personal ambitions to rule America and the world will devour you as the world, which created you, watches.

Barack Hussein Obama has cleverly duped the American people into thinking that he is one of them. The question that you should ask yourself is: "how will you explain to your grandchildren that you had a chance to stop Barack Hussein Obama, and instead you voted him into the White House?"  When your grandchildren are still paying the awful price of a Barack Hussein Obama Presidency, you will only be able to look into their sad eyes, and say that "you drank the kool-Aide".  You sold their future and their destiny to the snake oil salesman, Barack Hussein Obma.  Shame on you, when you were forewarned.

The liberal media of the Blue States which control the broadcast television stations, (CBS, ABC and NBC), and the cable televison networks, (CNN, and MSNBC) are on a campaign to cram Obama and his Presidency down the throats of those in the Red States, who did not vote for Barack Hussein Obama Obama.  The media, in its mission to make Barack Hussein Obama acceptable to all Americans, are on a Barack Hussein Obama feeding frenzy.   In the below photograph, NBC anchorman, Brian Williams actually bows to Barack Hussein Obama as he conducts an official interview inside the White House with Barack Hussein Obama. This photogrpah indicates the extent to which the liberal broadcast media, CNN, and MSNBC have been corrupted by Barack Hussein Obama and his advisors. The liberal media, including NBC, CBS, ABC, and the cable news channels, MSNBC and CNN, are all in the tank for Barack Hussein Obama.

The liberal media are cramming Barack Hussein Obama down the throats of those Americans, in the Red States, who will never support him and will never call him their President.  The liberal media are making nauseating fools of themselves by trying to cram Barack Hussein Obama down the throats of Americans who can never, and will never accept Barack Hussein Obama as their President.  They deeply resent the efforts, on the part of the liberal media, to shove the acceptance of the Barack Hussein Obama hoax down their throats.

Barack Hussein Obama is an "in your face" politician.  Because of his powerful ego, Barack Hussein Obama will insist on dominating the news cycle 24 hours a day.  He will monopolize the news through daily press conferences, photo opportunities, and prime time appearances on radio and television,  He will use Air Force One, the military, and the Secret Service to travel across the country and the world as the springboard for his reelection.  CNN and the other cable channels will cover his shenanigans 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. Barack Hussein Obama will eventually become nauseating to most Americans because of his overexposure and "in your face" politics.

The liberal media, including television and newspapers, are playing their polling games again.  The liberal media's polls indicate that more than 70 percent of the American people have confidence in Barack Hussein Obama.  That poll is a lie on the very face of it.  The 47 percent of the American people, who did not vote for Barack Hussein Obama, were not included in that rigged polling.  The 47 percent of the American people, who did not vote for Barack Hussein Obama, do not trust him and do not believe he will be able to solve America's economic problems.  Barack Hussein Obama will never receive a vote of confidence from all of those millions of Americans in the Red States who did not vote for him.  The liberal media, including the New York Times and their polls, are lying again in order to prop up Barack Hussein Obama.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The only thing that the next American President can do for the American people is to keep them safe and secure inside the borders of America.  Barack Hussein Obama cannot be trusted to fulfill this mission for the American people.  As mentioned in other sections of this Prophecy, there are many Muslim sleeper cells in America, just waiting for the call of Jihad. The President and Congress did nothing to root out and deport these sleeper cells after 09/11.  Many have come to this country illegally.  Many are here legally and some were born here in America.  The nation's borders and seaports are not secure.  America must have a President whom they can trust to deal with all of that.  Barack Hussein Obama is part of that problem.  Barack Hussein Obama should not have been elected President for the sake and safety of America.  You were forewarned.

The below picture shows Barack Hussein Obama wearing an Air Force One jacket, as Commander in Chief, on board Air Force One.  Barack Hussein has commandeered (hijacked) Air Force One through the election of November 4, 2008.

Soon after Barack Hussein Obama took the oath of office, he banned the use of the phrase "war on terror" by all Federal agencies of the Federal government, including the national intelligence agencies, and the U.S. military.  Barack Hussein Obama deemed the term "war on terror" to be offensive to Arabs and Muslims in America and around the world.  Since Barack Hussein Obama took office there has not been a "war on terror".  Under the command of Barack Hussein Obama, the U.S. military no longer fights a "war on terror". The military, the CIA, the FBI have been "cautioned down" when it come to fighting the "war on terror". Their hands have become tied since Barack Hussein Obama came to power.  As a result, America is more vulnerable than ever to another terrorist attack.  Flash forward to a terrorist attack on the largest military base in the United States on November 6, 2009.

Prior to the terrorist attack by a Muslim terrorist, disguised as an American major in the army, it was inconceivable that a military base within the United States could be attacked from within. The attack at Fort Hood was the first major terrorist attack from an Islamic source since 09/11. Once again, like 09/11, America's leaders within the military, Congress and the White House were asleep at the wheel.   Since 9/11, America's leaders, both political and military, have been too concerned about being politically correct so as not to offend Muslims in America and around the world.  The first words out of the mouth of Barack Hussein Obama, in spite of evidence to the contrary, is that Americans should withhold casting judgment about the Fort Hood attack.  After the Fort Hood massacre, the Chief of the Army was more worried about creating a backlash against Muslim soldiers in the military, than conceding the obvious.  The Muslim soldier who committed the terrorist atrocity at Fort Hood did so in the name of "Allah".

The Fort Hood attack showed how vulnerable America is to attack within her own borders.  America has had two wake-up calls, that her leaders were unprepared to deal with, 09/11 and 11/05.  In both attacks, America's leaders did not see it coming. America will be tested for a third time, and in the interest of political correctness America's leaders, again, will probably be asleep at the wheel.   Americans would like to ask their leaders, both in Washington and in the Military, when are you going to be as concerned for the safety and protection of American citizens, as you are about the protection of Muslims against a backlash.


Barack Hussein Obama came out and spoke in favor of building a mosque in proximity to the World Trade Center and the Twin Towers, which were bombed and destroyed by Muslim terrorists on September 11, 2001.  Barack Hussein Obama gave his approval for building a mosque, in proximity to the destroyed Twin Towers, while celebrating Ramadan at the White House with fellow Muslims.  Barack Hussein Obama shrouded his aprroval for building the mosque next to the destroyed Twin Towers, by invoking the Constitution of the United States.  To build a mosque near the site of the Twin Towers is an affront to the tragedy of 9/11.  The religion, which is associated with the terrorists, who brought down the towers, is the Muslim religion.  Building a monument to the Muslim religion, the religion which bred the 9/11 terrorists, is a slap in the face to the victms of 9/11, their families, and the rest of the American people.  Their victory mosque would add insult to injury and death.

Barack Hussein Obama does not see anything wrong wth building a mosque at the sight of the destroyed Twin Towers.  He does not see anything wrong with bulilding a mosque at that most hallowed site to most Americans.  Barck Hussein Obama does not see anything wrong with bulding a mosque near the site of the destroyed Twin Towers, because he is a Muslim at heart.  Barack Hussein Obama can recite the Muslim call to prayer as well as any Imam.


Barack Hussein Obama, in remarks made at the 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon, sent the following assurances to his Muslim brothers: "We are not and never will be at war with Islam".  That is just one side of the equation, however.  Barack Hussein Obama could not assure Americans that: Islam is not and never will be at war with America.  Barack Hussein Obama, the coward President, could only assure the Muslims that America is not and never will be at war with Islam.  Barack Hussein Obama could not give the counter assurance that Islam is not and never will be at war with America.  Barack Hussein Obama could not give that assurance to Americans becuase he knows that Islam is and ever will be at war with America, until Islam's mission is completed to conquer the "infidels in America".

Barack Hussein Obama went out of his way to support Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf's attempt to build a mosque in proximity to the World Trade Towers. He invoked the first amendment right, to the Constitution, of freedom of worship. But by the same token, Barack Hussein Obama would not invoke the same first amendment right of freedom of expression, under the Constitution, to the backward and ignorant American pastor, who wanted to burn the Koran.

America is in a sad state, when it has to rely on an enemy, the "Arab Imam", to serve as a "go between" to create better relations between America and the Arab and Muslim world.  In the first place, the Imam, whom America has such faith in, has made many anti-American statements particulalry as it pertains to 9/11.  When America sends him off to the Middle East to speak on behalf of America, Americans cannot be sure of what he is telling his Muslim brothers.  After all, they speak in Arabic.  America does not know what kind of body language, gestures, nods and winks are used when the Muslim brothers get together in their native lands to talk about "the Americans".

When Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf refers to "my country", one can not be sure if he is speaking of his Muslim country.  When Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf refers to "our people, our soldiers, our troops, our embassies, our citizens ", is he speaking of his Muslim and Arab people in those countries? After all, the Imam sounds different from most Americans who do not speak with an accent, who are not Muslim and who have not spoken irreverently of 9/11.  However, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, and her State Department, will do anything to appease the Muslims.  Hillary Clinton's husband has a lot riding on the Midlle East. Of course, Barack Hussein Obama is tied by blood, ancestry and tradition to Islam.  As mentioned above, Barack Hussein Obama can say the Muslim call to prayer as well as any Imam.

The below picture shows Barack Hussein Obama giving his blessings to other Muslims gathered at the White House to celebrate the start of Ramadan.

The below picture shows Barack Hussein Obama in the Oval Office, the following day, after celebrating Ramadan with invited Muslims.

The below picture shows the Twin Towers in flame after the Muslim terrorists rammed hijacked passenger planes into the towers on 9/11.

One of the first Executive Orders Barack Hussein Obama issued, upon becoming President, is to order the closing of the terrorists' detainee facility in Guantanamo Bay.  These terrorists detainees will be distributed among the American population and housed, clothed and fed at taxpayers' expense.  You will not know who they are because they will be given new names, and new identities under the "terrorists protection program".  The "terrorists protection program" is similar to the "witness protection program", except that it is designed to protect the identity of captured terrorists, who will be disseminated among the American population. Barack Hussein Obama believes that the terrorists detainees should have the same constitutional rights as all Americans.  His first media interview from the Oval Office went to an Arab Media outlet.  In that interview with a foreign Arab, Muslim journalist, Barack Hussein Obama is critical of the country, America, that he is President of, and of which he is Commander in Chief.

Barack Hussein Obama's aim is to improve America's image overseas, even if it means closing the Guantanamo Bay detainee facility, and distributing the terrorists among the American population.  This will please his Arab and Muslim friends in the Arab and Muslim world.  It will also appease his European allies. However, dam what it is in the best interest of the American people, which he is supposed to represent.  His main goal is to improve America's image overseas, at the sacrifice of the American people.

Never before has a sitting American President given an interview to a foreign journalist, criticizing his country for "not being willing to listen".  In that interview, Barack Hussein Obama proudly recalled his Muslim roots, which he had denied during the Presidential campaign.  Barack Hussein Obama will say and do anything to placate his audience, be it foreign or domestic, as he solidifies his mission of world domination, using the auspices and standing of the White House.

Barack Hussein Obama proudly referred to himself as Barack Hussein Obama during his G-20 Summit trip in Europe.  During a speech in the Moslem nation of Turkey, Barack Hussein Obama declared that "America is not a Christian nation. America is a nation of various beliefs".  Barack Hussein Obama proudly evoked his Muslim background and his family members who are Muslims.  Barack Hussein Obama shows his true Muslim colors when he is abroad among other Muslims.  When Barack Hussein Obama returns to America, he distances himself from his Muslim roots and background. Barack Hussein Obama becomes a closet Muslim again.  Barack Hussein Obama conducts himself abroad, in this deceitful way, all at taxpayers' expense.

Barack Hussein Obama, for political expediency, has strongly denied his Muslim background and his Muslim name. Barack Hussein Obama is named for the grandson, Hussein ibn Ali, of their Muslim prophet Mohammad and founder of the Muslim religion. Barack Hussein Obama's African father was Muslim.  In a recent interview with a western journalist, the head of the Taliban in Afghanistan, said that they expected Brarack Hussein Obama to support their terrorists activitess because he is a "Hussein", a Muslim name. They feel a kinship with their Muslim brother, Barack Hussein Obama, and expect him to act like a Muslim and a supporter of their cause.  The Taliban leader said that they had hope and expectations in Barack Husssein Obama for their cause.

During the presidential campaign, Barack Husssein Obama, and his liberal media friends, intimidated anyone who referred to him by his birth name of Barack Hussein Obama.   It was politically incorrect to refer to the "Hussein" in Obama's name. Barack Hussein Obama rejected the "Hussein" in his name when he was campaigning for President. Now that he has won the Presidency, the long legged, snake oil salesman, states that he will gladly be sworned in by his full name of Barack Hussein Obama. Barack Hussein Obama has pulled another fast one on the American people.  He will change his color when he is in the White House. The people who bombed the World Trade Center and the Pentagon now have one of their own in office - Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of America.

At the G-20 summit in London, Barack Hussein Obama greeted the King of Saudi Arabia by bowing on his knee before the King, his fellow Muslim brother.  That bending knee gesture by Barack Hussein Obama, before the Saudi King, speaks volumes about where Barack Hussein Obama's loyalities lie.

In a second trip to the Middle East with visits to Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Barack Hussein Obama began his trip in Saudi Arabia, the scene of the crime, where Islam started.  During his stay in Saudi Arabia as a guest of the Saudi King, Barack Hussein Obama said the following:

"And as I take this trip -- and I will be visiting Cairo tomorrow, I thought it was very important to come to the place where Islam began and to seek his majesty's counsel and to discuss with him many of the issues that we confront here in the Middle East," he added.

Barack Hussein Obama went to Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, to seek the counsel of the Arab Muslim King to help him with many of issues that we (America ) confront in the Middle East.

In the below photograph, the Saudi King Abdullah awards Barack Hussein Obama with a solid gold chain and medallion, the highest honor that can bestowed on a Muslim by the Saudi King.

Barack Hussein Obama has promised the KIng of Saudi Arabia and other OPEC Arab countres that he will not allow the price of oil to fall below $60 a barrel. This is the minimum price that the Saudis need in order to have excess funds to invest in U.S. Treasury obligations. Never mind that $60 a barrel oil creates a financial hardship on the American consumer.

After leaving Saudi Arabia, Barack Hussein Obama journeyed to Egypt and deliviered a speech straight from the Saudi king's playbook.  Barack Hussein Obama said that "I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear."

Barack Hussein Obama went on to say in his Cairo speech that "Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism - it is an important part of promoting peace,"  Words of widom bestowed upon Barack Hussein Obama by the Saudi king Abdullah, prior to landing in Cairo.

Barack Hussein Obama chose Egypt to make an address to Muslims, in which he tried to dispel resentment against America, inflamed by America's wars in the Muslim countries of Iraq and Afghanistan, after 9/11.

Barack Hussein Obama's Middle East trip showed how Barack Hussein Obama and his Muslim brothers in Iraq and the Middle East come together and function as one.  The alliance between Barack Hussein Obama and his Arab and Muslim allies, including the President of Iraq, will only serve the best interests of the Arabs and Muslims, and not America and the American people.  The deal that will be struck between Barack Hussein Obama and the Iraqi Muslims will ignore the sacrifice of American lives and treasure that were made in the war in Iraq. So much for American blood and treasure. American blood and treasure mean nothing to the Iraqis and their Muslim brother, Barack Hussein Obama. For them, their Muslim blood is thicker than water.  To use an old expression, Barack Hussein Obama and the Muslims "piss out of the same boot".  The Ancient Oracle of KMT cannot make it any clearer for you slow learners.


Barack Hussein Obama, in his effort to create a "peace deal" between Israel, and the Arabs, will make Israel the sacrificial lamb. The long standing relationship between America and Israel will be eviscerated under the AntiChrist, Barack Hussein Obama. This will set the stage for Armageddon, as prophesied in the Christain Scriptures.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Nothing that the liar and deceiver Barack Hussein Obama said in his speeches should make you believe him. He comes as a thief out of the night to confiscate the Presidency, from an ignorant electorate, and take your country from you. Barack Hussein Obama is who he is. He was given his Muslim birth name by his Muslim father for a reason.  Although his mother was a Caucasian atheist, she prefered Muslim men, whom she married on two different occasions. Barack Hussein Obama was not conceived in Judeo Christian values. He was born of a Muslim African father, and a Caucasian atheist mother.

Barack Hussein Obama's roots are out of the east, East Africa, although he grew up in the Island of Hawaii (surrounded by the sea).  However, he spent some of his young school age years in the Muslim country of Indonesia.  Barack Hussein Obama left this out of his biography which he presented at his convention.  Barack Hussein Obama's mission in this world at this time is to carry out the purpose of the false messiah, the Antichrist.  He is simply the Antichrist and you must not turn your country over to him. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In addition to the above features of the Antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama fits the definition of the AntiChrist because he controls a powerful military with great fleets of military vessels, Army, Air Force and Marines under his control. The AntiChrist will achieve his aim using the great power of America's military. America has turned her power over to the AntiChrist, who is domiciled in the White House in Washington D.C.

The Christians, including the Evangelicals and the Catholics, allowed this to happen by voting for Barack Hussein Obama, the AntiChrist, as their President. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Think seriously about this for a moment.  Barack Hussein Obama, who could not even receive a low level security clearance for a job in the FBI or the CIA, will now be in charge of the FBI and CIA.  He could not receive the security clearance necessary to be a member of the Secret Service, which protects him and his family.  He would be denied a security clearance because of his background, his association with a radical Black Liberation Theology pastor, and his ties to radical Muslim and radical non Muslim associates.

Barack Hussein Obama resents the CIA and the FBI because he would not be given a security clearance by either of these intelligence and investigative agencies.  He will have an adversarial relation with both agencies during his presidency.   Barack Hussein Obama will do everything in his power to punish and undermine the CIA and the FBI.  Barack Hussein Obama will fill both agencies with his spies and operatives to achieve his clandestine policies for the two agencies.   Agents will turn against agents.  The head of Homeland Security will facilitate his aims for both agencies. Barack Hussein Obama has a secret phobia and loathing of both the CIA and FBI, stemming from his career as a community organizer.   Barack Hussein Obama should have never been elected President for the sake of these two agencies alone.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Barack Hussein Obama travels the world representing himself as the President of America. He ventures into Mexico and Latin America where he attends the Summit of Americas in Trinidad and Tobago.  Barack Hussein Obama looked like a third world president of a third world country, instead of the President of the United States.  He blended in with the "anti-Gringo", "anti-Yankee" rhetoric that was espoused at the Summit of Americas.  Actually, Barack Hussein Obama looked like he should have been representing his paternal homeland of third world Kenya, instead of the United States of America.  Barack Hussein Obama is the only American President who would have sat through the Summit speeches criticizing and blaming America for all of the problems of the third world countries attending the Summit of Americas. Barack Hussien Obama sat and listened to the anti-American speeches, including speeches by Chavez of Venezuela and Noriega of Nicaragua, because he agreed with them. He also committed $100 million of American taxpayers' money at the Summit.


At the Summit of Americas in 2009, just as at the European G-20 summit held in London that same year, the leaders of the Summit of Americas and the leaders of the G-20 countries did not realize that doom and gloom follow in the footsteps of Barack Hussein Obama. Everywhere the antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama, flies in his plane, his aura casts a dark shadow.  Immediately after the G-20 Summit, there was a devastating earthquake in Italy.  The President of Italy was one of the leaders seen in photographs embracing Barack Hussein Obama.

Days after Barack Hussein Obama's visit to Mexico, the plague of Swine flu was visited upon Mexico.  Days after Barack Hussein's visit to Mexico, Mexico City also experienced an earthquake.  The other countries who were a part of the Summit of Americas can look forward to some form of disaster. There will be earthquakes in diverse and unsuspected places, like Haiti and other countries, following the Summit.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Everywhere that Barack Husein Obama travels or visits will experience some form of natural disaster.  He carries the aura of the Antichrist, which permeates the sky, and which affects the weather.  Blizzards, floods, droughts, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcano erruptions are just some of the disasters which follow Barack Hussein Obama to any place that he visits.  Air Force One carries his evil aura all over the world to all of the countries that he visits, including inside the United States.

Immediately following Barack Hussein Obama's visit to the vicinity of Russia in 2010, to sign a nuclear arms treaty, a plane crashed in Russia, killing the President of Poland, his wife and many high Polish government officials. The plane crash was directly tied to the aura of the Antichrist Barack Husein Obama, having just left the vicinity of Russia. Some will try and say it was pilot error or the weather conditions.

The plane crash was no coincidence.  Call it what you may, the plane crash was directly tied to the presence of the antichrist Barack Hussein Obama in the area just hours before the plane crash. Barack Hussein Obama returned to the White House and went to his daughter's soccer game, knowing full well what he and his aura had just caused. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In America, where Barack Hussein Obama is domiciled, there will be massive floods, droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and unknown phenomena, while Barack Hussein Obama is president. Those who voted him in office will choose to turn a blind eye to these trials and tribulations that beset the land.

In the midst of massive flooding of the Mississippi River, and devastating tornadoes in many states, Barack Hussein Obama escaped to Europe and avoided the disasters which his evil persona had cast over the country. When he arrived in Ireland, he was met by a plume of ash from a volcano which erupted just as he was departing on Air Force One. In Europe there will be more disasters in every country which he visits.

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

The below picture shows Obama and his wife escaping to Europe, on May 21, 2011, leaving behind the disasters in America caused by Obama and his aura.

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

The below pictures show Barack Hussein Obama Obama drinking Guiness beer in Dublin, after entering a pub on May 22, 2011. Meanwhile, back in America, thousands of Americans are left homeless and suffering from the disasters Obama left behind. This fellow really knows how to celebrate and enjoy himself on the peoples' dime.

Photos courtesy of the Associated Press

Obama greets the Queen on May 23, 2011 and later plays ping pong with Prime minister Cameron, all financed by the weary American taxpayers.

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

Just prior to his reelection On November 6, 2012, New York And other north eastern states were devasted by Hurrican Sandy, a hurricane the likes of which had not been seen before in that area of the country. The Hurricane blew Barack Hussein Obama back into office.

When prophecy is given, it is often times received with disbelief and denial. Take the case of Simon Peter in the Bible. Jesus of Nazareth told Simon Peter that you will deny me three times before the rooster crows. Sure enough, Simon Peter later denied Jesus Christ three times before the rooster crowed.  Simon Peter did not know how the prophecy would be fulfilled.   Like Simon Peter, you do not know how this Prophecy will be fulfilled.  But this Prophecy will be fulfilled and, like Simon Peter, when you see the events in this prophecy being fulfilled, you will be confounded by your unbelief.

The leaders of the world have been forewarned.  Disaster follows the antichrist Barack Hussein Obama. Because Barack Hussein Obama is domiciled in America, his presence and influence in America will hasten the downfall of America on many levels.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Swine flu is part of a larger biological attack upon America through the portal of Mexico, America's next door neighbor south of the border.  Barack Hussein Obama, with his Muslim ties, cannot be divorced from the ability of Muslim terrorists to penetrate the borders of America. On this occassion it was with a Swine flu. The swine is the most hated and unclean animal to Arabs and Muslims. The swine was the animal of choice for this attack.  This is just the beginning of many biological attacks.

You were forewarned that every place Barack Hussein Obama visits will experience some form of disaster.  If you read the entire prophecy you will understand this is prophecy being fulfilled.   You were warned not to elect Barack Hussein Obama as President of America.  However, destiny precluded your adhering to the warning. This prophecy is like a roadmap.  Everything written herein will transpire.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Barack Hussein Obama has opened up another portal for terrorists to enter America and that is through Cuba. By lifting travel and other embargo restrictions with Cuba, Barack Hussein Obama has made it possibe for Arab Muslim countries like Qatar to build a luxury hotel in Cuba. The Arab and Muslim presence that will come along with the multimillion dollar investments will allow Arab and Muslim terrorists to enter Cuba and penetrate the border of America throught Cuba. With these two easy portals of entry through America, i.e. Mexico and Cuba, Barack Hussein Obama accomplishes the mission of his Muslim counterparts.


Barack Hussein Obama is unfit to serve as Commander in Chief of the nation's military.  It is a blasphemous act against the flag and the military for Barack Hussein Obama to command the attention, and salute of American troops.  He is unfit to receive that honor by the American troops, who so bravely sacrifce their lives for America.  As Commander in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama will have the top security codes and intelligence information at his disposal.  Barack Hussein Obama is now in charge of the nuclear codes of America.  He is a hair trigger from starting a nuclear war with Russia or any other nuclear power.  This is what the voters allowed to happen to America on November 4th.  Shame on you!


The above photograph of four star General Stanley McCrystal and no star President Barack Hussein Obama in the Oval Office shows the magnitude of electing someone like Barack Hussein Obama to the Presidency. Barack Hussein Obama is not fit to tie the shoe laces of the special forces General McCrystal, much less call for him to lay down the stars on his shoulders. The brave General who knows the toughest of combat duty, having trained in the special forces and fought in the fog of battle, had to be dressed down by a community organizing coward, who does not know the first thing about military duty. Barack Hussein Obama would not have survived basic training, much less become a member of special forces, like the Army Rangers, or the Navy Seals.

Firing General McCrystal and his team of Officers will not earn any respect among the soldiers who disrespect Barack Hussein Obama as their Commander in Chief. Barack Hussein Obama is the wrong man for the wrong job as Commander in Chief of the nation's military. The Americans who voted for Barack Hussein Obama did not understand the implications and repercussions of electing a flawed man like Barack Hussein Obama as President and Commander in Chief.


Barack Hussein Obama is a con man, a slick, snake oil salesman, with strange blue lips, who has been able to use slick oratory to accomplish his aims.  Barack Hussein Obama knows that he is unfit for the office of President. The below photograph shows Barack Hussein Obama with those cold blue lips.

Barack Hussein Obama is surprised that he was abe to dupe the American people into electing him as President.  Every time he speaks before a microphone, or behind a podium, he is laughing inside of himself, at how good of a con man he is.  That "big teeth smile", which showcases his dental veeners, is a smile of contempt for the American people, and their foolery at electing him as President.

Barack Hussein Obama, with his "big teeth smile" knows that if he could pull off the Presidency, he can pull off anything on the American people and the rest of the world.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Barack Hussein Obama in his deceptive and cunning ways will try and coopt those who do not support him as their President, and who will never support him, by appointing and aligning himself with representatives from the opposition. You can see this in his cabinet appointments and his committee appointments. However, no amount of coopting will make those in the the Red States, who did not vote for Barack Hussein Obama, accept him as their President.

Red State voters love their country too much to ever follow Barack Hussein Obama. They can see through Barack Hussein Obama and all of his deceitful ploys as he tries and win over the hearts and minds of the American people in the Red States who did not vote for him. Their America is not Barack Hussein Obama's America. These are the people who plant the crops, feed the nation, run the factories and small businesses, send their sons and daughters off to war, and whose roots date back to the founding of the nation.

Barack Hussein Obama has been successul in winning over the so called conservative Republican commentators like George Wills, Peggy Noonan, Bill Kristol and others.  These people are not true conservatives.  They are weak weasels, who for a token of embrace from Barack Hussein Obama, are willing to sell out the millions of Americans in the Red States, who did not vote for Barack Hussein Obama.  The same is true for John McCain and Lindsay Graham.

John McCain, the Republican party's nominee was the worst choice to run against Barack Hussein Obama.  Although John McCain is a Viet Nam war hero, he was ill prepared and ill suited to run against the cunning and conniving Barack Hussein Obama.  McCain did not have the political fortitude nor the intellectual prowess to withstand a campaign against Barack Hussein Obama.  McCain was too soft, and too ready to compromise at every turn.   John McCain was not willing to run a vigorous and tough campaign against Barack Hussein Obama.   McCain was afraid and unwilling to even call Barack Hussein Obama by his full name.  McCain proved how out of touch he was with America's bankrupt economy.  During the height of the campaign, McCain said "the fundamentals of the economy are strong"

McCain's vision was too shallow, and his one issue of "earmarks" couid not carry the day. Barack Hussein Obama with his shrewd tongue made McCain look old, foolish and unprepared to be President.  The Republican Party made the wrong choice in this election, which was to select John McCain as their nominee. Sarah Palin was more in touch with Red States' value than John McCain could ever be. John McCain was too removed from the people.  He's been in Washington too long.

Lindsay Graham and his gang of eight in the Senate are a disgrace to the Republican Party and Republican values.  He, like the Republican weasal commentators, have knelt at the knees of Barack Hussein Obama. Lindsay Graham was a complete disgrace at the press conference with Barack Hussein Obama, where he "amened" every word that came from Barack Hussein Obama's lips.  His other Republican counterparts in the Senate and Congress do not appear to be much better.  They will lose what remaining representation they have in Congress and the Senate if they continue to amen everything that Barack Hussein Obama says and does.  A word to the wise is sufficient. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

If you read the Prophecy regarding the election, you were given all of the reasons why Barack Hussein Obama should not and must not be elected President Of America.  The Oracle of KMT will not repeat what has already been written.  You can only wait for the manifestation in the physical realm.  America is rushing to its destiny through the election of Barack Hussein Obama as President Obama.  If you have any intuitive sense, you must feel the karmic haze that is hanging over America, after the election of Barack Hussein Obama as the next President of America.

Barack Hussein Obama ascended to the Presidency by convincing the American people that he was a different type of politician.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Barack Hussein Obama is an old style Chicago politician with ties to the corrupt political machinery in Chicago.  Barack Hussein Obama is a young, ruthless, "old-style" Democrat Chicago politician, who uses the "rules" to defeat and squash anyone who stands in the way of his political ambitions.

The change that Barack Hussein Obama wants America to believe in, is the change that he will use to squash and destroy America through the power of the Executive Branch.  The voters cannot expect any oversight or impeachment by the Legislative Branch, because the Legislative Branch will be controlled by his fellow Democrats.  With a Democrat controlled House and Senate, they will support Obama in everything that he does as President.  The Democrats will defend Obama's constitutional right to make the sweeping and pernicious change that he will make, to America, as President.

In a macabre kind of "Godfather" like scene, Barack Hussein Obama has received phone calls of congratulations from all of the world's heads of state.  They called to congratulate him, kiss his hand and offer their support.  Barack Husein Obama is the Godfather "dun" to all of the leaders of the world.  In return for their support and loyalty, in a scene reminiscent of "the Godfather", his world leaders expect suport, protection, and generosity from their Godfather, Barack Hussein Obama.  The support that Barck Hussein Obama offers will be at the expense of the American taxpayers.  However, there is one small thing that the world leaders who called to congratulate their "dun" overlooked.  America is broke and does not have the money to hand out in aid and trade overseas.  Godfather, antichrist Barack Hussein Obama will have to come up with another scheme to keep and win the goodwill of his foreign supporters.

Barack Hussein Obama has urged the American people not to be "afraid" of him.  For a presidential candidate to even have to pose the notion of not being "afraid" of him is an unthinkable concept.  How many Presidential candidates have ever confronted the American people with the notion of not being "afraid" of him or her? The fact that he thinks some of the American people are "afraid" of him, in and of itself, should have removed Barack Hussein Obama from any consideration for President.  Clearly, Barack Hussein Obama is unfit to be President on this notion, alone, of being "afraid" of him.

On the subject of Barack Hussein Obama's Muslim roots, the American people did not think seriously about the consequences of electing a man like Obama.  Not only was Obama's natural father a Muslim, but his mother's second husband was a Muslim from Indonesia. Barack Hussein's mother had a penchant for African Muslim and Asian Muslim men. Apparently, she was not attracted to Caucasian Christian men.  Barack Husssein Obama lived and attended Muslim Schools in his step father's homeland of Indonesia.  Many of the schools in Indonesia are Madrasas, which have produced suicide bombers and terrorists that plague the world today.  Obama attended a Madrasa in Indonesia.  Barack Hussein Obama is a closet Muslim, denying who he is for puposes of winning the election and becoming President. According to Barack Hussein Obama, "America is not a Christian nation". His election proves that.

The American people should ask is there a suicide bomber lurking inside Barack Hussein Obama?  If so, when will the suicide bomber inside of him explode?  Will it be while sitting in the Oval office?  Will it be while delivering a State of the Union address? The job of the Secret Service would then be one of protecting the American people from their potential, suicide bomber President, instead of protecting the President from the people.  Can you imagine Barack Hussein Obama, with his Muslim roots, being trusted with the national security and top secrets of the American government?  If you can't imagine him in charge of the national security and the top secrets of the American government, then nothing else matters when it comes to Obama as President.  If you can imagine such a disaster, then you need your head examined.

The photo below shows the "Osama in Obama".  Barack Hussein Obama, in this photo taken on his trip to Somalia, a Muslim country in East Africa, bears an uncanny resemblance to Osama Bin Laden, without the beard.  Barack Hussein Obama is skinny and tall like Osama Bin Laden.  Osama Bin Laden and Barack Hussein Obama both have narrow shoulders and long skinny arms and skinny hands.  The size of Barack Hussein Obama's wrists is not more that 6 1/2 to 7 inches, the size of a lady's wirsts.   His neck is the size of a lady's neck, barely "10" inches around.  The similarities between Barack Hussein Obama and Osama Bin Laden do not stop with their wrist and neck sizes, and physical appearnces.  They both inspire terrorists.  Bin Laden hides in a cave in Afghanistan.  Barack Hussein Obama hides behind a pin stripe suit and the shield of the Presidency.  Barack Hussein Obama is far more dangerous to America, as President.

In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, Caroline Kennedy has become a caricature of the legacy which her father and mother left.  She and her Uncle Ted Kennedy were drawn under the spell of the antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama.  Both she and her Uncle Ted Kennedy are doing the bidding of the antichrist in making Barack Hussein Obama President of the United States.  "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

The demise of Edward Kennedy, from brain cancer, cannot be separated from his support and endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama as President of America.   In the opinon of the Ancient Oracle that is the terrible price which he paid for supporting Barack Hussein Obama and interefering with the wheel of karma.  Even though Kennedy has passed, he is still attempting to control America, from his grave, through Barack Hussein Obama and his policies.  That is one down and at least two more to go, in the pivotal persons, who influenced the election of Barack Hussein Obama as President.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Oprah Winfrey was used as the catalyst which brought the antichrist scourge of Barack Hussein Obama upon America and the rest of the world.

In the below photographs, Winfrey campaigns for Barck Hussein Obama in the 2008 Presidential election, as she calls Obama "the one".

In the opinion of the Oracle of KMT, Oprah Winfrey is a misguided egoist who lives for the pride and admiration of others. She thrives on America's adoration, through her gift giving (cars, trips, and all), which ingratiates her to her American audience. She is filled with her antics, the latest of which was her thrust to make Barack Hussein Obama America's next president.

Oprah Winfrey does many things that appear ill advised like building a multimillion dollar school for girls in South Africa.  Many South Africans feel that her money could have been better used to help the people of Soweto, instead of building a luxury school for girls, totally removed from their background and culture.  She apparently did not consult with many people in South Africa before building the school.  The school, which bears her name, appears to be a monument to her ego.

In the view of the Ancient Oracle, Oprah Winfrey has never had an original idea of her own. Apparently, "The calling" which she spoke of was taken from a book, which was sent to her, and which she nor her staff never acknowledged. The author did not need the acknowledgement for validation. However, it would have been reassuring to see that Oprah lives by the lofty rhetoric that she expounds. Yes, there is karma and every act reaps its own reward. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. There are a lot of people who see through the real Oprah, and not the one who has been manufactured through day time television. Oprah Winfrey is not who she appears to be.

Oprah Winfrey has been worshipped and adored more than any figure in history including Jesus Christ, who was hated and crucified. However, Jesus did not have cars and trips to give away. Maybe the message of Jesus Christ wasn't as important as Oprah's. Since Oprah has superceded Jesus Christ when He was alive, she should remember the following quotation from Shakespeare's MacBeth (Act V, Scene V):

"Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." It is time for Winfrey to take note of the significance of that statement, leave the world stage and take that enormous ego with her. To the people and sponsors who prop her up and keep her out there, it's all about money. However, money is not everything.

Remember Oprah Winfrey is a talk show host who has made her billions from proselytizing the physical and emotional problems of other people. In the process she has multiplied her ego obscenely. From the time she first came on national T V with her daily talk show, she appeared "broganish" and boisterous. She snatched the ball and was ready to run with it. One could sense the enormity of her ego.

Oprah Winfrey leaped to fame by promoting and starring in the film, "The Color Purple".  The movie, "The Color Purple", is based on a book by the same title.  In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, that book was an unabashedly, vulgar distortion of the Black experience in America, and a blasphemy against God.  The book starts out by insulting God with a prayer in the form of a letter, wherein the sex act is used to command God's attention.  After the first lines, most readers would not want to read any further.  However, to people like Oprah Winfrey and the book's author, the book appears to be a way to gain the world's attention, through a sordid, and misrepresentative interpretation of the African American experience in America.

The sordidness of the story is interspersed with appeals to God, and then brought forward by describing nature scenes in Africa.  To bring Africa and the Deity into that sordid, vulgar story described in The Color Purple, seems to be an affront to literary decency. Nevertheless, this is the kind of story and tale that led to Oprah Winfrey's celebrity.

The wealth and fame of Oprah Winfrey have been turned against her as she has been used in the most cruel way to accommodate the purpose of the antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama.  She will have to answer for that misdeed with all of its karmic consequences.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

In a desperation of overkill, Barack Hussein Obama, his wife Michelle Obama and number one supporter, Oprah Winfrey, went to Denmark in a last minute attempt to win the 2016 Olympic Games for the city of Chicago.  Barack Hussein Obama had promised the City Of Chicago, during his Presidential campaign, that he would bring the Olympics to Chicago in 2016, at the end of his second term in office. The in-your-face over kill of those three, (Obama, his wife Michelle, and Winfrey), as they tired to woo the Olympics, over the other competing countries, who were at an overwhelming disadvantage, was nothing short of ostentatious repugnancy.  It was a display of flaunting wealth, power, amd celebrity at the expense of the other competing countries.

As always, Barack Hussein Obama and company wind up looking like the ugly, overbearing Americans, who always want to have things their way.  America has hosted the Olympics many times. Why not let a country Like Brazil, which has never, if ever, hosted the Olympics, be given the opportunity in 2016 to shine the spotlight on their country.

Barack Hussein Obama is on the last leg of his mission, as antichrist, to become President of America and eventually President of the World.  Michelle Obama, his wife, is part of the plan of the antichrist. She too has a "big teeth" smile which shows her dental veneers.  She exists under the spell of her husband, the false messiah.  Everything that Michelle Obama has done professionally is to promote the ambition of the antichrist.  Her Harvard Law degree has done her little good, except to become more radical, and to abandon corporate America to become part of her husband's community organizing work, in furtherance of the mission of the antichrist. She and Barack Hussein Obama use the seed of Barack Hussein Obama, his two children, to proselytize themselves, as a way of endearing the antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama to his supporters.

Michelle Obama said during the 2008 campaign, that for the first time in her life, she was proud to be an American. She is proud to be be an American, now that she has a chance to become "First Lady".  What an insult to the American people!  She will camouflage herself in pearls as she tries to imitate the Caucasian First Ladies who have preceded her.  She is unlike the White First Ladies, in size and stature, who preceded her to the White House.

Michelle Obama is tall, like an amazon, as compared to the White First Ladies, who have been petite or average in size.  Michelle is nearly six feet in height, nearly as tall as her husband. She is bow legged and sway back.  Her mouth is the prominent feature of her face.   She also bears the true Negroid facial characteristic of prognathism, or protrusion of the jaw, which is natural to the race of African Negroes and the Bantu people of Sub Sahara Africa.  She inherited that facial trait from her African ancestors.  There is nothing Caucasian about Michelle Obama.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Michelle Obama requires a lot of touch up to make herself presentable to the public. She is a clothes horse.  The Ancient Oracle predicts that Michelle Obama will go insane while living in the White House. She flees from the White House every chance she gets, going on junkets to schools and public buildings.  Tragedy will befall Michelle Obama and her two children  Her husband will wrap himself in the American flag as he tries and conceal his true identity in the White House.

Barack Hussein Obama surrounded by American flags

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

One of the most annoying rituals that Barack Hussein Obama and Michele Obama perform is to greet people they meet, personally, with a snide, deceitful, quick, embrace.  Their snide embrace is a way to endear themselves to people, as they conduct their destructive agenda for America and the world.   It is highly unusual to see that type of greeting, even with strangers.  One realizes it is part of their nonstop campaign to deceive the people as to who they really are.  Barack Hussein Obama has taught Michelle Obama the ways of the antichrist, and she performs the way he has taught her, even with the quick, snide, deceitful embrace. They don't realize that the people can see their embrace of others is just part of their nonstop drama. Anything for attention.  Anything to deceive people as to who Barack Hussein Obama really is.

In the vision of the Oracle of KMT, Barack Hussein Obama has the qualities of the Anti-Christ, Nostradumus' Mabus, and the traitor Benedict Arnold.  His traitor qualities will not be shown until he takes office as President.  America, has tied its destiny to the antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama.


The American people are not ready for the change that Barack Hussein Obama will bring to their country.  Barack Hussein Obama does not have the experience to lead America. Furthermore, Americans must ask themselves if they would board a ship, whose captain was inexperienced and lacked character?  By the same token, would they fly on an airplane whose pilot was inexperienced and lacked character?  Why would they trust their country and the Executive Branch to an inexperienced, street organizing Senator from Chicago, who just happens to have ties to a controversial preacher, who damned America from his pulpit.

Barack Hussein Obama is unfit to be President and lead the nation. He is flawed beyond your imaginations. He has already cast a dark shadow over the country.  While he flies over the country from coast to caost, from east to west, from north to south, Obama inside his campaign airplane, has cast a dark shadow and aura over America.  The effects are being felt daily.  Every place that he has travelled, or will travel, has experienced or will experience some form of disaster. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

Every agency of the Federal government is under the command and control of the Executive Branch and the President. These agencies include the Pentagon and the Justice Department.  Barack Hussein Obama will use the "rules", regulations and Executive Orders of the Executive Branch to make sweeping changes, detrimental to the best interest of the American people.   With his Harvard Law degree and his treacherous mind, Barack Hussein Obama can use the stroke of a pen to undermine and further weaken America.  As he uses the power of the Executive Branch to achieve his destructive aims for America, he cannot be challenged because he has the constitutional power of the Executive Branch.

Obama's supporters ignore the risks posed by an Obama President.  They refer to the risks as "silly". Similarly, Americans did not connect the dots before 9/11.  They thought the notion that New York City and the Pentagon could be attacked was silly and inconceivable. Bam! America was attacked!  America, you have been forewarned.  So sees the Oracle of KMT.


Barack Hussein Obama plays the race card to his political expediency.  His speech on race in Philadelphia proved that he is not the uniter.  He nor his campaign did not transcend race. Obama pulled out the race card, at the last minute, when his political campaign was in trouble over the Rev. Wright's controversial comments about America.  In order to hold on to his campaign standing, Obama had to resort to playing the race card by admonishing America about the pitfalls of racism.

Barack Hussein Obama presents himself as the one who can save America and put America on a different path.  Obama's speech on race was so self serving and so transparently manipulative to both blacks and whites, that it was downright patronizing. Barck Hussein Obama's tactic was to shift the discussion from the remarks of his preacher and spirtual advisor, to a lecture castigating and criticizing America about racism.  Barack Hussein Obama's message is that when your back is up against the wall, play the race card, which he did.  He used the racism card to justify the remarks of his spiritual advisor, the Chicago minister, Rev. Wright.  Barack Hussein Obama will always play and manipulate the race card to gain political advantage.

Barack Hussein Obama is not the the one to give a speech on racism and the struggle of Blacks in America. In the first place, his struggle is not the struggle of African Americans.  If he were a true African American, a descendant of slaves, he would never be elected President.  Because his father is African and his mother is Caucasian, liberal Whites are more inclined to vote for him as President.  White Americans cannot get over the legacy of slavery and placing a descendant of slaves in the White House.

The only connection that Barack Hussein Obama has with the slave experience in America is through his Black wife, Michelle Obama. He does not have the credentials or the legacy to chastise the nation on its racial history and its heritage. His speech was misplaced and demonstrates the extent to which he will go to manipulate the racial wounds of Black people to suit his political ambition.  Obama, in his Philadelphia speech, back tracked on his condemnation of the Rev Wright because he did not want Rev. Wright to out him, and to reveal the real Barack Hussein Obama.

Barack Hussein Obama has dual citizenship in Kenya from his African father.  He has not renounced his dual citizenship with Kenya.  When he took the oath of President, he took the oath of office as a dual citizen of the African nation of Kenya. The reason that Barack Hussein Obama's father left Barack Hussein and his Caucasian mother in Hawaii, when he returned to his native Kenya, is because he was ashamed and could not afford politically to return to Kenya with a White wife.  This was immediately following the period of Kenya winnning independence from colonial Britain.  The Kenyans had fought a bloody battle to win their indpendence from the White Europeans.  For Barack Hussein Obama's father to return to Kenya with a White wife would have been highly unacceptable among his village and the people of Kenya.  So he abandoned Barack Hussein Obama and his White mother in Hawaii, rather than bring shame to his village.  This is just the way things were at that time in the early 1960's.  Barack Hussein Obama retained ties to his Muslim father's background through his stepfather, who was also a Muslim, an Indonesian Muslim.

When Barack Hussein Obama refers to himself as "mutt", he truly is a "mutt", a half-breed. Barack Hussein Obama is confused about his racial, ethnic and religious identity.  He is conflicted at the most basic level of self identity.  These issues have not been resolved within himself.  He took the office of President conflicted about the basic makeup of his self identity.  It is a terrible place to be.


The real Barack Hussein Obama will not stand up.  He has denied his Muslim roots.  He claims that he is a Christian who prays to Jesus. However, his Jesus is a "Black Jesus", and his form of Christianity is a black liberation theology.  This is the religion that Barack Obama has attached to himself for more than twenty years, and the church that has served as the springboard to his political career.  Barack Hussein Obama cannot divorce himself from Rev Wright or the Black Liberation Theology of his church.  They are his political backbone.

Barack Hussein Obama maintains that he was not in the church pews when Rev Wright preached his fiery, Black Liberation Theology sermons.  However, Trinity Church videos of Sunday church services will show that Obama and his wife were present on many Sundays when Rev Wright preached in his usual manner. These videos were available for purchase after each Sunday service, and were made available to the public, up until the Rev Wright video controversy.  Barack Hussein Obama had access to Rev Wright's Black Theology sermons, recorded on video, over more than twenty years.  Obama has stated that he got through Harvard Law School listening to tapes of Rev. Wright's sermons.  Those tapes of Rev. Wright's sermons fired Obama up for his community organizing work, upon his return to Chicago.

For political expediency, after having spent more than 20 years in Rev. Wright's Trinity Church, Barack Hussein Obama not only denounced Rev. Wright, his spiritual advisor, but he has also rejected the Trinity Church and its members.  At the last minute, Obama turned his back on the Chicago Church and the religious leaders who advanced his political career, in order to improve his image with White American voters. Barack Hussein Obama's playing around with religion, in this way, in order to garner votes, is repulsive to most people of faith. Barack Hussein Obama will say anything and do anything to become President, even if it makes a mockery of religion, and especially the Black church.

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

Barack Hussein Obama has gone to great lengths to tell the American people that he "prays to Jesus", but his name would suggest otherwise.  Barack Hussein Obama prays to the "black Jesus" of his church, and not the Jesus of the Christian Bible.  He was led to his "black Jesus" through a black liberation theology church in Chicago.  His church teaches a corrupted form of Christianity designed for the consumption of African Americans.  It is a hybird form of Christianity with a "black Jesus" as their savior.  It is hard to know what exactly Barack Hussein Obama believes in.  He lies and covers up his true beliefs.

Barack Hussein Obama was a member, and was affiliated with his black liberation theology church in Chicago for twenty years. Obama's relation with the Chicago church and its minister was more than an association. His relation with the Chicago minister and church, was an affiliation.  There is no way that Obama can creditably deny the theology and the sermons of the minister of the church.  He not only attended the church, he supported the church with his monetary donations.  He called the minister of the church his spiritual advisor.

For the sake of political expediency, Barack Hussein Obama denounced Minister Louis Farakhan and Rev Wright, although he had long time associations with both men.  Barack Hussein Obama attended Muslim minister Louis Farrakhan's "million men's march in Washington D.C.  Obama has proved that he will say anything and deny anybody to become President.   Barack Hussein Obama has no allegiance to anything or anybody, including America.  Rev. Wright was right about Barack Hussein Obama.  Obama will say anything, and deny anything and anybody to become President. The Black Church and Black preachers have been gravely hurt and divided by the candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama.  Black preachers and the Black church will live to regret the name of Barack Hussein Obama.  The anti-Christ (Obama) has appeared first through the African American Church.

The Great Deceiver, Barack Hussein Obama

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

In order to be elected as President, Barack Hussein Obama denied his Muslim roots. So, the very reason for Obama's candidacy had been defeated, before he was elected, because he had denied his Muslim roots, and therefore could not achieve the intended objectives of the American establishment in the Arab and Muslim world.  The Arabs and Muslims will have no use for him because he has denied his Muslim roots.  The Muslims and Arabs will cast him aside like a wet noodle, as one who has no backbone.  He will be viewed by the Muslims as an opportunist, and a "running dog lackey" of American capitalism, who has offered himself to be used in the interest of furthering American interests in the Arab and Muslim lands.  However, this will not stop Barack Hussein Obama.  He will find a way to draw the Arabs and Muslims, whom he denied for political expediency, into his spell of deception.

Barack Hussein Obama will play the same divisive strategy between Arab Muslims and non-Arab Muslims, as his predecessor, George W. Bush.  However, Instead of just dividing Arab Muslims against Iranian Muslims, Barack Hussein Obama will go one step further.  Barack Hussein Obama will go one step further and attempt to divide Asian Muslims against Arab Muslims.  Barack Hussein Obama will continue to divide Arab Muslims against Iranian Muslims, as Bush did. Finally, Barack Hussein Obama will divide Arab Muslims against Arab Muslims, in the Palestinian conflict.

A wink to the Arab and Muslim World, telling them one thing, while Barack Hussein Obama tells Americans another thing, will not suffice.  He apparently pulled that caper with at least one other foreign government, during his campaign, and it did not work.  His cover had been blown.  To many Americans, a barrel of oil was not worth the price of the American establishment, dressing up Obama, and pushing Obama down the throats of the American people.  The establishment did so, knowing that Barack Hussein Obama had not been properly vetted and scrutinized for the highest elected office in the nation.

The powerful and the elite endorsed Barack Hussein Obama for all the wrong reasons. From his denial of his Muslim roots, to his unorthodox Black Liberation Church, too many American voters (47 percent of the electorate) do not trust Barack Hussein Obama. One of the first Executive Orders Barack Hussein Obama issued upon becoming President was to order the closing of the terrorists' detainee facility in Guantanamo Bay .  His first media interview from the Oval Office went to an Arab Media outlet.  In that interview with a foreign Arab, Muslim journalist, Barack Hussein Obama is critical of the country, America, that he is President of, and of which he is Commander in Chief.

Never before has a sitting American President given an interview to a foreign journalist, criticizing his country for "not being willing to listen". In that interview, Barack Hussein Obama proudly recalled his Muslim roots, which he had denied during the Presidential campaign.  Barack Hussein Obama will say and do anything to placate his audience, be it foreign or domestic, as he solidifies his mission of world domination, using the auspices and standing of the White House.

Barack Hussein Obama is like a chameleon.  He is an Asian when he needs to be Asian. Witnesss the elections in Guam and Hawaii.  He is a Muslim when he needs to be Muslim. Witness his appeal to Muslims and Arabs.  He is Black when he needs to be Black. Witness his appeal to the African Americans for their votes.  He is half White when he needs to ask White people for their votes.  Witness his appeal to Whites for their votes.  He is Christian when he needs to be.  Witness his church in Chicago and the part it played in helping to get him elected to the Senate.  He "came to Jesus" for political reasons.  He is whatever he needs to be at the time.  Now that the American electorate have given him the Presidency, all that his consitituency can do is to sit back and to watch this dangeorus man, named Barack Hussein Obama.  Barack Hussein Obama will change his colors, as he struts back and forth upon the world stage.  The grief that is about to befall America, at the hands of Barack Hussein Obama, is worse that a Shakespearean tragedy.


America is on the verge of an economic depression.  If you want to understand the true state of America's economy, read the "chapterupdate".  This Chapter update was written years ago before the manifestation. Don't be lazy.  Read the Chapter update and you will understand what is happening to the American economy and why no President will be able to fix it.

The Wall Street melt down, and America's financial hardship are just a harbinger of the things to come, and are foreshadowed by the appearance of the antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama.  The spirit of Barack Hussein Obama, the antichrist, is intertwined in all of the terrible things that are happening to America.  His appearance signals these things to come. This is the "change" that Barack Hussein Obama has ushered in and brought upon America.

Barack Hussein Obama will sabotage the economy through his ignorance and inexperience. The rhetoric that you hear coming from the mouth of Barack Hussein Obama is just that, rhetoric.  Barack Hussein Obama's economic advisors write out everything that you hear coming from his lips.  Barack Hussein Obama is an empty suit when it comes to finances, and the economy.  Everything is written and prepared for him to say about the economy, and about the financial melt down on Wall Street.  Barack Hussein Obama does not have a clue about what is going on in the economy.  His handlers and advisors package everything that he says out on the campaign trail.  When Barack Hussein Obama is President and Commander in Chief, it will be a case of the blind leading the blind.

Barack Hussein Obama, the community organizer from Chicago, based his campaign for the Presidency on opposition to the Iraq war.  He won his party's nomination based on his opposition to the war.  He has no experience, other than being a community organizer and working as a civil rights lawyer.  Now, Barack Hussein Obama is head of the largest economy in the world, which is in free fall.  Nothing in the background and experience of Barack Hussein Obama has prepared him for being Chief Executive Officer of trillions of dollars, and serving as Commander in Chief of the military.  Barack Hussein Obama will have to rely on a host of economic and military advisors to help him serve as Chief Executive Officer of the country and Commander in Chief of the military.  Barack Hussein Obama is ignorant in all of these arenas, in spite of his Harvard law degree.  Barack Hussein Obama is an empty suit whose only purpose is to fulfill his mission as antichrist. 

Barack Hussein Obama is trying to lead an "economic recovery program" based on fear and scare tactics. He is trying to scare the American people into supporting his program to "stimulate" the economy by spending more than one trillion dollars by the Federal government.  This is similar to the scare tactics used by Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats' controlled Congress and Senate, which approved nearly one trillion dollars for a Wall Street bailout. That money is largely unaccounted for.  With Barack Hussein Obama and his Democrat buddies on Capitol Hill, it is always a rush, and a "sense of urgency" to spend money, without proper and thorough consideration.  Barack Hussein Obama uses the fear tactic to cover up his lack of experience and unpreparedness to deal with the economic problems of the country.  The people who are advising him are part of the problem.  It is their economic theories that have led to the debacle that America faces.  Do not believe Barack Hussein Obama's con game that he is running on the American people, when it comes to spending more than a trillion dollars to get the economy moving again.  Such spending will only dig a deeper ditch for America. Read the "chapterupdate".

The way to start dealing with America's economic problems is first to slim down the bureaucracy in Washington. There are a number of Federal agencies that should be closed, or shut down.  These include the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Reserve and the Department of Education.

The Department of Homeland Security, created in response to 09/11 is s gigantic, monstrous agency, which ingests billions of taxpayers dollars each year. This agency continues to grow, while duplicating the functions of many of the government agencies that are already in charge of providing for the nation's security.  The Department of Education should be eliminated and the Federal program of "No Child Left Behind" eliminated. Under the program, "teachers teach to test".  This program is a complete failure.  The responsibility of educating the nation's students should remain in each State.  The Federal Reserve, should be abolished and a Central Bank established whose main function is to regulate the monetary supply.  The Central Bank should be stripped of all of its other functions, and those functions transferred to other Federal Regulatory agencies.  The Federal Reserve itself, remains unregulated by Congress, which is one of its main problems.

Another way to deal with America's economic problems is to use technology to streamline the mechanisms of Congress.  Through technology, members of Congress and the Senate can remain in their Districts and conduct the affairs of Congress.  Congress waste billions of dollars travelling, first class, back and forth weekly, between their Districts and States to Washington D.C. There is no reason that members of Congress could not remain in their individual States, and hold their committee meetings by electronic teleconferencing. Roll call can be conducted through teleconferencing.  The Capitol and Senate buildings should be dimmed and utility costs significantly reduced through domiciling the Congressional Offices and Senate offices in each Representative and each Senator's home State.   It would reduce the access of lobbyists to members of Congress, since each member would remain in his or her District, instead of being so readily available to lobbying efforts in Washington.

Another way to realize economies of scale in the Federal budget is to reduce the expense associated with providing protections or security for the President and his family.  Secret Service protection, along with all of the vehicles necessary to accompany the President and members of his family, are very costly.   It is costing the Federal government too much to continue to provide the kind of protection provided to him or her.  Frankly, both Barack Hussein Obama and his wife should remain cloistered in the White House because the outlandish security, needed to provide for their protection, is too burdensome to the American taxpayers.  This observation is borne out by the display of Secret Service protection needed to accompany Barack Hussein Obama during his inauguration.  The costs of operating Air Force One, which transports the President, are also too expensive. The area of Secret Service protection and use of Air Force One should be closely scrutinized to see how the protection and transportation of the President can be more economically provided for the sake of the American taxpayers.

Before spending trillions of dollars in taxpayers money to bail out the economy, first start by saving billions of dollars in taxpayers' money by eliminating the bureaucratic and Congressional fluff in Washington.  Start with saving billions of dollars instead of spending trillions of dollars that the Treasury does not have.  By the way, don't start by cutting the social security benefits of people who worked all of their lives and paid into the Social Security Trust Fund.  Social Security is not an entitlement.  It is an insurance fund that the recipients have paid into all of their working lives.  These people should not be required to have "skin in the game" as Barack Hussein Obama referred to Social Security recipients. Social Security benefits is the first place that people like Barack Hussein Obama look to cut in order to save money in the Federal budget.

Barack Hussein Obama's advisors are former Clinton advisors and appointees. Barack Hussein Obama's administration will be a recycle of the Clinton Presidency and a third term of Bill Clinton, with all of its warts. His antichrist agenda will be accomplished under the disguise of a Clinton administration. The Ancient Oracle predicts and believes that Barack Hussein Obama's appointees to head up the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department will look the other way as Barack Hussein Obama violates the constitutional rights of American citizens, through, and not limited to, invasion of privacy and wiretaps.

Barack Hussein Obama's appointee for Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, is a protege of former Federal Reserve Chairmen, Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke, and former Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson. Alan Greenspan is one of the worst, if not the worst, Federal Reserve Chairman ever.  Geithner served as President of the New York Federal Reserve, prior to Greenspan's retirement.  As President of the New York Federal Reserve, Geithner served on the Federal Open Market Committee, which sets monetary policy and controls interest rates.  Paulson and Geithner, while Geithner was still President of the New York Federal Reserve, approved the bailout of Goldman Sachs.  Goldman Sachs, like the investment banking firm of Lehman Brothers, was on the verge of insolvency, which Paulson and Geithner prevented by approving a bailout of Goldman Sachs. Lehman Brothers was allowed to fail.

Read the "chapterupdate" to understand how the Federal Reserve manipulates interest rates to control the money supply.

Henry Paulson was the former head of Goldman Sachs, prior to being appointed Treasury Secretary by George W. Bush. Paulson had a vested interest in not seeing Goldman Sachs fell.  The Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve came to the rescue of Goldman Sachs.  Goldman Sachs, and Merrill Lynch, which was also bailed out by the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve, through a merger with Bank of America, are the largest primary dealers, required to bid at Treasury auctions.

The Federal Reserve and the Treasury were not about to allow Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch to fail because they needed these investment houses to bid and peddle U. S. Treasury obligations in the financial markets.   It was vital to the Treasury and Federal Reserve's monetary operations to keep Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch around so that the Treasury and Federal Reserve could load off worthless U. S. Treasury obligations (junk bonds), isssued by a bankrupt American government. These auctions are held weekly and they never quit.  The Federal Government said to Goldman Sachs and Merril Lynch, "you scratch our backs, we'll scratch yours".  That way the charade will never end.

Morgan Stanley, Bear Stearns and Goldman Sachs have converted themselves into bank holding companies and now are under the purview of the corrupt and unregulated Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve came quickly to the rescue of these former investment banking houses by approving their applications for bank holding companies.  American Express is in financial trouble and has converted itself into a bank holding company, which the Federal Reserve immediately approved. The Federal Reserve regulates bank holding companies.  The rascals at Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Morgan Stanley and American Express can now receive deposits as well as have all of the other privileges of Federal Reserve membership.

Barack Hussein Obama's appointee for Treasury Secretary, Geithner, and his colleagues at the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department, turned a blind eye to the excessive risk that was present in the banking system. That excessive risk included the trade in mortgage back securities, and the myriad of derivates, including interest rate swaps, and credit default swaps. Geithner is part of that corrupt Federal Reserve System.  He will not be able to bring any new tools and ideas to the Treasury Department to turn the economy around.  To expect Geithner to do so, is beyond his capability, as it is most economists.  Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve is more of the same.   He is just as bad as Alan Greenspan. Congress needs to clean house at The Federal Reserve.

The capital expenditures program, announced by Geithner to shore up America's financial system, is the most blatant form of self dealing ever formulated by any entity, be it private or governmental. Geithner has announced five different capital programs that involve the U. S. Treasury and Federal Reserve directly funding or indirectly funding the banking system through issuance of bonds, treasury bills, and guarantees of secondary financial instruments.  Each of the proposals will require trillions of dollars, which the U. S. Treasury and Federal Reserve will have to fund by printing and borrowing money. Geithner and Obama are too weak kneed to tell the American taxpayers the truth.

Look for the deal makers at the Federal Reserve and the Treasury to devise all kinds of schemes to disguise the true state of America's financial system.  One such scheme will be conducting such things as "stress tests",  These shameless decoys are meant to hide the reality of the financial system and to provide the Federal Reserve and the U. S. Treasury with cover, as they continue to pump hundreds of billions of dollars, into all but dead financial institutions.

"Stress tests" are usually conducted on bridges and highways to ensure the integrity of the structures which hold together the bridges and highways.  There is still functionality in saving those structures.  In the case of the banks, which will undergo "stress tests", there is nothing worth saving.  The Federal Reserve and the U. S. Treasury will be conducting "stress tests" on institutions that are so badly damaged, that a stress test is meaningless. There is nothing to salvage where taxpayers' money is concerned.  That includes the fledging, bumbling giant, AIG.  AIG is a corpse, being held up and supported in its stance by the U. S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve.

The AIG fiasco proves what a ship of fools Congress has become.  By not allowing AIG to declare bankruptcy and seek protection under Federal bankruptcy laws, Congress has usurped the power of the Judiciary and the bankruptcy courts, through that process. Congress has taken upon itself the duties of a bankruptcy trustee by negotiating matters of private enterprise that should be left to bankruptcy trustees.  In the process, Congress has violated the Constitution by targeting a group of individuals, through the tax code, in order to punish them for their apparent contractual entitlements. Congress failed to do its job, as "acting bankruptcy trustee", when it approved the bonuses for AIG employees as a part of the AIG financial rescue. Subsequently, Congress apparently targeted a group of individuals, AIG employees who received bonuses, for the negotiating mistakes Congress had made.

If AIG had been allowed to fail and go into bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court would have been able to renegotiate the contracts, which members of Congress engaged in doing.   What Congress is doing, vis a vis AIG, appears to be a shameful violation of the Constitution. Lawmakers have proven to be lawbreakers in the AIG fiasco. Congress has over reached its powers and stepped into the realm of the Judiciary by trying to manage and protect insolvent entities.  These entities include AIG and the large banks and other financial institutions, which Congress has prevented from failing and declaring bankruptcy.

The notion of "too big to fail" has led to the nationalization of banks and the commerce of America. Congress is making the decisions for failing companies that should be made in a bankruptcy court.  In the process, trillions of taxpayers' dollars have been wasted and are being wasted in order to keep those failing banks, financial institutions, and commercial enterprises, such as the automobile manufacturers , alive.  The notion of "too big to fail" is causing the Federal government to fail, and the taxpayers along with it.  This financial and legislative debacle is occurring at the urgent behest of President Barack Hussein Obama, who is quickly leading the country down the path of financial disaster.  Barack Hussein Obama does not have the executive skills, nor the managment skills, to lead the nation in a time of financial peril.  He is just too small for the job.

The financial institutions, which received a total of 375 billion dollars of the first TARP bailout last November, have "double dipped" and received an additional 90 billion dollars of the 170 billion dollars given to AIG by the Treasury Department.  These greedy institutions, double dipping and receiving part of AIG's TARP funds, include Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch as well as some foreign financial institutions.  Stealing and "double dipping" through the U. S. Treasury and Federal Reserve, with the approval of Congress and the President, are rampart.   It is stealing in the sense, that the American taxpayers are opposed to using their taxpayers' dollars, to fund and monetize the management mistakes of Wall Street, including the banking and financial system.  Double dipping is nasty and disgusting, especially when it comes to taxpayers' money.

The argument about "too much collateral damage" to allow financial institutions such as AIG and Citicorp to fail, makes no sense.  There is too much "collateral damage" to taxpayers to allow these institutions not to fail. Those financial institutions and others are draining the U. S. Treasury, and therefore the American taxpayers. The F.D.I.C., which guarantees deposits up to a certain amount, has announced that it needs 500 billion dollars to shore up the deposit insurance fund.  Furthermore, the FDIC announced that it will be insolvent if such funds are not forthcoming from the Treasury.  So much for the full faith and guarantee of the depository system.  The collateral damage to the American taxpayers, and yet unborn generations, should be the deciding factor in allowing those institutions to fail, and not the collateral damage to AIG, Citicorp and others.   In all too many cases, lawmakers and others repeat the same foolishness that has been fed to them by lobbyists, and those with their own self interests.

Barack Hussein Obama and his Treasury Secretary Geithner, and Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke know there is nothing worth conducting "stress tests" among the ailing financial institutions.  Conducting "stress tests", of a collapsed bridge, or of the water flooded engine of a sinking ship, is an exercise in futility. Furthermore, such "stress tests" are a waste of taxpayers' money.  Stop the insanity.  Stop the delusion of the American taxpayers.  All of those banks and financial companies have "bitten the dust".  Another one and another one "bites the dust".  Let them go under so rebuilding can begin.  Stop fiddling while the American Titanic is sinking.

There are not enough funds available from foreign or domestic sources to fund the trillions of dollars in debt that America needs to shore up the economy and provide jobs.  Therefore, America will continue to print money in the trillions of dollars, with abandon, to fund an out of control government  For those foolish enough to invest in U. S. Treasury obligations, those investors will demand a high return consistent with the risk. Those debt instruments will carry a premium of at least a 30 percent annual return in the future.  That is, if there are any investors willing to invest in debt obligations, where the currency in which the debt is denominated, loses its value though constant devaluations.  It is unwise to invest in long term Treasury notes and Treasury bonds because you will be investing in instruments where the price is inverted to the yield.  In other words, Treasury notes and bonds are headed lower as the yield, which moves opposite its price, is headed higher.   It will be harder to liquidate investments in Treasury notes and bonds, as the price moves lower, without sustaining a loss.  Investors beware.

The Federal Reserve is determined to not allow the yield on long term Treasury obligations to increase, consistent with risk/reward to investors.   So, in a preventive mode, the Federal Reserve is buying up long term bonds, with maturities extending out to 30 years, in order to remove those long term securities from the market.   By so doing, investors cannot bid up the price of the Treasury bonds.   This act by the Federal Reserve to buy up long term Treasury debt obligations is akin to a cannibal looking down below on itself, and eating its creative body part.

The Federal Reserve has created so much debt and so debased the currency, that it has to turn in on itself to feed itself.   It is doing this through a contorted form of cannibalism where it buys and sells securities, and creates money to fund its debt.   The Federal Reserve's actions have moved beyond self dealing and now are self cannibalizing.  The Federal Reserve is devouring itself, and in turn the country, and the American taxpayers, through borrowing and money creation.

Expect major credit rating agencies, if they are doing their jobs properly, to downgrade America's long term debt obligations to "Caa" and below.   If Moody's and Standard and Poor's do not downgrade the securities and debt of the U. S. Treasury, they could be redressed by investors for not doing their jobs, and for not informing investors on the risk/reward of those securities.  Stop fiddling while Rome (America ) is burning.

America has lived off the illusion of her full faith and credit which has sustained her currency.  Now that the full faith and credit of the United State government is not worth the paper it is printed on, America will have to fund her own debt, and that can only be done through the printing of trillions of dollars of a devalued currency.  Geithner and Obama are unwilling to give the details of the trillions and trillions of dollars that will be required to fund an ailing financial system and a bankrupt commercial system.  The Federal Government, through the U. S. Treasury and Federal Reserve will continue to engage in self dealing, by creating money, with abandon.  What would appear as monetary transactions, are just an out of control Congress, an incompetent President and their minions at the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department.  Barack Hussein Obama and his Democrat controlled Congress are creating trillions and trillions of dollars in debt, which will be funded by the Treasury and Federal Reserve.  This is self dealing at its worse.  How could any investor take part in that kind of grand larceny, on the high seas, of a ship that is sinking, called the American Titanic.

Barack Hussein Obama, is spending America into a cesspool of trillions and trillions of dollars in debt.  All of his big time spending projects in the name of "economic recovery" will further destabilize the dollar and inflate the national debt.   America will have to self fund its debt by extending government guarantees that have no worth, and by issuing debt obligations that will be funded by a bankrupt Treasury and Federal Reserve. Barack, the insane Obama, will continue to lie and spend the American people and the American economy into financial ruin.  Barack Hussein Obama, the community organizer from Chicago, is incompetent and without the necessary experience to save the sinking American Titanic.  The voters, who voted for him, have only themselves to blame for putting a community organizer in charge of their ship.

In the not too distant future, Barack Hussein Obama and his economic advisors will talk up the great things about the economy.  Failing institutions, like Citigroup, will announce that they are making money again. Such pronouncements should immediately raise red flags in your mind.  The question that you should ask is how can all of those "bad assets" on Citibank's books, make money for Citibank?  What kind of false profits are those?  You should be extremely guarded about any kind of good news that you hear coming from Washington and Wall Street.  Again, you are being manipulated to believe something that is not true. Manipulation and deceit are the key words going forth.

Banks, which received parts of the "Wall Street bailout" money last October, 2008, will report upswings in profits for the first quarter of 2009, and for the remainder of 2009.  Their profits are due to the hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayers' money, received under the $700 billion "Wall Street bailout" in October, 2008. That money was added to the balance sheets of those banks and provided earnings opportunities.  Those profits are "troubled profits", because they come at the trouble and expense of the American taxpayers.

Goldman sachs, a primary dealer, for the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, in Treasury obligations, announced record profits for the first quarter of 2009.  Those profits come at the expense of the American taxpayers.  First, the Federal Government gave Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Bear Strearns tens of millions of dollars of the 700 billion dollars in TARP funds that Congress approved last October 2008. Second, the Treasury and Federal Reserve have issued more than one trillion dollars in Treasury bonds, since January 2009, in order to fund the growing federal debt.  Those government bonds are auctioned off through the largest primary bond dealers, Goldman Sachs, Bears Stearns, and Merrill Lynch. These organizations have made a ton of money trading government debt at the taxpayers' expense. Goldman Sachs' way of thanking the taxpayers for this earnings opportunity is to announce millions of dollars in bonuses for their top executives and bond traders.  The corruption never ends.  The American taxpayers are again the duped losers.

Barack Hussein Obama and his financial advisors, including Geithner, and Bernanke, have convinced the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) to create a rule relaxing the requirement to mark to market the value of non performing real estate assets on the books of banks and other financial institutions. This FASB rule allows the banks to keep the non performing assets on their books and thus not be required to take a charge against their captial. It makes the banks seem safer and sounder than they really are. Banks' safety and soundness becomes a joke under this new FASB accounting rule. This new FASB rule was created in order to accommodate Barack Hussein Obama and his financial advisors, who have close ties to Wall Street. The books are being cooked.  So sees the Ancient Oracle. Again, you are being manipulated to believe something that is not true. Manipulation and deceit are the key words going forth.

In the coming months, Barack Hussein Obama and Congress will make it difficult for those of you, who decide to get back on the stock market gambling wheel, to sell your stock investments.  They will come up with rules and regulations, which make it difficult for you to sell your stocks in a falling market.  Expect more regulations, which will work against you as investors, and as taxpayers.  The best thing that you can do is to keep your money in a safe place, as far from the stock market as possible.  Curtail your spending.  You cannot take any of that stuff, which you buy, with you. Conserve and have something worthwhile to pass on to your children.  They will need it.  You don't need all of those trinkets that you buy.  A fool and his money are soon parted.

Ben Bernanke came out of his Ivory Tower at the Federal Reserve, just long enough to make one of the biggest distortions that has ever been told on "CBS' Sixty Minutes".  In Ben Bernanke's Sixty Minutes interview, Bernanke said that he could assure the American people that the largest banks which he (the Federal Reserve) supervises are solvent.  In the first place, the Federal Reserve does not directly supervise the largest banks in the country. The largest banks in the country are National Associations, and chartered through the Treasury Department's Comptroller of the Currency. Therefore, the Federal Reserve does not regulate those large banks with National charters, which include Citibank, Chase Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and the other largest banks in the country.  The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency regulates and examines those largest banks, chartered as national associations, or N.A.

Bernanke's Federal Reserve is primarily responsible for examining and regulating community banks or state chartered banks, which are much smaller in comparison to the giants of the industry.  It is the "too big to fail" national association banks, which are receiving the huge taxpayers' bailouts.  Ben Bernanke's assurance of the soundness and solvency of the largest banks in the nation, which "he supervise", was disingenuous and misleading, since the Federal Reserve does not directly supervise those entities.  That interview just proves that you cannot trust the people in Washington, at the seat of government, to do anything but lie and manipulate the truth in order to control the taxpayers and their money.  Bernanke said that he had every confidence that the economy would recover. The problem is that you cannot "lie" the economy into a recovery.

Bernanke stated in the "Sixty Minutes" interview that the large banks have been successful in raising private capital.  The private capital that has been raised by the large banks has been with a government or taxpayers' guarantee.  So, any private capital coming into the banking system comes with a Treasury or taxpayers' guarantee.  Everything in Obama's stimulus and recovery program is based on spending, spending, and more spending.  The spending comes in the form of a dribble of $700 billion here, $750 billion dollars there, another $750 billion dribble, and on an on.  All of the appropriations and spending are approved at just below the trillion dollar mark, so as not to alarm the taxpayers. However, the effect is the spending of trillions and trillions of dollars of taxpayers' money.

Barack Hussein Obama's administration's has been approved to use the remaining $350 billion in the $700 billion bailout program that Congress passed on Oct. 3 to shore up the banks.  That money will be combined with money from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury to send more than $3 trillion of taxpayers money through the banking system.

In addition, another $1 trillion will be spent by the Federal Reserve and Treasury to support consumer credit card debt. student loans, and more loans for commercial real estate lending.

Yet, another $1 trillion dollars of taxpayers dollars will be spent to support a program to buy "bad assets", from the nation's largest banks, and place them in a "bad assets bank".  The "bad assets are now called "legacy assets". However, a bad asset by any other name is still a bad asset.

The bad assets bank will be called a "public-private partnership", which the U. S. Treasury will fund with a capital injection of $100 billion.  The F.D.I.C. will loan the bad assets bank, which will be called a "public-private partnership", six times that amount, or $600 billion dollars.  The Federal Reserve will, in turn, loan the bad assets bank or "public-private partnership" $1 trillion dollars.   Barack Hussein Obama, Timothy Geithner at the Treasury Department, Sheila Bair at the F.D.I.C., and Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve are about to place $1 trillion, $700 billion dollars ($1,700,000.000) of your tax dollars into a "bad assets bank to purchase toxic assets, consisting of nonperforming mortgage backed securities.

Those troubled financial institutions have already received hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayers' dollars in the first bailout.   In the latest bailout scheme, the new President and new Congress will give permission to the Treasury, F.D.I.C., and the Federal Reserve to fund the "bad assets bank ".  The Federal Reserve, F.D.I.C., and Treasury will serve as the workout and recovery agent for all of those bad loans.  In the meantime, taxpayers' funds will be tied up in a no-win scheme to save financial institutions which should have been allowed to fail.  The misplaced opportunity costs of this financial bailout of bad banks and their managements will be borne by future generations of Americans.

Geithner took over where his predecessor, Treasury Secretary Paulson, left off.   It is now Geithner, joined by Bernanke at the Federal Reserve and Bair at the FDIC, who are holding the band-aids over the leaks in the ship Titanic.  Like Paulson, they now are running from hole to hole in the ship and taping up the holes with band-aids.  As the band-aids break and water gushes through, the American ship Titanic continues to take on more and more water. The American ship, Titanic, will even eventually sink completely under the sea of debt, spending and borrowing.

You as taxpayers are expected to go about your normal duties on the sinking boat, without thought to all of the water that is coming into the boat.  As the ship continues to take on water, you continue to work, going about your every day duties. You are so busy working, that you do not notice the ship has taken on too much water.  You, as taxpayers, will not realize that you are working, and living on a sinking ship, until it is too late.  The ship, on which you have lived and worked all of your life, is sinking into the deep dark waters of too much spending, too much borrowing, and too much debt.

In the meantime, the foolish passengers upon the upper deck, who will blindly follow their incompetent captain to their deaths, are busy dining, dancing and enjoying themselves.  The ship is taking on more water but they choose to ignore the water that is soaking their ballgowns and tuxedos.  They busy themselves by giving out awards and bestowing prizes on themselves as being the "100 most influential persons in America".  Such awards nourish the powerful egos of those Obama worshippers.  Time Magazine and Newsweek Magazine keep the deluded passengers, on the Titanic America, entertained with pictures of themselves.  The pictures show the passengers absurdly entertaining each other, until the ship is finally inundated with the sinking cold water of the deep.

You, the American citizens and taxpayers need to stop what you doing, for a while, and assess the condition of your ship.  Because if you don't, all that you are doing, and working and saving for, will not matter.   The ship has taken on so much water that there is only one way for it to go and that is down.  The ship is sinking and those who have tried to patch up the holes have utterly deceived you, the passengers, the citizens and taxpayers, about the true condition of your ship.

Obama and his Treasury Secretaary Geithenr have indicated that a second stimulus will be needed as well as another financial rescue bailout, greater than the first $700 billion bailout last October 2008, and the $787 billion stimulus bill passed in February.

As mentioned previously, hundreds of billions of dollars here, hundreds of billions of dollars there, a trillion dollars here, a trillion dollars there, trillions and trillions of dollars of American taxpayers' debt laid on the shoulders of this generation and the next.  Where and when will the trillions of dollars of reckless spending end?  This does not include the interest on the debt, which the Treasury and Federal Reserve will have to borrow to fund the spending.  The Federal Reserve will simply print money and monetize the debt.  The Treasury will not have the funds.  Neither will funds be available from foreign sources.  Round and round the dizzying wheel of trillions of dollars in spending and debt goes, where it stops nobody knows.  Except the Ancient Oracle.

In response to the out of control spending by Congress and President Barack Hussein Obama, Congress will vote to continue to increase the debt ceiling by billions of dollars each year, as the buget deficit continues to grow.  Congress will vote to increase the debt ceiling so that the Federal Reserve and the Treasury can continue to issue new Treasury obligations and print new money.  In August, Treasury Secretary Geithner asked Congress to increase the national debt ceiling of $12.1 trillion dollars.  Truth be told, the the debt ceiling could be raised to almost 24 trillion dollars, if all of the unfunded loans guarantees and other promised emergency Federal government support, are included in the total.

The ceiling already has been increased three times in the past two years, and the House took action earlier this year to raise the ceiling to $13 trillion.  The Senate is expected to follow the House's lead and set the new debt limit at $13 trillion.  Because the federal dericit contiues to grow each year, Congress will probably have to raise the limit again next year.  Bear in mind that the gross domestic production is only 14 trillion dollars.  The national debt will soon exceed its gross national domestic output.  Congress, at the request of the Treasury and the President continues to raise the national debt ceiling so that the Treasury and Federal Reserve can continue to print money and borrow America into a deeper hole.

You should contact your Congress and tell them to stop raising the debt ceiling. If it means curtailing government programs in Washington, so be it.  There are a number of Federal government agencies that can be shut down and eliminated.  The only Federal government agencies that are needed are the U.S. Treasury, Social Security, which administers Social Security and Medicare, Health and Welfare which manages the national health, the Interior Department which manages the national parks, the Federal Avaiation Administration, the Commerce Department, the Defense Department, the State Department, the CIA and FBI. These are the ten agencies which are necessary to run the Federal government. The remaining "upteen" Federal agencies should be closed down or eliminated.  This action by Congress could close the Federal budget deficit, and eliminate the need to raise the debt ceiling.

If you don't hear the music playing "Nearer my God to thee", you should hear the violins playing and the band playing as the ship begins its final leg of sinking into the financial black abyss.  This is where the captain of the ship, Barack Hussein Obama, and those who preceded him, have led America.  The ship is taking on water, and is sinking in trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars in debt, and a devalued currency.  There is no ship big enough to come to the rescue of America.  The other ships can only stand by in distant water, and watch the great Titanic America sink.  This includes the ships of Britain, and ships of the countries of the European Union, which are moving in troubled waters.  Britain has become a beggar nation, begging other nations to "globalize" in order to save the British Pound and the monarchy.

The dilemma for America and other nations, primarily in Europe, is that there is no sovereign fund to absorb the problems of sovereign nations. In the financial crisis beginning in 2008, Central Banks, like the Federal Reserve, could absorb the problem loans and bad debt of commercial banks and large corporations, thereby monetizing those problems. However, in the sovereign debt of countries that over leveraged and near bankruptcy, like America, there is no entity to absorb or monetize the debts of sovereign governments. America has the same problems as Britain, Spain, Greece, Ireland, and Italy. The sovereign funds of China and Middle eastern countries can not begin to absorb the deficit funding needs of America and other countries that are over leveraged. There are no public sector balance sheets on which to move the deficits spending and debts of over extended nations, like America.

Although Barack Hussein Obama is a false messiah, the antichrist, he is a coward at heart. He appears calm, cool and conniving.  However, he will use Clinton surrogates, special envoys, committees, forums and commissions to help him govern.  He will shift the responsibility for decision making to those envoys, special committees and Clinton advisors.  He will govern by proxy, whenever possible, using his brain damaged Vice President, Joe Biden, and others to represent him.  He is incapable of making a decision, without his advisors, people like Geithner and Bernanke.  He is incapable of taking responsibility for his decisions.  He lies his way out of all difficult situations.  This is his modus operandi.  He is a deceiver, a manipulator and hides his actions behind his advisors. He is deliberative alright, as he fumbles and tries to figure out a way to avoid decision making, where he can be held accountable.  He will always try and play it safe, so that he can continue his deception, and so that he can blame others for anything that goes wrong.  Return to "Top" of page or continue reading.


This is no time to be separated from your money.  A fool and his money are soon parted. The government including the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, the President and Congress will do everything in their power to separate you from your money.  The government wants you to go into a spending frenzy, just as it is doing. Do not fall for this ploy.  Keep your money. This is no time to spur the economy, and the Federal Government's reckless spending, by you, as individual taxpayers and citizens, committing the same type of financial suicide that Washington is committing.

Those of you who have funds in the banks, should immediately and gradually begin to take your money out of the banks. Take your money to a fire proof safe inside your home, or keep it in a safe deposit box.  Invest in a fireproof safe if you do not already have one. This advice is not intended for the infirmed, the elderly, or those with disabilities who are incapable of physically taking care of their money.

Those of you who receive monthly checks of any kind, be it for salary or investment income, should cash those funds and take them out of the banks.  Leave only the amount necessary to pay your monthly utility bills.  For all other spending, including your mortgage payment, rent, food, gasoline, car note payments, take that money out of your bank accounts. This should amount to, at least, several thousand dollars each month, for most people.  Request to receive your salary and other income, which was directly deposited into your bank account, in the form of 30 ($100 bills), for example.  If you receive take home pay of approximately $3000 each month, request that the bank pay to you, in cash $100 bills.  Take that money home and see how it feels to hold 30 ($100 bills) in your hands.   If you received the cash amount in your hands each month, you would not be so quick to spend it.  You would have second thoughts about spending those $100 bills. However, because your salary and income goes directly into your account in the form of a credit, you never get the pleasure of holding your money each month.

This separation from your money makes it much easier to spend, since you do not come into direct contact with your money.  You only see it in the form of a bank statement, where the money has come in and been spent every month.  You need to end this practice.  Take hold of your income and physically hold and possess it each month.   You will have a deeper appreciation for your money.  You will have second thoughts about spending it so freely.   Even, if you have to get money orders to pay your mortgage and car note each month, you still get to hold your money before you send it to someone else.  This practice will change your mentality toward money.

When you start possessing your money each month, you will not be as ready and as quick as to spend it. You will start having a saving mentality.  You will not be a fool who is soon parted from his money.  Stop buying on credit.  If you cannot afford to pay for something with cash, then you don't need to buy it.  Every time you buy on credit, you sacrifice and give up part of your freedom.  Your time becomes indebted to someone else, to pay for what you received on credit.  If you really want something bad enough, save up for it.  When those $100 bills start accumulating for what you want to purchase, you may have second thoughts about giving up those $100 bills.  You will also have second thoughts about breaking a $100 bill to pay for something frivolous.

American taxpayers must break the habit of consuming and being slaves to their government and the rest of the world. The rest of the world's recovery depends on the spending of the American consumer.  The Federal Reserve and the Treasury and Congress want the American consumer and the taxpayers to spend and buy so that you will be a slave to their spending and excesses.

Get control of your money each month.  Remove your deposit from the bank in $100 bills and $50 bills.  Keep it in a safe place at home or in a safe deposit box.  Buy a gun and learn how to use it in order to protect yourself, your money, and your valuables.   In most cases, you can secure your money better than the bank. You need to have possession of your money. The little amount of interest that you would be foregoing is not a substitute for the sense of taking the physical ownership of your own money.

Take your money and your funds out of the sinking ship called America.  Take your money out of the banks. The F.D.I.C. will be able to cover less than ten percent of all deposits, even with an additional 500 billion dollars in funding from the Treasury and the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve and Treasury are placing trillions of dollars into banks in order to entice you to go into more debt and spend money. The Federal Reserve and the Treasury are engaged in reckless management of the money supply, which will lead to a devaluation of the dollar and insolvency.

Barack Hussein Obama, the Federal Reserve, under Bernanke, and the Treasury Department, under Geithner, will continue to use taxpayers' money, in the form of the stimulus, to encourage you to go into debt and shore up the economy.  You must resist. They will come after you by "nickel and dimeing" you to death in the form of taxes on everything you purchase.  If you notice the taxes and fees on your utility bills, including telephone, electric, gas, and cable, continue to go up each month.  If you don't pay close attention to those monthly bills, you will not notice the way in which the Federal government is "nickel and dimeing" you, as consumers to death.  The Federal government will continue to drain your wallet by increasing fees and taxes on everything that you purchase.  The insidious increase in fees and taxes on your purchases of necessities, continues to contributes to the rise in inflation.  While the price of groceries on the shelves may not be appear to be going up, the inflation is coming from the government's surreptitious raising of taxes and fees on everything that you use, and need each month.

The Federal Reserve, the U. S. Treasury and Congress are the major driving force of inflation in this country by taxing and spending the life out of the country. Everything that you consume has hidden taxes. Everything that you use, including your basic utility, telephone and cable bills have fees and taxes that increase each month.  Barack Hussein Obama, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury are lying when they say there is no inflation.  There is inflation and it goes up every month in the form of taxes and fees levied by the Federal government against your basic necessities of life.  These taxes and fees go to support an out of control Federal deficit and an inflated government bureaucracy in Washington.

Insidious taxes is one of the ways that the government plans on counteracting your refusal to spend and to take the Federal government's bait to go into debt.  The stimulus is meant to stimulate you to go into debt by buying everything from cars to refrigerators to clothes.  Stop buying clothes that you do not need. When you ared dead and buried no one will want all of those clothes and junk in your closet. Your relatives will not be able to give it away. Instead of spending your money on clothes and trinkets, save your money and leave something behind that others can appreciate, like the money that you kept and did not spend friviously. Your family and loved ones will appreciate you even more for being wise and frugal while you lived, instead of foolish and frivilous.

In spite of the Federal government's stimulus, you should only buy, just what you need.  If the government continues to raise taxes and fees on your utility and cable bills, cut back on usage there also. The Federal Reserve and the Treasury are determined to keep you indebted, heads over hills, so that you are no longer in charge of your finances, and so that you cannot question the insane spending and borrowing by Congress, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury.  Continue to save your money and do not leave idle funds in the bank.

Before there is a run on the banks, you should start by gradually withdrawing your deposits from the bank, if you have idle funds in your account(s).  For those of you on direct salary deposits, take control of your money each month.   Even if most of your check is owed to creditors, still take a trip to the bank and take physical possession of your money.  Hold your check proceeds in you hand, in the form of $100 bills each month.  This little simple act of physical possession and ownership of your money will change your attitude toward money. You will realize the value of your money.  You will not be one of the fools who is soon parted from his money.  Your consciousness toward money will change.  Something this simple has not been taught to you before.  The people perish from lack of knowledge.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the following: "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." "To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical." Thomas Jefferson.  Return to "Top" of page or continue reading.


Barack Hussein Obama acted like a bat out of hell as he rushed his health care bill through Congress.  He rushed the legislation through Congress like his tail was on fire.  Why the rush?  With Barack Hussein Obama everything must be accomplished yesterday.  He had plenty of help from his mischief makers, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.

The Democrat Representatives held an all day all night seance to get their spooky health care legislation passed. It was spooky in the sense that it was accomplished in the darkness of night, and so much of it is not understood. In the end, the insurance companies and the IRS are the real beneficiaries of Barack Hussein Obama's health care legislation.

There are many things wrong with the health care bill that Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats' Congress passed and enacted.  The most blatant and shortsighted aspect of the legislation is that the legislation will cost America trillions of dollars in funded and unfunded obligations.  The legislation creates a permanent class of adult dependency on the Federal government.  Why not expand the age of adult children, who depend on their parents for healh insurance, to 36 or 46 or 56?  Better yet why not let adult children remain dependent on their parents for basic needs until the age of 65?  At that time they can go on their parents' medicare insurance.  Just think if these adult children's parents or grandparents had relied on that way of thinking, these adult children would not have the comforts of life which their parents provide to them today.

America is different from other nations which provide universal health coverage, because America is a nation of immigrants.  Other nations providing universal health coverage do not cope with the problem of a budging immigrant population, both legal and illegal.  The legislation comes at a time when America is financially bankrupt.  The only way that America can meet its obligation under the bill is to create more money by issuing more debt.  Therein lies America's Achillesí heel.  The Democrats in their populous mode, made cost assumptiions that started to crumble as soon as they were laid bare.  As the opposition said about the assumptions, which the legislation is based on, "garbage in, garbage out".  The pathetic thing about this "garbage in garbage out", is that the garbage is the future of America and her bankrupt condition.

Barack Hussein Obama will spend the rest of his Presidency traveling across America, in Air Force One, trying to convince America to support his health care legislation, after the fact, after it hs been approved and implemented.  Another example of ramming what Barack Hussein Obama wants down the throats of the majority of the American people.  All the ramming is done at taxpayers' expense.

The "Civil Rights pimps" and other so-called Black leaders use the charge of racism, to defend Barack Hussein Obama and his policies, against the majority of Americans who do not support him or his policies. The problem for African Americans is that they use the terms "racism" and "racists", in reaction to any one who does not agree with them and their agenda.  The majority to whom, those racial terms are directed, begin to tune out that type of criticism.  In the process of using their favorite weapon of choice, "racism", the Civil Rights pimps and members of the Congressional Black Caucus become like the boy who shouted "wolf".

The boy shouted "wolf" so many time that no one believed him.  So it is with African Americans, who shout "racism, and "racist", as weapons of political destruction against their political enemies, e.g., people who do not see things the way that they do,  African Americans and their leaders should stop measuring everything through the prism of race.  Those who criticize Barack Hussein Obama and his policies criticize him on the basis of his policies and what he stands for, not his race.  Barack Hussein Obama is a dangerous man.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


The Ancient Oracle of KMT sees the following events transpiring in America. This is a Prophecy, a vision, awaiting manifestation.

Those Americans in the Red States, who did not vote for Barack Hussein Obama and his destructive borrowing and spending policies which are leading to the abolition of America, will gather themselves together and petition the bankruptcy court to place the United States of America in receivership.  America is bankrupt and those citizens in the Red States will try and salvage as much as they can in the liquidation of America.  Obama's supporters will insist on staying aboard the sinking Titanic.   Red States voters will petition the Federal Bankruptcy Court to declare America as insolvent and allow the creditors, e.g., the American taxpayers in the Red States, to form a salvageable country from what remains from the insolvency.

The total assets of the United States, and all world dollar denominated assets, are supported by dollar liabilities and capital of more than twice that amount.  The assets of America are overstated, in asset value, by more than 50 percent.  The fixed assets and durable goods of America should be written down by at least 50 percent.  Therefore, the liabilities and capital, supporting those assets, in excess of their asset value, should also be written down, or charged off.  That means that if you hold any dollar obligations, from the dollar bill, to a U. S. Treasury bond, you should write down or discount the value of that holding by at least 50 percent. The dollar you hold in your wallet, as well as all other Treasury obligations, are worth about 50 percent of the face amount, after the write down of asset values on the balance sheet of America.

Likewise, those countries and foreign investors who have denominated their asset values in dollars should write down the dollar value of the assets on their balance sheets by at least 50 percent.

The economic salvage of America into its salvageable parts can be accomplished through the bankruptcy court.  As American taxpayers and owners of America, the taxpayers who want to salvage America can petition the bankruptcy court to place America in a Chapter 7, and begin the liquidation of its assets.  In this way, the citizens in the Red States of America can establish a salvageable country, and form a more perfect union, a union that is not bankrupt. The citizens of the Red States will form themselves into creditors in order to protect their priority position against foreign creditors of America.  By petitioning the Bankruptcy Court to place America in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the citizens of the Red States will be ahead of any claims from foreign creditors.

Some would say that this action would not have a legal leg to stand on in a court of law. However, America is already bankrupt.  It is just a matter of going through the Federal bankruptcy court to place America  in receivership and salvage what can be salvaged, ahead of America's foreign creditors.  The American taxpayers in the Red States will have a priority position in a bankruptcy proceeding before any foreign creditors.  Possession is 3/5th of the law.

You should not be angry at your fellow, American citizen taxpayers, who feel compelled to take the route of bankruptcy to save the country.  Rather, your anger should be directed at those in Washington, who have served in Congress and the Senate for the last forty five years, cooperating with Presidents, and corrupt lobbyists, who have spent the country into bankruptcy. All the while, the U. S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve have been used to fund their reckless spending habits.

Many Americans are afraid of their own government.  They feel that they have no say anymore in what happens to them and their families.  They feel that politicians in Washington just do not get it. They feel that they can see their country slipping away from them before their very eyes, and there is little if anything that they can do.  You can do something.  You can take action.

You can do something now by signing the "American Citizens Taxpayers' Petition to declare the United States of America Bankrupt under Chapter 7 of The Federal Bankruptcy Code". Make sure your taxpayers'/creditors' rights are protected by being included in the petition. This Petition will be found at various convenient locations in the Red States.

The flag of the United States of America does not mean what it once meant to many Americans in the Red States.  The flag that Barack Hussein Obama wears on his lapel is not the flag that many Americans in the Red States can salute any more. It is not the flag that their husbands, siblings, and children died for.  The American flag, as worn by Barack Hussein Obama, is a mockery of what the flag once stood for.  The American flag on the lapel of Barack Hussein Obama is a corrupt flag, and a flag that represents the destruction of a once great country.   Many Americans, with tears in their eyes, will turn their backs on the pledge of allegiance to a flag which no longer represents them. This is what lies ahead for the United States of America, which is no longer the United States of America. The Congress and the Senate played a part in the erosion of the peoples' trust in their government and the flag, which it stands for.

The core of the government in Washington D.C. is so rotten that it has penetrated the outer layers of the country.  When the core of an apple, or onion or any other fruit is rotten, it affects the outer layers of the fruit, so that it is necessary to carve the rotten core out of the fruit.  If the core of the rotten fruit is not carved out, the outer layers of the fruit have no chance of surviving.  The core of the apple is rotten and smelling inside. It is turning the rest of the fruit a brownish, stinking color.  So it is with the inner core of America, the seat of government in Washington D.C.  The rotten and decaying core of the Federal government includes the Presidency, and Congress.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The core of the Federal government has festered over so many, many years that now it is rotten and foul smelling.  The remaining layers, the outer layers, which do not support the moral decay, and monetary bankruptcy of their country will carve the rotten core from their outer layers.  They will slice away from the rotten core.  They will form a government that adheres to the Constitution, that secures and protects its borders, and that protects the constitutional rights of its citizens.  The American government is rotten at its core.  That is the problem.  The two party system cannot save it. The Republicans, who are now in Congress, cannot provide the leadership to salvage what can be salvaged of America.  The Republican Party is a day late and a dollar short, when it comes to trying to save America. The Republicans missed the mark a long time ago.  Both the Democrats and Republicans have corrupted America and are responsible for its decay and rotten, putrid core.

As the prophecy is being revealed, Barack Hussein Obama and his "partner-in-crime Congress" are pushing the funding of their bankrupt spending down to the individual States.  Case in point, the States will wind up paying for the national health care legislation passed by the Congress.  In that way, the States will become as bankrupt as the Federal government.  That will make it difficult for the States that want to break away from the Federal government to do so.  You may think that this tactic is diabolical on the part of Congress. However, Congress can see the handwriting on the wall.  They realize that many States will not want to be part of the Federal union, called the United States of America.  That is because the Federal government is bloated with bureacracy, and excessive spending.

The swollen bureaucracy and reckless spending will cause Congress to shift more of the funding burden down to the States.  In a preemptive move, funding for the health care bill and other legislation will be passed along to the States thereby bankrupting them as well.  It is similar to a bunch of crabs in a barrel. Each time that one crab make it to the top of the barrel, the other crabs (the Federal government) pulls them back down to the bottom, with all of the rest.  In this case, the crab, is the States that wish to leave the union of the United States, and the other crabs which pull them back down is the Federal government.  The States will be pulled back down into the barrel of bankruptcy and reckless spending by the Federal government. This is what is happening now. Congress will continue to mandate that the individual States fund more and more of the legislation that it passes in Washington

In spite of the above, The Red States, which form a salvageable country, from what is left after America's bankruptcy, will be called the Sovereign Republics of North America.  They will form a union of Sovereign Republics, which function independently, but for the greater good of their salvaged country.  The patriots who gather to form their new Republics of North America will do so for the sake of their children and future generations.  The new country, which will be salvaged from the heap of bankrupt ashes and moral decay of America, will be a nation that secures its borders and protects the rights of its citizens.

You don't have to join an organization to salvage your country.  Be united through purpose.  Often times the leaders who spring up to lead a movement are confused and mentally dispersed.  You don't need a leader. You need purpose and knowledge which you have by reading this Prophecy.

To quote Thomas Jefferson again: "One man with courage is a majority".

The above description is what has been revealed to the Ancient Oracle, who sees things that have not yet manifested.  Energies are quickened and what you do not see as possible has become possible. Return to "Top" of page or continue reading.


There appears to be an absolute disrespect for the Constitution, and therefore the law in the halls of government in Washington, the nation's capital, including the Executive and Legislative branches of government.  The Executive branch of government, headed by Barack Hussein Obama, has taken over parts of the Judiciary function by serving as "bankruptcy trustee" in the dissolution of General Motors, Chrysler Corporation, and other corporations.  Barack Hussein Obama has become the acting chief or head of those corporations, with the power to fire and hire top executives.

Barack Hussein Obama has taken on the power of the Legislative branch in guaranteeing and funding the warranty on all new cars, manufactured and sold by one of the car manufacturers, General Motors Corporation.  This warranty guarantee issued by Barack Hussein Obama will be funded by the American taxpayers, which only Congress should be able to approve and fund.  The American taxpayers disagree, again, with the use of their tax proceeds to make good the warranty of a car manufacturer.  However, Barack Hussein Obama, as head of the Executive Branch, ignores that constitutional divide and breaches it on every occasion.

Barack Hussein Obama and his Treasury Secretary have arbitrarily committed over 30 billion dollars of your taxpayers' funds, in the form or loans and capital, to General Motors.  As a condition of bankruptcy,  Barack Hussein Obama and his minion, Treasury Secretary Geithner, have agreed to forgive all of your taxpayer money that has been lent to General Motors.  In return for debt forgiveness of 30 billion dollars and counting, Barack Hussein Obama and Geithner will take ownership of General Motors.  Who gives Barack Hussein Obama and Timothy Geiither a blank check to use your taxpayers dollars to empty into an empty pit called General Motors?

No amount of money given to General Motors will save it.  Barack Hussein Obama and Timothy Geithner are prepared to put another 50 to 100 billion dollars of your hard earned tax dollars into General Motors.  Barack Hussein Obama and Timothy Geithner and his Treasury Department are throwing your tax dollars into a company that cannot be saved, even if it emerges from bankruptcy. You, the American taxpayers funded the General Motors financial debacle, without having one vote in the matter.  The labor unions and Barack Hussein Obama screwed the American taxpayers in the shameful takeover of General Motors.  The same is true for Chrysler Corporation.

Under the dictatorship of Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Hussein Obama has taken over the commerce of the country, dictating what size cars General Motors will make in the future. Barack Hussein Obama will decide what size car, you, as an American citizen, can drive. You will not have a choice.  Your car will have to be a subcompact car, with mileage standards and emission standards, which you will pay dearly for. Barack Hussein Obama will require all American car manufacturers to stop building the cars that you as American like, such as SUVs, and other cars that define America. Instead, you will have to drive what Barack Hussein Obama determines that you buy and drive. Today it is your car. Tomorrow, the dictator, Barack Hussein Obama will tell you how many children you can and cannot have. Barack Hussein Obama will not stop until he controls every aspect of your lives and your freedoms.  You can take that to the bank.

America is truly a dictatorship run by the Executive Branch, headed by Barack Hussein Obama, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve.  Congress is helpless to stop them.  All that members of Congress can do is to write letters of protest to the President and the Treasury Secretary. Congress is impotent to stop the dictatorship of the American government.  You as American citizens and taxpayers are as impotent as Congress.  Until you, "we the people", decide to take back your government, or form a new government, the dictatorship in Washington will continue to grow stronger.  It will continue to grow until you are strangled under its weight and power.

The Executive Branch, under Barack Hussein Obama, has become a dictatorship that crosses the constitutional divide among the three branches of government.

There is a disrespect for the Constitution between the President, and the Congress.  The powers of these two branches of government have crossed over into the Judicial Branch of Government.  This abridgement of the Constitution is leading to a break down of law and order, and criminality at the highest level in Washington.  Any time the separation of powers among the three branches of government is violated, then you have a crime against the Constitution, and therefore criminality.

This lawlessness and crimes against the Constitution is seen in both the Legislative and Executive Branches of government.  There is so much corruption in Washington that the government, as envisioned in the Constitution, cannot be restored.  Nothing, short of organized anarchy, describes the mess in the halls of government in Washington, including the Executive Branch of government vested in Barack Hussein Obama.

Barack Hussein Obama and his Treasury Secretary, Geithner have introduced legislation to expand the power of government into every aspect of your life, starting with the banking and financial system of America.  Barack Hussein Obama, and his Democrats controlled Congress, will expand the powers of the Federal Reserve, The Treasury Department, and the F.D.I.C. over every aspect of the banking, financial and insurance industries.  There will be unlimited power, of the unelected bureaucrats in those three agencies, over your lives.  This is all the more reason to take your money out of the banks and financial institutions, which will be controlled by those three governmental agencies. Actually, of those three, the Treasury Department is the only bonafide agency of the Federal Government.  The F.D.I.C. and the Federal Reserve are not agencies of the Federal Government.   The F.D.I.C. and the Federal Reserve function outside of the realm of the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial branches of government.

Yet, the F.D.I.C. and the Federal Reserve have the powers of all three branches.  Both the F.D.I.C. and the Federal Reserve execute banking laws, regulate banks and interpret banking laws.  The powers of the F.D.I.C. and the Federal Reserve are unconstitutional, because they exist outside of the three branches of government, as established by the Constitution. The F.D.I.C. and the Federal Reserve are criminal enterprises, because they exist and function outside of the three branches of government, as established by the Constitution.  Their powers to regulate and confiscate banks assets is unprecedented. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Barack Hussein Obama, as he destroys America as you know it, seeks to expand the powers of the Treasury Department, and the two organisms called the F.D.I.C. and the Federal Reserve.  Both the F.D.I.C. and the Federal Reserve have teams of lawyers to vigorously defend any challenge to the constitutionality of their powers.  The mentally inebriated Congress does not have the acumen to question the powers of these two appendages called the F.D.I.C. and Federal Reserve. When testifying before Congress, the heads of these organisms, called the Federal Reserve and The F.D.I.C., point the fingers back at Congress and say that you (Congress) gave us these powers.  In turn, members of Congress, give a blank stare and move quickly on to some other subject.  Congress moves quickly to some other issue in order to avoid culpability for creating those two illegal entities, which lie outside the three branches of government of the Constitution.

The F.D.I.C. can serve as a trustee and conservator without going through a court of law. The F.D.I.C. is not a part of the Judiciary.  Yet, it functions in a judiciary capacity when it declares a bank insolvent, while appointing itself as receiver.  In all commercial and personal bankruptcy proceedings, only the Judicial branch of government has the constitutional authority to handle matters of insolvency and bankruptcy.  Yet, the F.D.I.C., which is not a member of the executive, legislative or Judicial branches of government, has the power of the Judiciary in declaring a bank insolvent and appointing itself as receiver and conservator.

The same is true of the Federal Reserve, except that the Federal Reserve does not close financial institutions and serve as their conservator.  The Federal Reserve, however, has many more powers that lie outside of the legislative, executive and Judicial Branches of government.

Since Congress is reviewing the powers of those three regulatory agencies, it should review the underlying constitutionality of the powers of the two appendages to government, known as the Federal Reserve and the F.D.I. C.  The powers given those two appendages, at the time of their creation, were given in reaction to some economic event.  That power was given, without adequate consideration as to the constitutionality of the powers given to those two organisms called the F.D.I.C. and the Federal Reserve.  To expand the powers of those two organisms, which lie outside of the Constitution, is to engage in acts of criminality by Congress. If Congress approves the partner-in-crime legislation proposed by Barack Hussein Obama as he tries to expand the power of government over the American people, it will be an affront to the Constitution. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Woodrow Wilson who was President when the Federal Reserve was created, under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, said the following about the Federal Reserve: ďI have unwittingly ruined my country."

The U. S. Treasury is just as corrupt as the Federal Reserve and the F.D.I.C.  The only difference is that the Treasury Department was created under the Constitution, and as part of one of the three branches of government.  However, the Treasury Department operates and functions through secret committes, which formulate policies and make decisions that Congress and the Senate should be making.  Congress and the Senate have delegated their oversight reponsibilities to those secret committess within the U. S. Treasury. Wake up Congress, and Senate and start doing your oversight jobs.

Congress has a unique opportunity to revamp the Federal regulatory structure as it pertains to the supervision and regulation of financial institutions.  Congress should first start by correcting the statutory flaw pertaining to the Federal Reserve and its powers.  The Federal Reserve is the nation's central bank and its function should be limited to managing the monetary policy and the money supply.  Since its creation, Congress has allowed the Federal Reserve to expand its powers into the regulation and supervision of banks and bank holding companies.  If the Federal Reserve would adequately manage the money supply, it would be more than enough responsiblility for the Federal Reserve.

Barack Hussein Obama and his economic advisors want Congress to rush through regulatory regulation without having time to properly consider how to resolve problems that have plagued the banking and regulatory system for more than sixty years. Several of Barack Hussein Obama's economic advisors, including former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, are members of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, both of which are agents of a One Word Government and the New World Order. Congress should not act on this legislation in a quick and non thoughtful way.  This is a unique opportunity for congress to redress and right the problems that have existed and been overlooked for too long.

Barack Hussein Obama has conspired with Senator Dodd of Connecticut, who is chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, to rush through Financial Reform Legislation. The Financial Reform Legislation will not only retain the current powers of the Federal Reserve, but will expand the Federal Reserve's regulatory and monetary powers.  In return for Dodd's cooperation in getting the Financial Reform legislation passsed in the Senate, Barack Hussein Obama has arranged for the Senate and the House of Representatives to build a 100 million dollar hospital in Connecticut named for Dodd.  This hospital is part of Barack Hussein Obama's healthcare bill, which Congress enacted despite the opposition of the majority of the American people.  This is typical of the deal making of a corrupt presidency and and a corrupt Congress.

Barack Husssein Obama has no prior business or banking experience.  He is at a loss as to how to remedy the problems. Barack Hussein Obama has to rely on advisors like Geithner, Volcker, and Bernanke, who have their own agendas in any legislation that is propposed.  The legislation to redress the structural and constitutional problems, which need to be addressed, of necessity, must come from Congress, and not the executive branch and its conflicted economic advisors.

Prior to drafting of the Financial Reform Legislation, the Senate Banking Committe passed out of its committee the reappopintment of Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. The entire process was an example of the tail wagging the dog. Members of the Commttee were prevented from seeing documents from the Federal Reserve, to which the staff member were given privy. The reasons the Senators on the Committee could not see the documents is because the Federal Reserve said they were not worthy to read the Federal Reserve's confidential documents. However, the Senators' staff members were allowed to read the documents. The entire Senate Banking Committeee proceedings on the nomination of Ben Bernanke were insulting to the elected officials whom the people sent to represent them.

If you want to know the Senators who voted and supported Ben Bernanke's renomination as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, these are the Senators who went along with the status quo. They are not deserving of reelection for another term in the U. S. Senate in the opinion of the Ancient Oracle. These Senators are staus quo, and a part of what is wrong with Washington. Their "yea" votes are reflective of what is wrong in Washington.

Grouped By Vote Position YEAs ---77

Vote Counts:YEAs70
Alphabetical by Senator Name Grouped By Vote Position

YEAs ---70
Akaka (D-HI)
Alexander (R-TN)
Barrasso (R-WY)
Baucus (D-MT)
Bayh (D-IN)
Bennet (D-CO)
Bennett (R-UT)
Bingaman (D-NM)
Bond (R-MO)
Brown (D-OH)
Burr (R-NC)
Burris (D-IL)
Byrd (D-WV)
Cardin (D-MD)
Carper (D-DE)
Casey (D-PA)
Chambliss (R-GA)
Coburn (R-OK)
Cochran (R-MS)
Collins (R-ME)
Conrad (D-ND)
Corker (R-TN)
Dodd (D-CT)
Durbin (D-IL)
Enzi (R-WY)
Feinstein (D-CA)
Gillibrand (D-NY)
Graham (R-SC)
Gregg (R-NH)
Hagan (D-NC)
Hatch (R-UT)
Inouye (D-HI)
Isakson (R-GA)
Johanns (R-NE)
Johnson (D-SD)
Kerry (D-MA)
Kirk (D-MA)
Klobuchar (D-MN)
Kohl (D-WI)
Kyl (R-AZ)
Landrieu (D-LA)
Lautenberg (D-NJ)
Leahy (D-VT)
Levin (D-MI)
Lieberman (ID-CT)
Lincoln (D-AR)
Lugar (R-IN)
McCaskill (D-MO)
McConnell (R-KY)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Mikulski (D-MD)
Murkowski (R-AK)
Murray (D-WA)
Nelson (D-FL)
Nelson (D-NE)
Pryor (D-AR)
Reed (D-RI)
Reid (D-NV)
Rockefeller (D-WV)
Schumer (D-NY)
Shaheen (D-NH)
Snowe (R-ME)
Stabenow (D-MI)
Tester (D-MT)
Udall (D-CO)
Udall (D-NM)
Voinovich (R-OH)
Warner (D-VA)
Webb (D-VA)
Wyden (D-OR)

NAYs ---28
Begich (D-AK)
Brownback (R-KS)
Bunning (R-KY)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Cornyn (R-TX)
Crapo (R-ID)
DeMint (R-SC)
Dorgan (D-ND)
Ensign (R-NV)
Feingold (D-WI)
Franken (D-MN)
Grassley (R-IA)
Harkin (D-IA)
Hutchison (R-TX)
Inhofe (R-OK)
Kaufman (D-DE)
LeMieux (R-FL)
Merkley (D-OR)
Risch (R-ID)
Roberts (R-KS)
Sanders (I-VT)
Sessions (R-AL)
Shelby (R-AL)
Specter (D-PA)
Thune (R-SD)
Vitter (R-LA)
Whitehouse (D-RI)
Wicker (R-MS)

Any senator whose name is not included in the above 28 "Nay "votes, againt the confirmation of Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, does not deserve reelection to the United States Senate. As long as the 70 "Yea" senators, who voted for the re-confirmation of Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, remain in Congress, nothing will change. It is business as usual with the "Yea" Senators. The leaders of the "yea" Senators include Dodd of Connecticut, Judd of New Hampshire, Corker of Tennessee and Graham of South Carolina. Shame on them. So sees the Ancient Oracle.



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Any Congress person or Senator who has served in the House of Representatives or the Senate for 12 years should not be reelected for another term. This means that any Congress Person who has served six (2 year terms) or 12 years should not be reelected to another term in Congress. By the same token, and the "Rule of 12", any Senator who has served two (6 year terms) should not be reelected to another term in the Senate.

Power corrupts. The founding fathers did not intend for Representatives in Congress or members of the Senate to make a career of serving in those offices. Instead, representation was to be rotated among citizen legislators, so that all who were willing and able to serve could serve their country as Representatives and voices of the people.

The way the system is set up now, incumbents become lodged in the seats in Congress and the Senate by the power of incumbency. Incumbents who serve in the House of Representatives and the Senate become corrupt and beholden to lobbyists and special interests, who help fund their reelection. Any Representative or Senator who has served in Congress or the Senate for more than 12 years is tainted and has the smell of corruprtion written all over them, in their entrails. It's visceral.

The politicians who are entrenched in Washington, and that includes most of them, are corrupt and beholden to special interests. Many of them have family members who work for the very lobbyists who lobby them daily in Congress and the Senate. When most of them retire or are voted out of office, they remain in Washington and work for the lobbyists who they befriended and favored while they held elective office. Cases in point, former Senate minority leader Tom Daschle, and former Senate minority leader Trent Lott. There are many more like those two, too many to name here. The current Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, has family members working for the lobbyists whom he entertains business from, as Senate majority leader. Shame on all of these corrupt and malignant politicians!

The politicians in Washington will never set term limits for themselves. It is up to the voters, "we the people" to set term limits, by not reelecting any Representative or Senator, who has served in the House of Representatives or the Senate for 12 years or more. Let them know that after 12 years, if they are deserving of 12 years, they need to return to their day jobs, the jobs they held before they became a professional politician. The career politicians need to return home after 12 years and make an honest day's living like the rest of "we, the people". If they cannot accept a maximum limit of 12 years on their representation in Congress and the Senate, then they should not run for the job. There are many other eager citizens who will.

You may say that you like your Representative or Senator. That is not the point. You should love your country more than you love your Congress person or Senator. Put your country first. Get rid of the corruption and stench of business as usual, which has run your country in the ground. You can do that by not voting for any Representative or Senator who has been in the House or Senate for 12 years or longer. Set term limits through this process. Take your country back.

You can not wait until the general election to weed the corrupt, imbedded incumbents out of office. You need to start with the primaries in each State. When the general election rolls around, you will have selected the right person to elect in the general election.

There are some important remaining primary elections between now and the end of September. You should use the "Rule of 12" to vote against any incumbent who has served for 2 terms (12 years) in the Senate or 6 terms (12 years) in the House of Representatives. "The Rule of 12" will be decisive in the Senate primary in Arizona. Senator McCain, war hero that he is, has simply been in Washington too long. He has been out of touch with the Arizona electorate on the vital issues of securing the border and on advocating amnesty. Senator McCain is out of touch, too long in Washington. Time to retire the Senator and send him into retirement in Arizona, unless he chooses to remain in Washington, after his defeat, and work for the lobbyists, as his counterparts.  John McCain was able to buy his victory in the Republican primary by spending an obscene 21 million dollars to win reelection.  He simply overwhelmingly outspent his opponent. McCain bought the vote.  McCain, the old war monger, should not have been reelected for the good of the country.  His time has come and past.  He had his chance and was on the wrong side of history when it really counted.

The Congress and Senate that you have elected and reelected for the last forty five years have brought you open and unsecured borders and ports, a nation running over with illegal aliens, a nation that engages in extended wars, which it cannot win, in the Middle East and elsewhere, a Congress and Senate that have squandered taxpayers' money by spending incessantly and unnecessarily, a Congress and Senate that have caused the nation to go bankrupt through deficit spending, a nation whose Central Bank has devalued its currency by printing money to fund projects of an out of control Congress, a Congress and Senate that allow the Executive Branch to trample on the Constitutional rights of American citizens by invading their rights to privacy, infringing on their right to free speech, and limiting their right to bear arms.

Washington is corrupt. The only way to make a dent in taking back your government for "we the people" is to adopt the " Rule of 12".  Every voter, regardless of his or her state, should adopt the rule of 12 when voting in the primaries and in the general election. Put country first. The rule of 12 should encourage new and fresh faces to run for political offices.  No longer will old politicians be entrenched in positions of power working for the lobbyists and special interests, instead of the people who elected them.  If the "Rule of 12" is not adopted countrywide, nothing will change in Washington. The vicious wheel of electoral politics in America, with all of its corruption, will continue.  Tyrannical regimes will continue through the wheel of corrupt and manipulative elections. So sees the Ancient Oracle.  Return to "Top" of page or continue reading.


Former President Bill Clinton made an asinine statement in an attempt to criticize grass root movements, by comparing the Tea Party to the colonial revolt against the British monarchy in 1773. Bill Clinton is, among other things, a "suck up lackey" to the world's billionaires, a tool of the Trilateral Commission, a puppet of the Bilderberg Group, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, an advocate for the king of deal makers, George Soros, and a proponent of a One World Government. Bill Clinton attempted to discredit the Tea Party movement by saying there is no need for a Tea Party revolution, since the people elect their officials in elections. Therefore, the people are represented in their government by the votes that they cast, every two, four or six years.

Bill Clinton missed the point, just as he did by having sex with a young intern in the Oval office. By repeating a cycle of election patterns, where the deck is stacked against the voters, the people are not represented. Rather, special interests and lobbyists, who influence the elected officials, grease and control the wheel of government.  In that sense, America's government has become corrupt and tyrannical. Through a cruel and deceptive form of government that leads the people to believe that they can effect change through their elected representatives, nothing changes. The corruption gets worse and entrenched interests grows deeper with each election cycle. The people really do not have a choice. And people like Bill Clinton and his bevy of elected con men would like to keep it that way.

Bill Clinton, you and the other people like you, who want to continue to run the "con game", that election cycles matter, are in for a rude awakening. It is nothing that you can do to change the tide that is sweeping across America. You and all of your corrupt, manipulative public officials, and the regimes that you represent, will be swept away in coming elections.

Bill Clinton you should know that you are directly responsible for Bin Laden's attack on 9/11.  While you had America held hostage to your impeachment and sexual escapades in the Oval Office, Bin Laden was busy organizing and plotting 9/11.  If you had resigned and spared the country two years of wasted time and energy on your impeachment and cover-up, the nation's energies could have been focused on the threat coming from Bin Laden. Your wife, Hillary, bears as much responsibility as you in supporting the long drawn out impeachment process. The "vast right wing conspiracy", which she blamed for your affair with the young intern, did nothing but divide the country, and that division continues to this day. Bill and Hillary Clinton, in spite of their gravitas, are two wicked figures of history and they will be so judged. Your egos stink. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


If ever two people have overstayed their time on the world's stage, it is is Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. From his time as President and her time as America's first lady, up until the present time , these two people have dominated world headlines through their self aggrandisement and imposition of their world view. From humble beginnings, Bill Clinton has become a multimillionaire, and brought his wife along with him. Today, as she implements Barack Hussein Obama's foreign policy, she uses her matronly power of persuasion on young, inexperienced heads of State, like the young President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev. Obama and Hillary Clinton have persuaded the young Russian President to trade in the advice of Kremlin insiders for the text messages from Barack Hussein Obama. Hillary Clinton is up to her eyeballs in playing the game of deception, with her President, Barack Hussein Obama. Go away, Bill and Hillary. Your time has come and gone on the world's stage. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


With the election of Barack Hussein Obama as President, America will eventually lose her sovereignty; her economy will collapse, and Barack Hussein Obama will declare himself President of the World.  The Constitution will be eventually suspended, through this process, as Barack Hussein Obama, the antichrist, receives the pledge of allegiance from all of the countries under his domination.  The first rights to be suspended will be the 1st and 2nd Amendments to the Constitution. The Supreme Court will be complicit in the suspension of the Constitution, and placing America under the Laws of the One World Government. These things have been prophesied if you read the entire Prophecy. Events are transpriring more quickly than have been prophesied.  The rapidity with which the Prophecy is being manifested is being revealed on a quickened basis.

Barack Hussein Obama can only achieve his aim of world domination, by collapse of the American economy, and election as President.  If you noticed, the gathering, of all of the major industrialized nations, involved tying their economies and their Central Banks to a global world authority.  This giant world wide economic authority sets the stage for the One World Government, and the New World Order.  The leaders of these countries will meet behind closed doors to mastermind a giant world authority to manage the economies and the financial institutions of the world.  This will set the stage for Barack Hussein Obama to assume the leadership of this One World Government and the New World Order.  America will surrender her authority to this world organization of countries, brought together to manage the economies of the world.  NAFTA, CAFTA, open borders, a New World Order, One World Government, and the multinational corporations have a lot riding on his Presidency..

Barack Hussein Obama has appointed Madeline Albright, Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, to represent him at the global economic summit.  Madeline Albright is a member of the Trilateral Commission, whose members influence the world's economic policy.  She advocates a One World Government, just as all of the other foreign policy advisors of Barack Hussein Obama.  Madeline Albright helped plan the European tour of Barack Hussein Obama, were he spoke to a crowd of almost 200,000 in Berlin Germany, prior to his election as President.  Bill Clinton, Madeline Albrignt, and Barack Hussein Obama's Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, are all memebers of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.  The council on Foreign Relations is an adjuct to the Trilateral Commission.  Susan Rice is an obnoxious, pompous, pseudo intellectual, who is full of herself, as she advocates and pushes the agenda of the Council on Foreign Relations and a one World Government. In her position at the United Nations, she will have the authroity, that she has craved, to move America under the auspices of a One World Government and the New World Order.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Bill Clinton is a member of the Trilateral Commission as is every living President and all former Secretaries of State.  Bill Clinton as all former Presidents, starting with Jimmy Carter have used their positions of power as Presidents to travel the world making huge sums of money for themselves and their libraries.  Bill Clinton is the most notorious of them all, having raised hundreds of millions of dollars for himself, his Presidential library and his foundation.  These former Presidents are little more than "Presidential pimps", profiting off their time as President of America.

When Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton say that they are concerned about America's standing in the world, that concern stems from Clinton's ability to continue to raise large sums of money from foreign governments. Those foreign governments include Arab potentates and kindoms, especially Saudia Arabia, Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates.  The fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia did not stop Bill Clinton from kowtowing to those Arab governments, hat in hand, soliciting a handout in hundreds of millions of dollars. Bill Clinton is not the only former President who does this.  Former president Geroge H . W. Bush has received millions of dollars from Arab and Muslim governments.  His son, Geroge W. Bush will solicit money from the same Arab and foreign governments to build his library in Dallas, Texas.   It is a disgraceful and outrageous compromise of their former office as President.  But a pimp is a pimp, whether he is selling his whore, or his time in office as a former Prresident.  Barack Hussein Obama will follow that tradition when he leaves office, and pimp the office of the President, which the nation gave him the honor to serve.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Victory Column in Tiergarten Park, Berlin Germany.

Barack speaks Thursday, July 24, 2008 in Berlin, Germany to a crowd of 200,000.

Photos courtesy of the Associated Press

The One World Government, which Barack Hussein Obama seeks, is being masterminded behind closed doors, as a result of the coming economic collapse of America and the industrialized world.  America will surrender her authority to this giant world authority, the One World Government.  America will suspend the Constitution and embrace and salute the Constitution of the One World Government. Barack Hussein Obama, will be the leader and President of the One World Government and the New World Order, as prophesied. European nations are waiting for him.  America, you did not have to let this happen.  You could have stopped Barack Hussein Obama, in his tracks, by not electing him as President on November 4th.  America, you lost your chance to fight back.  You could have stopped the plans of the antichrist in this generation.  America, you have elected Barack Hussein Obama, the antichrist, as President, on his way to becoming President of his One World Government, which he will head.

Barack Hussein Obama has closed every major speech with the announcement that he is going to "change America and change the world".  Barack Hussein Obama has warned America what his plans are in that statement.  However, most Americans are too docile to understand the meaning of those closing words in his speeches.  America, you are asleep at the wheel, where Barack Hussein Obama is concerned.  With Barack Hussein Obama's ascendency to the Presidency, he is on his way to world domination, and the one World Government, and New World Order.

Barack Hussein Obama will be given the Nobel Prize for Peace for 2009-2010.  The nomination of Barack Hussein Obama diminishes the signifcance of the award, when clearly he is not deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize.  Barack Hussein Obama has not brought peace to any part of the world.  The Nobel Peace Prize committee in Norway is part of the One World Government doctrine, wherein the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded with ithe intent of influencing world events.   By bestowing the Nobel Peace Prize on Barack Hussein Obama, the powers that be within the Nobel Prize Committee in Norway, hope to boost his declining ratings in America.  The Nobel Prize Committee also hopes to boost Barack Hussein Obama's stature on the world stage and his ability to influence world events.  The ultimate goal of the Nobel Prize Committe, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations is to create a One World Government, under a world constitution, with Barack Hussein Obama as President.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The American voters are up against the AntiChrist in this election.  If the American people have any doubts about Barack Hussein Obama being the AntiChrist, after his European and Middle East tour, you should be convinced.  Barack Hussein Obama is a figure who has risen out of the East, from a Muslim father, and commands power over the people of Europe. All of the nations of the European Union want him as their leader.  The power of this one man, Barack Husssin Obama, to attract followers, is like the power of no other since Jesus Christ.  The people of Europe, like the majority of people in America, have surrendered their authority to the AntiChrist, Barack Hussein Obama.

Barack Hussein Obama will use the power of the Presidency as a spring board to achieve world domination. Be forewarned, as the Christian scriptures state, America "wrestles not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against potentates, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of the world".  Your task, the American voters, on November 4th, was to stop the AntiChrist, Barack Hussein Obama, in his tracks, by not electing him as President. Unfortunately, for America and the world, this did not happen. Antichrist Barack Hussein Obama has charmed the American electorate.   He has most of the American people under his spell. He has the Congress of the United State of America under his spell.  He has the judicial system under his spell.  He has the world under his spell.  All are only too eager to do his bidding and give him everything that he wants.

Every agency of the Federal government is under the command and control of the Executive Branch and the President. These agencies include the Pentagon and the Justice Department.   You were forewarned that Barack Hussein Obama will use the the Executive Orders of the Executive Branch to make sweeping changes, detrimental to the best interest of the American people.   With his Harvard Law degree and his treacherous mind, Barack Hussein Obama can use the stroke of a pen to undermine and further weaken America.  As he uses the power of the Executive Branch to achieve his destructive aims for America, he cannot be challenged because he has the constitutional power of the Executive Branch.

The change that Barack Hussein Obama wants America to believe in, is the change that he will use to squash and destroy America through the power of the Executive Branch.  The voters cannot expect any oversight or impeachment by the Legislative Branch, because the Legislative Branch will be controlled by his fellow Democrats. With a Democrat controlled House and Senate, they will support Obama in everything that he does as President.  You were previously warned that Barack Hussein Obama will use the constitutional power of the Executive Branch to make the sweeping and pernicious change that will destroy America, as you know it.

As Barack Hussein Obama moves to consolidate his power under a One World Government, the United States' military will be under his control.  The antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama, will use the military power of the United States to suppress and squash descent.  American citizens will have no rights because the Constitution will be suspended as Barack Hussein Obama solidifies his power under a One World Government.  The nationalization of the financial and banking system, as well as the commerce of the United States, has fundamentally changed America.

As Barack Hussein Obama travels abroad, seeking unity for a New World Order, there is disunity back in America.  Barack Hussein Obama has divided America, and it will never be the United States of America again.  Barack Hussein Obama and his government will try and achieve unity by beating the people, who oppose him, into submission.  Barack Hussein Obama will first go against their constitutional right to peacefully assemble.  He will then squash their 1st amendment right of free specch.  Next, he will go after their 2nd amendment right to bear arms, so that they cannot protect themselves from his tyrannical government. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Barack Hussein Obama's first European visit will be with members of the so called G 20 nations, where they will meet to develop a "global new deal" to save the world.  They will meet to connect Barack Hussein obama's "U. S. stimulus plan" to a "global stimulus plan". The G 20 "global stimulus plan " will spend money, with abandon, to jump start their economies, based on a wild scenario of spending and borrowing.  Since the spending and borrowing will be done on a global scale, all of the world's economies will sink and fall together. America and Barack Hussein Obama are seen as "indispensable" to the "spend, tax and borrrow" of the "global new deal" and "global stimulus plan".  Since the G-20 meeting is in London in April, the Queen, for good measure, will meet with Barack Hussein Obama to whisper a few colonial words of widom in his ears, prior to the conference.  The "G-20 summit is just one example of the "new world order " and the ingrained globaliztion of the world economy.  However, all will occur at the expense of the American taxpayers.

At the G-20 meeting, the doctrine of a "New World Order", tied to "fighting global recession", emerged.  The global recession was used as the pretext for establishing a "New World Order", where the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will gain expanded powers to control the major currencies of the world.  As mentioned previously, America, under Barack Hussein Obama, will relinquish her sovereignty to the "New World Order".  At the G-20 meeting in London, Barack Hussein Obama announced to the gathering that "America is changing". "America will never be the same".  Those were menacing and foreboding comments, from the antichrist, himself, Barack Hussein Obama, about America and its future.  The die has already been cast.

At the European G-20 summit held in London, the leaders of the G-20 countries did not realize that doom and gloom follow in the footsteps of Barack Hussein Obama.  Everywhere the antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama, flies in his plane, his aura casts a dark shadow. Immediately after the G-20 Summit, there was a devastating earthquake in Italy.  The President of Italy was one of the leaders seen in photographs embracing Barack Hussein Obama.  Everywhere Barack Hussein Obama visits, whether it is in America or countries overseas, some form of disaster will be visited upon those countries.

Barack Hussein Obama, during his European tour in June, paid a visit to the Pope and the Vatican.  Barack Hussein Obama carried a personal note from ailing Senator Edward Kennedy to hand deliver to the Pope. Subsequent to his private meeting with the Pope, the Pope had the misfortune of breaking his wrist from a fall.  Even the Pope's guardian angels could only postpone, but not prevent the ominous accident which befell the Pope, after coming into direct contact with the aura of Barack Hussein Obama.  So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

America will become a military/industrial dictatorship, under the control and authority of NATO, the United Nations, and Barack Hussein Obama, the antichrist.  You should be on your knees, crying and praying to God.  You have lost your country, through this election, to the antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama. Return to "Top" of page or continue reading.


Commemorative coins and commemorative paraphernalia of all types have already been created in honor of Barack Hussein Obama.  Choirs sing his praise.   His supporters refer to him as "divine".  School age children sing his praise in schools.  The liberal talking heads on televisions expound the greatness and supernatural ability of Barack Hussein Obama. There is talk of creating a special holdiay in his honor.  The inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama will be an extravagant and ostentatious display of festivities, at a time when the nation is on the brink of an economic depression, with massive unemployment.  Barack Hussein Obama thrives on shaking the hand of his devotees and his adherents, while greeting them with his "big teeth" deceptive smile.  Streets, buildings, and schools are being named in his honor. This phenomena is happening across the world. These things are all signs of the antichrist. The popularity of the antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama, rivals the populatity of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Vanity vanity, all is vanity.


Barack Hussein Obama's inauguration on January 20, 2009 was a conspicious and obscene display of idolatry.  The inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama, which extended over four days, including the three days leading up to the inauguration ceremony, was a shock and awe event.  As the hordes of his supporters came to Washington, D.C. by buses, planes, trains, automobiles, and everything in between, Obama's intent was to overwhelm the oppositon, e.g. his nonsupporters, with shock and awe.  The opposition, those who did not vote for Barack Hussein Obama, were to be shocked and awed at the outpouring of millions at his inauguration.  Those Americans who did not support Barack Hussein Obama were supposed to have the fear of Barack Hussein Obama put into them.  At the mere recitation of the name of Barack Hussein Obama, his opposition, in Congress and the Judiciary, are to tremble in their boots.  Now that Barack Hussein Obama has shocked and awed the nation with his hordes of millions of followers, the Republican oppostion are supposed to roll over and bow to Barack Hussein Obama's every wish and command.  Oh, that it is not so!

If you had any doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is the false messiah, the antichrist, the crowds, at his European speech in Berlin Germany and at his inauguration ceremonies, should convince you of the unnatural power of this man.  Barack Hussein Obama has America under his spell as well as the whole word. Barack Hussein Obama will lead the blind hordes of billions to their ultimate suicide and death.  Barack Hussein Obama knows of his evil power and he is weilding it over all.

Barack Hussein Obama suffers from delusions of grandiosity.  He has evoked every great President, including Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, John Kennedy and even Ronald Reagan,  Before taking the oath of office, he has aligned himself in history with those Presidents who had actually served.  To compare himself with Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. is the ultimate act of arrogrance and presumptiveness.  However, for an antichrist figure, these types of larger than life comparisons seem quite appropriate. Because he, Barack Hussein Obama, after all is the antichrist.


Are you on the roladex of the antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama?  His roladex includes all whom have given him their names and addresses, their email addresses, their home telephone numbers and cell phone numbers.  Those who have supported his campaign and rise to political dominance are on his roladex.  You have made a pact with the antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama.  Your name is permanently recorded in his roladex of names.   He will never release you from his roladex.  Now think about what that means for you and your soul.

Barack Hussein Obama has already started his bid for the 2012 Presidential election through his community organizing network called, USA Service organization.  He will use the names on his roladex combined with the bully pulpit of the Oval Office to organize volunteers in his USA Service organization.  Through executive orders, or some form of add on funding legislation, Barack Hussein Obama will find a way for the Federal government to pay for his reelection bid under the umbrella of his USA Service organization.  He will never stop campaigning, while in the Oval Office, using the guise of volunteering to galvanize his supporters for 2012.

Through the issuance of Executive Orders, Barack Hussein Obama will establish special Offices which operate out of the White House, and which are designed to consolidate his power over every aspect of the Americans citizens' lives.  One such office, created during the first month of Barack Hussein Obama's Presidency, is the "The White House Office of Urban Affairs".  Barack Hussein Obama will use this office to gather intelligence on every American and non American living in an urban area, which is 80 percent of the population.

The White House Office of Urban Affairs will use the following agencies to help gather intelligence and information on the private lives of the 80 percent of the population which lives in urban centers: (a) the Department of the Treasury: (b) the Department of Justice; (c) the Department of Commerce; (d) the Department of Labor; (e) the Department of Health and Human Services; (if) the Department of Housing and Urban Development; (g) the Department of Transportation; (h) the Department of Energy; (i) the Department of Education; and (j) the Environmental Protection Agency.  This information will likely be used to suppress the freedom and movement of the American citizenry.  Protect your second amendment rights.  Buy your guns and hide them now before it is too late.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Ancient Oracle sees black attack helicopters hovering over the homes of American citizens who own guns. Those attack helicopters will be unleashed by the unisex, gestapo, head of Homeland Security, who serves under the command of her closet Muslim President, the antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama.  The Oracle sees blood in the streets of America as predicted in another section of the Prophecy.  These events have come much quicker than predicted because of the quickening of energies.  These events pave the way for minarets to be installed on top of the dome of the nation's capital. This was also previously predicted in another section of the Prophecy.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

It is fitting here in the Prophecy to quote one of the founding fathers and drafters of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson. The following words were spoken by the great American statesman and President, Thomas Jefferson:

"The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it."

"Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories."

"Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny."

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

"The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object."

There is more truth than satire in the above picture.  The New Yorker Magazine published a cover of the "New Yorker" which attempted to satirize the Muslim, Barack Hussein Obama, and his ties to Osama Bin Laden.  The above illustration on the magazine cover depicts Barack Hussein Obama wearing traditional Muslim garb, and his wife, Michelle dressed in camouflage, combat boots and an assault rifle strapped over her shoulder in the Oval Office. The only thing missing is her string of white pearls.  There is an American flag burning in the fireplace, underneath a wall portrait of Osama Bin Laden.  Barack Hussein Obama and his wife Michelle give each other a "fist-bump", the militant equivalent of a "high five".  This is the same "fist bump" that they gave each other when Barack Hussein Obama had wrapped up the Democratic nomination for President.

The "fist-bump", a militant high five, is a congratulatory acknowlegement that Barack Hussein Obama is on the last leg of his mission, as antichrist, to become President of America and eventually President of the World.  Michelle Obama is part of his plan.

The only thing that can stop Barack Hussein Obama is a Higher Power and that Power is ready to do battle with the spirit of the antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama.  Barack Hussein Obama will not be able to take over as he plans.  Barack Hussein Obama will be stopped in his tracks by a Higher Power, the power that created the Universe. Take your evil spirit back to the place from which it comes.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Every word of this prophecy is coming into manifestation.  When this Prophecy was first published, many questioned how could any of it ever come true.  Well, look around you and every word is being manifested. A word of warning:  Don't try and interfere with this Prophecy.   Do no write to the Oracle of KMT and ask the Oracle to stop the Prophecy and the Wheel of Karma.  That is a stupid request.  The Wheel of Karma never stops.  To interfere with the Wheel of Karma will cause many kinks in your own Karma.  You will not be able to bear the sounds of the kinks in the Wheel of Karma, which only you will hear for trying to interfere with the Wheel of Karma.  You have been forewarned.



The following prophecy is from the Ancient Oracle of KMT, or Ancient Egypt. All is not revealed herein. However, prophetic changes manifesting all around will continue until the prophecy is fulfilled. The prophecy is protected and those who atempt to interfere or attempt to change events will pay a terrible price.

This site and its prophecy are based on the Ancient Egyptian concept of Maat, the symbol of universal law, justice and balance. Maat was symbolized by the Ancient Egyptian feminized principle of the goddess Maat, who wears the feather in her hair, and is sometimes depicted as blind. It is the same principle, which the western symbol of lady justice, holding the scales and blindfolded, is based on. However, Maat, to the ancient Egyptians, was more than blind justice. She was the symbol of the law, and the cosmic glue which held the universe together.

Maat was the embodiment of all that is neccessary to cosmic harmony and balance. Maat not only goverened man-made law but was the law of the universe. The ancient Egyptians understood the delicate balance between order and chaos in the universe. That is why their lives were dedicated to the principl of Maat and maintaining that order. It was a way of life. The Ancient Egyptians were Maati beings, who were able to preserve the natural order and maintain balance in the universe for thousands of years. Read more about Maat and karma in a discussion below on the subject of Maat and the concept of karma.

It is necessary to understand history and especially ancient history if one is to understand the events in our world todyay. The effects and impact of ancient history did not end millennia or centuries ago. The effects of events keep moving with time, affecting and intermingling with other events. There is no cut-off period in time for the effects of events to end. The events of ancient history continue to impact our lives even until the present day.

The events of 9/11/2001 show how important it is to understand the ancient past. Ancient history played a significant part in the events of 9/11 and will continue to influence events going forward. The effects of history, even ancient history, are lasting.


The question has been posed as to what is karma from an ancient Egyptian perspective. Karma is a word based on the ancient Egyptian concept of Maat. Maat is the ancient Egyptian symbol of harmony, order and balance in the universe. The symobl of Maat appears on this page with outstretched arms, in balance, and wearing the feather in her hair. Maat maintained the order of the universe and kept everything in balance. The feather, indicated that, even, an injustice as light as the weight of a feather, would not go undetected and uncompensated. Maat must be in balance and harmony at all times, as symbolized by the feather and the outstretched arms of Maat, representing the scale of balance.

The concept of Karma, like the symbol of Maat in Ancient Egypt, is based on the action of cause and effect. For every action there is an effect, and each occurs at the same time. Maat is always in balance. The effects of the action may not be seen or felt, immediately, because in a three dimensional world, events appear to take place in a sequential, linear fashion. However, because the effect of an action has not been experienced in time, does not mean it has not taken place. The effect only awaits to be experienced in the physical world.

Karma applies not only to individuals but also to the race and ethnic group that one is born into. Karma also applies to the nation, institutions, religions, corporations and other entities created by individuals. Nations, religions, and institutions attract individuals and activities to themselves, which reflect the character and characteristics of those entities. The individual reaps not only the karma, positive or negative, created by his own individual acts, but also the larger karma of his race, nation, religion, business, corporation etc. The individual on a personal level is surrounded by karmic energy that is causing effects or results in his or her life. Nothing happens by coincidence or accident. What happens in one's life is the interplay and convergence of many karmic effects, operating from different levels at the same time.

Whatsoever you do unto others will be done unto you. This is the law of karma and this is in keeping with the scales of balance of Maat. For every action, there is a corresponding action. The symbol of Maat stands for universal order and is what maintains the order amd balance of the universe.

May you live in right and truth!


We all know that God is invisible. He is hidden, the hidden one; Amen, as the ancient Egyptians called Him. We can only know and experience God through his manifestations, his creations, which can be seen every day in nature.

Since God is invisible, and untouchable and unknowable except through his creations, what can we as visible beings living on a visible plane, offer to an invisible God? Certainly, the only thing that will communicate to God, the invisible One, must be, by definition, an invisible thing. God dwells on an invisible plane; therefore, the only way of communicating with God is through that which is invisible.

If we are visible beings functioning on a visible plane, then the only thing that we can offer to God is our spoken words. That is the only thing that comes from man that is invisible and that can be transmitted to God - the spoken word. That is the spoken word, not the written word. Once the word is written and becomes visible, it looses its invisibility. It is always the spoken word that is invisibly transmitted to God through sound and the ear.

The second way of communicating and making an offering to an invisible God is through the sense of smell. What we smell is invisible. We can see the source from where the smell emanates, but the actual smell is invisible. The sense of smell operates on the invisible level. The sense of smell transmits what it has sensed up to the nostrils and thereby to the invisible God. When we burn incense, the smell or odor of the incense is transmitted up to God through the visible smoke.

The third way of communicating to an invisible God is through the sense of feel. We can feel an invisible presence around us. When the wind blows for example, we cannot see the wind, only the effects of the wind on objects and things around us. For example, we can see the leaves and branches on the trees moving as the wind blows, and we can feel the wind against our skin. However, we cannot see the invisible force of the wind, itself.

The sense of feel as we search in the dark for an invisible God is akin to what the ancient Egyptians referred to as a "knowingness". To know the invisible and hidden God, we must reach into the darkness of invisibility where He resides, and where we gather a sense of "knowingness". This is such a personal level of communication and knowingness that it can be only experienced in the deepest and innermost part of oneís being.

One should be guarded with the spoken word. Every spoken word, intended or not, is an offering to an invisible God.

When one goes to an establishment to worship God, such as a church, temple or synagogue, one should know that the only offering that will go up to God from each individual is the spoken word, spoken or through song and music. Those words and songs can be facilitated as an offering to the invisible God through the burning of incense. Oneís words and songs can be offered up to God through the smell of the burning incense. When the offering basket is passed for a monetary offering, know, however, that offering is going to a visible, physical church or temple, and not to the invisible God.

The Ancient Egyptians knew and understood the invisible nature of God. Unfortunately, many foreigners invaded her land, destroyed her temples and religion, and forced the Ancient Egyptians to turn away from their "knowingness".

The invaders stripped and mutilated her Temples and the words of the gods, and corrupted her teachings. The columns in her Temples and courtyards were duplicated later in Greek and Roman temples. Her obelisks were dismantled and carried off to every major European capital and Central Park in New York. Her majestic symbols were used as the icons for the foundation of America. The all Seeing Eye, and the pyramid are on the dollar bill. The Washington monument is built in the form of the obelisk. The reflecting pool in front of the Washington monument imitates the reflecting lake found on the ancient Egyptian Temple grounds of Karnak in Upper Egypt.

The Hebrews, Romans, and Greeks, in the name of a new spirituality, which they called "the only God", borrowed ancient Egyptiansí wisdom texts, and created a new religion called Judaism and Christianity. Later, the Moslems would create an even later day religion called Islam, which was even more violent in denouncing and destroying the ancient Egyptian worship of the invisible God. The Arabs to this date, in the name of Islam, cut off the breasts of nursing mothers in Southern Sudan, as a punishment for not converting to Islam. They castrate the genitals of young African boys and young African men, whom they capture in the Sudan, and take to Saudia Arabia and other Arab countries, to work as slaves. After castration, they kill most of the African Sudanese males, both babies and young men. This practice continues until today as witnessed by the Oracle of KMT.

The Arabs justify the destruciton of these ancient African people and their traditions because, according to Islam, they are not "people of the Book". Yet the Sudan or Ancient Nubia had a well defined worship of the Godhead thousands of years ago, while the Bedouins or Arabs roamed the desert as nomads. This fact escapes the Arabs. They fail to appreciate the comparative short history of Islam and the Arab nation (used plurally), compared to Nubia and Ancient Egypt. Words revealed by the God Amun.

The ancient Egyptian religion and her majestic Temples of worship, which had withstood over 7000 years of worship of the invisible God, were deemed pagan. Yet, those who had destroyed the temples of Ancient Egypt, adopted her ancient wisdom texts and incorporated them into their religious texts, which were written some 5000 years later,and some 5,600 years later.  

He with eyes to see, let him see, and he with ears to hear, let him hear. Seeing you may not be blind and hearing you may not be deaf.

May you live in right and truth! You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.



Websterís dictionary defines a pagan as a heathen, an irreligious person. On most of the Internet search engines, the religion of Ancient Egypt is filed in the "Pagan-Kemetic" category. All other religions are filed in their respective origins, Christianity, Muslim, Judaism, Hindu, etc.

If the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs are the oldest form of writing, and if the ancient Egyptians were the first civilized culture in the world, and if the ancient Egyptians were the first people to have an established and ritualized form of worship of the Godhead, which continued for over 7,000 years, how could the ancient Egyptian religion be referred to as pagan?

All other religions, which are now practiced on the face of the earth, started millennia after the establishment and perfection of the worship of the Godhead in Ancient Egypt. In fact, as late as 7000 years ago, according to Egyptologists, pilgrims from all over the known world traveled to the ancient and holy city of Abydos to leave offerings to the Egyptian God, Osiris. To this date one can see the remnants of broken vessels containing the offerings left by pilgrims. Those pilgrims were exposed to the teachings of Ancient Egypt and returned to their lands and started their religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. Some Hindi names have the RAMA root word, which were sounds, used to call on the Godhead in ancient Egypt. Many Arab and Persian names,have the RA sound in them. Arab, Saudia Arabia, Iran, Iraq. RA was an early expression of the manifestation of God.

A visitor to Abydos today will see the Oseirion where there is underground water, the source of which is unclear. There is no visible lake or spring in the immediate area. Some Egyptologists believe that the source of the water dates back 50,000 years ago when that part of Egypt was covered by lakes and water. The Oseirion would therefore have to be at least 50,000 years old. Much more research needs to be done, but it appears that the worship of Osiris and the holy city of Abydos may date back to at least 50,000 years ago.

Current Egyptology dates ancient Egyptian history as starting with the pre-dynasty, the period prior to 7000 years ago or 3000 B.C. If the above is true, regarding the Oseirion, there were 43,000 years of pre-dynasty history in Ancient Egypt before the first king, Narmer, unified Egypt in 3000 B. C. According to Egyptologists, the first step pyramid in Saqqara was built 200 years later in 2800 B.C. According to these same Egyptologists, the three pyramids of Giza were built over the next 200 years during the period of 2700-2600 B.C.

These same Egyptologists are unable to date the Sphinx. Recent research by Egyptologist, John Anthony West, has called into question the true age of the Sphinx. Because of the water erosion of the stone surrounding the base of the Sphinx, the Sphinx would have to be more than 12,000 years old. This observation is true, because the only way water erosion could have occurred was, when there was sufficient rainfall in the desert to cause water erosion. The last of those floods would have happened around 10,000 B.C.

The Ancient Egyptians practiced their religion and refined their understanding and worship of the Godhead over many thousands of years. If we accept the way that Egyptologists have dated Egyptian history, starting around 3000 B.C. or 5000 years, and continuing until the last Egyptian Temple, was ordered closed by Theodosius, in 384 A.D., then the ancient Egyptians had a long and rich history of religious practice for more than 5000 years.

Through those 5000 years of history, the ancient Egyptians had been invaded and conquered by unending foreigners, who the Egyptians referred to as bringers of chaos. They thought of the outsiders as outside of the natural order. They were attackers and destroyers of Maat and the natural order. These intruders and invaders included, over the millennia, the Hyksos, the Hittites, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, and, finally, the Arabs and Islam in the 7th century A.D. What remaining vestiges, of Ancient Egyptian civilization there were prior to the Arab invasion and conquest, were wiped out, as Islam became the religion of modern day Egypt, and Arabic the language.

The inhabitants of modern day Egypt are Arabs who have little, if anything, in common with the Ancient Egyptians. As Moslems, they practice a religion that contributed to the destruction of the religion and culture of Ancient Egypt. They have desecrated the sacred monuments of Ancient Egypt. They have stripped the outer stone covering the great pyramid and use it in their houses. They build their houses on top of the graves and artifacts of Ancient Egyptians. Without proper regard for the ancient Temples of Upper Egypt, they built the Aswan Dam, which inundated and destroyed many sacred Temples, and irrreplaceable history. They live and die as Arabs, not even respecting the ancient Egyptian burial customs at death.

All of the invading and conquering nations of Ancient Egypt, ripped off a little of her culture and her traditions. The hymns of Akhnaton formed the basis of the Psalms of King David. The first rosary or prayer beads were found in Amarna and are in the Cairo Museum. The Christian Bible was written in 330 A.D., some 5000 years after the Pyramid Texts were written, some 4000 years after the Coffin Texts, and some 3500 years after the Pert Em Hru, or The Book of The Dead. The Koran was written even later, in the 7th century A.D., some 5600 years after the Pyramid Texts.

The Greek historian, Herodotus, wrote that the ancient Egyptians were the most religious of all people. All nations came to Ancient Egypt to marvel at her Temples and to learn how to worship the Godhead. Since the foreigners were not allowed to enter the mystery schools they could only marvel at a distance the grandeur of the massive columns and beautiful paintings on the outside of the Temples. Be that as it may, the Hebrews, the Romans and Greeks, adopted her columns and used them in their Temples. They adopted the division of their temples into outer courts and inner courts.

The Greek conqueror, Alexander the Great, invaded Egypt in 332 B C. After Alexander's death, in 323 B C, his general, Ptolemy I, made himself King and Pharoah, thereby adopting the Ancient Egyptian religion and customs. As a Greek, who occupied Egypt as a King, Ptolemy controlled the ancient Temples, and was exposed to the ancient mystical knowledge which resided in those Temples. The ancient Temples of Isis at Philae, Horus at Edfu, Khnum at Esna, and Hathor at Denderah were reconstructed to show Ptolemy Kings as Pharoahs, replacing the images of ancient Egyptain Pharoahs. Later Ptolemy Kings following in the footsteps of Ptolemy I, declared themselves to be Kings and Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt, gaining exposure to ancient rituals and the secret wisdom of the ancient Egyptian religion. This included the Greek, Ptolemy queen, Cleopatra, who was a "want to be" Ancient Egyptian Queen.

The Ptolemies ruled Egypt for more than 350 years. It was during those 350 years, that the Greeks, and later the Romans, under Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, gathered the knowledge that was in the ancient Temples, and had it translated into Greek and Latin. The Ptolemy Kings transferred the hidden knowledge that had been protected for thousands of years inside the ancient Temples, and transferred it to Alexandria, where they created the Library of Alexandria. The Library of Alexandria was a treasure of ancient Temple knowledge, which had been translated into Greek and Latin by the Ptolemies.

Before Julius Caesar burned the great library of Alexandria, many of the great documents were taken to Greece and Rome, where they were used by the Christians and the Catholic Church in creating the religion of Christanity. The knowledge, gained through the occupation by the Ptolemy Kings, for more than 350 years of rule in Ancient Egypt, was later transferred to Greece and Rome, and served as the basis for creating the new religion of Christanity. That transfer of knowledge is now stored in the Vatican. This knowledge was used by the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D., in writing the New Testament, or the Christian Bible.

The wisdom scriptures of The Psalms of David, The Proverbs of Solomon, the Songs of Solomon, and the Ecclesiastes of Solomon are all derived from Ancient Egyptian Temple texts, which were translated into Greek and Latin and included in the Library of Alexandria. What remaining parts of the Library of Alexandria that were not burned during the invasion of the Roman commander, Julius Caesar, were burned and destroyed by the Arabs when they invaded Egypt in 642 A D.

The Hebrew Torah and the Christian Bible are a saga or history of the Jews. This history has been described as the "word of God". Besides the historical account of the Jews, the scriptures in both books are of significance because of the texts included from the Temples of Ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptian texts are sprinkled throughout the books of the Torah and the New Testament. There are numerous examples of Ancient Egyptian texts throughout the Bible. The Torah and the New Testament would be less compelling without the masqueraded inclusion of the ancient text. The ancient Egyptian texts add poetic beauty and profound meaning to the experiences of the Hebrew characters in the Torah and the New Testament, including the life experiences of Jesus of Nazareth.

The Jews, claimed to have been enslaved in Egypt and to have helped construct the monuments of Egypt. However, there is not any evidence of their captivity in the hieroglyphic writing of Ancient Egypt, of the Jews or the Israelites. There are no pictures of this race of people in the carvings on monuments or Temple walls. The only historical claim, of their captivity and enslavement in Egypt, is in the Hebrew Bible, which was written some 3000 years after these events were purported to occur.

The Jews were never mentioned in the picture writing or hieroglyphs of the Ancient Egyptians, because they did not live among the Ancient Egyptians. They were never slaves in Ancient Egypt and they did not help to build the pyramids or any other monuments in Ancient Egypt. As for as the exodus of the Jews from Ancient Egypt is concerned, there was no exodus. This is Hebrew folklore, handed down in oral tradition for centuries. This oral folklore was later used, centuries later by writers of the Torah in describing the Exodus. The Jews were not slaves in ancient Egypt; they did not live among the Ancient Egyptians, and there was no mass exodus from Ancient Egypt. It did not happen and there are no Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to prove otherwise. You cannot make something true that is not true as witnessed by the only record of the time from Ancient Egypt. i.e, the Medu Neter.  Words spoken and witnessed by the Ancient Oracle of KMT

All major nations sent representatives to Ancient Egypt to learn and be exposed to her religious traditions. Those nations, in turn, used what they had been exposed to, and learned in Ancient Egypt, to develop their own religions with their own gods. The writer believes that is why the Jews added their captivity, and life among the ancient Egyptians, as a way of validating and giving credence to their religion.

As a tent dwelling, desert people, the Jews like their Arab brothers, had no opportunity to build amazing structures like the Temples, pyramids, and other monuments of Ancient Egypt. However, if they could establish a way of showing that they had lived among the ancient Egyptians, even as slaves, that contact and exposure would provide a historical basis for them to establish a new religion with monuments and structures such as Temples and palaces etc.

Furthermore, if the Jewish and Islamic histories were turned against the ancient Egyptians so that the ancient Egyptians appeared to be heathens and pagans, the Jews, Judaism, and the Bible, and the Arabs and Islam would supplant the ancient Egyptians as the major religious force for the next 2000 years. And so it happened.

In the Bible, there are many references to the ancient Egyptian gods. When Christians call out Amen in church, they are calling out to "Amen", the hidden One, a name that the Israelites borrowed from the ancient Egyptians. It is now used as a way of closing out the Christian prayers.

Esoterically, the name Israel means God of Isis and Ra. "El" means God, "Is" stands for Isis, and "Ra" stands for the ancient Egyptian God, Ra.  When the angel changed Jacob's name to Israel, the name meant, " God of Isis and Ra ".  According to this interpretation, the Jews named their country after the God of Isis and Ra, two ancient Egyptian Divinities. 

The name Abraham, who is supposed to be the father of us all, comes from ancient Egyptian derivates. "Ab" means heart in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. "Ra" means the god Ra. "Am" means I am. The name Abraham means, "I am the heart of Ra". Christiansí worship of God is rooted in ancient Egyptian divinity, and they do not realize it. This knowledge has been withheld from them. They know not whom they really worship.

The ancient Egyptians understood the nature of the Godhead. To the uninitiated, the foreigners, the destroyers of the natural order, it seemed like the ancient Egyptians were worshipping many Gods. The ancient Egyptians understood that from the One comes the many. When the Christians entered Egypt in the fourth century A.D., they disparaged the Ancient Egyptian religion and their gods. The young Christian religion, which was just forming, had no appreciation for the long and rich history of theology in Ancient Egypt.

One of the first acts of desecration that the early Christians did, when they entered Egypt, was to chisel out the images of the gods on the Temple walls. They defaced and mutilated the beautiful relief on the Temple walls, in the name of their God and their religion. After the Roman Emperor, Theodosuis, gave the orders to close and destroy the "heathen" Temples of Alexandria in 390 A D., destruction of Ancient Egyptian Temples, spread rapidly throughout Egypt.   Christians went on a graffiti and mutilation rampage.

The early Christians, like the Arab Moslems, who would follow, lived inside the ancient Temples of Thebes, Karnak, and Denderah. The smoke from the stoves that they used to cook on, blackened the interior of the Temples, destroying thousands of years of a religious way of life. The blackened and smoke stained walls can be seen until today. The destruction of the Ancient Egyptain religion and the beautiful temples, was especially violent and vicious, on the part of the Christians, and the Arabs, who were to follow the Christians. Neither followers of their religions understood that the Ancient Egyptian religion was based on the One God, the causation of many. God is in every part of creation and nature. The Ancient Egyptian religion gave witness to that recognition.

The most beautiful prayers to the "One God" are included in the Ancient Egyptian Book of Coming Forth By Day, also referred to as The Book of The Dead. In the author's opinion, no prayers in the Hebrew Torah, the Christian Bible, or the Koran compare to the beauty of those ancient Egyptian texts to the "One God". These prayers were written millennia before the establishment of the Hebrew, Christian and Moslem religions, which are supposed to have originated the idea of the One God.

Besides borrowing the designs and layout of her Temples, and the use of columns to support the foundations, every major western capital has lifted her obelisks and carried them to their cities, including, the United States which has an ancient Egyptian obelisk in Central Park in New York.

The symbols of Ancient Egypt are used in the nationís capitol. The Washington monument is built in the shape of an obelisk. The reflecting pool, in front of the monument, resembles the sacred lake on the Ancient Egyptian Temple grounds. The icons on the dollar bill are taken directly from Ancient Egypt. The all Seeing Eye and the pyramid are two examples. Many of the founding fathers of America and those who wrote the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons. The writers and signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution used masonic symbols, borrowed from Ancient Egypt, in drafting those documents. At the time of the signing of both documents, the founding fathers, who were Freemasons, dressed in masonic gear, namely their aprons, and engaged in secret, masonic rituals. Those secret rituals and signs were imbued in the founding documents of America.

From an Ancient Egyptian (KMT) perspective, the use of her symbols by foreigners in their documents and architectural structures, is a form of blasphemy against Ancient Egyptian history and traditions. A little knowledge is a terrible thing. Unfortunately, those who borrowed the secret and sacred symbols of Ancient Egypt, were only exposed to the 30 degrees of 360 degree Ancient Egyptian Temple knowledge. The knowledge attained in the highest degree in the Masonic orders would only be a fraction of the esoteric and secret knowledge learned in the Ancient Egyptian mystery schools, as taught by the Ancient Egyptian Temple priests. That is the problem with all Masons and their Masonic orders and Masonic degrees. The knowledge contained in the Masonic orders and lodges leads its members down a road of confusion and distortion of Ancient Egyptian Temple teaching and knowledge.

In Rome, the seat of the Catholic Church, not only does an Egyptian obelisk rise high above the Vatican, the Pope wears garments that resemble ancient Egyptian wear. The double crown of the ancient kings of Egypt resembles the headdress that the Pope and other papal figures wear. A capelet is worn by the Pope that resembles the attire worn in Ancient Egypt. The Popes have adopted the ancient Egyptian burial practice of removing their vital or visceral organs from the body and preserving them in canopic jars inside the Vatican. Inside the Vatican is an Egyptian Museum containing statutes and icons of Egyptian Kings, queens, and Egyptian divinities. Yet, the Catholic Church wants their members to believe that the Ancient Egyptians were pagans and Godless people. At the same time, ancient Egyptian burial customs are practiced by the hierarchy, and an ancient Egyptian museum is maintained inside the Vatican.

The Christian programs broadcast nightly on American TV are set against the background of Temple columns. As mentioned above, the columns are a direct carryover from the Temple columns of Ancient Egypt. The only difference is that the Christians use them for decoration. The ancient Egyptian used them as part of their symbolism of the cosmic order of the universe. Furthermore, the Christians are having to revise and render new interpretations of their Bible as science and astronomy cast doubt on some of the literal "facts" in the Bible. The Christian church, and especially the Catholic church, have had more than 2000 years to develop rituals, texts, and songs to perpetrate the Christian religion.

To understand the violent atrocities that have been committed in the name of organized religion, one only needs to read the history of the last 2000 years since the destruction of the ancient Egyptian Religion, and the rise of Judaism, Christianity, and the Moslem Religions. The history of the last 2000 years include the brutal Islamic conquests of the 7th century, and the Holy Wars or Christian crusades of the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries. Some of the most barbaric atrocities, including slavery, rape, castration, genocide, and bombings have been committed, and continue to be committed, in the name of organized religion.

What is taking place now in the Middle East is karma within the broader context of the precession of the equinox. The precession of the equinox is discussed below and its influence on destiny and karma. The three major world religions mentioned above are reaping the intended and unintended consequences of their enormous Karma. Those who are members of those religions and who practice those religions share in the karma of those religions.

The contribution of Arabs to the world, within the last 1400 years, started with their invasion of Ancient Egypt and exposure to the great wisdom, including the science,and mathematical knowledge of the ancient Egyptians. The Oracle of KMT watched like a hawk, as Ancient Egyptian mathematics and numbers system, were redefined as "Arabic Numerals". The Ancient Egyptian numbers from from one to nine, included zero within each number. Consequently, there was no need to have a separate number for zero. Zero is in all number.

The science of chemistry, which means Kmet, was changed to the name of chemistry. The Arabs took credit for the ancient science of chemistry, which had been practiced for millennia by the ancient Egyptians, before the Arabs invaded the land of Ancient Egypt in the 7th century A.D. After pilfering the knowledge of Ancient Egypt and learning just enough to suit their designs, the Arabs burned what remained of the great library of Alexandria. The karmic debt associated with this one act alone has helped to bring the Arabs to this place and time in history. The price which the Arabs must pay is unfathomable. They will never know peace. Their nature is to fight each other or to fight others. This will continue until the wheel of karma catches up with them. This is happening now. So says the Oracle of Ancient Kmt.

Will the real pagans, please stand up? You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

May you live in right and truth!


The extent to which the three major organized religions have borrowed or taken the ideas from ancient Egyptian religious texts and practices cannot be overestimated.

Besides the examples that were mentioned in Part One of this topic, take the example of the solar disks that are depicted on the heads of the deities of ancient Egypt. The solar disks worn by ancient Egyptian divinities connected those deities with the cosmic and celestial world.

Ancient Egyptian religion was based on the One invisible God, as manifested through the many, depicted in cosmology, the stars and constellations. As such, it was closely connected to the study of the constellations, the scientific mapping of the constellations, procession of the equinoxes, astronomy, and correlation to events on earth. The ancient Egyptian religion was not practiced in a vacuum; it had cosmological, scientific, and astronomical significance. As an esoteric religion, it taught through the use of symbols.

To relate those cosmological and astronomical events to the ordinary ancient Egyptian, myths were created that explained in fascinating detail the esoteric nature of the universe. The mythology associated with ancient Egyptian cosmology gave meaning and order to their ancient way of life that lasted for thousands of years.

The invaders and foreigners took the mythology of Ancient Egypt and interpreted it literally in founding their religions. What were archetypes of the universe from an ancient Egyptian standpoint were literally translated into factual events in the texts that were put in place by the foreigners.

The foremost example of how Ancient Egyptian mythology was taken and used as real events and literal facts is the story of Osiris, Isis, and Horus, and the historical account of Joseph, Mary and Jesus, by the Jews and Christians.

In the cosmological mythology of Osiris Isis and Horus, Osiris and Isis were brother and sister, husband and wife, who birthed a son, Horus; who would later avenge his father's murder and death, at the hands of the brother, Set. There were five mythological figures, Osiris, Isis, another sister, Nephyths, Set, and Anubis, the son of Nephyths and Set. These five mythological figures not only symbolized the great story of birth, death and resurrection, but also the extra five epagomical days of the year which extended the year from the perfect 360 days year to a distorted year of 365 days. Those days of the year were celebrated the last five days of July, corresponding to the Julian calendar, in modern times. These were considered extremely unlucky days in the ancient Egyptian calendar.

Christians would later interpret the mythology as fact and create the characters of the holy family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus. Jesus was crucified and resurrected from the dead, similar to the resurrection and rebirth of Osiris. Osiris lives in the heaven as the star Orion. It made astrological and astronomical sense for Osiris to be reborn as Orion, a heavenly constellation,since his mother was Nut, the sky, and his father was Geb, the earth. Cosmology and the natural order is what ancient Egyptian religion was based on as told through symbols and mythology. It did not take a leap of faith to believe in the natural and astrological order of events. The concept of blind faith was foreign to ancient Egyptians. Their religion was rooted in Maat and the natural order.

The Christians made no attempt to relate the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus to cosmological events. Thus, Christians are expected to believe in a virgin birth and other doctrine of blind faith from a scientific and natural viewpoint.

The Ancient Egyptians would never have created such a dogma or paradigm, that had no basis in fact or natural phenomena. When virgin births are created in Ancient Egyptain mythology, the figures are related to animals in the animal kingdom who have the ability to generate life without male impregnation. Thus the vulture, who can give birth without the seed of a male, and other life forms, like the beetle, and others, who give birth naturally without the act of impregnation from a male seed. These forms of life are both male and female and posess the power of parthenogenesis.

The human species is not equipped from nature to give birth without the union of male and female, and so the ancient Egyptians would not have created a story about human birth which involved a virgin birth, without male seed. They certainly would not have created a story that God, who is an Energy force, totally invisibile, would impregnate the womb of one woman. If such were possible, or even plausible, her womb would have exploded. No human womb could have withstood such a powerful penetration of Energy, if that were even possible, much less plausible. Once again, we see how Ancient Egyptian mythology was corrupted and transferred into fact in the Christian Bible.

Back to the solar disks that were worn by ancient Egyptian divinities, in order for the Christ figure of the Bible to have a connection with the sun, or divinity, the Christians placed a halo around his head. This was a corruption of the depiction of the ancient Egyptian way of showing divinity. Since the Christians were not prepared to borrow the horns, or the crowns which supported the disks on ancient Egyptian divinities, the next best solution was to place a halo around their heads.

So Jesus Christ, his Mother Mary, Father Joseph, and the apostles and saints, all have halos around their heads. This depiction is a corruption of an ancient Egyptian way of showing divinity.

If Jesus Christ is the only Son of God, and therefore the savior of the world, why is he referred to in scripture as the "morning star"? Clearly, there are billions of stars, and if he is the "morning star", how is he the savior of all the other billions of stars in the universe, including our sun? The morning star, as seen from earth, is Venus, which is not even a star but a planet. This is the problem that the Christian and other organized religions have run into. Because these religions had no cosmological origins, and no rich mythological past to connect with the constellations, and cosmology of the universe, these types of literal inconsistencies were bound to appear in their dogma.

Ancient records will show that the years of Jesus Christís life, which are missing from the Bible, were spent in Ancient Egypt. He learned his masonry skills as a carpenter in Ancient Egypt. He was also exposed to the mystery schools of Ancient Egypt, as were Moses and Joseph, pivotal figures in the Hebrew and Christian religions.  According to Hebrew scripture, Abraham, the great patriarch of all Hebrew and Christian icons including, Jacob, Joseph, Moses and Jesus Christ, also spent time in Ancient Egypt prior to his transformation in material wealth and spiritual insight.     

In order for the Arabs and Islam to have a connection to Ancient Egypt, therby gaining historical authority, the mother of Ishmael, was deemed to be Egyptian. Ishmael was born from the union of Abraham and his Egyptian wife when Abraham's wife, Sarah, was thought to be barren. Thus, the roots of all of the pivotal figures in the Hebrew, Christian and Muslim religions have a foot in Ancient Egypt. Yet, those religions have made the ancient Egyptians and their religion the object of scorn in their holy books. This is part of the karma of these three religions..     

When Jesus returned to Galilee from Egypt, he was ready to practice his trade, which he had learned in Egypt and also perform the "miracles", which he had learned from the mystery schools of Ancient Egypt. The miracles of healing the sick, turning water to wine and other "miracles" were common practices by those who had passed through the training of the mystery schools in Ancient Egypt.

Before his crucifixion, and at his last supper with his disciples, the writers of the Christian Bible had Jesus participating in a pagan ritual wherein the disciples partook of the body and blood of Jesus. This pagan ritual continues today in every Christian church, wherein the body and blood of Jesus are symbolically sacrificed, eaten and drunk thorugh a ritual called the "Eucharist" or the Last Supper.

After Jesus was crucified, which was a common execution practice of the ancient Romans, his disciples were able to remove him from the cross. Although badly injured, he still had the breath of life and was not unconscious. Jesus used the training that he had learned in the ancient Egyptian mystery school, and performed a "miracle" on himself. He cleaned his wounds and was able to heal his wounds with that knowledge.

When the disciples next saw him, it was not a ghost. It was Jesus of Nazareth. He appeared before his disciples and showed his wounds to prove that he was still alive. He did not die. There are reports that Jesus lived in India after the crucifixion. However, Jesus withdrew from public life, and lived in seclusion among his inner circle, until his physical death almost thirty years later. He was buried by his followers in a secret location where his body remained protected by the Essenes brothers for several hundred years.

If you can accept the above truths, then the questions of whether Jesus was married or had children are irrelevant to the concept of the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth. Those are secondary questions, and really do not matter if you do not accept the myth of the circumstance surrronding his birth and death. So much meaningless hype for the DaVinci Code.

There are many who will never be able to read the above and accept it as truth. Their reality and hopes are entrenched in the Christian Bible, which has selectively left out writings that did not suit the agenda of the early Christian Church. Many will not be able to accept another view, even if that view is rooted in accounts and records that were left out of the Bible.

The Christian church can not let go of the pagan riutal of sacrificing the body and blood of a Jewish Rabbi, named Jesus, over and over again. The Rabbi Jesus has been dead for more than 2000 years. Yet, the Christians will not let him rest in peace, and continue to repeat the pagan ritual of sacrificing his body and blood to atone for their sins. Can't there be atonement and forgiveness, without the sacrifice of human flesh and blood, as symbolized by the last supper in the Eucharist feast?

To those who are prepared to see let them see, to those who are prepared to hear let them hear. So states the Oracle of Ancient KMT.

May you live in right and truth! You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.


We have just completed the Piscean age of the last 2000 years, which started with the birth of Jesus Christ. It has now been approximately 2000 years since his birth and death. The Piscean age is symbolized by the fish, a water sign. The fish is also associated with Christ and with Christianity. The past 2000 years have been one of the darkest ages in terms of the violence and inhumanity of man to man.

Sadly, the birth and death of Jesus of Nazareth rushed in this dark 2000 years, which those of us living now have had the pleasure or misfortune of living in. It takes approximately 2,160 years for the equinox sun to pass through each celestial sign of the constellations.

The sun is now passing through the Aquarius sign of the celestial zodiac, which will last for the next approximately 2,160 years, according to the precession of the equinox as laid out by ancient Egyptian cosmology and astronomy. This sign is associated with air and should be an age, which ushers in a lifting of the dark mantle, which has covered the earth during the last 2000 years of the fish symbol. The past 2000 years have been filled with negativity.  Just as the earth year lasts for twelve months and passes through twelve astrological sign, so does the celestial zodiac have twelve constellations. The zodiac sun spends 2,160 years in each constellation. As above so below.

Because the equinox sun has just completed its passage through the Piscean sign of the celestial zodiac, a new religious, or spiritual movement will replace Jesus of Nazareth and the Christian movement, in terms of their importance. The world will embrace a new spirituality, which will be associated with the air, and not the fish and water, as was Jesus Christ. This is in keeping with the natural precession of the equinox.

This new world spirituality will supplant Christianity, Judaism, and Islam and all other organized religions, which sprang to importance and dominance during the last 2000 years. The change will be associated with the precession of the equinox. The birth of Christ was associated with astronomical signs, as the star in the East, according to the Bible, foretold of Christís birth. His birth was associated with the precession of the equinox and the passage of the sun into the Piscean sign of the celestial zodiac, where it remained for the last 2000 years.

The shift 2,160 years ago of the equinox sun into the Piscean sign of the zodiac, and the current shift into the Aquarius sign for the next 2,160 years are in keeping with the natural precession of the equinox. The sun spends approximately 2,160 years in each sign of the celestial zodiac. There are twelve constellations in the celestial zodiac. It takes 25,960 years for the equinox sun to make a complete precession through all of the celestial, astrological signs. This orderly precession of the equinox has occurred throughout history, recorded and unrecorded.

For example, in Ancient Egypt, the changing of the equinox ushered a different way of worshipping the Godhead. During the Taurus age, as manifested by the mapping of the constellations, the Apis bull was the focal point of worshiping the Godhead. During the Age of Aries, as manifested by the mapping of the constellations, the Ram was the focal point of worshipping. The writer believes that the ancient deities, Neith and Selket, date back to 25,920 years and 23,760 years ago, respectively, in the current Great Year Cycle, when the equinox sun was in the celestial sign of Sagittarius and Scorpio.

Throughout ancient Egyptian history, the focal point of worship of the Godhead changed as Temples and places of worship sprang up around the dominant energies expressed by the sunís position in a constellation sign. The Sphinx with the body of the Lion, would be an expression of the sun in the constellation of the Lion for 2,160 years, which would have been approximately 15,120- 12,900 years ago in the current 25,960 year cycle. This would be consistent with the water erosion of the stone surrounding the base of the Sphinx, at least 12,000 years ago.

The celestial zodiac moves in the counter direction of, or counter clockwise to the planetary zodiac. The celestial zodiac Great Year year of 25,920 years starts with the constellation of Sagittarius, which is the first great cycle of 2,160 years, and moves backwards to each of the 12 great year cycles of 2,160 years each, ending in the last great cycle of Capricorn. The Great Year of 25,920 years was identified as a god, and each of the 12 great cycles within the Great year was named as a god. Thus the following gods and goddesses represented each one of the 12 great cycles of 2,160 years, within the 25,920 Great year.

The Goddess Neith would represent what we call Sagittarius in the first 2,160 year cycle. Neith would have been worshipped in Temples dedicated to her honor and adoration, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, 25,920 - 23,760 years ago in the current Great Year.

The Goddess Selket would represent what we call Scorpio, or Scorpion in the second 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Selket would have been worshipped in temples dedicated to her honor and adoration, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, 23,760 - 21,600 years ago in the currrent Great Year.

The God Ta-Ahi would represent what we call Libra in the third 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Ta-Ahi would have been worhipped in temples dedicated to his honor and adoration, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, 21,600 - 17,280 years ago in the current Great Year.

The Goddess Tarpi would represent what we call Virgo, the Virgin, in the fourth 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Tarpi would have been worshipped in Temples dedicated to her honor and adoration, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, 17,280 - 15,120 years ago in the current Great Year.

The God Pa-Me would represent what we call Leo, the Lion, in the fifth 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Pa-Me would have been worshipped in the Temple, called Per-Hu, dedicated to his honor and adoration, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, 15,120 - 12,960 years ago in the current Great Year.

The God Na Htne would represent what we call Gemini, the Twins, in the sixth 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Na Htne would have been worshipped in the Temple dedicated to the honor of the twins, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, 12,900 - 10,800 years ago in the current Great Year.

The God PaKa would represent what we call Taurus, the Bull, in the seventh 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. PaKa would have been worshipped, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, in the great Temples of Karnak and Thebes, 10,800 - 8,640 years ago in the current Great Year.

The God Rehen of Amen, would represent what we call the Ram, in the eighth 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Rehen of Amen would have been worshipped, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, in the great Temples of Karnak, 8,640 - 6,480 years ago in the current Great Year.

The God Na Tebte would represent what we call Pisces, the Fish, in the ninth 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Na Tebte, the Ancient Egyptian God of the Pisces cycle, did not have a chance to be worshipped, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, in the current Great Year. Instead, Na Tebte was displaced and replaced by the fish symbol of the Christian God, Jesus of Nazareth, during the ninth 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Jesus of Nazareth has been worshipped in churches throughout the world for the period 6,480 - 4,320 years of the current Great Year. The last time that the god Na Tebte was worshipped in Ancient Egypt, without disruption, was in the previous Great Year of 25,960 years, when the invaders and disrupters of their religion were still living in caves, and had not advanced to the point of an organized religion.

The God Pa Mu represents what we call, Aquarius, the Water Bearer, in the tenth 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Pa Mu will be worshipped in the Temples of Ancient Egypt again during the next 2,160 cycle of the Current Great Year. From 4,320 - 2,160 of the current Aquarius cycle, which we have already entered, the God Pa Mu will represent the dominant energies in which the Godhead will be expressed on earth.

The God Pa-HerAnkh represents what we call, Capricorn, the sign of the Goat, in the eleventh and final 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year. Pa-HerAnkh will be worshipped, as an expression of the energies of the Godhead, in the Temples of Ancient Egypt, (KMT) again during the last 2,160 year cycle of the current Great Year.

After the final 2,160 years of the current Great Year recede, the next Great Year of 25,920 years starts again. The first cycle of the next Great Year will start with the Goddess, Neith, or Sagittarius, as we call her name. This will be the beginning of the third observance of the great year of 25,920 years by the ancient Egyptians. This is hard for most people on planet Earth to comprehend, because they cannot envision a civilization that extends back as far as the Ancient Egyptians, of two Great Years totaling 51,830 years. When the last two cycles of the Aquarius and Capricorn are completed in the currrent Great Year, the ancient Egyptians will enter into celebration the third Great Year of another 25,920 years, which would total 77,760 years of civilization, at the end of that Great Year.

Egyptologist, and Archaeologists, start digging! You have a lot of history to uncover. You have not even touched the surface of the Ancient Egyptian Religion and civilizatiion. If you can uncover remnants of the other great religious expressions of divinity, described above, during the current Great year of 25,920 years, you can feel that you have accomplished something. The Arab occupiers of modern Egypt should start by allowing Egyptologists to explore the chambers undeneath the Sphinx, where many ancient records are stored. So reveals the Oracle of Ancient KMT.

Ancient Egyptian culture and religion had been destroyed, for all practical purposes by the beginning of the last, celestial astronomical cycle of the Piscean Age. It was during the advent of the last Piscean Age that the world witnessed the rise of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as the dominant organized religious forms of worships of the Godhead. Two of these religions were forced upon others by the sword, battle and wars. All three of these religions are now reaping their own Karma.

Neither the sword, the bullet or the bomb will be able to stop the change, which will occur during the next 2,160 years of the Aquarius Age, because it is a part of the change associated with the orderly progression of the equinox. To interfere with this cosmic process is to create unfathomable Karma, for practitioners of those religions who interfere, as well as the religion or religions themselves. Each celestical astrological sign has its own influence upon the earth and the affairs of men, as long as the sun remains in that celestial sign. This dominant influence will be felt and will influence events on earth for the next 2,160 years. As above, so below.

As mentioned earlier, this new way of worshipping the Godhead will be associated with the air. It will be liberating. It will not be an institutionalized religion. Worshipping the Godhead will become a very personal and liberating way of expressing oneís inner connection with the Godhead. It will be positive. The two fishes, which symbolized the Pisces cycle, will fade away, as the celestial Aquarius cycle begins. Likewise, the two religions, which they represent will fade away, in the Aquarius cycle of the next 2,160 years. These two religions, which created so much discord, wars, and upheaval in the names of their God will simply fade away. The way to God will not be through a Jewish rabbi named Jesus or an Arab prophet named Mohammed. The way to God will be neither through a Jew or Arab. The Middle East will lose its grip on the psyche of mankind, which will be good for all of mankind. So it is written in the celestial zodiac. So it has already taken place on the cosmic scale. So it awaits completed manifestation on the physical plane.

People will become more spiritual but on a more personal and private level. Worship of the Godhead will turn inward rather than outward, where one looks for God outside of himself or herself. The focus of communing with God will be internal rather than external. There will be no more wars fought over religion during the Aquarius cycle. Organized religions, as we know them today, will simply fade away as the sun has moved out of the Piscean symbol, which gave birth to those religions.

A new morality will return where people do what is right because it is in keeping with the natural order. People will do right because that is what is right to do. It will come from a deep sense of connection with God on the most personal level. The laws of man will be secondary to oneís own internal sense of morality stemming from the deep personal relationship one has with God. Peopleís primary place of worship of the Godhead will be in their inner sanctums in their homes. Every home will have a temple or sacred space for communing with God, as it was in ancient Egypt.

This next 2160 years of the Aquarius cycle will be an age of liberty and illumination. Man will raise his head above the water, which has enveloped his mind during the past two thousand years. Man can begin to breath air and move in an age of enlightenment.

The Internet and cyberspace will help to facilitate the growth of the new spiritualism during the Age of Aquarius. It is in its embryonic state now, but amazing and wonderful things lie ahead in this Aquarius Age. The positive vibrations associated with the Aquarius Age will lead to many inventions which will facilitate the expansion of manís mind and free him to pursue things of the Spirit. The Aquarius Age will be a spiritual age. There will be much love.

For those who are worried about the movement from the Piscean Age and the fish symbol, donít be discouraged. If that is what you long for, along with the return of the worship of Christ, the procession of the Equinox will return to that type of expression of the Godhead in another 21,600 years. It will take a revolution of another 10 cycles of 2,160 years before the precession of the equinoxes returns to the Piscean Age. When it does return, the worship of the Godhead will not be exactly as it was in the previous Piscean Age. But the fish, a water sign, will be the dominant vibration at that time. It will be negative as is the nature of water.

The Ancient Egyptians respected and acknowledged the law of Maat in everything, including the Cosmic cycle. They realized the influence of cosmological events on earth, and never attempted to interfere with the great Cosmic and astronomical cycles. At the end of each of the 2,160 year constellation cycles, the ancient Egyptians acknowleged this change, and changed the way in which they worshiped the Godhead. When the Piscean astrological cycle started some 2100 years ago, they understood that darkness would cover their land and their ancient way of life destroyed, along with their ancient Temples. They did not try and resist the changes that would occur, because this was in keeping with the energies being expressed in the Pisces astrological cycle.

And so it must be with the Christian era. The Christian Church may try and redefine itself in order to maintain its position of power and dominance. However,it will not work. It can not be redefined because it was birthed and will lose its influence at the close of the Piscean cycle and the beginning of the Aquarius cycle. Give it up. Go gracefully away as the Ancient Egyptians did. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam may rise again, like the Ancient Egyptian religion. However, it will take another 21,600 years, when the negative Piscean energies dominate the earth again.

The last 2000 years have been an era of the blind leading the blind. The leaders of these religions, did not understand the role of their religion within the greater cosmological cycle. They did not understand the fundamental precept of maintaining Maat in the universe. As above so below. Religions have degenerated into charalatans of the cloth, prosperity pimps and whores of the gospels, and peddlers of paradise. The karma is very heavy and will be played out in the physical realm, sooner rather than later, during the Aquarius cosmic cycle.

The name of Israel will be changed during the Aquarius cycle, lasting for the next 2,160 years. As the name of Israel was changed from Jacob to Israel, so it will be changed to its true name in the Aquarius cycle. Israel will know its true name. The "Star of David", representing the ancient metaphysical symbol of "As above so below", will no longer be the symbol of the new name of Israel. The name of Israel, rooted in Ancient Egyptian Gods, will be taken away from the Hebrews or Jews. No longer will the Jews be able to hide and live in the energy of the gods of ancient Egypt, through the name of Israel. Their messiah will come and bring a new name for them, and it will no longer be Israel. It will be rooted in Hebrew and the Hebrew God. They will be known by their true identity and can no longer hide their identity in the 6 pointed star. So it has already taken place on the cosmic cycle and awaits manifestation on the physical plane. The Jews knew this day would be coming. They will not be surprised. They have been prepared. So it is above. So it is below.

In the above discussion regarding the karma, which has accrued to organized religions that have committed mean and unkind acts in the name of God, those acts carry their own effects, which will rebound to those religions. Those who practice and participate in those religions will also share in the karma of those religions. The karma earned by those religions will play out in mammoth proportions as the sun begins its 2,160 year stay in the celestial zodiac sign of Aquarius. Such balancing effects will be consistent and in keeping with the attributes of the Aquarius phase of the great 25,960 year cycle. Words revealed by the Oracle of Ancient Kmt.

Keep returning to this web site and you will learn something. Your eyes will be opened.

May you live in Right and Truth!


Throughout ancient Egyptian history, the one God, RA, was worshipped. The worship was eternal and never changes. RA was symbolized by the outward manifestation of the sun. It was the sun that passed or traversed the celestial constellations through the precession of the equinox, and the great year of approximately 25,000 years. The celestial sun or the One God was the supreme cosmic deity.

RA, was symbolized by the sun, and represented The Soul, the Universal Soul. Just as the physical sun, went through 5 changes in its daily journey of rising and setting, so too does the spiritual Soul. The ancient Egyptian observed this daily journey of the Soul or sun, through a ritual of prayers to its various manifestations. The rising or morning sun was called kheper, and was symbolized as the beetle because the beetle rolls its offspring, similar to the sun, prior to birth in the morning each day. The mid day sun was called RA, because that is when the sun is at its peak. In the afternoon the sun begins to wane,and lose some of its energy, and the sun becomes Temu in the evening. The sun had different names throughout the hours of the day and night. This was acknowledged by the ancient Egyptians for thousands of years in their ritual prayers.

The Coptic Arab Christians, and Arab Muslims, have adopted the ancient Egyptian ritual of acknowledging the changing phases of the One God, RA, by praying 5 to 7 times throughout the day. The ancient Egyptian ritual of acknowledging the differnet phases of the sun in their daily prayers, preceeded the Muslims and the Coptic Christian prayers by thousands of years.

In the liturgy of the ancient Egyptian Book of The Dead, or The Book of Coming Forth By Day, many of the prayers, acknowledge the daily manifestations of the One God, by the following invocation:

"Homage to thee, O thou glorious Being, Thou who art RA when thou risest and Temu when thou settest. Thou risest, thou risest, thou shinest, thou shinest. Thou who art crowned King of the gods".



"Homage to thee O Great God. Thou risest, thou shinest, and in thou coming forth, thou makest all mankind to live. Thou doest renew thy youth and dost set thyself in the place where thou wast yesterday. O divine youth who hast created thyself, I am not able to describe thee. Thou art the One One, who hath made everything which hath come into existence since primeval times when the world was created. Thou art the Being whose whose births are hidden, whose evolutions are manifold, and whose growths are unknown. Thou art the God who acteth as God, who moulded Himself, who made the heavens and the earth by his will. Thou art the greatest of the great, the mightiest of the mighty."

"Homage to thee, O thou who art Ra when thou risest and Temu when thou settest. Thou risest, thou risest, thou shinest, thou shinest, thou who art crowned king of the gods. Thou art the lord of earth; thou art the creator of those who dwell in the heights and of those who dwell in the depths. Thou art the God One who came into being in the beginning of time. Thou didst create the earth, thou didst fashion man, thou didst form the Hapi (the Nile river); thou didst create the watery abyss, and thou dost give life unto all that therein is. Thou has knit together the mountains, thou hast made mankind and the beasts of the field to come into being, thou hast made the heavens and the earth. Worshipped be thou whom the goddess Maat embraceth at morn and at eve."

"Thou art crowned Prince of Heaven, thou art the One dowered with all sovereignty, who comest forth from the sky. Ra is victorious! O thou divine youth, thou heir of everlastingness, thou self-begotten one, O thou who didst give thyself birth!"

"Hail my lord, thou who passest through eternity, whose being is everlasting. Hail thou Disk, lord of beams of light, thou risest and thou makest all mankind to live. Grant that I may behold thee at dawn each day."

The above prayers are taken from the Book of The Dead as translated by Sir E Wallis Budge.



As with many parts of the Christian Bible, the reference in the scripture to the "Potter", is a reflection of ancient Egyptian religious text and comes from the great creator God, Ptah, the Potter.

Jeremiah, 18th Chapter, verses 1-6 of the Old Testament reads as follows:

"The Word which came to Jerimah from the Lord, saying, Arise, and go down to the potter's house, and there I will name thee to hear my words. Then I went down to the potter's house, and behold, he wrought a work on the wheels. And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter:so that he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it. Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying, O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the Lord. Behold as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel".

Ptah, according to ancient Egyptian religious text, was the great Potter who created the universe on his potter's wheel. He was the primeval shaping force of the universe. Ptah was the first, original, ultimate spirit. Ptah was the ancient One who created all the other gods. He was not only the creator of the gods, but the provider of their peculiar power to be divine and eternal - their Ka's. As the great Potter, he took the form of Khnum of Elephantine on his Potter's wheel.

To the ancient Egyptians, Ptah, in his highest form was "a spirit, self-created, self-existent, without beginning and eternal. He was the Mind of the universe, the Cause of Causes, whose thoughts had produced every material thing and being in heaven, earth, and the underworld. The gods were merely forms of his thoughts and he was therefore God alone. Light was an emanation from his heart, his influences pervaded all nature, through his breath of life every creature lived, and almighty power resided in the Word of his Mouth".

This remarkable, spiritual, metaphysical theology was created by the priest of ancient Egypt in Memphis or Menever some 5000 years before the Christian era.

The ancient Egyptians saw their Great God as a spirit who manifested as Ptah, the Great and Mighty. The essence of Ptah was the Eternal Heart the organ of thought, and Tongue, the organ of speech. Ptah produced the gods by the thoughts of his mind. "What the heart of Ptah thought, passed on to Thoth, who translated it into words, which were uttered by the one great almighty mouth, from which everything which is hath come, and everyhing which is to be shall come. Thoth was the Word-god; his actual creative power was derived from the magical pronouncement by Ptah, who alone knew how to utter the words with the correct intonation".

According to the ancient texts of this theology:

"It happened that the heart and the tongue acquired power over all the other members, teaching that he (Ptah) lived as the governor in every body, and as the tongue in every mouth of all the gods, all cattle, all reptiles, and everything else at the time Ptah (as heart) thinks and as (tongue) commands as he wishes."

"Ptah's company of the gods is the teeth and the lips. The company of the gods of Ptah creates the sight of the eyes, the hearing of the ears, the breathing of the nostrils and make announcement to the heart. The heart makes every information to come forth, and the tongue is that which repeats what the heart has thought out".

The theology and ancient ideas about the Godhead taken by the writers of the Bible from ancient Egyptian religious texts, date back thousands of years before the Bible was written, both Old and New Testaments. If you want to understand the origin of the ideas expressed in The Bible, go directly to the ancient texts from which they were derived. Those texts are the ancient religious texts of Ancient Egypt. Many are referenced and offered through the Site of The Soul Library.

Portions of the above texts were taken from Myth and Symbol In Ancient Egypt by R.T. Rundle Clark, and From Fetish to God in Ancient Egypt by Sir E Wallis Budge.


Television and print images coming from Afghanistan and many parts of the Moslem world show bearded men. If one reviews the scenes on the walls of temples and tombs of Ancient Egypt, you will see pictures of similar bearded men, taken as captives by the ancient Egyptians. It could be said that the modern day bearded ones are the descendants of those bearded ones found on temple and tomb scenes of Ancient Egypt. The bearded ones whom the ancient Egyptians fought and captured over the millenia were considered as "enemies of Maat". Most of the bearded captives were Hittites, (the modern day Arabs), Hyksos, the Babylonians (modern Iraq), Persians (modern Iran), and Central Asians.

To the ancient Egyptians, those who grew beards and had body hair were unclean. The hot desert climate may have helped shaped this notion. The ancient Egyptians shaved all body hair. Their beards were shaven and all body hair removed. The men and women wore wigs over their shaven heads.

The king wore a false beard as a symbol of the energy or magnetism, which flowed down the temples along the sides of the face, culminating in the false beard hanging underneath the chin. The ancient Egyptians rubbed the sides of their faces as a way of acknowledging the magnetic energy in that area.

There are so many customs and practices that were borrowed from Ancient Egypt and later incorporated into the religions and practices of peoples who had contact with the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptian reason for the practice or custom was lost in time to those who borrowed her practices. So reveals the Oracle of Ancient Kmt


The karma of Babylonia, the ancient name of Iraq, has finally caught up with Iraq. The Babylonians were referred to as Hittites by the ancient Egyptians, as were all the Arabs from surrounding Arab lands.

The ancient Babylonians invaded and looted Ancient Egypt throughout the millennia. With each invasion, the culture of Ancient Egypt was exported to Babylonia, where the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs were used in constructing the Babylonian and Sumerian cuneiform. The ancient Egyptian gods, goddesses, and divinities were used as the springboard from which the gods of the ancient Babylonians were cast. With each seize of the ancient Egyptian culture, the Babylonians, and the Sumerians, like all other invaders of Ancient Egypt, recast the Egyptians gods, culture, and knowledge into their own makeshift deities, culture and knowledge. With each posession through the millennia, no effort was made to give credit to the ancient Egyptian source from which these cultures had gained their knowledge.

The karma that accrued from the brutal invasions and mutilations of the temples and divinities of Ancient Egypt has carried forth through the millennia, and the karma continues to today. America has been used as the karmic force to restore balance to the karmic scales of balance in Iraq. The bombing of Iraq by the United States, and destruction of artifacts of antiquity, many acquired from Ancient Egypt, is only part of the karma that has finally caught up with ancient Babylonia, known today as Iraq.

America, and her leaders, without understanding history and the laws of karma, have been used in the energy of karma, to bring karmic balance to a situation and conditions created millennia ago in (Babylonia) Iraq. This was an unintended consequence of the bombing and destruction of Iraq by America. Conditions and forces were brought together in history that precipitated the action by the United States in bringing jusice to a situation, which it did not directly create, namely the karma arising from the destruction of the civilization of Ancient Egypt by the Babylonians. By participating in this karmic debt, America has created karma for itself in the name of oil, which America will pay for in order to keep the scales of Maat in balance.

As with all karma, the scales of balance are always in balance on the cosmic plane. The karmic debt, which America accrued in bombing Iraq, has already been paid on the cosmic scales. America will reap this awful karma on the physical plane for a very long time. The outward manifestation on the physical plane here on earth, remains to be seen and felt. Nothing happens by accident or co-incidence. There is a convergence of karmic energies at work at any moment of time, manifesting results that are expected and unexpected.

There is still more karma that has to be accounted for in the Middle East by Arab and Moslem countries, for the destruction of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. How the karma in the Middle East will play out in the physical world remains to be seen. The scales of justice demand balance and compensation for those who contributed to the destruction of Ancient Egypt and its great civilization and culture, which other parts of the world ripped off and forged its signature to it as if it were their own.

The karma of the energies of Ancient Egypt has lain dormant and unnoticed for more than 2000 years. It is in the millennia of 2000 that the scales of balance will outwardly manifest balance to the injustices and destruction of Ancient Egypt by all of her invaders. The energies of Ancient Egypt have been unmanifested for the last 2000 years, waiting for the convergence of celestial energy and conditions to manifest and be experienced in the external world. The karma of the millennia will cause Ancient Egypt to emerge from the ashes, like the Bennu bird of Ancient Egypt.

When this karmic energy begins to manifest in the physical world, the Arabs who now occupy Egypt, will no longer occupy Egypt. The land of KMT will again be reclaimed and belong to the people of KMT and their descendants. The Arabs of modern day Egypt, who have committed blasphemy against her Temples, in the name of a foreign god, will disappear from the land of Ancient Egypt.   Bellydancers, gallabias, and camels will return to Arabia from whence they originated. Neither are of Ancient Egypt origin. The Arabs who occupy Egypt should begin to make their exodus form the land of Ancient Egypt. To do otherwise, is to prolong the karma that is headed your way. These karmic energies have already taken place on the cosmic scales, awaiting to manifest in the physical world. So sees the Oracle of Ancient KMT.

Egypt will return to her ancient glory and the ancient language will be spoken and the ancient worship of the Godhead, as practiced by the ancient Egyptians will be practiced. Her ancient Temples will be restored to their majestic glory. If this prophecy makes your hair stand on end, you have not seen anything yet. Wait until you see the karmic scales of balance unfold the prophecy before your eyes. Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, nor lips moved.

The Arabs and Bedouins who occupy the countires of Northern Africa and The Sudan, Ancient Nubia, will also be driven out of the continent of Africa during the 2100 year cycle of the Aquarius cycle. They will return to the land from whence they came, which is Arabia and the Arabian desert. Arabs who now occupy the African countries of Morroco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia, Chad, and The Sudan, and Ancient Nubia,- prepare your exodus from the continent of Africa. To do otherwise, is to prolong the karma which is headed your way. If you do not heed this warning, your seed will become barren. That which lies between your groins will become limp and useless to your manhood. You will begin to wither in the heat of the African sun. So see the Oracle of Ancient KMT. Celestial energies and the precession of the Equinox will take care of this.

The people of Africa, who have suffered so much at the hands of the Arabs and Islam, will reclaim their land and identity, free of being "Arabicized", so that they know themselves as Africans and not Arabs. When they look at themselves in the mirror, they will know that they are Africans and not Arabs. They will understand that they practice a religion which was forced upon them through violence and slavery. They will understand that they dress like Arabs and speak like Arabs because they were violently trespassed upon by Bedouin nomads from Arabia, who forced a religion and culture upon them by way of violence and brutality. That is what is still hapening in the Sudan til this day. Maat will not tolerate such a violation of the laws which hold the Universe together. What you have done to the people of Africa, and the people of Sudan (Nubia) will be repaid to you in just proportion.

Prophecy is karma and karma is prophecy. All karma on earth takes place within the movement of the celestial energies. The celestial energies described in an earlier section will dictate and influence when karmic events will play out here on earth. So reveals the Oracle of Ancient Kmt.


As the end of the last cosmic cycle comes to an end, e.g., the Piscean cycle of approximately 2100 years, the new cosmic cycle of Aquarius begins, for the next 2100 years. It is no coincidence that Bush and Blair, who are heads of the countries and empires that have most dominated the Piscean cycle, should be involved in repaying the karmic debt of Ancient Babylon, Iraq, and thus incur an awful karmic debt for their nations going forth. Britain, an island nation, with few resources managed to build an English empire, where the sun never set, through the colonization and conquering of other nations and peoples. America, her offspring and surrograte, has been called on to fulfill the karmic debt of ancient Babylon and Iraq, and, along with Mother Britain, acquire the karmic seeds of their own potential destruction. Bush and Blair were propelled by the weight of the karmic scale of justice to bring war on Ancient Babylon, and the Iraqi and Arab peoples.

America, and her leaders are ignorant of ancient history. The father, George H. Bush, while an educated man, was ignorant of history. He had no sense of ancient history, and the significance of ancient Babylon to Iraq, because he, like most anglo western leaders, believed that history began with their civilization. All other history was discounted in terms of modern events. George H. Bush, the father, eager to preserve the arbitrary colonial boundaries, drawn up by Britain, and eager to appease and come to the aid of his Kuwaiti friends, decided to start a war with Iraq. The 1991 War with Babylon, or modern day Iraq, led by the United States, was part of George H. Bush's vision of a "new world order". Saddam Hussein's vision for his country and his people, ran counter to Bush's goal of a "new world order".

Saddam Hussein had no ill will toward America in 1991, when Bush Sr. decided to attack Iraq. Hussein was a friend of America and would have continued to sell America as much oil as it wanted. Hussein had more of a sense of history than George H Bush. At the time of the Gulf War, Hussein kept referring to the ancient Babylonian roots of Iraq. This escaped George H. Bush and the western alliance that supported him. Karmic forces were being set in motion back in 1991 when Bush Sr. was in office to prepare for the significant changes that must occcur as the new millennium rolled in, and as the new cosmic cycle of Aquarius starts. Bill Clinton continued the policies and bombing of the first Bush president, thus increasing the karma of America. The son, Gerorge W. Bush now completes what his father started, and along with Tony Blair, the other "B" will set the pivotal changes that lay ahead for humanity through the war in Babylon, modern Iraq.

People are fundamentally good. However, the leaders of a nation through their short sighted and misdirected view of history, too often engage the whole of a nation in policies and practices that create heavy and imbalanced karma, which future generations of its citizens must pay. The karma created for America by the two Bushes, father and son, is very heavy and America will bear the karma of the two Bushes for a very long time. In the opinion of the author, Bill Clinton and his wife are dishonest politicians, and she speaks with a fork tongue. America will come to realize that the Emperor has no clothes on, where she is concerned, as she tries to become President. Furthermore, it is the author's opinion that Mrs. Clinton's candidacy is a way for the Clintons to circumvent the constitution on term limits for a President.

Clinton's bombing of Bosnia and Kosov, with the cooperation again of the second "B", Tony Blair, also contributed to America's heavy karmic debt. America must learn that as you bomb and destroy other people's country, so shall your country be bombed and destroyed. America and Britain will stumble under the weight of their own karma. Both America and Britain are arrogrant and both civilizations allow them to justify their actions, as they disregard the karmic scales of justice. Like the two B'S in Babylon, there are so many signs and symbols indicating the karmic changes that lie ahead for humanity. Look around and you will see the symbols abounding.

Many Americans believe that history began when Columbus discovered America. Britain, is an old country, whose leaders had studied history, but who believed they were divine and not subject to the laws of the universe. The Christian religion played a part in that faulty way of thinking. This is where Christian theology has failed western civilization. Nations of the western world have believed that nations do not incur karma or debt for their actions. Many believe that through Christ's birth and resurrection, they can "plead the blood", of Christ; all sins are forgiven and there is not debt or karma to pay for one's actions. This misguided doctrine has led to many in America and America herself, feeling that she is above the laws of God. Just as individuals incur karmic debt that must be fully repaid, so do nations. When nations kill, plunder and steal in the name of a higher cause, they reap the karmic consequences of those actions. God, the Universe, makes no exceptions to its laws. So as you reap so shall you sow. What is playing out in the Middle East is ancient and modern karma fulfilling the end of one cosmic cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.

According to Christian scripture, Babylon marked a pivotal change in the condition of humanity, as man decided to build The Tower of Babel, which would reach to Heaven. It was at this time that God changed the languages of the people so the people began speaking many different languages, and so that one group could not understand another group. This marked the start of many nations speaking many languages. This is a tale of symbolism and shows that Babylon was the place where a profound change occured which affected humanity for thousands of years.

So it will be with the War in Iraq. The War in Iraq finds America at the height of its military and economic power. America and Britain have started a process through the War which they started, which will begin the profound changes in the human condition that all humanity will experience. Karmic forces will clash and set the stage for a complete transformation of the world as we know it. This will be in keeping with th Cosmic cycle that the sun has moved into. The changes that will transpire will lay the foundation for the next 2100 years. Read this and weep or salute the Cosmic energies and let the karmic forces cleanse the earth of the inevitable cleansing that must take place.

Those who interfere with the process will collapse under the weight of their own karma. This is what is happening to America and Britain. The British Monarchy is filled with negative karma. The crown jewels of the British Monarchy are filled with the heavy karma of theft, robbery and exploitation, stemming from Britain's colonial past. The jewels which fill the Tower of London and the crowns of the Monarchy were taken or stolen from her former colonies, foremost of which are India, and South Africa. It is incredible to see how proudly the Queen wears the burdensome karma of the stolen crown jewels on her head, which symbolize the karma of the British nation and the Britsh people. The British Monarchy will stumble under its negative karma and so will the nation of Britain. Britain and the British Monarch should do what is right, and that is return the stolen jewels in the Tower of London to her former colonies. The return of the stolen crown jewels will aid the economies of the developing nations from which they were taken.

The nation of Britain sustains her image as a kingdom through the United Kingdom. Besides Britain, the nations of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales make up the United Kingdom.   Britain, without the nations which make up the United Kingdom, would be simply Britain and the British monarchy. Britain's status among nations is further enhanced through her role in the Commonwealth of nations.

The British monarch is head of the Commonwealth of nations, most of which are her former colonies. Britain also retains her former colonial heritage through some of her island posessions. These former colonies, which are now independent nations, hang on to the old umbilical cord of the Queen, still dependent on the legacy of colonialism for survival. The members of the Commonwealth of nations share certain benefits, which accrue to all of the members for allowing the British Monarch to serve as the individual Commonwealth members' Head of State. Among the benefits which accrue to Britain's former colonies is the right of the citizens of those former colonies to freely visit and migrate to Britain, and vice versa.

Britain's population has grown by the influx of immigration from her former "third world" colonies. In today's age of terrorism, this poses a unique problem for Britain, and also for France. Both Britain and France have allowed liberal immigration policies with their former colonies, in order to maintain close economic ties, post independence of those former colonies. The trade-off of liberal immigration policies between Britain and France and their former colonies, poses unique problems for both Britain and France, and consequently America. Both Britain and France have a growing population from members of their former colonies, who do not necessarily hold the same attitudes towards Britain and The British monarchy, and France and her colonial past, as the native British and French populations, respectively.

The population demographics in Britain and France bear out this stress and strains in a clash of cultures and civilization. This is especially true for those migrant populations from the former Arab and Muslim colonies in North Africa, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Middle East. In order to maintain the ease of flow of people between Britain and France, and their former colonies, Britain and France face unique problems, which in turn extend to America. This is true because of the long standing, relaxed restriction on the international travel among the citizens of the three countries. America, Britain and France have reciprocal arrangements which allow their citizens to travel easily among the three countries, without the visa requirements that would be required with other countries. As a result, these travel arrangements make America subject to the transit and migratory problems of Britain and France, as it affects the travel and international flow of visitors among the three countries.

The vulnerabilities of Britain and France vis a vis their former colonies extend to America, by default, because of the situation described above, regarding the unique travel arrangements among the three countries. The karma of colonization is reverberating to the European continent and consequently to America through the reciprocal relationships in travel and trade. When Bush says that if America pulls her troops out of Iraq, the terrorists will follow them to America, he is undoubtedly referring to the ease of movement among citizens and residents of Britain, France and America, which includes their former colonial populations described above. How else will the terrorists come to America, except if America lets them in through weak border and port security? All three countries are in a karmic pickle, when it comes to immigration and the flow of reciprocal travel among the three.

It is interesting to note the differences in the way that the French leaders, who were deeply rooted in France and whose roots are authentically French, recognized the colonial history of France, and who did not want her to make the mistakes of history in going forth. Those prior leaders include de Gaulle, and Chirac. Whereas, the new leader of France, Sarkozy, who comes from Polish immigrants, has no apparent appreciation for this past. He is thus eager to align with America as she pusues a neo-colonialist agenda in the Middle East. These previous leaders of France had more of an appreciation for France and where she stood in history, and did not wish to join America in her wrongdoing around the world. By being in complicity with America, in this regard, they realized the long term danger to France. The new leader of France, Sarkozy, with his Polish roots, in no way measures up to the great leaders of France, who were genuinely French. He behaves like a small child, enamored by all of the skycrapers, toys and gadgets that America has to offer. His arrogrance toward the former African colonies of France and Britain is obnoxious and disrespectful. The same could be said for the current Chancellor Merkel of Germany. It appears that she too has been compromised by Britain, Bush and America. A friend is someone who will tell you what you need to hear, not just what you would like to hear. America has not yet learned that lesson.

America appears to be a belligerent nation which believes it is above the law and, like Britain, does not believe that its Karma determines its destiny. Thoughts determine actions. Actions determine chatacter. Character determines destiny. This is as true for nations, as it is for individuals.


Like ancient Babylonia, Iran, modern day Persia, has inherited the karma of its ancient past from Persia, which invaded and mutilated the temples of Ancient Egypt millennia ago. With each invasion, the inhabitants of Persia carried off parts of the ancient Egyptian culture and knowledge. The divinities of Ancient Egypt became Persian divinities with Persian names.

The Persians were exposed to ancient Egyptain science, mathematics, and mysticism. They used the knowledge and exposure to Ancient Egypt to become poets, writers, and explore the mysteries, which led to their form of mysticism. According to the Greek historian, Herodotus, the Persians readily adopted foreign customs. They also considered themselves superior to the rest of mankind, regarding others as approaching less inferiority the closer they dwelled in proximity to them. This custom and practice of taking and adopting other peoples' religions and practices, led to the adoption and borrowing of the religion of Islam from the Arabs.

After Persia adopted the Islamic religion, through Arab conquest, the Persians used the learning and scholarship gained from contact with the ancient Egyptians, to develop sufism, which is a mystical branch of Islam. Since the Persian adoption of the Islamic religion, Islam, through the centuries, has looked to Persian scholars for their literary and mystical knowledge.

Syria, formerly Assyria, also like Persia, modern Iran, has much karma accrued and unaccounted for. It is during the millennia of 2000 that Syria, like all other Arab countries, including Jordan, which plundered the civilization, religion, and culture of Ancient Egypt, will reap their karmic justice on the scales of Maat. Karmic debt and celestial energies will bring about this balance of the scales in the external world for all to see and experience. Anyone or anything, which tries to interfere with the balancing of the karmic scales, will pay an unfathomable debt. Your karma will be magnified hundredfold because you incur a debt against the wheel of karma itself, which is unfathomable. So reveals the Oracle of Ancient Kmt.


The death of the beloved Princess Diana and her rich Arab suitor, Dodie Fayed, foretells of the shared destiny of England and the Arab nation (refers to all Arab people). These two individuals were symbols of the people they represented and their shared destinies. Diana and Dodie Fayed, an unlikely pair, were as unlikely as the shared destinies of the two peoples they represent. It is no coincidence that England's largest store, in the middle of her capital city of London, is owned by a rich Arab. Symbols of the converging destinies of these two peoples abound in England. Nothing happens by accident.

The deaths of Princess Diana and Dodie Fayed, were sudden, violent, and unexpected. The way in which they died was a warning and omen of the future for Britain and the Arab world. Both Britain and the Arabs have been guilty of horrendous exploitation of other people and nations. Britain committed her acts of covetousness and lasciviousness in the name of amassing the British Empire and in the name of a Christian God.

The Arabs committed their violent conquest of other people and other nations in the name of their God and in the name of Islam. The name of God was mightily misused in both instances. All of the atrocious acts of greed and violence committed by the Arabs against defenseless people in the name of Islam and the spread of Islam have created enormous karma for the nation of Arab people. The karmic debt of the Arab world is overwhelming. The debt has been paid instantly on the cosmic plane and awaits karmic manifestation on the physical plane. The enormous karmic debt of the Arabs, accrued during the past 2000 years will be manifested outwardly on the physical plane in the new millennia of 2000. This will happen because of the convergence of celestial energies with physical energies, which create the conditions for manifestation of the balancing of the scales of Maat.

The message of the prophecy which is karma is: Nations should not use religion and God's name to control and dominate other people and nations economically, socially and politically.


Prophecy is being carried out or manifested through the alphabets. If you look at events around you, you will see that since the cusp of the Aquarius astrological age started, beginning in the last decade of the last century, prophecy or karma is playing out through the alphabet. The A's, the B's, the C's have dominated world events. Starting with America and Bush Sr. launching the war against Baghdad and Babylon in 1991, Clinton continuing hostility against Babylon during his administration, and the bombing of Croatia. Next, Bin Laden attacks America, and Bush and Blair retaliate by bombing Afghanistan. Bush along, with Blair of Britain, bomb Baghdad and Babylon. Condoleeza, Cheney and Donald participate in planning and designing the invasion of Baghdad. Prophecy and karma are moving through the alphabet to set the environment for the sweeping changes that will occur during the Aquarius celestial cycle.

Since this section of the Prophcey was first written, Beirut has been attacked by Israel. Bush and Condoleeza, whose hands drip with blood from the invasion of Bagdad (Babylonia), are at the center of what is taking place in Beirut. The Bekaa Valley, Bint Jbeil and Baalbeck are pivotal names in the conflict. In addition to Bush, Blair and Condoleeza, the main characters who appear in this conflict are Ahmadinejad of Iran, Abdullah II of Jordan (although he does not yet know it), Assad of Syria, and Abdullah of Arabia (Saudi Arabia). What is taking place in Beirut will spread to other Arab countries, including Amman, Jordan, and Cairo, Egypt, which will erupt in battle. Arabia (Saudi Arabia) will also be swept up in the war which cometh. Abu Dhabi will follow and so will Dubai. America will not be able to protect them from that which cometh.

America is multiplying its karma through its military surge in Iraq, and by convening conferences to guard and protect its vital interests in the Middle East. For every terrorist that America kills in Iraq and elsewhere, ten more new terrorists are created. All of America's efforts are in vain in the Middle East. The weapons, that America is providing today to Saudia Arabia, and the other so-called friends of America in that part of the world, will be turned and used against America. It is just a matter of time. The terrorists will eventually control the countries that you now consider friendly. America's military strategy in Iraq is a no win situation for America. Every desperate and feeble act by America, to postpone the inevitable, is increasing the weight of her karmic debt. These actions are part of the karmic cleansing that is taking place, in preparation for the profound changes yet to come. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

Any nations or continents starting with the alphabets A B or C should be prepared for prophetic changes ahead. America, the Arab nations, Africa, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Britain, Canada, China, - these are some of the countries, and continents that will be caught up in the prophetic alphabet cleansing cycle.  Aruba, the Bahamas, and the Carribean will also be caught up in the prophetic changes.

When the bees stop being, you wll know that the prophecy is at hand. Many will be confused but those who have read this prophecy will understand.

Africa and Aids. Africa has become synonymous with the word, Aids. Africa is a continent that has suffered much. Africa will experience prophetic changes during the Aquarius cycle. Because the sin of slavery infects the continent of Africa, there will be a moral cleansing and atonement of the continent during the next 2160 year cycle. It will take that long for the continent and its people to reap the karma of selling their own flesh and blood into slavery. The horrors of the slave trade have yet to be paid, both in Africa, America, Britain, Brazil and Europe.

The continent of Africa will be morally cleansed to make a way for the descendants of those sold into slavery to return. Those who never had an opportunity to experience their birthright. Those who were sold off into slavery like chattel and animals will reclaim their ancestral home of Africa. This will not happen overnight. But it will happen. Africa suffers from an Aids epidemic that threatens the survival of large numbers of its people. This epidemic was brought to Africa by the same people ( the Europeans and Americans) who they collaborated with, in selling their brothers and sisters into slavery. The rich European males who paid off African prostitues to sleep with them, and the homosexual European and American males who engaged in sex with young African men, desperate for their hard currency, left Africa infected with that dreadful disease. That process started in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

What goes around comes around. Now, the descendants of those whom, the Africans made slave trade deals with, have returned, and this time to steal the lives of the offsprings they traded with. It is interesting to see how the wheel of karma turns. The cleansing that is taking place on the continent of Africa will last for the next 2100 years, during the Aquarius cycle. The cleansing will not only be in the form of Aids, but other catastrophes and disasters. After the cleansing and atonement for the slave trade, Africa will rise to full splendour and glory during the 2100 year Aquarius cycle. However, during the first 1000 years of the 2100 year Aquarius Cycle, after cleansing and atonement, Africa will start to prosper as she prepares for the repatriation of her scattered seeds. The celestial energies have manifested this to happen.

As for China, there will also be prophetic changes affecting the nation of China. The first thing that comes to mind about China is that it is overpopulated. Whatever changes that occur will deal with bringing balance to that situation. The changes will occur within the context of the overall karmic influences of the nation. The Chinese and other Asian cultures had contact with the Ancient Egyptians either as captives or as traders, as depicted in temple and tomb paintings. The Chinese developed their picture writing system, like the Sumerians and the Babylonians cuneiform, after contact with the Ancient Egyptians, starting in 1500 B.C. China should refrain from dipping into the karma of the Arabs in Ancient Nubia or the Sudan. Do no side with the Arabs against the indigenous Nubians, in the conflict there, for the sake of oil, or you will inherit the karma of the Arabs. You will find yourself in the same trap as America when it comes to the Middle East and the Arabs.

The source of Chinese acrobatics is Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians were the first acrobats, as temple and tomb paintings show. The gestures and movements which appear on temple and tomb paintings were connected to religious ritual. The gestures and positions used in Tai Chi, karate and the marital arts were all based on these ancient rituals and gestures which came from Ancient Egypt, without the connection to Egyptian divinity. The Chinese will acknowledege and confront this aspect of history.

Although the nation of India, begins with the letter "I", her two major cities, Bombay and Calcutta, will be swept up into the prophetic changes of the Aquarius cycle. India appears to be a snobbish and arrogrant nation. The apparent pride and arrogrance of the Indian people often betray the underlying poverty of the nation. India could be described as a nation that somehow does not fit in. Technically and geographically, she is a part of the Asian continent. However, racially, she does not fit in with the Asian people, as her people do not share the facial features of Asians. Many of her people are as black as Africans, but they don't have the hair texture of African people. So they can't call themselves black. They are too dark to be caucasian, but they have the hair texture of caucasians. They don't fit into the three races of man that God originally created (Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid). So they call their place on earth, India, the subcontinent. The writer believes that this lack of identity with one of the three races of mankind, caused the Indian people to develop superior and arrogrant attitudes, as a means of covering up their insecurity about their geographical location relative to the other races.

Prophecy will cause the nation of India and its people to realize their real identity in this Aquarius cycle. They will be humbled.

A word of caution to those who attempt to manipulate the alphabet by changing names, the former name will follow the name change. The wheel of karma cannot be deceived in this manner. Remain as you are and let the karmic forces cleanse and establish balance on the physical plane as has already transpired in the cosmic cycle. So reveals the Oracle of Ancient Kmt.


In mankind's sojourn on earth, mythology preceded religion and religion preceded politics. With each transition and metamorphosis in man's way of thinking and philosophy, mankind moved into greater deception and conducted his affairs with deception. Today's world is ruled by an organized religion, military and industrial complex. Each needs the other in order to survive.

Religion has been used to gain a foothold in countries so that corporations and rich tycoons could exploit the people and their resources. Christian missionaries first gained access to a country, by offering the Bible to the native people in exchange for the land. This is historically what has happened in Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world. After submittting to the missionaries and Christian teachings, the corporations come in and take over the country and subjugate the people. This was accomplished initially through colonialism, and subsequently, post independence, through placing and maintaining oppressive dictatorships. These oppressive dictatorships, backed and supported, primarily by American funding, allow for continued economic and military domination by the religion, military industrial complex. The religion, military industrial complex not only rules the developing world, but rules the rest of the world.

Religion continues to be used in this way, particularly in Africa, where so called faith based initiatives, funded by the American government, come as messengers in the night to maintain control of the people and their resouces, through religious and charitable gifts. The missionaries, use beaming satellite technology to gain access to the people and their resources in modern day Africa, whereas before it was just simply the Bible. Today outreach of the religious, military indusrial complex is more high tech. However, each needs the other in order to survive. All are encased in deception and manipulation in order to control the minds of men. Whatever happened to the notion of separation of church and state, of which these faith based initiatives are such a blatant violation? Separation of church and state was a founding principle of the American democracy. However, this line has been blurrred as the religion, military industrial complex digs in for survival and becomes more entrenched, at the expense of the one of the founding principles of America. The whole thing is evil and filled with deception. The karma associated with the religion, military industrial complex which rules the world, is what will cause the end of the world. So sees the Oracle of Ancient KMT.

Today, in order to secure economic, religious, and political advantage, words are used to hide the truth and the motive of one's actions. Politics and the systems that man has created to perpetuate political, religious, and economic institutions, such as democray, fascism, communism, socialism, totalitarianism, and religious theocracies, have proven unsatisfactory and basically dishonest.   In order to please the constitutiencies that make up these political systems, lies, and deceit are too often perpetuated by the politicians in order to maintain their positions of power.  Nevertheless, of the political systems mentioned above, democracy is the best.

This prophecy is not written from a political perspective, but rather the perspective of "Maat" and cosmic order.   However, for the purpose of trying to save America, the Oracle of KMT will make the following mundane comments.

Having read the Prophecy up to this point, you should realize that the world as we know it is undergoing a cosmic cleansing. You should be beginning to understand the cosmic cycle that we are in. Much of what is occurring in America and around the world, especially in the Middle East, is part of that cleansing process, as one cycle of more than 2100 years ends and another begins.

Americans, in general, are a selfish people, full of greed. Capitalism has made them that way. Capitalism brings out the gross side of human nature. Capitalism does not exist and does not operate for the greater good. Capitalism's only purpose is to generate the highest profits. By definition, such an economic system is in conflict with a democracy, which should express the greater good of the people it represents. Democracy is a beautiful notion, except when it is encapsulated by the dragon of capitalism.   When the American Constitution was drafted, nowhere did it mention capitalism as its economic system. However, slavery formed the beginning of capitalism, which formed the economic root of America. This economic practice, which formed the foundation of capitalism as it is practiced in the American democracy, would ultimately strangle the democracy. This is what is happening until today in America.

The war in Iraq is as much about capitalism and the exploitation of other people and their resources, as it is terrorism.   It is the foreign policies of the American government, and the practices of capitalism overseas, which have contributed to a mindset of terror in the Middle East and other countries. Throughout the history of America, the cosmic energies have been at work. Now the very democracy of America and its economic system of capitalism are being used as the instrument and tools for the destruction of America. America's leaders are blind and are blindly leading the nation down the path of destruction, which is part of the cleansing process of this great cosmic cycle. The wheel of karma eventually takes care of all wrongdoing, bringing justice and right and truth to events that have long been forgotten in the minds of men.

Other nations around the world want to emulate the democracy of America.   However, the democracy of America cannot be separated from its capitalist economic system.  Capitalism was waiting for a democratic form of government, that it could encapsulate, when America was born. It found a home in America. The democracy in America has degenerated into a "corporateocracy", a form of government run by, and for the corporations of America. Russia, in its attempt to emulate America, is following the route of capitalism, and will eventually run into the same problems that the American economic system is facing. Capitalism is about profits, and the insatiable appetite for profits is never satisified.   It must continue to expand at all costs, even if it means sacrificing the jobs and well being of the citizens of its root country, as in America.

These corporations control the elections, because the policial parties and their candidates for office, depend on corporate contributions to fund their political campaigns.  It is obscene the amount of money that it takes to run for elected office, especially the office of President. Once elected to office, the politicans are responsible to the corporations and the two political parties which funded them, instead of the people who went to the polls and voted them in.   The voters are led to believe that they determined who would be elected, when in fact, it was the corporations and media who determined who the voters would elect.

In America, it is difficult, if not impossible to be elected to office, if one does not have financial backing from lobbyists, or political action groups, backed by corporate contributions. The lobbyists in the halls of Congress, including corporations, foreign governments, and special interests determine the legislation that will be introduced and passed by the American Congress. Often times, this legislation is contrary to what the constitutents of the Congressional Representatives and Senators would like to see approved. The war in Iraq is an example of the refusal of elected leaders to carry out the mandate of the people by ending the war and bringing the troops home. It is the American people, who do not have lobbyists in Congress, lobbying for their interests. Furthermore, it is apparent that Congress and the Senate do not serve as advocates for the American people, because they are too beholden to the "K Street" lobbyists who walk the halls of Congress.

The solution to this form of corruption of the democratic process, is to set term limits of two terms for each Congressperson and each Senator. Representation in Congress should be more participatory so that the positions are rotated to other citizens who wish to serve, and who have not become beholden to corporations and lobbyists. If the Congressional representatives and Senators will not set term limits for themselves, then the voters must set term limits for them by refusing to reelect any representative or Senator who has served more than two terms. The voters, we the people, must take back their government and democracy. It is apparent the democracy in America no longer works.

Today, in what is called the greatest democracy on earth, America, the politicians of America declare war on words in order to avoid declaring war on the real cause behind the words. For example, America's leaders have declared war on poverty, and war on terrorism, within the last 50 years. Lacking the honesty to declare war on the things or people who caused the necessity for a war on poverty or the war on terror, the leaders declare war on the word. When man goes to war against or on a word, or words, the declared war is doomed to fail. Man as a visible, material being cannot declare war on a word, which is invisible and intangible. When this happens, the word, the invisible and intangible, will always win, becuase it is not incarnate. The word on which war is being waged is not affected by the invisible and visible forces of the universe such as the natural elements. Man is affected by all of these forces and cannot do combat with a word or words, such as poverty or terrorism. The word being fought against will always win when man engages in war against a word such as poverty or terror.

Until the leader or leaders of America are able to define the war on terror as not a war against terror, but as a war against those who perpetuate terror against America and the rest of the world, the war on terror, will be an unwinnable war. Those who perpetrate terror are not in a war with a word, such as terror. America and her leaders must be equally honest and redefine the war against terror as a war against those who want to destroy Western civilization. This is no time for dishonesty by waging a war on a word. The word that you wage war against will always win. Man cannot battle words for the reason described above. A word to the wise is sufficient.


Democracy is incompatible with Islam because Islam is a way of life which embraces every aspect of a society. Islam is more than just a religion. Islam is a political, economic and religious way of life. As such there is no room for democracy in an Islamic society. Islam dictates and completely controls the society. Islam dictates the food and dietary habits of its practictioners, as well as the clothing and dress. Its law of sharia has become codified into the criminal and civil law of Islamic societies. The Islamic law of sharia would not be tolerated in a democratic society. In a democratic society, sharia law would be considered brutal and uncivilized in the way in which it is practiced and administered.

By definition, such a restrictive way of life is inconsistent and incompatible in a democracy. In a democracy, there is a separation of church and state and the laws of the church or religion are not codified into the criminal and civil law of the society. Neither do democracies tolerate any infringement or restrictions on the individual's choice of lifestyle.

America's attempt to bring democracy to Iraq and the Middle East is doomed to failure because the Islamic and Arab countries that America is trying to democratize are first and foremost Islamic societies. Islam will never allow those countries to substitute democracy and a democratic way of life for Islam and an Islamic way of life. America's experiment with democracy in the Arab and Islamic countries was doomed to fail before it began.

As for the Muslims who have migrated to America and other democracies, they live among you but never sacrifice their way of life. They are among you but not of you. They never become totally assimilated into the socieites in which they live. The religion of Islam prevents them from doing so. Most Muslims who move to democratic countries are there for economic advantgage and nothing more. They remain bound to their Islamic way of life, even in a democracy as open and as free as America. They are Muslims first and foremost. Their loyalty is to Islam. They live among you and use your laws against you. A prime example is the use of the nation's Civil Rights laws, by Arabs and Muslims, to protect their presence in America. If they had to choose between Islam and democracy, their choice would be Islam. A democracy does not force one to make that choice. But Islam does, because it is a way of life, which embraces the political, economic, and religious aspect of one's life.

America should remove its troops from the Middle East including Iraq, Saudia Arabia, and the Arabian and Persian Gulf. America is accumulating more negative karma by interfering with the wheel of karma as it brings justice to more than fourteen centuries of conflict in the Middle East. The war on terrorism has morphed or changed into a war of Moslem against Moslem. This is part of the karma of Islam and the Moslem religion. America is in the middle of this civil struggle among Moslems. This is one of the intended and unintended consequences of America's war in Iraq.

America's occupation of Iraq has brought division and civil war among Moslems, not only in Iraq, but throughout the Middle East and other lands. America should remove her troops, from not only Iraq but the entire Middle East, and let the wheel of karma sort out events. The Ethnic Cleansing that has taken place in Iraq, wherein Sunnis have been driven from Iraq, is not a substitute for peace. The Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds will eventually sort out their land without the presence of an American occupation. America's very presence in the Middle East is causing more turmoil, which is creating more bad karma that America will continue to pay for. The oil that America is protecting is not worth the karmic debt that America is accumulating.

The military and diplomatic strategy that America is pursuing of "divide and conquer" is opening another Pandora's box for America in Iraq.  In the interest of dividing the Iraqis along sectarian and racial lines, America's strategy is one that says "race and ethnicity trump religion".  In order to divide the Shiites in Iraq from the Shiites in Iran, America's military and diplomatic leaders are stressing the ethnic and racial differences between the "Iraqi-Shiite" population and the "Iranian-Shiite" population.  America's message to the "Iraqi-Shiites" is that you are Arabs before you are Shiites. America's message to the "Sunni-Iraqis" is that you are Arabs, and therefore Sunnis. In other words, your racial type, of being an Arab, trumps your religious affiliation, of being a Shiite, in the case of the "Iraqi-Shiites". This military and diplomatic strategy is a divide and conquer strategy, along ethnic and racial lines, in order to divide the Shiite population in Iraq, from their "Iranian-Shiite" brothers. Prior to America's divide and conquer strategy, the Shiites in Iraq, had never thought of themselves along racial lines, as being Arabs first, and Shiites second. The Shiites defined themselves in terms of their religion, and not in terms of their racial identity, e.g. as being Arabs, first and foremost.

When the Sunnis under Saddam Hussein, were in charge of Iraq, Bush and America did everything in their power to overthrow Saddam Hussein, unaware that they would be handing Iraq over to a Shiite Moslem population. After realizing what they had done, the American military, and American diplomacy changed their colors, and ran back to the same Sunnis whom they had overthrown. The American military now realizes that it needs Saddam Hussein's Sunnis in order to change the balance of power in Iraq.  By so doing, America hopes to take some of the power away from the Shiite majority, because they identify with the Shiite Muslims in Iran.

America is showing her true colors of manipulation and craftiness in order to maintain military control of Iraq.   America plans to maintain its military occupation of Iraq, and the Middle East, including military bases, for generations to come.   She cannot do this without deceiving and pitting one group of Iraqis against another, in order to divide and conquer. By dividing and conquering along racial lines, America secures a permanent foothold in Iraq to ward off the Influence of Iran.   America hopes that the Shiites in Iraq will consider their Arab bloodline, before their Shiite religion.   In other words, America's policy in Iraq has come down to "race trumping religion", in order to keep Iran from having any influence inside Iraq.

America's strategy of divide and conquer was also used to dismember and bring down the Soviet Union. By encouraging Gorbachev to pursue a democratic form of government, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics disbanded into individual, separate, small countries.  As a consequence, Russia became a weakened world power, and could no longer be called a super power.  Through the dismemberment of the Soviet Union, Russia went from representing a Union of approximately 291 million people, to a Federation representing approximately 142 million people.  The Soviet Union lost a signifcant amount of its territory going from a Union of 8,649,538 sq mi to a Federation of 6,592,800 sq mi.  The result of the fragmentation of the Soviet Union is that America is left as the world's one super power.  The problem with just one world super power, is that the power in the world is unbalanced. Russia and the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics were the counterbalance to America's super power.  Without that balance, America, as the world's lone super power, has become a rogue super power, blatantly using her power to subdue any nation that interferes with the weilding of her enormous military power.  Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Cuba and Zimbabwe are just a few examples of the way in which America weilds her super power status.

If not through outright use of military force, America strangles the life ouobviost of any nation she deems "evil", by imposing harsh, economic sanctions and by seizing the economic and banking assets of those nations.  Those economic assets, which have been seized illegally, remain under American control, earning billions of dollars in interest for the American government.   America gets away with such rogue behavior, because she is the lone super power in the world, and no other power is strong enough to confront and challenge her.  However, the Oracle of KMT sees that America's power is beginning to wane because of her excesses.  Some day America's banking assets will be seized by other countries.  What goes around comes around on the wheel of karma.

A word of caution to America is in order as it pertains to Russia and her dealing with former Republics of the Soviet Union.  America should not interfere with the political and military disputes between Russia and the former member Republics of the Soviet Union.  The political, economic and cultural ties within Russia and the former members of the Soviet Union date back throughout the last millennia, and predates by almost a thousand years America's short history.  Russia will try and reconfigure the former Soviet Union which Russia believes is in the best interest of the Russian people and the former Republics of the former Soviet Union.  It is through this reconfiguration and unity that Russia and the Soviet Union will become a stong and superpower again.  In the dispute between Georgia and Russia over the status of South Ossetia, Russia has the right to come to the defense of the people of South Ossetia, who are closely linked culturally and politically to Russia.  Since the break up of the Soviet Union, Georgia has become a puppet of America and looks to America to protect her.  This is part of a divide and conquer strategy.

If the people of South Ossetia want to be rejoined to Russia as part of the former Soviet Union, that is a matter between Russia and the people of South Ossetia.  America should not and must not interfere in this reconciliation between family memebers.  America will make the same mistake that she made in interfering in the Bosnia and Croatia conflict and, as a consequence, warring on the wrong side of history.  America and NATO did a very wicked thing by crushing the people of Croatia as they tried to hold on to their ancestral homeland and identity.  America and NATO will pay for the atrocities committed against Croatia and her leaders at the time.

If America joins in with NATO and interferes in the conflict between Russia and former members of the Soviet Union, it will only multiply the negative karma that America and NATO are confronting.  America looks belligerent and stupid when she tells Russia what Russia must do.  America cannot rule the world with military power.  Russia is a sovereign nation and will do what Russia believes is in the interest of Russia and the former members of the Soviet Union.  Russia's action goes far beyond the concept of "democracy" as defined by America, the European Union, and the New World Order.  If the Europeans can have a European Union, why is that Russia cannot reunite the former members of the Union of Soviet Republics?  American blood and treasure should not become involved in any way in the conflicts taking place between Russia and the former members of the Soviet Union.  Russia, and Russia alone, must work out the divisions that Russia confronts with the former members of the Soviet Union, as Russia seeks reconciliation and reconfiguration.  A word to the wise is sufficient.  So sees the Oracle of KMT.

Condoleeza Rice will go down in history as the worst National Security Advisor and worst Secretary of State in America's history.  She presided over national security when the terrorists attacks of 9/11 occurred.  She was ill prepared to deal with those events and the subsequent fall-out.  She had no background or experience in dealing with the Arabs and the Muslim world, prior to 9/11.  As Secretary of State, she has presided over the erosion in relations between Russia and America.  Rice is supposed to be an expert in the former Soviet Union and Russia, yet her incompetence has led to total diplomatic failure.  She has been provocative and retaliatory toward Russia, which can only lead to a bad outcome.

Back to the divide and conquer strategy in Irag.  Now that America is playing the race card in Iraq, of divide and conquer along racial and ethnic lines, as opposed to religious differences, this racial mentality will spew over into other areas of the Moslem world.  One's loyalty will be to one's racial identity, instead of one's religion. In other words, race will trump religion. Race will trump religion not only in the Moslem world, but also in the Christian world. Consider what would happen in America, if Black Christians, would say that they are Black or African Americans before they are Christians.  Other racial and ethnic groups would say similar things about themselves. In Africa and South Africa, the Blacks would say they are Blacks and Africans, before they are Christians or Moslems.  This type of political strategy and thinking will eventually lead to the breakup of nation states and all types of civil and military discord.  Everything that America does in the Middle East seems to backfire on America because she is doing all of the wrong things for all of the wrong reasons.  This is part of America's karma as she continues to dig a bigger karmic hole for herself.

Americans should consider that Iran is not operating next door to America, in Mexico or Canada, by attempting to interfere in the affairs of those countries.  America, however, is operating next door to Iran, in Iraq and the Persian Gulf, by disrupting Iraq and the stability of the Persian Gulf.  Iran has more right to be in Iraq than America does, because Iran has close religious and cultural ties with the nation and people of Iraq.  Iraq is in the same neighborhood of Iran.  It is America, who is out of her neighborhood, and who has no basis for being in Iraq, other than exploiting and controlling the oil of Iraq.  Bush and America should consider that Iran has every right to defend the intrusion into her waters, into her airspace, and into her weakened, next door neighbor in Iraq, by a hostile, foreign power, called America.  Go home America now before it is too late.  America is hasting its karmic demise by remaining in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf.  So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

America is attempting to keep monarchies and oppressive regimes in power in the Middle East and elsewhere, who will allow America to continue to exploit the oil reserves, and to deploy her military resources. The oil reserves of the country belong to the people of those nations and not just the royal families. America will be safer when America pulls her troops out of Iraq and the Middle East. The problems that must be sorted out, among the Arabs and Moslems in the Middle East and elsewhere, must be done by them and them alone, without the corporate and military interference of America. Those countries in the Middle East will continue to sell oil to America, once America removes her troops from the Middle East. They cannot eat the oil. They must sell it and they will continue to sell oil to America, after America removes its military presence from Iraq and the rest of the Middle East.

America and its leaders are in a state of denial where Islam is concerned. The war in Iraq is contributing to the bankruptcy of America, and it is time to pursue another course. That course is to remove the American military from Iraq and the rest of the Middle East. America's fear of what will happen if America pulls its troops from Iraq and the Middle East is greater than what will actually happen.   Stop the slaughter of American lives by doing what is right and that is withdrawing the American military from Arab and Moslem lands. It is obscene to see America's military policing and patrolling the streets of an Arab country, knocking down doors and arresting another country's citizens. Where does this authority come from? The authority of the barrel of a machine gun, but does this threat make it right? Does might always make right and do the American taxpayers want their tax dollars spent this way?

American troops are in Iraq and the Middle East to protect the vital interests of large American oil companies and their executives. The protection of the American military extends to the Royal families in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates. American taxpayer dollars are being used to prop up royal Arab regimes, similar to the regime of the former Shah of Iran. Once the people took over their country and deposed the Shah of Iran, America was no longer welcomed in Iran. The same will happen to America and the royal families that America is now propping up in the Middle East. Once the people in those countries take over the power from the Royal families in the Middle East, and control their countries and resources, America will no longer be welcomed. America never seems to learn from its mistakes.

When America leaves Iraq, the terrorists will not follow the soldiers to America. They are already in America waiting for the call of Jihad, thanks to the liberal immigration policy of the government. American troops are needed in America to defend within America, and to defend the borders of America. A word to the wise is sufficient. So sees the Oracle of Ancient KMT.


America's love of oil, made from fossils, including dinosaurs, drove the two Bush presidents to lock America in a destiny that may be as fossilized as the dinosaurs. Greed, and the exploration of fossil fuel on America's part, have led the world to a destiny that not one of us could have imagined. As we burn fossil fuel, we have taken on the nature of the fossilized fumes that we breathe. Yes, we have taken on the violent and aggressive nature of dinosaurs. We fight each other, like dinosaurs. Sometimes, we fight without cause. Just for the sheer lust of greed and having it all.

And so who will have the last laugh. It appears that the dinosaurs will. We have created so much bad karma by breathing in fossilized fuels, which make us aggressive, and mean, that we have taken on the nature of the great beasts, the dinosaurs. They live through us. And they are having the last laugh. By burning fossil fuel to take us places we probably didn't need to go, we have become like them. Will mankind have the ultimate fate of the dinosaur? Only the wheel of karma and time will tell. Stay tuned.


America was founded on the idea of freedom from religious and political persecution. Those who settled America, in the thirteen orginal colonies, were fleeing from the religious and monarchial persecution of the British monarchy. "Taxation without representation", and "give me liberty or give me death" were the rallying cries behind the founding of America. The vision of the founding fathers of this nation was not a vision of America serving as a "melting pot" for people from all over the world. In fact, the founding fathers' vision of America was one that did not extend beyond the freedom flight of European immgrants, who were fleeing the European monarchies of the 17th and 18th centuries.

In a Jeffersonian democracy and a Washingtonian democracy, the idea of a "melting pot" would have seemed preposterous. The notion of America as a "melting pot" is a twentieth centrury idea, two centuries, and more than 100 years removed from the drafting of the constitution. That notion developed from a play, written in 1908, by a Jewish immigrant from England, who wrote a play entitled "The Melting Pot". Its message was that all immigrants can be transformed into Americans by melting into the American crucible of democracy. The message of the play, which opened in Washington D.C., was readily accepted and incorprated into the books of American history from that period to the present.

As the idea of the "melting pot" has grown and been indoctrinated into every child, who studies American history in elementary and high schools, the idea has been blindly accepted that a "melting pot" is what America stands for.

The founding fathers of America were above all, a Chrisitan group of men who had common sense. They did not stray far from their Christian background and common sense. That background would have influenced eveything that they did. From a Biblical standpoint, they realized that God gave every people, the three races of men, their land, and their roots. The land from which one originally comes, shapes who the individual is genetically, and the intrinsic sense in which one reacts to the external world. The founding fathers also realized that the country would attract immigrants from various countries, primarily from Europe; however, they did not expect those who immigrated to melt into a homogenous society. They knew that would be folly. You would always be identified even in America from your root country, e.g., the Irish American, The French American, The Italian American. The only group who has never been hyphenated in America is the British, because they were the true founders of the nation. The British people and the English language were synonmous with America becuase that is the origin of the founding fathers and the thriteen original colonies. The constitution and American law stem from the English Magna Carta.

The liberal immigration policies of America and the notion of a "melting pot" society have challenged the ideas and hope of the founding fathers, i.e., that in a multicultural and heterogenous society, shared values about citizenship and patriotism could hold the nation together.

The notion of a "melting pot" is a recent phenomena wherein America became a magnet for attracting immigrants from all over the world. This was not the original vision. The statue of Liberty, when she arrived as a gift from France in 1886, is supposed to represent: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." These words engraved at the foot of the Statute of Liberty appear to be nonsense. No great nation in the whole of history would have ever had that slogan as the slogan of their country. To do so, is to commit national suicide because there are millions of people who fit that description and would want to flee to America.

And so it is with America. It has been said that America is a nation of immigrants, to perpetuate the ideas of continuing to open the borders of America to strangers from around the world. Those who come, come to America in search of a better way of life. When they come, they are supposed to melt into the giant melting pot of America.

The problem with the melting pot is that the pot has started to "melt into the contents". The pot has cooked so long, and the heat has had to be turned up so high in order to continue to melt all of the immigrants, that the pot is beginning to melt into the contents. The pot and the contents are melting all over the stove.The melting pot has become one sloppy melting mess.

The melting mess includes the miscegenation and mixing of the races into a mush of hybirds, whereby the races as God originally created them are no longer recognizable.  With the dilution of racial makup goes the dilution and dissipation of the history that makes up the genetic DNA of that race of people.  Genetic DNA is used in a hsitorical perspective here, and not in a biological context.  Each race has their own roots, history, culture and lingusitic ties.  When races start to mingle and comingle as thery are in America and Europe, the members of those races lose their racial identity and sense of history.  This is exactly what is happening in America's melting pot.  This phenomona has led to the election of someone like Barack Hussein Obama as President.

Barack Hussein Obama owes his election as President to the mixed race, the bi-racials in America who have no racial identity.  They do not relate to any race or culture.  The Stae of California is the most obvious example of the mixed race status of its citizens.  The people in the State of California are so mixed they don't know who they are, racially.  They are bi-racial as White/Black, Chinese/White, Hispanic/White, Asian/Black, Mexican/Black Indian/Black, and God only know what other mixtures.  The mixed races or bi-racials eagerly voted for Barack Hussein Obama because they can identify with his mixed race status.

Besides the mixed races which voted for Barack Husein Obama, there were the many immigrant groups who voted for Barack Hussein Obama, including Hispanics, Asians, Jews, and Arabs, Muslims, and native Africans.  Blacks (Africans Americans) also teamed up with this group and voted Barack Hussein Obama into the White House.  Throw the liberal White into the mix, including their young adult children, Barack Hussein Obama was elected President.

The notion of a melting pot has diluted the composition of America as America was intended by the founding fathers.  An America, where White Ango Americans are in the majority, is a thing of the past.  The melting pot of mixed races, Hispanics, Asians, East indians, and African Americans will outnumber the Caucasian race.  The sad irony is that the White Europeans came to America to found a country where they would be free from tyrany, and in the majority.  Alas, after almost 400 years, the Whites will have lost their country to immigrant groups and mixed races, who have their own agenda for America.  The Europeans who have been here since the founding have no place to go.  The recent immigrants, who have migrated from their root countries, are still tied to those countries.  Many have dual citizenship and influence the body politics in their countries of origin.  The big loser in the melting pot is the White Anglos.  America's liberal immigration policy has caused this dilema for White Americans.  Liberal Whites could care less that their race is in the minority in America.

This was bound to happen.  The clever people who latched on to the notion of a "melting pot" were interested in growing the country through massive immigration.  In order to grow the American economy, they sacrificed the longevity of the Republic for short term economic gain.  Short term gain in the sense that the slogan of the "melting pot" has brought short-term economic gain over the past 100 years to America.  The Republic of America was supposed to last for at least 1000 years in the vision of the founding fathers.  That may be only a dream now because the pot has started to melt along with the contents.  The future of the Republic is in doubt because those with no vision and no common sense inherited the mantle of the founding fathers, without the vision and greatness of those founders.  Their vision was short-sighted.  They know who they are now and they know the ones who preceeded them.  In a sense they have cooked the books and the history of America.

The next time you read or hear a politician or other person say that America is not a country, but America is 'an idea", you should know that you are listening to, or speaking to a traitor. No real American who loves his country would ever make such a statement.  America is a land mass composed of 50 states, defined as a land mass with territorial integrity.  Anyone who denies that fact and tries to make you believe that America is not a land mass, but "an idea", is simply misleading you.  Such persons, politicians, political commentators, teachers, or professors, are trying to get you to relinquish your sovereign identity to a "melting pot". This is what is happening to America now.  The foolish notion of a melting pot has led to an amalgamation of races, where the population thinks of itself as an idea, a "melting pot" of people.  This foolish notion is leading to the disintegration of America and a complete takeover by the mongoloid mix of nations including Latin and South America, Asia, and the race of people from East India.  All great civilizations have fallen from the interbreeding and mixing of races from outside its borders.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.  Return to "Top" of page or continue reading.


Where America stands now is that there will begin a future, mass departure and exodus of America's immigrants from America back to their original countries of origin. Americans will begin to reconnect with their original countries of origins, as America becomes less and less a desirable place to live. America will become a less desirable place to live because of man made and natural disasters. Moreover, America will lose its luster as a democracy. There will be a Civil War II in America. There will be major demographic changes.

In the future, America will have all of the attributes of a a fascist state. Under the guise of Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, and domestic surveillance, a moot Judicary will allow the trampling on civil liberties and Constitutional rights. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution will be suspended as America's leaders acquiesce to an all powerful Executive branch of government. The Executive Branch and its secret committees, along with the military, will control the government and the American people.  In response to these events, there will be civil unrest and many who uprise against their government. Conspiracies and mistrust of government will abound. When the word "Czar" creeps into the American system of government, Americans will realize how much trouble they are in.

The Government, the all powerful Executive branch, will retaliate against its own citizens with mass killing and imprisonment of those who resist the fascist state and the Imperial Executive Branch. What Saddam Hussein did to his own citizens in terms of the mass disposal of the Kurds and Shiites, will pale in comparison to what the U. S. government will do to its citizens. Those who rebel and who want to break off from a government, which no longer represents them, will pay the ultimate price.

Yes, America will confront the sins of the war in Iraq, this time, in the form of a replicated image of the way in which Saddam Hussein ruled his country. In order to keep the United States together, and to keep it from veering off into a splintered republic, the all powerful Executive branch will be prepared to turn its weapons against its own citizens. This is exactly what happened in Iraq under Saddam Hussein.

Consider what would happen in America if the United Nations and some other major world power, imposed a "no-fly zone" over the northern part of the United States, and over the southern part of the United States. In this instance, the only area that America could fly its planes within the United States would be over the central portion of the country. This is the situation that Saddam Hussein faced in his country after the first Iraqi war in 1991. The Kurds and the Shiites benefited from the "no-fly zone" and from the outside interference in Iraq by the United Nations and America. The spoils of the first Iraq war, in the form of billions of "oil for food" dollars, went to the United Nations, various member nations, and to American companies.

Americans appear incapable of mentally and morally placing themselves in the situation that they have created for others. They appear to lack that sense of feeling and relating. Be that as it is, America now will confront the sins of the war in Iraq, this time on American soil. The break-up of America will be the price that the wheel of Karma will exact for the sins of both Iraqi wars, in 1991 and 2003, which were conceived, formulated, directed and implemented by America, under the two Bush Presidents.

The shadow, cast by the karma of the two Bush Presidents on America, will last for many generations. As Bush and America invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam Hussein, so will America meet such events. As America occupied Iraq, took over the palaces of the President of Iraq, and killed the two sons of the President of Iraq, a similar course of events will be visited upon America. In a similar manner, America will be invaded, and the White House occupied by foreign invaders. Whoever, the President is when this Prophecy is manifested, will be tried and hanged like Saddam Hussein. What goes around comes around on the wheel of karma. It will take many generations for the Prophecy described herein to be experienced on the physical plane. However, all will transpire on the physical plane as it has already occurred on the cosmic plane. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

The Ancient Oracle of KMT is compelled to comment on the hanging, and mental and psychological taunting and torture of Saddam Hussein, carried out with the full faith and complicity of the American President Bush and the American military. Saddam Hussein was handed over, by the American military, to his Iraqi hangmen, who carried out an uncivilized and brutal taunting of Saddam Hussein, as he tried to make peace with his Creator, before taking his last breaths. By so doing Bush, the American military and Saddam's hangmen, commited a crime against God and creation. Bush, the American military and the Iraqi hangmen got involved in a process which no man has the right or audacity to interfere with, and that is coming between God and his creation.

The hate manifested by Bush, the American military and the Iraqi hangmen, in taunting Saddam Hussein to his death, with a noose around his neck as he tried to witness to his Creator, before taking his last breath, will forever be a karmic stain, not only on Bush and his family, but on the American people and the nation of America. Yes, Bush and the American military were complicit in the barbaric hanging and taunting to death of Saddam Hussein, because the military handed Saddam Hussein over to the hangmen. The American military subsequently collected his body and carried it off for burial, after having participated in one of the most brutal, uncivilized and mean-spirited taunting and haunting of a person's soul, as he tried to make peace with his Creator. What happened to Saddam Hussein, at the point of death, verges on medieval, pagan ritual including witchcraft and voodoo, and Bush and America were right in the midst of it all. This one act alone has futher sealed the karmic debt of America. So much for America which calls itself a Christian nation and a people of faith. Oh, what a tangled karmic web America has weaved for itself, and is entangled in.

Those whom America wish to destroy are demonized through an assault on their personalities. America went out of its way to demonize Saddam Hussein in order to justify invading his country and killing him. The same is true of Milosevic of Serbia. Who is a greater war criminal, than the two Bush Presidents and Bill Clinton? One of the Bush Presidents started the first war with Iraq in 1991, and the second Bush President invaded Iraq in 2003, took over the country, and in the process caused the break down of law and order, which has led to the deaths of thousands of Iraqis. Although Bill Clinton bombed Bosnia and Kosov under the cover of NATO's umbrella, the damage to both people and property took a heavy total on the people of Serbia. The unseemly timeing of the bombing campaign was intertwined with Clinton's impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives.

Furthermore, as a result of the first war with Iraq in 1991, and the sanctions that were enacted against Iraq at the behest of the first Bush, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died because needed medical supplies and equipment were withheld from them, as part of sanctions, even though Iraq had the oil dollars to purchase them. Who is more of a war criminal than the two Bush Presidents, and Clinton, who went along with the sanctions, to withhold medical supplies and equipment to the Iraqi people? Should America be invaded in order to capture the two Bush Presidents and Clinton for the war crimes, and crimes against humanity commited against the Iraqi people and the people of Serbia? Should America be invaded and these Presidents captured and put on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity?

Most Americans would say no, because again, Americans appear unable to place themselves in the same situation that they have created for others. However, the wheel of karma has no respect of nationality or the shortsightedness of mortal beings. The wheel of Karma sees the correlation, and Maat is always in balance. The physical realm awaits manifestation, and one can only say woe is America as america awaits her destiny. The Christian Church should be addressing these matters with America. However, the Church is too busy "pleading the blood and stripes of Jesus", in order to justify America's wrongdoing and the wrongdoing of her presidents.

American presidents come and go but the negative karma they leave behind plagues the nation for generations. The American people are partly to blame because they elect these people, and the legislative body is also to blame because they fail to provide proper checks and balances to the abuse of power. Unlike Saddam Hussein, these three Presidents will be given State funerals and treated like royalty at their deaths, instead of war criminals, responsible for the death of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.

America is like the ship, Titanic, thought to be unsinkable. However, the great ship America, under the two Bush Captains, has run into an iceberg, called Babylon, now known as Iraq. There appears to be nothing that can save America as she begins her sink into the ocean of materialism, greed and capitalism, and militarism. The anchor which should have saved America and steered her into a different course, was the Christian religion and her churches. Instead, those anchors, turned her loose and let her commit all of her acts of greed and exploitation with the blessings of the Christain religion. Some of the most rabid supporters of America's wrongdoing both at home and abroad have been those who call themselves Christians, especially the so-called evangelicals.

In response to all of these man made and natural events, there will be a natural desire of the seeds to return to the roots of their trees, e.g. their origins. This is natural and the way God created the people of the earth. There will be a yearning of the seed to return to the root of its tree, in the search for renewal and rebirth, which can only occur from the root of the tree.

As things stand now, the Hispanic population, including Mexicans, Latin Americans, and the Asian populations (of whom racially they are the same people as the Mexican and Latin Americans, e.g. the mongoloids) will dominate America. They will be in the majority. They will join the native Indian population, who they are racially akin to, e.g., the mongoloid race, and form the majority of the American population. People we call Eskimos and the native Indian populations of North America and South America, originally came from Asia across a land bridge (which no longer exists) into Northern America. This migration from Asia to North America happened almost 12,000-15,000 years ago. They eventually spread across the regions of Mexico, and South America and Central America. These Indian populations include the indigenous tribes of America, and the Amerindians, the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Andeans, the Incas, and many other Indigenous people of Central and South America. They all have one thing in common. They are descendants of the Asian or Mongololid race. They share similar facial characteristics, and the straight dark hair of the mongoloid race. The racial mixing with the colonizing Spainards has not changed the basic racial grouping of the Indigenous people from North America, Mexico, South America and Central America.

As more East Indian people, i.e. people from the country of India, migrate to America, they will also be a growing segment of the population. China needs America as an outlet for her population, which is overcrowded. India needs America as an outlet for her population, which is also overcrowded. The race of Mongoloids, (defined as Mexicans, and Latin and Central Americans, Asians, American Indians, and Eskimos), combined with immigrants from India, will dominate American population. There will be little room for any other groups. The Mongoloid race comprised of the Asians and Hispanics will dominate American politics. This racial group will dominate the seats on the local school boards, the City Councils, the State Legislatures, the Congress, and the Executive Branch of government, including, eventually, the Presidency. These population changes, and shifts in power, were brought on by the notion of a "melting pot" and the ignorance of America's leaders, and the greed of America's corporations. In a sense, the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater.

The two groups of people, present at the founding of America, e.g., the original immigrants, the Europeans (the Caucasoids), and the Blacks (the Negroids), who were slaves, will migrate back to their root countries, and continents of Europe and Africa. The prospects for both groups will prove much better, when they return to their roots, because of the melting away of America. Caucasians (Caucasoids) will be a minority in America, just as the Blacks (Negroids) are now, living in a society dominated by the Mongoloid race of Asians and Hispanics. This group of people (the Mongoloids) will not only be in the majority in America but also in their root countries in Mexico, Latin America and South America, as well as in Asia and India. They will come to influence and dominate the body politics, not only in America but in their countries of origins. The immigrants, currently living in Europe, primarily from the former European colonies, will return to their places of origin. The Arabs will return to Arabia. The Africans and other Black immigrants in Europe will return to Africa. The repatriation of European immigrants, will make way for the return of Caucasian immigrants from America, Canada, Australia and South Africa to their places of origin in Europe. This will happen over many, many generations, during the astrological age of Aquarius, and is in keeping with the manifestation of celestial energies.

These changes are associated with the movement of the celestial equinox and only await manifestation on the physical plane. The master manipulators of the earth, and their secret alphabet organizations, cannot stop these changes. You do not control the Celestial Zodiac. As above so below, and not the reverse. This is cosmology, and not astrology.

Please don't argue with this prophecy. You may be ignorant and not educated properly. You have probably never heard of the Continental Drift, and plate tectonics, and the impact of the movement of the oceanic crust. You probably did not know that there are genetically only three races of mankind. In addition to certain genetic differences in the three races, the exterior features that distinguish the races, are skin color and texture of hair. Each of the three races, which God created, is different in this regards. Texture of hair and skin color are by far the determining factor in racial classification.

Don't argue with the prophecy and this description. If you want to argue, argue with the Creator, who fashioned mankind on his Potter's Wheel. You may chose to believe that there are no differences between the races. However, there are. All other classifications of man are based on cultural, religious and ethnic differences, which have nothing to do with race. Those are differences created by the institutions that man has created to perpetuate his identity, over and beyond the identity that God gave to him through his racial grouping. At birth, one is identified by race - not language, not ethnicity, not religion, not country of origin. When the baby leaves the birth canal, the first identifying characteristic is his race and gender. All other classifications, defined by man and not by God, are added later.

The racial differences in mankind should make you have a greater appreciation for God and his creations. You should see through the barriers that man has created, such as religion, language, economics, culture and ethnicity, and appreciate the way that God created man. Man has complicated creation through confusion and deception. However, God allowed each race of man to evolve in their original habitat, and places of origin on planet earth. These natural places of origin are where each race was meant to prosper and thrive. This was the way in which God created man and the earth. Each race living in harmony within his natural environment, which is most condusive to his growth and well-being. Thus the Negroid race, which is native to Africa, evolved on the continent of Africa. The Caucasoid race which is native to Europe, evolved in Europe. The Asian race, which is native to Asia, evolved in Asia. Through continental drift, and shift of the tectonic plates, land masses have moved and, also, the people who live on those land masses. However, the underlying identity of the races of man, as God created them has not changed, despite continental drift and shift in the tetonic plates.

Anthropologically, modern man evolved from Homo sapiens who originated in Africa more than 150,000 years ago. Some Homo sapiens left Africa and spread to Europe and Asia. The Homo sapiens who remained in Africa evolved into the Negroid race. The Homo sapiens who spread to Europe evolved into the Caucasoid race. The Homo Sapiens who spread to Asia evolved into the Mongoloid race. Throughout the evolution of man into the three racial groups which God created, the sun, the symbol of The Soul, was the defining cause of the characteristics of the three racial groups. The sun, the visible symbol of God in our solar system, determined how each racial group would look physically, and the geographical environment in which they evolved. The purpose of this Prophecy is not to give you an education in anthropology or the mitochondrial genetics of the races of mankind, but to help you understand the comments in this section of the Prophecy. Don't get hung up on technicalities; focus on the prophecy in its totality and what it means for you and your progeny.

As mentioned in the description above of the equinox and the Pisces cycle of the celestial equinox, the Pisces cycle of the equinox is characterized by water, which is negative. Each cycle lasts for approximately 2,160 years. The Piscean Age has been characterized by delusion, and deception, features of negativity. The Piscean Age misled and confused man through the institutions of religion, politics and education. Mankind has been severely miseducated and misled. What you should have learned and should have been taught was withheld from you, in order to keep you blissfully dumb. Awaken, you are entering the age of enlightenment and Onenss with God, as the mantle of deception and illusion are lifted from your eyes. This will happen during the next 2,160 year Aquarius cycle, which we have just entered.

As you live and breathe, you will see the prophecy described herein begin to manifest. The prophecy has already taken place on the cosmic scale. It awaits manifestation on the physical plane, where it is unfolding.


The words inscribed on the great seal of the United States of America sealed the fate of America. "E Pluribus Unm - Out of Many, One", is inscribed on a scroll held in the beak of the bald eagle. Is this motto really true? No one has questioned the truth of this statement, which is found on the great seal. Every thing is accepted blindly and without question. The greatest minds and the greatest universities have not considered or debated this underlying idea, which gave birth to America. The truth is that the many cannot produce or create one. It is from the One, comes the many and not the reverse. Many branches and many leaves cannot produce the root of the tree or the root. The branches and leaves come from the one root or tree. It is from the One that the many is created. This is the way the universe works, and is the way God created the universe. From the One, comes the many.

To create the image of "Out of Many, One", there is a bundle of thirteen arrows, representing the thirteen original colonies, held in one of the talons of the bald eagle. There is also a shield on the breast of the eagle referring to the thirteen original colonies, and a constellation of thirteen stars above the eagle's head. Despite all of the symbols, the veracity of the motto on the great seal, does not ring true. All of the symbolism in the world will not make something true that is not true. What is true, is that "Out of One, comes many", and not the reverse of " Out of Many, one".

The dubious motto of "Out of Many, One", has presaged America. In order to perpetuate this untrue motto, and false reality, America has had to rely on the patriotism of the pledge of allegiance to the flag, belief in shared values, and the perilous notion of a melting pot. However, the almighty dollar has trumped these reliances. Americans will come to realize that their country has been sold from under them because of political and economic greed by those in power. Many of America's assets are owned by foreign sources, including her implements of war. Yes, there are foreign claims against the implements of war that America is using to secure and protect herself. Many of America's debts or government bonds and notes are owned by foreign corporations and governments. If you want to understand the true state of America's economy, read the Updated Excerpt  to the Chapter.This Excerpt was written years ago before the manifestation.

Now, America's enemies, or so-called friends, in the oil rich Arab nations are using their wealth to buy up the rest of America. It is said that people who run the stock exchanges and the large multinational corporations will sell their mothers for the right price. America is a living example of this. The Arabs and Moslems know that the leaders of America, both in her government and her multinational corporations can be bought for a price. It's called economic jihad! America's leaders, including her President, were willing to sell the management of the nation's seaports to one of the Arab countries, where several of the 9/11 hijackers originated. The almighty dollar reigns supreme, over and above the pledge of allegiance. Lust and greed reign supreme in America.

The sell-off of America and her assets, including her infrastructure, and war machinery have long been underway. Moreover, the mortgages that finance many American homeowners, are also owned by foreigners, through the sale and resale of morgtgage-backed securities in the secondary markets. Many of those securities are held by foreign investors, including foreign corporations and governments. Arab countries, directly tied to the nineteen hijackers who flew American airplanes into the Twin Towers, on 09/11/2001, are using their oil dollars to buy up American companies, including the stock exchanges.

There appears to be no loyalty or patriotism, in the stock exchanges and the the board rooms of multinational corporations, where the dollar is concerned. American jobs have been outsourced to foreign countries, in Asia, and India. Americans manufacture little and are dependent on others to manufacture the clothes they wear, the food they eat, the toys their children play with, and electronic gadgets that entertain them. Communist China, a former enemy, now is one of America's largest creditors, investing its American dollars earned from the manufacturing jobs that America has exported to China. Americans should stop fatting frogs for snakes. In other words, stop buying products from a country that will ultimately use your American dollars to take over your country, both financially and militarily. Your leaders won't tell you this because the large multinational companies profit, at you expense, from this type of trade. America's leaders allow the selling away of America under the lame excuse of "allowing the operation of free markets".

Americans must ask themselves why is it that Bush and the American military have not captured and killed Osama Bin Laden. One of the reasons is that Bush and the Bush family are tied very closely to financial and business interests in Saudia Arabia, including King Abdullah and the Saudi Royal family. Bush promised the House of Saud that America would not kill or capture Bin Laden, in return for Bush's family and friends, including large American oil companies, having continued access to the billions of dollars of oil in Saudi Arabia. The Bush family somehow continues to maintain ties with Bin Laden's paternal family in Saudi Arabia. The Ancient Oracle of KMT has watched these things transpire.

There have been many deals made behind the scene with the Saudis by Bush and those in political and economic power in Washington. The fact that fifteen of the nineteen terrorists, who hijacked American planes and flew them into the Twin Towers and into the Pentagon, were Saudi Arabians, did not affect these secret and nefarious negotiations with the Arab King and members of the Saudi Royal family. Abdullah and the Royal family do not want Bin Laden captured or killed by American troops because of fear of the reaction among Moslems around the world.

If you notice, Bush no longer refers to the nineteen Arab hijackers as terrorists, but as "misguided young people".  That description came out of the Saudi playbook for America, and the foolish American President Bush repeats it.  Bush has referred to the 19 terrorists who rammed the hijacked planes into the World Trade Center Towers as "19 kids".  Would the almost 2000 people, who were eviscerated and incenerated in the twin towers, call those terrorists, "19 kids"?  Would the people who leaped to their deaths, like birds flying through jet fuel filled air, refer to the terrorists as "19 kids"? For the Commander-in- Chief, the President, to disrespect the memory of those who perished in those towering infernos at the hand of the terrorists, by calling the 19 terrorists, "19 kids", is an abomination. In a sense, Bush has proved, through these comments, that his loyalties lie with the Saudis and the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, and not the American poeple, and not those who died in the burning towering infernos on 9/11.  Bush is the only American who has ever referred to the 19 terrorists, who hijacked the American planes and rammed them into the Twin Towers and into the Pentagon, as "19 kids".

Bush and America have a symbiotic relationship with Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Royal family needs America for its protection, and America need Saudi Arabia for its oil.  Bush and America are like the grotesque, ugly pimp of Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia and the Royal family are like the obese, ugly whore of America.  The only thing that America has in common with Saudi Arabia is the lust for the oil that comes from there. Americans do not dress or talk like Saudi Arabians.   Americans do not share the religion of Saudi Arabia. The customs and traditions of the two nations could not be further apart.   American men do not require their women to dress and cover themselves in order to control their male libidos.  Oil and greed are the only connection between the two nations.

The karma of America is leading her down a slippery oily slope.  When she turns around and looks behind her as she slides down the slope and over the cliff, there will be minarets on top of the White House and the Capitol. As mentioned previously, America is in a state of denial where Islam, not radical Islam, is concerned.   There is no such thing as radical Islam; there is only Islam.  Connect the dots. Americans did not connect the dots before 9/11, and they are not connecting the dots since 9/11. The Ancient Oracle of KMT sees all the dots and is trying to warn America, because no one else will.

This lax attitude on the part of America's political and economic leaders, toward everything that the average American holds near and dear, begs the question of "why". The Oracle of KMT believes that it is because the very nature of America was formed from branches rather than a root. Because there was no deep root to be tied to, it has become easy for those in power to be lured and attracted by the superficial, the artifical, and the illusionary. The ties that bind, are becoming untied, as the many become too many, and as there is no root called America to return to. There is no root America to return to because America was never a root to begin with. America started as branches, broken off from other trees, so that when the branches become weak and scattered, there is no root America to return to.

As mentioned above, as America becomes a less desirable place to live, the many will start searching for the one. The many will seek to return to the root so that they can be revitalized and reconnect with their origins and roots. This is true, no matter how remote and how removed the many have become from their orignial source, or one.  Return to "Top" of page or continue reading.


The George W. Bush Library will unfortunately bring bad karma to the city of Dallas. Dallas, Texas is burdened with two presidential tragedies. The first being the city where President Kennedy was assasinated. The second being the location of George W. Bush's Presidential Library in Dallas. Nothing good can come to Dallas from the karma associated with the Presidency of Geroge W. Bush and the Bush family. If you read the entire Prophecy, you will understand how the invasion of Iraq by George W. Bush and the toppling and killing of the President of Iraq, Sadam Hussein, brought the kind of karma which America will pay for, for a very long time. The Ancient Oracle will say no more about this. However, time will reveal the meaning of what is written here.


Whether it is open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, NAFTA, CAFTA, or exporting American jobs to China, the Philippines, and India, the Bushes', (both George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush) policies have contributed to America's decline.  All that George Bush, the eldest, did not negotiate away with China, the younger Bush, George W., gave away to India. George W. Bush literally gave away America's nuclear technology to the nation of India.  It was a one sided deal and America got nothing in return.  The results of this biggest giveaway in American history has yet to be fully realized.  So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.


Barack Hussein Obama, in his zeal to appease his Muslim cohorts in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, is on a war campaign in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  By expanding America's war effort in Afghanistan and Pakistan, he hopes to prove that he is more bullish on engaging in war in Arab and Muslim lands, than George Bush could ever be.  Barack Hussein Obama has something to prove to Muslims, Jews and Christians.   Barack Hussein Obama is trying to prove that he is as Muslim as the Muslims, as Christian as the Christians, and as Jewish as the Jews.  Now if that is not an insane policy, than what is it?  Barack Hussein Obama is all things to all people, as he tries to camouflage his true identity as antichrist.

When Barack Hussein Obama bows to the king of Saudi Arabia, he hopes that the king will be deceived by his true motives, as he bombs and kills Muslims inside their countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Like his predecessor, George W. Bush, whose hands drip with blood from the war in Iraq, Barack Hussein Obama's hands drip with the blood of Muslims by his aggressive expansion of bombings in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Barack Hussein Obama is a war monger of the worst kind. Barack Hussein Obama has no appreciation for the horrors of war.  He has never spent one day of military service.  He, himself, is incapable of physical battle, yet he sends others off to die in his war in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  At a time in America's history, when she is financially bankrupt, those funds used to fight Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan, could be better used in providing relief to struggling Americans back home.

Barack Hussein Obama and his wife shamelessly use the White House as their personal travel agency, travelling all around the world at taxpayers' expense, because they can. There was no good reason for Barack Hussein Obama to travel at taxpayers' expense, totaling tens of millions of dollars, to visit Cairo and Saudi Arabia.  The costs of the Secret Service protection, alone required an advance team of more than 3600 Secret Service Agents, to secure the pyramids for his visit.  There was nothing that Barack Hussein Obama accomplished through his speech in Cairo that could have not been accomplished by beaming his speech live over satellite to the Muslim world, as happened when he was in Cairo.  He could have beamed his Cairo speech live from the White House or inside a mosque in Washington.  Barack Hussein Obama got a taxpayers' paid all expense paid trip to visit the pyramids in Egypt, where he notably and narcissistically compared one of the images on the walls of the pyramids to his likeness.  Barack Hussein Obama blasphemed the pyramid and the ancient Egyptians by that comparison.   The karma of Barack Hussein Obama is multiplying tenfold.

Major unspeakable and unstoppable tragedy will befall Egypt now that Barack Hussein Obama has visited Egypt and blasphemed the pyramids by his very presence.  So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

How can Barack Hussein Obama "seeks closer ties between the United States and Muslims", when he is bombing and killing Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan?  Barack Hussein Obama speaks out of both sides of his mouth.  Barack Hussein Obama speaks with fork tongue.

When Barack Hussein Obama tells Christians in America and around the world that he is one of them, he hopes that they will not question his Muslim roots.  He tries to conceal the fact that he attended a church for twenty years, where the pastor preaches "God Dam America".

When Barack Hussein Obama dorms the yarmulke cap of the Jews in Israel, he hopes that the Jews and Israelis, will overlook his bias toward their Arab neighbors, as he redefines America's policy toward Israel.

Barack Hussein Obama is an enigma, just like the antichrist.  He will say anything and do anything to maintain his personal popularity so that he can achieve his end of world domination.  So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.


The turmoil following the Presidential election in Iran was fashioned by Barack Hussein Obama and Western powers.  Barack Hussein Obama's trip to Saudi Arabia and Egypt set the stage for the election outcomes in Lebanon and in Iraq.  In both the Lebanese election and the Iranian election, the impetus for the outcome of the election came from outside. Specifically, the expatriates population, of those two countries, living abroad in Europe and America sparked the movement to influence the election outcome.  By organizing and creating propaganda about the need for change in both the countries of Lebanon and Iran, expatriates wrecked havoc in the election process.  The expatriate populations were able to mobilize the western media to highlight the part that they (the expatriates) would play, in bringing change to Lebanon and Iran.  The change that they sought would be achieved and magnified, through the media, by casting absentee ballots.   In the case of Lebanon, these expatriates flew to Lebanon to personally cast their ballots.

Those absentee ballots had a western slant because the expatiates live in Western countries and have adopted western lifestyles.  The Lebanese and Iranian expatriates wanted to bring those western lifestyles and values back to the Muslim populations of Lebanon and Iraq, through their votes.   In the case of Iran, many of the Iranian expatriates, living in America and Europe, are alligned with the ex Shah of Iran.  Those people left Iran after the Shah of Iran was ousted.  They have been living in America and Europe since the outster of the Shah. Many of the exiled Iranians have adult children who were born in America, and who, along with their ageing parents, are out in the streets of America and Europe creating revolt.  The root caues of much of the disent and revolt inside Iran is fostered by America, Europe and the devotees of the former Shah of Iran, who would like to return to power in Iran. So sees the Ancient Oracle.

Truth be told, at the meeting between Mubarak of Egypt and Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Barack Hussein Obama and Abdullah mapped out the plan to change the government in Lebanon to a pro western government, and to create havoc in Iran by magnifying the importance of the absentee vote. This was accomplished, through the media, in Iran, as an exaggerated voice for change.  The aim was to undermine and overturn Ahmadenjad and to put in a government that would be secular and overturn the rule of the Mullahs in Iran.  The goal of this manipulation, through the absentee vote, was to make Iran a non Shite Islamic state.  This would serve the Saudis and Mubarak who are Sunni Muslims well.  It would disrupt the influence of the Shite Muslims in the Muslim world and therefore Hezbollah and Hamas.  The discord, and disruption of the Shite Muslim government in Iran was formulated by none other than Barack Hussein Obama, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  Abdullah and the royal family of Saudi Arabia are so rotten and corrupt that they will eventually fade away.  So sees these Ancient Oracle.

In the most unlikely of alliances, Israel has joined the alliance of America, England, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt to overthow the government of Iran.  Saudia Arabia, and Egypt have joined forces with Israel to overthrow another Islamic country, e.g., Iran.  The enemies of Iran, within and without, are supporting the coalition of Isarel, England, America, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.  Israel's rationale is that with Iran bogged down in civil unrest and discord, Iran will not be able to focus on its own nuclear program.  So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

If the antichrist, Barrack Hussein Obama, wanted to create discord and chaos in Muslim countries, he should have started with the corrupt governments of Saudi Arabia and Egypt. There is no political freedom in those two countries.  However, Barack Hussein Obama dare not raise the political repression that takes place in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.  Barack Hussein Obama dare not chastise Saudi Arabia about the modern slavery that Saudi Arabia engages in, through the buying of African Sudanese.  The African Sudanese have been captured and sold into bondage in Saudi Arabia by Arab Janjaweed terrorists.  He dare not offend Mubarak by chastising Mubarak about the political repression and imprisonment of dissidents in Egypt.

Barack Hussein Obama knows that the Arabs do no respect him.  They will use Barack Hussein Obama as long as he is of use to them.  To the Arabs, Barack Hussein Obama is just another "nigger", who would be shot and killed by the Janjaweed, like all other black African men, if he lived in Darfur.  Furthermore, Barack Hussein Obama's wife and two daughters would be raped and made to bear Arab children, just as all the other black African women and young girls of Darfur. Remember these are the same people who cut off the breasts of nursing mothers in the Sudan, because they will not convert to Islam.  Yet, these are the types of people, Arab Muslims, that Barack Hussein Obama pals around with on the world stage. Barack Hussein Obama thinks that they view him as different from all other African and black men, because he is a so called Muslim.  In fact, the Arabs and Muslims think less of him beacuse he calls himself an American Christian, whom they view as infidels.

Barack Hussein Obama speaks with fork tongue again when he says that he does "not want to meddle with the Iran elections".   Barack Hussein Obama, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia are up to their necks in "meddling" in the elections of Lebanon and Iran. So sees the Ancient Oracle.  Abdullah wants to bring an end to the domination of Iran and the Shite Muslims in Islamic politics.  Abdullah wants the Sunni Muslims to be seen as the true leaders of Islam and the Palestinian people.   The only way to achieve this is for Iran and Shite Islam to be discredited, and for Iran to relinquish its role in championing the cause of the Palestinian people.  Both the naive, revolting electorate inside Iran and the revolting, expatriate Iranians cannot see that by stirring up revolt inside Iran they are falling into the hands of the enemies of Iran and the Shite Islamic religion.

The Ancient Oracle of KMT has witnessed all of these things.  You the people of the world are being manipulated by the antichrist Barack Hussein Obama and his enablers, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  The whole thing is rotten and smelly as a barrel full of rotten eggs.   So sees the Ancient Oracle.

America must remember the Presidential election of 2000, which caused controversy, unrest and charges of a "stolen election" among the electorate. It was a time of much dissention and discord.  That discord is still latent in many within the electorate.  The Ancient Oracle has already forecast a civil war in America, brought on by America's karma, civil unrest and dissatifacion with America and her leaders.  What is now taking in place in Iran and was taking place in Iraq, under Saddam Hussein, will pale in comparison to what lies ahead for America and her corrupt democracy.  Barack Hussein Obama and his Gestapo have a surprise for those who oppose him and his antichrist agenda for America, and the rest of the world.

The Ancient Oracle of KMT will not bother to comment on many more current events.  You have the road map and should be able to put everything in context.  Remember the key words going forward are manipuation, deceit and corruption in everything and everywhere. The world you live in is demonic.  However, this will change, as the massive cleansing, that will take place, will clear the world of the evil aura that hangs over planet earth.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.


Barack Hussein Obama has declared war on Afghanistan and the tribal areas of Pakistan. His declaration of war came on the eve of his acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize.  He informed the nation of his decision to go to war by looking into teleprompters at West Point, instead of looking into the eyes of the American people from the Oval Office.  Coward that he is, he could not look directly into the camera at the American people,  The one time he looked directly into the camera, at West Point, was when he spoke directly to the Pakistani people.

Barack Hussein Obama's rational for bombing the tribal regions of Pakistan is to root out his Muslim brother, Osama Bin Laden, and the Taliban.  Barack Hussein Obama knows that is no reason to send up to 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan along with the already 70,000, who are already there.  No, those American troops are there to protect the natural gas line that flows from Afghanistan's southern neighbor, Uzbekistan.

The war in Afghanistan and the tribal regions of Pakistan is about the control of the flow of drugs and natural gas.  There is a pipe line which carries natural gas from Uzbekistan to the Persian Gulf.  Afghanistan borders the South of Uzbekistan, which has historical ties to Iran and the former Soviet Union.  America's petrochemical industry wants control of the leases for oil and gas production that flows from that region of the world.  Barack Hussein Obama knows that is what the war and the bombing is about.  America invaded and occupied Iraq because of oil leases, and the same is happening in Afghanistan and the tribal regions of Pakistan, because of natural gas.

As prophecy continues to move through the alphabets, Benazir Bhutto's assassination is just one more example, as the wheel of karma brings together karmic energies.  America is advised to not get involved in the tribal wars in Pakistan. Bhutto's political party is a tribal party, headed and controlled through blood succession of the Bhutto family. The American taxpayers do not want their tax dollars used to promote one tribal dynasty over another. Benazir Bhutto knew the risks of her political venture, upon returning to Pakistan.  She chose martyrdom. She will be admired and worshipped, among Moslems, as the first female Moslem Martyr.  That was her choice. Americans do not wish to be drawn into her martyrdom, encased in ancient tribal traditions. America is not a tribal nation.   Neither do Americans support tribalism in any form, not to mention using their tax dollars to interfere in tribal wars in Pakistan.

Tribal dynasties, where the people chose their leader through a blood succession, are in themselves anti democratic and certianly do not support the notion of a democracy. That one person can appoint herself or himself Chairman for life seems repugnant to most Americans. To be able to pass the line of succession to one's heirs, based on bloodline, seems dictatorial and the antithesis of democracy. Pakistan is driven by tribal politics. In most tribal socities, the military has been what has held the warring tribal factions together as a nation. Islam only complicates their tribal traditions. Through Benazir Bhutto's death, America and the rest of the world have seen that Bhutto and her clan did not practice what they advocated for the rest of Pakistan. It appears that Benazir Bhutto and her tribe, the Pakistan People Party, operate as a dictatorial, dynastic tribe, seeking to govern the other tribes and political groups in Pakistan. Americans want no part of such tribalism, and do not want to get bogged down in separating the rivaling tribes. Furthermore, Americans will not allow their leaders to get involved in another "Iraq" in Pakistan.

Benazir Bhutto, while a Pakistani political leader, was also an agent of foreign interests, including America and Britain. She was a tragic figure, torn between the trapppings of western culture, and the muslim tribal culture into which she was born. Bush and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) were behind Bhutto's return to Pakistan. Bush and Condoleeza pressured Musharraf to drop the corruption charges against her, and allow Benazir Bhutto to return to Pakistan. Under such pressure, Musharraf agreed, with reservation, to allow the return of Benazir Bhutto to Pakistan. Bush's plan was that Benazir Bhutto would form an alliance with the Musharraf's government.  Prior to her return to Pakistan, Bhutto had met separately with Bush and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Bhutto had promised Bush and the CFR that once she joined the Pakistan government, she would allow the American military to operate freely inside of Pakistan. This arrangement would have been a violation of Pakistan's sovereignty. Benazir Bhutto had called on Musharraf to allow American and British security forces to provide for her personal security inside Pakistan. This would have also been another intrusion into Pakistani sovereignty. Since her death, the Bhutto family, and Bhutto's political party, have called on investigative agencies of America, Britain, as well as the United Nations to investigate her assassination. Such a move would appear to be another affront to the sovereignty of Pakistan.

It is interesting that on the day of Benazir Bhutto's death, she had met with the head of the Afghanistan government.  Kharzai is also closely connected to America, the CFR and American multinational companies, including the Carlyle Group. However, Kharzai was necessary after 9/11 in order to stabilize Afghanistan. Nothing happens by accident or coincidence. Karmic forces are at work at all times, and while you may not understand what is going on, there are karmic reasons for everything. You are too blind to see. So sees the Oracle of Ancient KMT. The Ancient Oracle of KMT hovers above and sees all.

America uses its blood and treasure to defend its national interests.  Those national interests consist of protecting the exploitation of the resources of other countries by America's multinational corporations, including the largest oil and petrochemical giants.


America is cautioned against establishing a military presence in Yemen. The more terrorists that America bombs and kills in places like Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the more the numbers of terrorists multiply. For every terrorist that America bombs or otherwise kills, a thousand spring up to replace them. America is creating more terrorists every day that she maintains a militrary presence in those Muslim countries. If Ameirca wants to end the terrorists, America can do so by closing down all military operations in Muslim countries. America can no longer afford to police the world with her military. America's coffers are empty. America has to borrow from China and other countries to meet her basic needs. Funding the "ill conceived" wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Muslim countries is leading to America's financial ruin. So sees the Ancient Oracle.


A word of warning about multiplying the ego.  The world enabled the multiplication of the egos of Diana, Princess of Wales, Michael Jackson, Barack Hussein Obama and others, to name a few.   In each case, their lives were cut short, or will be cut short.  This is because, by multiplying the ego and creating idolatry and worship of the personality, it detracts from the work of the Soul.  These larger than life personalities, with all of their flaws and warts, thrive on popularity and idolatry, which is cast upon them by the public.  When this happens, the Universe finds a way to snatch the personality away, so that the light of the Soul can shine, and not the celebrity of flawed and deficient personalities.  A word to the wise is sufficient. Stop the personality worship and idolatry of celebrities and politicians.  By multiplying the ego, you multiply your karma and those whom you celebrate as celebrities. So sees the Ancient Oracle of KMT.

Regarding Michael Jackson and the attempt to idolize this troubled man, the circus surrounding his death, created by the media, by his "mafia, gypsy- like" family, and by questionable civil rights leaders, borders on absurdity.  In the opinion of the Ancient Oracle, Michael Jackson was a person who hated himself and his racial features. This was seen in the way that he tried to turn himself white, straighten his hair, and wear wigs that disguised his blackness. He was also androgynous with the clownish, painted lipstick red lips.

Michael Jackson literally had his wide, large Negroid nose chopped, and reshaped by plastic surgeons, in order to resemble the nose of a Caucasian.  He was left with two little slits, in a reconstructed nose, to breathe from.  He was so engaged in self hate that he would not allow his own sperm to be used to father his so-called children. The two White women who gave birth to his children, were allegedly impregnated with the sperm of two different Caucasian men.  He did not want a Black woman to mother his children, nor his sperm to father his so called children. The pathology of self hate of himself and his race was palpable.  Michael Jackson was in denial about the depth of his loathing toward himself and his race.  How can you love others, when you hate yourself and your race?

Michael Jackson did not want his children to have Negroid features, thus he forewent the opportunity to seed his so called children.  This troubled individual created music that was experienced all over the world.  His "Thriller" album and video show the extent to which Michael Jackson was a tortured soul, with grotesque and demonic qualities.  When he turns into a grotesque creature during the Thriller video, it raises the question of what was going on inside his tortured mind. His other videos including "Black and White", depict a weird, almost insane blur of racial faces blurring into one another.  His video of "Remember the Time" was another misguided effort to intermingle his tortured mind with Ancient Egyptian scenes.

Michael Jackson's celebrity encompassed a world of outlandish behavior that did not fit within a sane adult's view of the world.  He created a bizarre world of fantasy where only he could live.  He was weird, his world was weird.  Yet, he was able to magnetize a large share of the world's population to his insanity and madness.  America exported Michael Jackson and his self hating madness to the rest of the world.  America exports a lot of her cultural psychosis to the rest of the world. There was nothing great about Michael Jackson.  He did not serve his country in the military.  He was not a war hero.  He made no great scientific discovery or contribution to medical science.  He was an imitator of famous Black entertainers who had gone before him.  But Michael Jackson was not an original, except in a weird sense.  Stop the idolatry and the insane adoration and worship of the strange and afflicted personality named Michael Jackosn.  Surely, you can find a better use of your time and money than to make an icon of this afflicted and troubled man.

As for Barack Hussein Obama, his incarnation involves a different form of self identity crisis. Being the product of a Black African man and a Caucasian American woman, Barack Hussein Obama is torn between his two racial identities.  Barack Hussein Obama is almost ashamed of his whiteness, and yet not quite sure of his blackness.  He would rather be Black than White because of the injustices committed against Blacks in America.  Barack Hussein Obama married a Black American to tie his fate with Black America.  On the other hand, there is always that other side of himself starring himself in the mirror.  Both Barack Hussein Obama and Michael Jackson are tragic figures of history, propelled into history by their ambition, and self hatred and self identity crisis, which are epitomized in their musical and political careers. Both men were and are cunningly shrewd, calculating and conniving.  The Civil Rights pimps and the media have insisted on these two troubled men having a legendary place in history.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

As previously mentioned, those who engage in idol worship and adoration of celebrity, to the exclusion of focusing on the light of the Soul, pave the way for the end of that soul personality.  What is left is an empty shale and a memory that will fade with time.  The Soul must be the only focus of an earthly incarnation.

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The Oralce of KMT has published the Prophecy freely because the Oracle sees what no others see.  While the Oracle has shared this Prophecy with the world, the Oracle did not and does not intend for others to take the ideas from this Prophecy and use it for their personal profit.  Those who are engaging in this type of dishonesty are creating karma of a kind that creates a kink in the wheel of karma.  There will be so much noise and clatter in the wheel of karma, as it affects you, that you will not be able to think, recall or remember what you should.  The Oracle will not reward you with what you deserve, but rather the wheel of Karma will.  You know who you are and so does the Oracle of KMT and so does the wheel of karma.

The Oracle of KMT has witnessed those who create for the History Channel, who have read the Prophecy.  Since the contents of this Prophecy have been published at this website, the History Channel has scrambled and put together programs dealing with the Universe, How the Earth was made, the history of tetonic plates, the history of oil and the dinosaurs, and programming dealing with "what if", concerning the future of the solar system and the Universe.  If you had read the entire Prophecy, as you were warned to do, you would understand what the Oracle is describing.

There are others who have tried to link the Prophecy of the Ancient Egyptian Great year of 25,920 years to Mayan prophecy.  The Mayan calendar was not based on the Egyptian Great year of 25,920 years.  To fabricate this story is another sin against the wheel of karma.  The Mayans were a primitive people who engaged in human sacrifice, and primitive rituals of cannibalism.  The Mayan culture and civilization can in no way be compared to the advanced civilization and knowledge of the Ancient Eyptians, the people of KMT.

There is also an author who has written a book, based on the content of this Prophecy, as it pertains to the detrimental effect that religion has had on the modern world.  The author and his book, missed the point, and called God a delusion.  God is not a delusion.  The author and the contents of his books are a delusion in the opinion of the Oracle of KMT.   A little knowwledge gained from reading this Prophecy is a dangerous thing.

There are those who call themselves prophets (false prophets) who have taken portions of this Prophecy and gone off and written books and articles, claiming to be prophecy. They are liars and charlatans.  They are only trying to make money by peddling ideas from this Prophecy.  They require you to buy a book or subscribe to a publication before you can read their false prophecy.  Do not fall for their lies.  Return to this Prophecy, which does not require you to buy anything or subscribe to anything, before you can read the contents of the Prophecy. The Prophecy of the Ancient Oracle of KMT cannot be bought.  A price cannot be put on this Prophecy.  It is priceless and not for profit.

Other than this Prophecy, you do not need to listen to any media, or read any other publication to find out what is taking place in the world.  This Prophecy places everything in the proper perspective and context. Others who derive material from this Prophecy, take bits and pieces and use it to confuse you.  They confuse you because they are confused. They are neophytes. This Prophecy is all that you need. Return again and again to soak it all in.

This Prophecy is like a light hidden under the landfill of trash and junk on the internet.  To find it you have to dig deep on the internet search engines, where it is buried deep among the heaps of junk. Nevertheless, you found your way here for a reason.  Very little is worth reading and visiting on the internet. This Prophecy and website are a ray of light and sunshine among all of the internet garbage.  So sees the Ancient Oracle.

The Oracle of KMT will not hesitate to call out anyone who uses the content of this Prophecy for profit or in any other way.  This is done for the benefit of all and in order to stop you from creating kinks in the wheel of karma, which will forever keep you from freeing yourself from the noise and clatter of your bad karma.  Don't mess with this Prophecy or the Wheel of Karma.


Now that you have read this section of the Prophecy, it is incumbent on you to inform others about this Prophecy.  Give them the website address, http://www.siteofthesoul.com/prophecy.htm where they can read the Prophecy, and the warning for America . Thank you.

May God help you one and all!

If you are fortunate enough to read this Prophecy, you have received a priceless gift. Receive it and go in peace and gratitude.  Destiny and karma are unfolding around you.

Visit the other links, detailed below, on this site, starting with the Home Page.  There you will find more prophecy and other insightful pages.  Also, you are advised to return to this Hall of Prophecy where more updated comments will be provided on an ongoing basis. The updated comments will be sprinkled throughout the Prophecy in various sections.   You will have to reread the Prophecy to find the added comments.  All is a gift to you. Receive it in gratitude that you are fortunate enough to receive this wisdom.  A convergence of energies has brought you to this site. As appreciation for the wisdom that you have received, refer this website to at least ten other people.  Each one tell one.

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